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Kershaw talks healthy lifestyle at PLAY event –

“It’s important that you’re able to implement these tips for a healthy lifestyle at a young age so you have them at your disposal for the rest of your life,” Kershaw said while addressing the group before diving into a question-and-answer session. “There are a lot of harmful substances out there, and it’s crucial to be able to distance yourself from that stuff.”

Kershaw’s presence brought ear-to-ear smiles to kids after they had already been taken through a circuit that included agility drills on the field and batting practice in the Dodgers’ underground cages.

Dodgers head athletic trainer Neil Rampe also led a discussion promoting an active lifestyle in the team’s bullpen in left field.

“It’s important to get in good habits,” Rampe said. “We want the kids to have a say in how they live a healthy lifestyle, whether that’s helping their parents out at the grocery store or just making more time for physical activities.”

Several of the PLAY campaign’s partners, including the Taylor Hooton Foundation and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, were also present to help run circuits.

The PLAY campaign became the first professional sports program to include children with disabilities in 2014, and a group of children represented by the National Down Syndrome Society were in attendance Saturday.

“It makes me feel really excited when you get to see these kids interact with their favorite players and get to come onto the field,” said Ruben Nieto, whose 12-year-old son, Adam, was one of the children who attended with the NDSS.

Adam and a few other kids had the chance to take a picture with Kershaw before he departed. The three-time National League Cy Young Award winner then wrapped Adam in a hug, leading the lifelong Dodgers fan to break out into celebration.

“I’ve learned so much from [my son],” Nieto said. “He’s changed my life forever. It’s amazing to be able to see how he views the world through his eyes.”

The PLAY campaign was created in 2004 by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society. It has hosted over 300 events, spanning all 30 Major League ballparks.

Dodgers assistant athletic trainers Nate Lucero and Thomas Albert and strength and conditioning coach Brandon McDaniel helped lead agility drills and throw batting practice. Justin Matlage, representing the Henry Schein Cares Foundation, led a discussion in the Dodgers’ dugout on a daily guide to living healthy.

The day began with a message on the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs from Taylor Hooton Foundation president Donald Hooton Jr.

“It’s important for them to hear our message because anyone can be tempted to use these drugs,” Hooton Jr. said. “To be able to combine that message with coming out here and being on the field, it’s perfect.”

Ryan Posner is a contributor to based in Los Angeles. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Kershaw talks healthy lifestyle at PLAY event –

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Apps to assist a healthy lifestyle – Bend Bulletin


The word calorie is mentioned often in the ever-changing world of nutrition and fad diets. Counting calories sends a shiver down the spine of anyone who enjoys burgers, beer and the occasional sweets.

Engaging in Central Oregons active lifestyle, such as hiking Smith Rock or riding a bicycle up McKenzie Pass, can be misery when lugging extra weight around.

How can that be fixed? Learning nutrition and how to do weight management is key. Calorie counting is often the first step.

Well, theres an app for that.

Pulse spent a week testing four mobile apps designed to help track calories, the goal being to lose, gain or maintain weight.

After researching the best reviewed, and lists of most popular by downloads, Pulse selected MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, My Plate and Fat Secret and downloaded each onto an iPhone. An age, height, current weight and weight goal (lose, gain or maintain) were entered into each program.

Weve listed the pros and cons we discovered by using each app.

When using a calorie counter app to manage your weight, consider the accuracy of logging food, exercise and your own height, weight and age.

One apps definition of moderate activity may not be the same as the others.

Blindly jumping behind the 2,400 calories per day that Fat Secret suggested, for example, will satisfy your sweet tooth, but it wont help your weight-loss goals.


A pro about MyFitnessPal is that after using it for some time, the food you frequently consume (as a creature of habit) is readily available to tap and log in your food diary for the day. Logging your own recipes is easy, as pointed out by the high approval rating for the ease of use in a study by Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management. There is also a quick-add method to log calories.

You can enter water consumption and exercise information into this app, too.

A con: The list of exercises is fairly narrow. Working out with a barbell or doing any form of power lifting is hard to calculate. MyFitnessPal doesnt recognize those activities as exercise. A tip to track that, however, is to record the calories burned using the heart-rate monitor under Strength Conditioning on the app. To more easily track other exercises, MyFitnessPal syncs well with a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit, if you have one.

Lose It!

This app was confusing to navigate. Trying to understand all of the graphs and charts when it was first downloaded took some close attention. Several app store reviews echoed that frustration.

Give it time and go ahead and purchase this app for $40 a year if you want the premium version to really delve in to the advertisement-free program (or dont) and youll find that logging food is simple. It has an expansive food database and barcode scanner that are very helpful.

This app made me question the accuracy of its daily calorie goal. For a 25-year-old, 5-foot-6 woman weighing 155 pounds who is moderately active, it suggested 1,565 calories. No pale ale or sweet potato fry was going to be logged into that food diary.

My Plate

Simplicity at its finest. My experience with this app was ridiculously easy. The different fields of food log, goals, updates and settings are easy to manipulate. Food logging is tap-and-go if you can find the food, however. Some items from Market of Choice and Trader Joes either werent found or offered calorie counts different from other apps, even with the barcode scanner. If you like simplicity, though, this is great for basic use.

Fat Secret

After you set up this app with your personal information, the home screen is filled with a newsfeed of user-submitted meal recipes that are accompanied with a picture. The pictures are not the ones you would find in Sunset Magazine, however, you might be tempted to use a few of the simple dinner recipes.

Trying to set more specific goals like carb or protein intake was a task and a half. Personalizing anything past the initial setup was difficult and for this reason (besides the name), this app failed to make it past the week of trial. It also offered an unrealistic calorie goal of 2,400 calories per day. While that might allow for an extra finger of peanut butter on a bad day, it wont result in losing weight.


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Apps to assist a healthy lifestyle – Bend Bulletin

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Schools have key role in helping kids keep healthy lifestyle – TODAYonline

Singapore should be worried that diabetes is increasingly being diagnosed in children owing to the increased incidence of obesity (Protect your child against diabetes; July 31).

Cultivating a healthier lifestyle in children, however, is not only the job of parents but also schools. What children eat in school can influence their eating habits in future.

Pupils usually have at least one meal a day from the canteen. Apart from their recess, those who arrive at school early may have breakfast there, and those who have co-curricular activities may eat lunch at school too.

It is thus important that schools give healthier food and beverage options in their canteens.

In 2011, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) established the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme to encourage this and help students cultivate good eating habits from their youth.

The programme criteria include cutting down fat, sugar and salt, serving whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and serving healthy set meals that incorporate food from the four main food groups: Brown rice; wholemeal bread; meat and others; vegetable and fruit.

An increase in the percentage of children making healthy food choices can help to decrease the incidence of obesity and illnesses caused by it, like Type 2 diabetes, in children.

Through courses and talks done by external vendors, schools can also educate pupils about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, i.e. maintaining a balanced diet and keeping fit.

Helping them to understand the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle is essential to inculcating in them a will to change their eating habits and stay healthy.

They may also become agents of change for those around them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. That said, the role of parents, the main role models for their children, should not be compromised or undermined.

Parents should work hand in glove with schools to ensure that their children get the nutrients they need to grow and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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Schools have key role in helping kids keep healthy lifestyle – TODAYonline

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Getting started with your health improvement program – Shawnee News Star

Wouldnt you agree? Exercise and proper nutrition is only good for you when you actually do it! Equally so, is the fact that we must deal with many distractions that deter us from completing our much-needed exercise. Thats why it is so important to identify and utilize strategies that will help keep you motivated to maintain your exercise program for the rest of your life. Hopefully this weeks tips will be beneficial in that manner and can be included in your growing library for fitness success.

Wouldnt you agree? Exercise and proper nutrition is only good for you when you actually do it! Equally so, is the fact that we must deal with many distractions that deter us from completing our much-needed exercise. Thats why it is so important to identify and utilize strategies that will help keep you motivated to maintain your exercise program for the rest of your life. Hopefully this weeks tips will be beneficial in that manner and can be included in your growing library for fitness success.

It has been my experience that most successful fitness programs have been incorporated smoothly into a persons weekly agenda as a way of life. This usually requires instituting change. And, of course, change is never easy. However, the stress of this process can be minimized if you are aware and prepared to handle it effectively.

The first stage of change is usually pre-contemplation: This is where there is no apparent intention to actually make a change within the next six months, and there may not even be an awareness of the need to change. Here is where your family support system becomes so important and effective. Many times the encouragement from a loved one can motivate us toward achieving a much-needed healthier lifestyle. This could develop into a neat situation where the family begins exercising together. I love the idea and it is a great way to spend quality time with your entire family or significant other. A relaxing low impact walk on a pleasant evening is a nice way to get some exercise and great conversation with the one you love.

The next phase is contemplation: Here you begin to weigh the time, effort, and cost necessary to make lifestyle changes. For example, reviewing your family schedules, or budgeting your finances, etc

Thirdly comes preparation: You fall in this category if you are demonstrating efforts and plans to initiate changes. Deciding the gym or trainer of your choice etc would be examples.

Next comes action: This is where you are actually in the process of making changes. Like training with weights and completing cardio three to four times a week, or eating sensible healthy meals that include a nice combination of protein, moderate good carbohydrates, and low-fat food choices.

Finally, after successfully completing these stages for change you must prepare for maintenance. Here you have demonstrated the ability to achieve your goals and are in the process of establishing methods to monitor and control your new behavior of exercise as a way of life. I am taking a wild guess here, but I bet you fall in this category, right? If you do fall into this category, congratulations and keep up the good work! If you do not fall in this category, I have faith in you, and you should have faith in yourself, because with a little planning and change you will be on your way towards achieving your first realistic fitness goal in no time. It is never too late to start your exercise program.

Here are a few essential keys to successful change:

Develop a true desire to confront and face any fears about a healthy life style. Your better health is worth the effort.

Believe in yourself. You can be in the best shape of your life.

Gather knowledge that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle change logically.

Write down your fitness goals, review them daily, and take action to achieve them. Set realistic short term and long term goals.

Be prepared for setbacks, because you will have them. Simply view them as learning experiences for continued success. Never give up!

Monitor, evaluate, and reward your progress.

As you identify and incorporate realistic changes towards your healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to keep a positive attitude. Dont allow anything to stand between you and your goal of feeling better, looking better, and performing better. Improving individual health benefits like lowering your blood pressure or cholesterol are great motivators that will help fuel your exercise program as a way of life.

Until next week, keep up the good work and please go out and make it a nutritious and healthy day! To get started on healthy weight loss and nutrition products, call Reggies Personal Training & Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Downtown, Shawnee, (405) 613-0237, email to Ask about the 24-day challenge for great results!

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Getting started with your health improvement program – Shawnee News Star

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Not Just For Summer Tips For A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle – Markets Insider

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –

Featured Expert:Samantha Clayton, personal trainer, former Olympian, and senior director of Worldwide Fitness and Education at Herbalife Nutrition, is responsible for all activities relating to exercise and fitness education for Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributors and employees. Through in-person training sessions, educational tools and materials, and her blog (, she ensures that the important role of exercise as part of a healthy, active life is understood by all. She also helps create, organize and promote employee fitness programs and activities as an integral part of the company’s corporate wellness program.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here:

Before joining the corporate ranks, Samantha was a professional athlete. She represented Great Britain in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in both the 200m and the 4x100m relay events. Prior to the Olympics, she won two medals in the Olympic AAA trials a silver medal for the 200m and a bronze for the 100m as well as a silver medal in the 4x100m relay during the European Junior Championships in 1997. Her personal records include 11.40 seconds in the 100m and 23.02 seconds in the 200m.

Samantha is a personal trainer and group exercise coach through the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA) and International Sport Science Association (ISSA).

Source:Samantha Clayton, senior director of Worldwide Fitness and Education at Herbalife Nutrition is available for interviews.

Background:Many people train hard to get fit for summer and then tend to slow down once October comes around. But I’m here to let you know that balanced nutrition and moderate exercise can easily be done year round.

3 simple tips that will help make nutrition and exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle:

Where can viewers go for more information?We challenge our members to participate in the Herbalife Nutrition Weight Loss Challenge and they’ve lost more than one million pounds by committing to living a healthy, active lifestyle and focusing on balanced nutrition and exercise.

To learn more about nutrition and fitness, find a nutrition club to participate in the weight loss challenge, or just learn how to live in a healthy, active lifestyle, visit

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SOURCE Herbalife Nutrition

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Not Just For Summer Tips For A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle – Markets Insider

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Healthy lifestyle restaurant gives back to community before even opening its doors – Kentucky Kernel

Provided by CoreLife Eatery.

A healthy restaurant new to Lexington will open its doors August 11, but customers have a chance to taste the atmosphere on a preview event that benefits the community.

CoreLife Eatery focuses on promoting eating clean and healthy food to lead a healthy lifestyle, so their menu includes salads and grain bowls, as well as bone broth.

The ingredients used at CoreLife Eatery are responsibly sourced. While they may not use local ingredients, they still use fresh, quality ingredients at the restaurants.

The first CoreLife Eatery opened in 2015 in Syracuse. This is their second Kentucky location, the first being located in Florence, Kentucky. The idea of leading a healthy lifestyle is certainly growing in Lexington with new gym and health food stores opening. CoreLife Eatery offers affordable and fast meals to those who want to eat healthier.

We are extremely excited and honored to be opening a CoreLife Eatery in Lexington, the people here are all fantastic and we look forward to being a contributor to the local community for many years to come, CoreLife Eatery Director of Public Relations Stephen Donnelly said.

Not only does CoreLife Eatery promote healthy living, they also promote giving back and being involved in the community, so it is partnering with Gods Pantry Food Bank for their preview event on August 10.

The event is not only to promote the new restaurant, but to raise money for a good cause and spread awareness about hunger in the community. The restaurant chose Gods Pantry Food Bank as a partner because CoreLife Eatery wanted to help with its mission of ending hunger.

Anytime we open one of our restaurants in a new community, the emphasis is on giving back from the very start, Donnelly said. This is our way of helping those in need and showing our commitment to the area before we open our doors for business.

The preview event is from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and proceeds will go to Gods Pantry Food Bank. The event is pay what you choose. The menu includes a variety of proteins within the selection of salads and grain bowls. For more information, visit their website

The restaurant will plan more events in the future to promote healthy eating and living in the community.

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Healthy lifestyle restaurant gives back to community before even opening its doors – Kentucky Kernel

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Orlando Magic encourage healthy lifestyle with Magic Fit Draft Combine – Orlando Magic Daily

The 120 kids from the South Orlando YMCA, Meadow Woods Rec Center and the Taft Boys and Girls Club are probably not old enough to know who the three tall dudes talking to them were.

They did not all know that Jeff Turner, the Orlando Magics current television color analyst, won an Olympic Gold Medal with the 1984 U.S. National Team. They did not all know Bo Outlaw, a stalwart and fan favorite through much of the early 2000s, was a swimmer before pursuing basketball full time.The students probably did not all know Nick Anderson was the first ever draft pick to the Magic and a member of the teams Hall of Fame.

The event Tuesday at the RDV Sportsplex was not all about the three Magic legends standing before the kids. Or the special guests, includingstrength and conditioning coach Bill Burgos, that attended too. It was about laying the foundations at the grass roots level to connect young Central Florida residents to the Magic, to basketball and to fitness in general.

As part of Tuesdays program, attendees participated in basketball-related drills, spoke to the Magics nutritionist about nutrition and healthy lifestyles and went through agility drills.

It was a fun, light-hearted afternoon for the Magic as part of a larger community effort. One of the many similar kind of events the Magic hold throughout the Central Florida area throughout the year.

Magic Fit is the teams fitness and nutrition education program for youth in the Central Florida area. The programs goal is to encourage physical activity through basketball and healthy living for youth and families.

It is part of the Magics Magic Youth Basketball Academy, an offshoot of the teams Junior Magic youth basketball program and its annual basketball camps held during the summer and spring and Christmas breaks during the year.

The Magic hold several youth events like the Combine every year to engage directly with young residents of Central Florida.

Basketball is indeed a strong tool to spread the message of fitness to young residents in the area.

Anderson certainly knew a little bit about what he taught his students at his station. Anderson oversaw games of dribble knockout, teaching them how best to pick up steals.

That is definitely something Anderson can talk knowledgeably about.

Turner too has a lot to share with young basketball players. Turner won a state championship as the head coach Lake Highland Prep. in Orlando in 2013. He had a fairly lengthy coaching career there before turning his attention fully to the Magic as their television analyst.

Turner said the Magic asked him to participate in more programs like the Magic Fit program. He jumped at the chance to help out and give back to the Central Florida community through basketball.

Former players Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw are stalwarts in the Magics community relations as ambassadors for the team. Longtime fans know them as two of the teams all-time fan-favorite players. They are a constant connection between the Magic organization and the communication at large.

The lessons, even if they are brief in the two-hour session, go beyond basketball.

As Turner, Outlaw and Anderson introduced what was going to happen they stressed the importance of listening and following directions to get the most out of their time together. It would be a lot of fun too.

That much was evident as the kids shuttled from station to station and eagerly participated in the drills the Magic had set up.

At the end of the day, each participant received a Magic basketball, a group photo with everyone involved and the memory of a good time on the Magics old practice court at RDV Sportsplex.

It was a fun bit of education for the students who attended. Lessons that will hopefully serve them well beyond the mini combine.

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Orlando Magic encourage healthy lifestyle with Magic Fit Draft Combine – Orlando Magic Daily

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Karolyn Boyd: Master a Healthy Lifestyle – The Story Exchange

Name:Karolyn Boyd

Business: Karolyn Boyd

Location:Gatineau, Canada

Industry:Healthcare, Wellness & FitnessReason for starting?In 1998, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. I was bedridden for two years and was given all these medications and told by the medical community I would be disabled all my life and would not live past 40. I could not accept that and knew there was a better way. I was a kinesiologist and was doing my masters in molecular medicine and specialized in metabolism at the time. It took me about 12 years to heal and I am still on the journey. I have dealt with my medical condition by improving my lifestyle and it is the very tools that saved me that I share with passion with my clients to help them reverse their diabetes. Yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition and exercise. I am now no longer afraid and am the upcoming author of Food Freedom; How to Begin Your Path of Self-Mastery and Reverse Diabetes The New Rules of Living in Todays World. My passion is helping people find their courage to change.

Related:Read about another Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness entrepreneur here.How do you define success?In my job, it is important to help people have a paradigm shift regarding their current way of doing things and helping them realize that there are other options available and that they have the power to do something about it. The choice is always there . . . they simply have to decide to act. Once they have decided, it is important to establish good habits. So success for me is ensuring that the tools that I share with my tribe ultimately bring them independence. They do this by helping them become confident in applying the tools. It takes courage to change and try new options and allow yourself to be open enough to consider another way. This to me, is success when I help someone see other possibilities than their current reality.Biggest success:Reversing diabetes in my clients is my biggest success. When you get the testimonial, you helped save my life, this makes me want to cry out of joy!I want my message to be shared with everyone! I feel it is too important not to. People have to become aware of what they are eating, because how we are currently living at the moment, is killing us. Diabetes is becoming an epidemic and would be completely avoidable if we ate properly. We need to take back our power and find wellness. Brand awareness is super important for me. I feel it is important to start a revolution because our lifestyle is too important. It is for the survival of the human species. I have an online program called Diabetes UTurn which is a 90 day online course to reverse diabetes. I want to sell this course.What is your top challengeand how you have addressed it?I am so passionate about my work that sometimes I forget that it is a business and I have to live from this! I have gotten mentors to assist me. Marcus and Andy are part of the Wellness Leadership Academy and have helped me package my magic and learn how to sell my passion. Scott Oldford has taught me how to do online marketing. I also have local mentors who help me work with my weaknesses and use my strengths to run my business. I also have mentors through my publisher (Black Card Books and Gerry Robert) who are amazing at helping me use my book as a business tool!

In January 2017, I was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease. My lupus has attacked my kidneys. I was on the transplant list as well as needed dialysis. I have since brought my lifestyle up a notch and only eat a certain way, ensure I get 10h of sleep a day and must keep my stress levels to the minimum to survive, but reversed my condition! I still have limited renal function but have absolutely NO pain (which is unheard of for the medical community) and have ample energy, mentally and physically to run my business. I no longer have fear that most people have. I know what real fear is, and it is not being afraid of being your best self. That is nothing compared to the real fear of dying. This is why I am ready to step it up (since January) and decided to go ahead and write this book, which has to come out of me!

Related:How a Mothers Grief Inspired a MissionWho is your most important role model?Jeffrey Bland, the creator of Metagenics. He knows his biochemistry so well and is so inspiring because he uses his intelligence to help people.

Edited by The Story Exchange

Posted: August 7, 2017

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Karolyn Boyd: Master a Healthy Lifestyle – The Story Exchange

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How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for Personal Development – TechCo (blog)

When it comes to your professional growth and career development, a majority of us focus on mastering our strengths and extending our skill sets, to create an impressive personal profile.

Not many of us realize the significance of health and are unaware of how a healthy body and lifestyle can contribute to your personal development. Jobs, in the present age, have become ever more demanding and organizations are expecting a lot from their employees in terms of work, performance, and efficiency.

Aside from that, the increasing competition among the workforce has propelled the employees into a rat race, to excel ahead of the rest and add a competitive advantage to their professional profile.

All these efforts combined, in the pursuit of personal development will require some strenuous work on your part. To be able to stay a step ahead of the competition, you need to maintain your mind and body in an optimally healthy state.

As the adage goes, A healthy body possesses a healthy mind. Therefore, you cannot expect yourself to perform your best and pursue career growth while depriving your body of its essential needs. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the first step to personality development.

Here are some good practices to implement in your daily routine to foster a healthy lifestyle and achieve personal development and career growth.

A disorganized routine and ill-maintained lifestyle will make you lose your sense of direction rather than taking you closer to your career goals.

Routine brings order to your life and makes it convenient for you make the most of your hours of the day. It improves your time management skills and creates a balance between the various aspects of your life.

You are what you eat. This is true since what you eat eventually reflects in your physical and mental performance.

If you are habitual of eating junk food, rich in harmful fats and bad cholesterol, you will become lazy, sluggish and lethargic, eventually becoming unable to perform to your utmost potential.

Your comfort zone might seem as a serene place, but, it is the very restriction that prevents you from aiming for higher pursuits.

No matter how contented you are with your career accomplishments, do not let them make you settle for less, while you have it in you to grow and achieve more.

Staying optimistic in all circumstances and possessing a positive outlook on life is essential for personal development.

Engage yourself in some constructive activities that not only make you happy but also help you learn something new. This will boost your self-esteem and motivation and will inspire you to keep going and achieve more.

Additionally, it will eliminate the negative consequences of stress and brain function that might be affected due to excessive workload.

How you utilize your free time says a lot about how successful you will be in future.

You might be tempted to spend your leisure hours, sitting idly and binge-watching TV shows and series. However, spending that time in healthy activities such as swimming or working out at the gym will be more beneficial for you.

Read more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle at TechCo

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How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for Personal Development – TechCo (blog)

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Healthy living in college – The Vanguard


Living an active lifestyle is one of the simplest waysfor a college student to maintain good health.

Jake Cannon

Jake Cannon

Living an active lifestyle is one of the simplest waysfor a college student to maintain good health.

Ryann Guy, Sports ReporterAugust 6, 2017Filed under Life

As the beginning of another school year approaches, many students take the opportunity to reorganize their lives. Whether you are switching your major or improving your lifestyle, change can be intimidating. If you are looking for some helpful hints on how to hone in on a healthier lifestyle, look no further. These suggestions will help you break down your situation by adjusting your attitude, finding a purpose, and creating a plan.


The most crucial aspect of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with your mind. To acquire a healthy lifestyle, you need a healthy. Getting through mental blocks during this healthy lifestyle expedition will be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. This is due to changes occurring in your body. Not only will there be mental and physical changes, there are chemical changes being endured during this process as well. Mental preparation will ensure a strong-willed mind that wants to get better. After following these guidelines for beginning your healthy lifestyle, you will be prepared for what is to come. Your attitude will be what gets you through your journey. When your mind is strong, you will become physically strong.


When going through a lifestyle change, it is easy to become overwhelmed or lost. Understanding your purpose is the best way to avoid getting off track. Documenting the start of the process can help gauge your progress throughout your journey. Common documentations of progression are full body pictures. This is part of setting up steps or goals along the way can be motivation to keep going and remind you where or why you started. Being able to achieve milestones along the way is reassuring and will help create your purpose. If there is ever a time you begin to stray from your goals or are feeling unmotivated, the best way to understand your purpose again is to ask yourself why you started. Then you can ask yourself what keeps you going. Finally, what you want to get out of this experience is another question to remind you of your goals. Now you know the reason you began, why you keep going, and what your goal is.


Many want an instant answer that will be the cure to fix all your bad habits and lifestyle choices. Depending on how you responds to different changes being made like its response to food and exercise, accommodations have to be made to fit your bodys needs. This part of the planning can be a chance to learn how your body works. If you want enhance your physique, come up with a long-term time frame with short-term goals spread throughout.


Most hate it, however, dieting is crucial for a healthy lifestyle because food is the bodys fuel. Although dieting does not sound enjoyable to some, it can be a fun. This is another way of understanding your body, how it responds to food, as well as your creativity in the kitchen (or the menu.) Luckily, when you are beginning your healthy lifestyle journey, it is best to ease into your adjustments rather than giving up everything all at once. Just like you would wean a kitten off milk, the human body responds best when you slowly take things out of your diet. You can count your calories if you prefer, but it is not necessary. Simply understanding what foods you should be eating and making better decisions is a great way to start. As a college student, it can be difficult to cook a meal three times a day. Fortunately, there are ways to still go to your local fast food place and not feel bad for cheating on your diet. Almost every fast food restaurant has a healthy menu option. Little changes like eating a grilled chicken sandwich instead of fried will improve your diet and overall well being. Try eating strictly during the week and letting yourself indulge in restaurant foods and cheat meals during the weekends. Remember, one of the greatest sources available to anyone working on themselves is the internet and is available at any time. Another way to keep track of your diet that will make you think twice about what you eat is writing down everything you put in your mouth, food and beverages. Also, there are apps for your phone you can utilize to keep track of your progress for you like, LIFESUM, Rise Up, or My Diet Coach. No matter how strict you wish to keep your diet, there are many useful ways to help you stay on track and keep progressing.


Whether you are lifting weights in the gym, running miles, or riding bikes, exercising is a healthy way to keep up a better lifestyle. It is best to find an activity that you enjoy the most so that you can stay motivated. When exercising is enjoyable and not a dreaded task, it is much easier to accomplish goals from day to day. Exercise is something that needs to be regulated as well. Starting out doing your activity a few times a week will help your body as it recovers. To continuously see improvements, switching up exercises from week to week will confuse your muscles and help your muscles grow more efficiently.


Achieving balance will take time after learning how your body works. After you have tweaked a plan specific to what your body responds to and what you enjoy, you can achieve balance in your life by making a schedule so that you can work on all areas of your healthy lifestyle throughout the week. To avoid damaging your body, there should not be many drastic changes all at once. It is best to slowly take out things and replace them with what you best respond to. Therefore, it is important to have balance in your mind, diet, and exercise are all something that takes time to achieve but can be worked on using this guide.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be an intimidating change that you may not know how to approach. With a guide to get you through your journey, you can achieve your goals following a plan designed to your specific needs. Depending your bodys response to your actions and how you enjoy different activities, your healthy lifestyle plan can be altered throughout your experience. Eventually, after learning your body, balance of a new healthy lifestyle can be achieved. Once you are able to trust the process, and stay motivated, you will be amazed at what you can achieve by adjusting your mind and focusing on achieving goals.

Healthy living in college – The Vanguard

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