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Hcg Diet and Positive Pregnancy Test? Dr. Rao Q&A – HCG …

Q & A with Dr. Rao

Hcg Diet Injections can result in a positive pregnancy test. However, there is more to the answer.

When it comes to Hcg weight loss injections and pregnancy tests, there are a number of variables to consider. The first is how much of the hCG that is injected ends up in the urine. Urine excretion of hCG is estimated at 10-12% of the injected dose over 24 hours. Keep in mind that this amount excreted will not be uniform and will vary based on the urine sample. So for a 150 IU dose of hCG, we could expect that about 10% of this, or 15 IU would get excreted over the duration of 24 hours. This is an absolute amount, vs. a concentration and so if a person has to urinate 5-6 times in a day it is impossible to know how much would be in any given void (this is separate from the issue of dilution). An average person urinates about 1-2 liters per day. So we have around 15 IU of hCG per 1-2 liters concentration, or 7-15 IU/L

An at home urine pregnancy test is sensitive to 25 IU/L for the most sensitive tests. For our example of a patient using 150 IU per day their urinary levels will be just below the sensitivity of the at home urine test. However, if they metabolize just a few percent more than average, or if their urine is slightly more concentrated, their urinary excretion levels would fall just within the sensitivity range for the test to go positive.

This surprisingly lines up very well with what is seen when people use the at home tests to test their hCG which is that the results vary greatly from the person and each time they would do it. Using this method is very prone to failing due to a huge margin of error based on your unique metabolism.

The only way to be assured of the potency and purity of the product is to ask for a certificate of authenticity from the US pharmacy which is a very rigorous standard (significantly higher level of testing than at home pregnancy tests) to ensure the product has what is listed on the label and nothing else, and also is as potent as advertised. These are two different standards which are not looked at with an at home pregnancy test.

This is what a US quality and potency certificate looks like (courtesy of Diet Doc, an FDA-approved Telemedicine company that offers an advanced Hcg Weight Loss Program online.)

Urine pregnancy tests are made to test hCG in a very different context and at very different urine concentrations which are also rapidly increasing day by day during a normal pregnancy. They have never been certified to be used for injected hCG at low doses and then metabolized to be measured in the urine.

Using the hCG solution from the vial directly onto a urine pregnancy test strip will have a concentration of 1000 IU/mL, or 1 IU/L Keeping in mind that the at home test is sensitive above 25 IU/L this will again only yield a positive result if enough of the test strip is saturated with a large volume of solution. The test strips are not designed to be used in this way, and errors from a phenomenon known as the hook effect can yield false negatives from the antibodies on the test strip.

Summarizing Hcg Diet Injections and Pregnancy Tests

In summary, using the hCG hormone can sometimes cause a false positive on a urine pregnancy test, but generally the hCG dose levels will fall below that threshold. The results are unpredictable and will vary greatly. Dieters need to make sure there is no possibility of pregnancy during the diet because a false positive urine test has to be addressed as a true positive by the clinician until proven other wise by a blood test and they diet has to be stopped for safety. The only way to establish the true potency, bioavailability and purity of the hCG is to request the certificate of authenticity from the pharmacy, or CoA.

More about Diet Doc Hcg Weight Loss Provider

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nations leader in telemedicine medical weight loss, offering a full line of prescription medications, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each patients specific health needs to promote fast, safe and long-term weight loss.

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HCG Diet Side Effects – Dangers Of Drops & Injections (Jan …

When looking into the HCG diet as I write about over here there is a lot of information, some of it very helpful, and some of it not very well researched. If you have come across information about any of the dangers of HCG and brushed it off as someone who doesnt understand the diet, you may want to look again. The diet has amazing benefits for many men and women who had been unable to lose weight otherwise, but as with any weight loss plan, it can come with its own issues and side effects.

If youve spoken to your doctor or other health professional and made sure youre healthy enough to try to diet, its possible that you will still experience some negative side effects of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. There are a great deal of resources on how to overcome side effects, but some may be more severe than others, so being aware of the dangers the HCG diet can pose is important before you begin.

Common HCG Diet Side Effects

The complaints that come up most often from dieters are heard most often at the beginning of the diet, and are usually fatigue or headaches. Often this is because most people dont get enough water throughout the day, and instead make up for it by drinking sugary drinks and consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages when they do feel sluggish.

When your body experiences changes from your daily routines, you will notice changes and sometimes they wont always be positive, but headaches and fatigue are easily remedied and often go away after just a few days.

Another side effect is one that only affects females, in that they will sometimes show a faint positive on a pregnancy test. Before you begin the diet you should either be on birth control, or make your partner aware that another contraceptive will need to be used during this time so you dont have any surprises along the way.

HCG side effects can happen to anyone using HCG drops under tongue, injections or pills, so its important to be aware of any medical issues you have before starting the diet.

HCG Injections Side Effects

Injections of HCG hormone are one of the most widely used methods of taking human chorionic gonadotropin, and the dieters who use it say they get used to giving themselves injections fairly quickly, even if they normally do not like getting a shot. The HCG shots side effects are unique to this method, since no other method uses syringes. For the most part people will feel some pain around the injection method, and slight bruising may occur if the needle was injected at an odd angle.

Most doctor offices will suggest that you switch which side you inject into each day, so the site is able to heal itself over the course of the day. In some cases, patients experience abdominal pain or even swelling at the injection site. If you are taking injections for the first time, you should try to do this at your doctors office so any reactions can happen while medical professionals are present. Otherwise, the side effects of HCG diet injections are the same as the common side effects you may experience.

Dangers of HCG Drops

HCG drops side effects will depend on if you are taking homeopathic drops, or prescription oral HCG from your doctor.

If you are using a prescription you may experience headaches, constipation, cramping, and even thinning of your hair. If you have concerns about any of these, let your doctor know before you begin the diet so they can give you advice tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Headaches are fairly common, as is constipation, and often this is because you are not drinking enough water. Cramps can happen due to a low level of potassium, therefore you may want to look into taking a supplement while you are on your diet. As for hairloss, this is seen by only a handful of users and normally over a long term, so again make sure you are taking vitamins and supplements to offset this.

When researching homeopathic HCG drops check the other ingredients that are in the bottle to see if you would react poorly to them. Since the human chorionic gonadotropin in the homeopathic versions is not the same as in a prescription, you might experience more hunger pangs, dizziness, and headaches.

If youve seen some worrisome reviews, more likely you may have come across customers of Omni drops. The omni drops side effects are the same as other homeopathic liquid drops, but some customers have experienced a higher heart rate as well as high blood pressure. Omni only sells through distributors, so finding information on their ingredients and prices is a bit harder than other websites.

Are There Serious Dangers?

Just like for any diet plan, there are always risks that something could cause serious issues. The HCG diet is no different, which is why it is advised that you seek out a doctor or medical office that will schedule you for weekly visits and monitor your health throughout the diet. In general, the side effects of the HCG diet arent harmful in the long run, though your current health issues may be aggravated by the constraints of the diet.

If you do have a history of heart problems, then the diet may not be in your best interest. Understanding your current health will give you much better insight into whether or not the mentioned HCG diet dangers are worth considering. With that said, there are no serious dangers associated with the HCG diet, just small side effects like the headaches and fatigue mentioned previously.

Human chorionic gonadotropin diet side effects arent something to be taken lightly neither for male nor for female, and you should bring up your concerns to your doctor before you begin the diet. While there are some patients who experience side effects that affect them negatively, its often due to underlying medical issues or the patient not sticking to the diet as written.

If you are considering the HCG diet contraindications are concerned how safe it is, schedule a consultation with a trusted medical professional that prescribes HCG, that way they can answer any of your questions.

Make sure you understand all aspects of the diet, so you canfeel positive and secure in your choice!

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Buy HCG Injections 4 Months Kit With Supplies –

How does HCG diet injections work?

HCG diet injection does not actually make you lose weight but it changes how you lose weight. The hormone resets the hypothalamus that causes your body to use the abnormal fats and converts it into energy. At the same time, the hormone reduces your feeling of being hungry while on a very low-calorie diet.

Without the hormone in your body, you will actually be burning your lean muscles which in turn will negatively affect your metabolism. HCG diet injection will keep you from losing your muscle mass while on the diet. The hormone also elevates other hormones in your body that creates a muscle building effects.

HCG diet injection is prescribed during the HCG diet that is generally divided into three phases:

Those who wanted to lose about 15 pounds or less, you can do the of 26 days protocol. But for those who wanted to lose so much weight, they can do the 46 days protocol in multiple cycles.

One of the most challenging aspects of the HCG diet is having the right dose. Most of the time, a dose of 125 IU to 150 UI is perfect. However, everyone is different. Youll know that your dose is just right for you if your hunger level is normal. When your dose is correct, you wont feel too hungry at all. But when your hunger level isnt normal anymore, you might want to adjust your dosage. Its either your dose can be too high or too low that you might want to adjust it. You can lower your dose by 50 IU if you are taking 200 IU or add another 25 IU if you are having only 125 UI.

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HCG Diet Injections: What are they & How to Use Them

Over 39% of the population is now considered obese, with the annual healthcare expenses of an overweight individual, exceeding $1,400.(Source: CDC Obesity Statistics.) Fortunately, one of the fastest growing practices in medicine is the treatment of obesity through rapid medical weight loss. These treatments come in a number of options including gastro bypass surgery, extensive liposuction, and hormone therapy; otherwise known as the Hcg Diet Plan.

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So what does the Hcg Diet Plan consist of? Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was a renowned endocrinologist awarded for his medical research. He dedicated countless years to developing a treatment for obesity, which was inspired during his work with poverty-stricken women in India; their ability to produce healthy, full weight babies, when they themselves were severely malnourished, ultimately led to the use of Hcg injections to release nutrient-dense fat cells and maintaining muscle mass to stimulate the metabolism.

Today’s Hcg Diet Plan combines a carefully selected amount of HCG hormone with a specific list of allowed Hcg foods. The original Hcg weight loss protocol includes a 500 calorie diet menu, known as the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet.)

What is Hcg?Hcg stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone that exists in both men and women, but is largely producedin massive amountsby the placenta in pregnant women. It is the hormone responsible for nourishing the growing fetus and resulting in healthy, well-nourished babies.

How do Hcg weight loss injections work?A very small amount of the hormone administered through injections has the effect of eliminating hunger and preserving muscle throughout the course of weight loss on the HCG diet. Although there are other successful delivery methods, HCG injections is the only one where the HCG will show up on a blood test. Read the specifics: How Hcg Works for Weight Loss: The Science Behind It.

Benefits of Hcg Injections:Hcg has a number of benefits and has been widely as a medical treatment for many years. Most commonly, it is used for fertility and in testosterone therapy for men. It can be used to treat adolescent boys experiencing delayed puberty. In much smaller dosage amounts than these treatments, Hcg is also used for weight loss and has been growing in popularity since early 2000′s.

How to take Hcg Injections for weight loss:Hcg can be taken as either subcutaneous or as intramuscular injections. Originally, the protocol was developed to use intramuscular injection, but it has been found that both methods yield excellent results. Standard injection instructions apply.

How are the Injections mixed?Hcg is mixed with multi-dose bacteriostatic water or bacteriostatic sodium chloride. Ideally the mixing ratio is 1:2 or higher. (example: 5000iu HCG with 10ml bacteriostatic water). 1:1 mixtures are often prescribed but are difficult to adjust if a dose change is needed. Dr. Simeons mixed 1:4 in his clinic. (5000iu HCG with 20ml bacteriostatic water). Generally, if you choose the 1:4 mixing ratio, you will need to transfer your Hcg to a sterile mixing vial large enough to hold it.

Hcg and Testosterone for Men:Hcg injections are not only used for weight loss in men, but also as hormone therapy to increase testosterone. You can read more about the Hcg Diet for Men here.

Hcg Diet Injections and Phases:The Hcg Diet protocol is made up of phases; each with their own specific and essential purpose for the injections to work effectively. Phase 1, is the loading phase,is designed to increase fat stores as the HCG builds to full potency. This is when the Hcg injections are first taken; on loading day 1, and again on day 2. The injections are continued on day 3, known asphase 2, the weight loss phase. During P2, a very specific, low calorie diet (VLCD) is followed and injections are taken daily. Dr. Simeons suggested a dosage of 125iu daily. This includes a limited list of approved foods, as well as eating guidelines. At the end of Phase 2, the injections are discontinued for the last 3 days. The next step is Phase 3, known as the transition phase, in which the dieter stabilizes their weight loss and injections are no longer needed. Phase 3 allows for the reintroduction of new foods, through a carefully planned approach with less restrictions. This period lasts for 3 weeks, after which the dieter can transition to Phase 4 or choose to continue in P3 until the waiting time is completed to start their next round (a minimum of 6 weeks).Phase 4: long term Hcg Diet maintenance.

Hcg Diet Injections Cost:Hcg can range in cost. Weight loss clinics charge anywhere from $600 to $2000+ for a 1 month treatment. However, with the practice of telemedicine and telehealth becoming more popular every day, it is now a simple process to purchase Hcg diet injections online.These companies offer complete kits at affordable prices that include a legal and valid prescription from their prescribing doctor. All doctor and medical staff consults are included without hidden costs.

Buying Hcg Injections:We offer a complete guide to purchasing Hcg injections for weight loss, including legitimate and reliable Hcg sources, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the buying process. You can learn more about this here: Buy Authentic Hcg Injections and Shots Online.

Most people experience no side effects from the HCG protocol. In the first few days, some may experience a mild headache. HCG injections can sometimes create symptoms mimicking pregnancy, such as tender breasts or nausea, but this is usually mild and abates quickly. A woman’s cycle can be affected in intensity, duration and length. This is temporary and things will return to normal once you are off the HCG. Men need not worry that they will be feminized in anyway by the HCG protocol, even though HCG is a pregnancy hormone. The amounts of HCG administered are very small and actually serve to enhance testosterone production.

HCG injections produce little or no tissue-reaction, and if injected properly, can be completely painless. One should always equalize vial pressure (by injecting the same amount of air into the vial as solution you will draw out) to avoid the possibility of contaminating the solution. This prevents a vacuum in the pressurized bottle of hCG when preparing or using the HCG mixture. Otherwise, alcohol used for sterilizing a frequently perforated rubber cap could be drawn into the solution. When sharp needles are used, it sometimes happens that a little bit of rubber is punched out of the rubber cap and can be seen as a small black speck floating in the solution. As these bits of rubber are heavier than the solution they rapidly settle out, it is thus easy to avoid drawing them into the syringe.

Use very fine needles for intramuscular injections. They should be 1-1/2 to two inches long and injected deep in the outer upper quadrant of the buttocks. The hCG injection should if possible, not be given into the superficial fat layers, which in very obese patients must be compressed so as to enable the needle to reach the muscle. It is also important that the daily hCG injection should be given at intervals as close to 24 hours as possible. Any attempt to economize in time by giving larger doses at longer intervals is doomed to produce less satisfactory results. One of the benefits of the IM injections is that very seldom is a dose change needed.

Equally good results can be obtained with subcutaneous injections. These are administered with insulin syringes. A 29-31 gauge needle is most comfortable, but be aware that the higher the needle gauge, the thinner the needle is and more subject to bending. A good starting dose for subcutaneous injections is 150iu.

There are hardly any contraindications to the HCG injection method. Treatment can be continued in the presence of abscesses, suppuration, large infected wounds and major fractures. Surgery and general anesthesia are usually no reason to stop as long as a Dr. has been consulted and assured the patient they may continue the hCG injections. Acne or boils are no contraindication, the former usually clears up with the continued use of hCG injections, and boils comes to an end. Vein inflammation is no contraindication; several obese patients have been treated with HCG and the 500-calorie diet while suffering from this condition. One impression has been that in obese patients the phlebitis does rather better and certainly no worse than under the usual treatment alone. This also applies to patients suffering from varicose ulcers which tend to heal rapidly with the use of hCG injections.

Please remember that HCG injections for weight loss should only be taken after consulting a physician. They will conduct a clinical interview to determine if the HCG injection protocol is the proper weight loss solution for you, and they will instruct you on the proper method of injecting yourself at home.

Tips for self injecting hCG diet shots

Before beginning the oral hCG diet, it is recommended that you consult your physician to be certain you are healthy and ready for this weight loss plan.

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HCG Diet Injections: What are they & How to Use Them

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HCG Injections and How it Can Give you Better Health, and …


The search for the perfect weight loss method is a never-ending journey for people who feel they need to shed some pounds. Being overweight, or worse, being obese is a serious concern not only in the US, but in all parts of the world.

Carrying too much weight often results into depression due to social stigma. There are a lot of people who flirt with the idea of suicide because of the way society judges their body frame. Others though, try to live through the pain in a daily basis. Aside from the health risks that goes with being overweight, your life can be in jeopardy due to the emotional pain that you go through because of the way society looks at you.

With that being said, an effective weight loss method that can bring you results that youve always wanted should be your number 1 priority. What better way to shed those unwanted pounds than going for a tried and tested method the HCG Diet Injections.

First off, its important to know what HCG is. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or also known as HCG is a female hormone that comes from the placenta during a womans pregnancy. HCG is the primary agent in stabilizing a womans metabolism during pregnancy.

HCG may be a primary component in pregnancy, but that is totally unrelated to what it can offer to your weight loss efforts. The HCG diet was developed to help a person lose weight. Based on the effects of the hormone during pregnancy, medical experts devised a way to turn this hormone into a weight loss vehicle for those who want to lose weight fast. This is how the concept of HCG Injections came about.

The HCG shots are a proven way to lose weight. It has been certified by doctors in fact, you can legally purchase it through a doctors prescription. If the HCG was a scam, would it be approved by doctors? This is what separates HCG diet from all the other so-called weight loss methods. You are getting an effective weight loss method that is widely recognized and acknowledged in the medical field.

The HCG shots will enable you to go on a calorie deficit without having the feeling of starvation. Often, when a person is under a caloric deficit especially in large numbers such as 600 and above, the person will tend to feel weak and always hungry which often results into binge eating.

With these you can eat less and be on a caloric deficit without having to worry about starving. The HCG diet helps in metabolizing the unwanted fat in your body. In other words, it burns fat and enables you to maintain the muscle in your body. The HCG shots are enough to make you survive a 500 calorie diet without having to break down.

The truth is; the HCG diet for weight loss isnt really for everybody. Not everyone can survive a 500 calorie a day diet. But the good news is that EVERYONE can use these for weight loss.

No matter how much you weigh, you can take advantage of the effects of HCG shots. The 500 calorie a day diet that is usually associated with HCG shots is not really a requirement, but is recommended for the best results. You can comfortably eat more than 500 calories without worrying about gaining weight or not seeing results because it is definitely proven to work. The recommended is 500-800 calories per day.

The common misconception with the HCG diet is that it is strictly for women. That is simply not the case because even men can greatly benefit from this diet. Dont be deceived by the origins of the HCG it is for anyone who needs and wants to lose weight.

You might not be aware when you Buy HCG, but there are two kinds that are sold in the market Pharmaceutical HCG and Homeopathic HCG. The Homeopathic HCG does not contain the actual HCG hormone. This means that it is not effective, unlike the real thing. Manufactures of homeopathic HCG dilute the hormone and add fillers that are not only ineffective but can be harmful as well.

On the other hand, the Pharmaceutical HCG, which is what we offer, has 100% authentic HCG. It is more potent and effective than homeopathic HCG because what you are getting is real; it is actually what Dr. Simeons used during his research.

The smart thing would be to go with Pharmaceutical HCG aside from the fact that it is more effective; credible doctors can actually prescribe this to you as it is 100% legal. This kind of HCG is doctor approved.

Unfortunately, you cannot workout while under the HCG shots. Although those who have been under the HCG hormone diet claim to have not felt any energy drop, it is still best to just keep your calorie intake in check.

By working out, hitting the gym, or doing any rigorous physical activity, you are risking yourself from eating more than your calorie requirement. You might set yourself into having slip ups and risk yourself into binge eating. Its better to just focus on the calorie intake.

Losing weight is a daily challenge for those who are overweight or obese. Fortunately for you, the technology nowadays allows experts to develop certain methods to make losing weight much easier. The HCG injection diet is one of the best ways to lose weight without having to exert much effort.

You can literally lose weight without even exercising. For as long as you stay disciplined and stay on course, you will see results that you could only dream of.

The HCG diet is a promising method in losing weight. Before you dive in and get your HCG shots, you should keep an open mind and allow yourself to weigh your options. Rest assured, you will not regret going for HCG injections because you may not know it now those HCG shots may be the primary ingredient in giving you a better health, and a better life.

Dr. Simeons original hCG diet protocol calls for injections, and for very good reason. The benefits of going with hCG injections as the delivery method are vast. But there is one benefit that trumps all, and that is when any medication is injected into your body, 100% of said medication actually goes into your body. If you take a look at our dosages, youll notice that the dosage on our oral solutions is actually appreciably higher than what you would find in our hCG injections. The reason for this is that when anything is taken orally, our ability to absorb diminishes greatly.

One of the questions we get on a daily basis is: How often should I give myself an injection? There is a simple answer to that question and that is, every day youre on the program. After weighing yourself in the morning, just take one of the insulin syringes provided with your HCG diet kit, and give your self an injection containing the amount determined by your physician.

Also Read: Why you should consider buying HCG injection over drops | Full HCG injections mixing instructions

In order to make sure that you are getting your medication from the safest place possible, please make sure that your physician is sending your script to a US pharmacy. Dont be afraid to ask more about the risks involved, and a true medical hcg diet weight loss center will be more than glad to answer any questions before you buy hcg from them.

Attach the 18 gauge mixing needle to the large mixing syringe. Secure it tightly. Withdraw 5mL of the mixing solution and inject it into the side of the HCG vial. Swirl gently to mix (Do not shake). Draw up and pull to the 20 mark (.2 mL) on the insulin syringe. For the 43 day program, the mixing directions are the same, just make sure you mix one vial, and once it is finished then mix the second one. DO NOT mix both vials at the same time. Keep refrigerated after mixing.

The easiest area to inject is the abdominal area. Ice the area to help reduce pain. Squeeze about an inch of your stomach and wipe with alcohol. Hold the needle perpendicular to the skin and with a smooth quick motion inject the insulin needle into the tissue. Hold in place and release the solution. Remove the needle and press down on the skin.

If you have any additional question or need any help with the instructions call Nu Image Medical for assistance 888-520-3438.

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HCG Injections and How it Can Give you Better Health, and …

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HCG Injections for Weight Loss – Guide 2018

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

A large population of adults in the US are battling with obesity. Well there are a number of ways through which you can achieve your weight loss goals one of them being the HCG injections diet. If you have been into lots of exercising and dieting for weight loss and you have not been seeing any results HCG injections could just be the ideal option for you. In this article we are going to look at how the HCG protocol works in getting rid of excessive weight.

First and foremost its important to know the weight loss ingredients that are contained in the HCG injection diet. HCG stands forHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin and it contains essential components for the proper functioning of both the male and female reproductive systems. When HCG is in its pure form is referred to glycoprotein which contains oligosaccharide chains. Basically glycoprotein contains a mass of hundreds of amino acids. Both males and females produce low amounts of during their entire life but expectant mothers tend to produce higher levels of HCG during the pregnancy period.

Particularly in men the male testicles produce veryminimal levels of HCG that cannot be easily detected. However the HCG produced helps in the production of testosterone and the enhancement of the usual functioningof the testicles during the puberty stage of adolescent males.

In women high levels of HCG are obtained from theurine of expectant mothers which is in turn used for various functionsincluding weight loss and acquisition of fertility components in both men and women.

Unusual HCG production levels in both males and the femalesthat are not pregnant can be an indication of the existence of a tumor in the body. This is because there are a number of cancers that lead to the abnormal production of HCG.

Also known as the HCG shots the Human ChorionicGonadotropin injection is known as the HCG in a medicinal form. These injections are usually administered together with the HCG protocol for solving weight loss and fertility issues. Since we all have different bodies that respond differently to medication you need to get a doctor to give you the right HCG prescription for your body however the usual HCG shot dosage is 200iu/day. While on this program you should be careful not to consume the product for a longer period or in an excess amount opposed to the one recommended by your doctor.

Well, it may seem unusual that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone produced by expectant mothers can be helpful in meeting your set weight loss goals. However you will be surprised to know that the same role it plays in expectant mothers is the same that can lead to weight loss in both males and females. This is how it works; in an event where a pregnant mother is not having a sufficient food intake this hormone comes in to utilize the excessive fats that are stored in the body to ensure proper nutrition during the pregnancy period. The same procedure can also be applied to men and women that want to burn off the extra fat in their body through the HCG injections. Though low calorie consumption can be effective in getting rid of excessive fat it bears more benefits when used together with the HCG injection. Moreover relying on calorie restriction only can leave your body weak unlike doing it with the HCGinjection accompaniment which ensures that your body produces enough energy tokeep your body strong.

Our bodies contain a number of fat components allmeant for different functions of the body. They provide the body with maximum protection of the vital organs from damage and proper nutrition. As much as body fat is essential in performing these functions it becomes harmful when produced inexcess. These excessive fat is normally stored in body areas such as the thighs, stomach and the hips thus this HCG injection comes in place to get rid of the unwanted fat that is stored in these areas. Note that HCG specialists advice that this injection should be used along with a diet with limited calories that enhances maximum fat burn thus leading to a remarkable weight loss. This HCG procedure is usually designed to see that the user consumes500-800 calories per day. Apart from calorie restriction the HCG protocol ensuresthat all the excess fat in the body is utilized while retaining the muscletissue and all the crucial fat for a normal operation of the body functions.

A user that is dedicated and consistent with the HCG program can be able to lose 1 to 2pounds in a day. A days calorie intake of the HCG diet is normally made up oflimited servings of vegetables, proteins and fruits that should be consumed inturns all day long. If you want to get the best out of this program theseinjections should be administered on a daily basis. This will ensure that themuscle tissues are preserved while losing weight on the other hand.

Research from back in the 1950s indicated that theHCG diet shots were an ideal remedy for burning excess fat through the removalof the fat cells from the body. Usually these HCG shots are supposed to beadministered along with a calorie free diet for satisfactory weight lossresults. How these injections work is through enhancing the distribution of thebodys effects on the fat cells rather than on the muscle tissues of the body. Theseprocess helps in the retaining of the bodys lean muscle void of consuming muchof the essential nutrition from other operational cells of the body. Accompaniedby a calorie free diet this process in turn makes it mandatory for the body touse the stored fat for its functions thus leading to a remarkable weight lossin the long run. Note that the HCG shots can be used along with Vitamin B12 butthats optional because it performs its function perfectly whether Vitamin b12is present or not.

Weight loss results from the HCG program can bewitnessed within 4 to 8 weeks of using the HCG injection. During this periodthe bodys metabolism resets itself to the new HCG diet which should continueeven when the HCG diet comes to an end. This procedure works concurrently withthe HCG burning away the excessive fat cells that bring along overweight issues.While on this diet program you should have in mind that the main weight loss shouldoccur during the 4-8 week period. Note that there are four phases that need tobe adhered to for an effective weight loss.

The number one phase also termed as the loadingphase enhances a heightened calorie consumption so as to form up fat stores. Whilethis is referred to the most exciting phase among the four the patient is usuallyadvised not to just enjoy guzzling food but to give keen attention to how theywill end up successful in the rest of the phases.

Phase two is the most involving phase of the program and it can last from 23 to 40 days all dependent on the recommendation of thespecialist guiding your through the weight loss journey. The reason why it istermed to be the most difficult phase is because its the period that thepatients diet should have quite a restricted amount of calories. Though its acommon knowledge that the HCG injection reduces the urge for excessive foodintake the patient might find themselves having high appetite levels duringthis period. The cause for the increased appetite levels is not usually hungerrelated but mostly as a result of societal settings or high stress levels. Goodnews is that when the HCG user is aware of the causes of having a food intake exceedingthe prescribed amount for the phase they can be able to fight them back. For instance,people that tend to eat much due to high stress levels can always avoid any stressfulsituations that may come their way.

The third phase can also be referred to thestabilization stage of the whole HCG program. This is because the user will notbe in need of the HCG injections anymore. However you should continue measuringyour weight daily to see that it stays stable even without the injections. Moreoverat this stage you will keep consuming a specific diet as recommended by yourdoctor.

The last phase of the program is basically known as themaintenance stage. It will involve you ensuring that you maintain your currentweight achieved by the HCG weight loss program. By the time you get to thisphase you are usually thoroughly equipped not to get back to the unhealthydiets you used to consume before setting on the HCG diet. Though the fourthphase does not have much diet limitations as the second and third stage itsimportant that you keep in mind that going back to consuming an unhealthy dietwill interfere with your weight loss long term goals.

With the HCG injections combined with a calorielimited diet there are plenty of benefits to reap. Weight loss being one amongthem there are a number of other benefits that the HCG hormone comes with.

Consuming low calorie diets can be effective inattaining weight loss goals but not as much if the bodys muscle tissues are goingto be lost in the process. This will definitely interfere with functions of thebody because it will end up reducing the metabolic rate of the body. With thatyou find that it will be almost impossible to kick out the excessive weight inyour body or even make it quite difficult to lose any pound the next time youwill be on a weight loss program. On the other hand the HCG program will notonly let you lose your intended weight but it also ensures that the muscletissues are reserved for the well-being of the body. That way it assures you toestablish a long term weight loss strategy.

Metabolism in simple terms can be termed as theamount of calories that are consumed. One essential benefit of the HCG programis that it enhances metabolism in turn increasing calorie burn. Some of thefactors that will influence the metabolic rate of the body include the bodygenetics, muscle reliability and the growth hormone levels. All these factorslead to a heightened resting metabolism which in the end results to anincreased fat consumption. When you have achieved a stable metabolism rate it willbe a definite assurance that you can be able to maintain your current weight orlose your intended weight without much struggle. This is because your body willbe able to burn off effectively all the excessive calories causing obesity.

A good number of diet plans for weight loss leavethe user with remarkable hunger pains that may make the whole process quitedifficult. Unlike these kind of diet plans the HCG program helps you stick toyour recommended diet without facing much of hunger pains. This is because whenthe HCG program is administered is helps in the suppression of excessiveappetite. With that you can be pretty assured of emerging successful in the HCGdiet program without facing much difficulties.

Men experiencing problems with low testosteronelevels can use the HCG injection to boost their testosterone levels. Research hasit that a large number of men that have taken consideration of this HCG hormonehave had their testosterone issues solved remarkably. Moreover on thetestosterone this hormone is quite important because it ensures that a manssexuality, virility and muscle development stays at its best. Since thishormone deals with testosterone issues it is likely that it can also hinder theerectile dysfunction problems.

It is definite that before settling for any weightloss remedy you will first need to see whether it suits your budget needs. Well,with the HCG weight loss program you can be rest assured that you wont be forcedto empty your bank account in an effort to achieving your weight loss goals. Onething that will make you spend less with this program is that you will not needto use it regularly because its weight loss effects remain intact even when youare done with your prescribed dosage. However you should note that this willonly apply if you maintain a healthy diet intake after your HCG dosage is over.

We all know that some of the painful and tiresome gymexercises required for weight loss can be very uncomfortable for a good numberof people. With the HCG program you wont have to go through the painful andunpleasant work out sessions; you will only need to get the HCG injections anda calorie restricted diet to meet your weight loss goals effectively.

This weight loss program has been used for over 50years for weight loss needs among both men and women. As much as the HCGprogram has not yet been therapeutically approved by the FDA it has received alarge number of positive customer reviews from customers that have used itbefore. Moreover the program has been termed by a number of medical experts tobe a safe weight loss remedy without any fatal side effects.

On safety you should also note that there has been anintroduction of oral methods of administering the HCG program which includeoral pellets or oral drops of the hormone. However it is crucial to note thatthe original administration of this program was usually in injections and theoral administration has not yet been termed as well effective like theinjection method. Well as much as the method of administration you are going touse depends on your own preferences you should be careful to use the one that willsatisfy your weight loss needs effectively. Most importantly even with theinjection you should be careful to ensure you are getting the product from a reliableseller.

Truth is that some HCG users experience some sideeffects while going through the program while others dont experience theseeffects at all. One reason that many HCG users dont experience these sideeffects is because the amount of HCG levels contained in a HCG diet are muchlower compared to those produced by expectant mothers. Some of the HCG programside effects include;

Stomach and Pelvic area pain




Breast tenderness

Minor bloating

Monthly periods irregularities

Ovarian pain

Short breath moments



Growth of female like breasts in men

Excessive sweating on the legs and thehands

To reduce the occurrence of the side effects thatare likely to come due to diet change you can consider engaging in an earlydiet transition process. Also note that you should consult your doctor beforeusing any HCG prescription. This will ensure that you consume a safe diet thatmay not result into serious side effects. On this you should also ensure thatyou let your doctor know anytime you sense unusual reactions with theprescribed diet.

Furthermore you may experience some minor sideeffects like swelling on the injected spot. Incase this happens it should alertyou only if the redness or the swelling is excessive.

Before enrolling for a HCG program you will need totake the following precautions into consideration to avoid experiencing some sideeffects that may require serious medical attention. You may want taking asecond thought about HCG for weight loss if you have the situations listedbelow;

Expectant in case you get expectant inthe middle of the program you should let your HCG supervisor know about itimmediately.

Suffering from cancer thats related toa dysfunction of the male hormones

If you are getting into puberty earlierthan usual

If you are allergic to contents withinthe HCG medication

You should also consider letting your doctor know ifyou have experienced the following conditions in the past.

Asthmatic reactions


Heart or kidney disease



Early puberty

Its also to key to note that consuming alcoholwhile using the HCG medication to help you in becoming pregnant may render yourefforts futile. Also note that missed appointments should be recovered as fastas possible for effective weight loss results at the end of the program.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing HCG Diet Injections online is that you are buying from a reputable vendor that has been in the business of selling HCG injections for a very long time (Nuimage Medical has been seling HCG injections for 10+ years).

Beware there are some vendors that are popping up around the internet selling fake HCG injection kits that contain fake HCG that will not work like the real pharmaceudical grade HCG injections available at Nuimage Medical.

If you are convinced that the HCG program is all youneed to attain your weight loss goals you need not to waste more time butembark on the program right away. No matter the number of pounds you are intending to lose you will be able to reach your target with a consistent calorierestricted diet and the HCG program adherence. You can also opt toenroll foran online HCG programwhere you will need to fill a form with all your medicalinformation then a doctor will get to check your medical history and determinewhether you are suitable for the HCG diet. The moment the doctor is sure thatare qualified for the HCG program they will send your prescriptionto the US pharmacy for direct shipping to your mail. Its an absolute fact thatweight loss is not a walk in the park, however with the Human ChorionicGonadotropin hormone you can be able to lose your intended weight without mucheffort.

See the article here:
HCG Injections for Weight Loss – Guide 2018

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Buy HCG Injections Online | Order REAL Hcg Shots in 15 …

What is included with my online Hcg purchase?

Hcg injection kits typically include: Your one on one doctor consult and prescription, Hcg hormone in a rubber topped vials of 5000 iu, bacteriostatic water, syringes, sterile vials, the appropriate needles for injection, and even alcohol swabs. guidebook is also included, while most of my sources offer the injection kits as part of a complete weight loss program and offer extensive Hcg Diet coaching and support, along with access to nutritionists for one year after purchase.

Hcg Drops include similar to what islisted above, however they come with a special measuring dropper, guidebook, coaching and support, etc., minus the injection supplies.

How much Hcg should I order?

The amount of Hcg purchased, will depend on how much weight you want to lose. The safe assumption is a weight loss of 15 to 20 lbs per round of HCG, while realistically most Hcg Dieters lose between 20 to 30 pounds per round. A round is typically 3-6 weeks, depending on the protocol you are following. 3 week break is taken between rounds to allow your body to stabilize before beginning another round if further weight is needed to be lost. Based on the original protocol, a round is typically equal to one month, which is equal to one vial of Hcg. 2 month supply is equal to 2 rounds of Hcg.

Most Hcg dieters will purchase a 2 months supply of Hcg at the same time to save time and money. To do this, they would mix ONE of the powdered vials of Hcg for the first month and keep the 2nd vial in its powdered form until it is time to begin a second round. There is no loss of potency when the Hcg is in it’s powdered form.

How long is a roud on the Hcg Diet Plan?

A round is typically 3-6 weeks, depending on the specific Hcg Diet protocol you are following. A three week break is taken between rounds to allow your body to stabilize before beginning another round if further weight is needed to be lost. When ordering Hcg, a round is typically equal to a month, or 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss.

Why do different Hcg companies let you order Hcg kits with different round lengths?

This baffles me too, but it still ends up being the same in the end; 1 bottle of Hcg and supplies, = 1 round, = 15-20 pounds minimum.

Amongst the most popular U.S. companies, just know that their 28 day kit, a 25 day kit and 26 day kit all offer the SAME amount of HCG in the program and it really doesn’t make a difference. There is no need to make a decision on which source to go with, based on which company offers the right number of days in a round.

How do I mix the my Hcg injections?

Not to worry, when you order from a legitimate telemedicine company, they will provide you with easy to follow instructions. They will arrive in print with images, and also be online as instructional videos. In addition, there is full support offered via phone, chat, and even video call.

How do I store my HCG for Injections?

Unmixed HCG is fine to leave out in room temperature, although I feel more comfortable always leaving my HCG in the refrigerator. Once mixed, HCG must be refrigerated at all times to avoid losing potency. One note however: it is ok to let your HCG sit out for a short while before injecting. This will help reduce the discomfort of the injection.

Why is high quality, potent Hcg important?

My personal 3 Reasons Ionlyuse high quality Hcg for my weight loss:

Muscle retention

Metabolism effects (from the muscle retention)

Hunger stabilization

From personal experience and from the countless members in our forums, I have seen the undeniable success from genuine Hcg, and I have seen disastrous results from low quality and fake Hcg.

There are only a few sources that offer truly high quality, high potency Hcg hormone. If its not on this page, thats because I didnt trust the source 100% for legitimacy, quality and potency.

Why it is important to use Hcg in unmixed powder form.

Hcg should be unmixed to protect against losing potency. Once Hcg has been mixed for injections, the clock begins ticking. Keeping your Hcg refrigerated will help extend the shelf life. It is really as simple as that.

How long does mixed HCG remain potent for use as Hcg Injections?

According to pharmacists I have interviewed, once HCG has been mixed for injections, refrigerated high quality Hcg potency will strong remain for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Cheap low quality Hcg can lose potency in as little as 7 days.


You may notice that different dieters report being on different Hcg dosage amounts. There is no right dosage on the Hcg Diet Plan, except what works for you. Personally, I have started my rounds at various dosages and always been fine. Some people find they MUST have a high dosage, while others find a lower dosage suits them better. The telemedicine doctor you are working with can work with you to adjust your dosage if necessary.

Should I add B12 and lipotropics to my Hcg order?

Personally, I love both, B12 and MIC lipotropics. In fact I use them today, even well after my Hcg diet weight loss has ended. I mixed my B12 with my Hcg injections for the added energy, and I took lipotropics as a separate injection. I have done rounds without B12 and lipotropics and I can honestly say that I lost more WITH them- however, it could very well be that it was just a great round. Personally, I really enjoyed how I felt with these- which is why I continue to take them today. Read also:What Are Lipotropic MIC Injections on the HCG Diet Plan?

A few more words from me.

I’m a true believer when it comes to the Hcg Diet Plan and protocol and I also believe in using quality HCG because I myself lost nearly 90 lbs this way (Read my HCG diet success story.) I has been well over 10 years since I have lost the weight and I still enjoy the lifestyle changes I have made and I effortlessly keep the weight off! The changes I have made with this diet, are absolutely permanent and it is my pleasure to help others reach the same success in their lives.

You might find yourself thinking you MUST order your Hcg right this instant or you’ll never be thin-Trust me, you will be glad that you stopped to read this, and THEN made an informed decision that is right for you.

Because there is so much misinformation on the web, there are countless people who believe they are doing the effective and true HCG diet, when they are actually missing the few most important aspects that result in long term weight loss. The first of these misunderstandings they choose an HCG product that does not include the actual HCG hormone.

How many people have you heard of that bought Hcg diet drops from Costco or Walmart? Countless. Unfortunately, these are little more than amino acids, water and preservatives, and contain ZERO HCG hormone. While they may result in temporary weight loss, dieters do not report the same experience of the REAL HCG DIET. Instead, they experience hunger while using the hormone-free drops, various symptoms similar to fasting, and an inability to keep the weight off. True hCG for this diet is a prescription product and therefore, unavailable through these stores. In fact, they are available online and I have personally found the absolute best companies that provide legal, top quality HCG products.

And that’s what this guide is all about helping you to do.

Weight loss is really pretty pointless unless there is a way to maintain it and move on with your life.

I truly believe this hormone results in lasting results. These are not placebo results. I can say from experience that this protocol spares muscle, takes away hunger, and allows your body’s metabolism to reset itself.

I have maintained my own weight loss from hCG that you see here for over 10 years now I feel the following is really important if you want to do the same

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Buy HCG Injections Online | Order REAL Hcg Shots in 15 …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

HCG Diet: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering HCG Diet: HCG …

The Solution For You: The HCG Diet!!!Take action today and change your diet for unstoppable weight loss!

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Losing weight is a main trend within the society of today. Unhealthy food is inexpensive and accessible to buy and our ways of life are gradually more inactive with the passing of time. If you discover yourself wishing to shake off some weight, at hand is a better technique, which is through the use of injections of real HCG hormone to correctly drop body mass quickly and easily.

If you lack time or are already exhausted after work, then HCG can rescue you. You achieve losing weight through every day HCG hormone injections and a 500-calorie diet. HCG issues stores of lipid in the blood flow to be used by way of energy all through the day. Because the lipid is issued via the injections, there is no necessity to devote hours inside the fitness center sweating away your valuable free hours. Once you are finished with the diet, you may just discover that you have acquired the information necessary to continue having a fit, balanced, regime to correctly maintain losing weight. Moreover, people following the HCG program stay continually awestruck by the unbelievable weight loss

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Read this article:
HCG Diet: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering HCG Diet: HCG …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Buy Hcg Injections Online – Where to Buy Hcg Diet …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

HCG PROTOCOL hCG Diet Injections Prescribed by Doctor

in just 3 weeks

*Individual results vary, but typical weight loss is between 2-3kgs per week

^HCGPROTOCOL provide pharmaceutical grade hCG by prescription from our doctor.

(available by either hCG injections or hCG sub-lingual spray)

We are located in Melbourne with 3 clinic locations: Port Melbourne, Oakleigh & St Kilda Road and offer our program to patients Australia wide with consultations viaSkype.

Contact Us Today to see if this program is right for you or simply complete our on-line Evaluation Formand we will contact you to schedule a consultation.

What is hCG? hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a biologically natural hormone that is produced in abundance in women during pregnancy, at which time its purpose is to use stored fat to nourish the developing fetuswhilst preserving the mothers muscle tone. When used in weight loss, hCG allows the body to mimic these effects on the bodyallowing you to readily access your fat stores. What many of us find so frustrating about stubborn fat deposits is that no amount of dieting or exercise seems to have an impact. The body seems to hold on to the fat no matter what you do. But they are accessible with hCG! It is also just as effective in males as it is in female; infact men tend to lose more weight, more quickly!

The hCG diet was originally developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeonsa British endocrinologist who established a clinic in Italy in the 1950s, specialising in the treatment of clinically obese patients. Dr Simeons spent 40 years of his life in research and clinical observation of thousands of cases, leading to the concept of the hCG diet, which he documented in his manuscript Pounds and Inches.

In this manuscript Dr Simeons outlines his clinical observationsamongst them the discovery that hCG is effective in the treatment of fat loss when combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) as the body gets all of the nutrition it needs from stored fat reserves. Acting in this way, whilst undergoing an hCG diet weight loss cycle your appetite reduces, with no experience of hunger; such as would be certain without its effect in your system. It was further observed that hCG seemed to work to reset the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a master gland that regulates most of your bodys hormones, including metabolism and fat storage. The active hCG diet protocol cycle gets the weight to drop off quickly (average fatloss is 7kg in 3 weeksbut some lose even more); then with the hypothalamus set on the right trackand with guidance for some simple lifestyle strategies we can assist you tokeep the weight off permanently!!!

Click here to see Before and After Success Stories

No more worrying about exercising those abs or thighs like crazy, in hope of some miracle spot reductionhCG looks after this for you, resulting in more even fat distribution and more desirable overall shape.

For those who need to lose up to 7kg a 3 week hCG diet program is recommendedor those with more than 7kg to lose can opt to undergo a 6 week course. Alternatively, you may chose to undertake 2 separate 3 week programs, to give you a break in-between.

Visit us and Like us on Facebook to receive regular updates of special offers, hints and tips to improve your weight loss results or to ask any us questions you may have about the program.

Want a quick summary? Download HCG Diet ProtocolPDF: HCG Protocol_ Weight loss Brochure

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HCG PROTOCOL hCG Diet Injections Prescribed by Doctor

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson