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5 Best Testosterone Supplements For Men Over 50

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What does a low T cell count mean? –

Q:What does it mean to have a low T cell count and low liver count?

A:A lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell present in the blood. White blood cells help protect the body against diseases and fight infections. When the general defense systems of the body have been penetrated by dangerous invading microorganisms, lymphocytes help provide a specific response to attack the invading organisms. There are several kinds of lymphocytes (although they all look alike under the microscope), each with different functions to perform. Lymphocytes, like other blood cells, develop in the bone marrow and arise from immature cells called stem cells. In early childhood, some lymphocytes then migrate to the thymus, an organ in the top of the chest, where they mature to become T cells. Others remain in the bone marrow and mature there to become B cells. Both B cells and T cells also take up residence in lymph nodes, the spleen and other tissues where they encounter antigens; continue to divide by mitosis and mature into fully functional cells. These lymphocytes play an important role in recognising and destroying infecting organisms such as bacteria and viruses. In normal conditions, most of the lymphocytes circulating in the body are T cells. Their role is to recognise and destroy abnormal body cells (for example, cells that have been infected by a virus). There are several subsets of T-lymphocytes inflammatory T cells that recruit macrophages and neutrophils to the site of infection or other tissue damage; T-suppressor/cytotoxic cells (CTLs) possess that kill virus-infected and, perhaps, tumor cells and also inhibit B-cell development; helper T cells that help immature B cells develop into mature B cells and enhance the production of antibodies by B cells. B-lymphocytes are responsible for making antibodies as they recognise foreign cells and material (for example, bacteria that have invaded the body). When these cells come into contact with a foreign protein (for example, on the surface of bacteria), they produce antibodies, which then stick to the surface of the foreign cell and cause its destruction.If the number of T-lymphocytes is reduced, that is referred to as low T-cell count. There is no term in medicine like low liver cell count.

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What does a low T cell count mean? –

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Low T Symptoms | Low Testosterone | Signs of Low T

Simply put, testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It is secreted by the testicles and adrenal glands and is directly responsible for sperm production and sex drive. Testosterone also plays a role in developing secondary sexual characteristics that men experience through puberty while also contributing to the muscle mass, strength, bone density, and maturation. Testosterone naturally decreases as men age, but when it dips too low it can result in other issues. Fortunately, there is an easy way to combat low testosterone symptoms, and that’s through the quality hormone replacement pelleting procedures that BioTE offers. We are dedicated to helping our male patients deal with hormone deficiency.

In addition to the weak bones and increased risks of cardiovascular issues, low testosterone greatly affects your quality of life. If you’ve ever wondered what causes low-T, it’s essentially broken down into two categories: primary hypogonadism and secondary hypogonadism. Primary hypogonadism occurs when the testicles are injured and have not descended, or if one suffers from Klinefelter syndrome. Secondary hypogonadism is from pituitary disorders, medications, type 2 diabetes, and aging. Some of the symptoms of low-T in men include depression, a decreased sex drive, and feeling weak. All of those low-T symptoms can change the way you live your life, and you shouldn’t have to settle. BioTE can help you take your life back.

Here are some symptoms of low-T in men:

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms and are concerned about low testosterone, the medical professionals at BioTE are ready to help.

You don’t have to accept living with low testosterone. If you are experiencing symptoms of low-T, it’s important to find a doctor that can help you improve. We at BioTE have created a way to assist you. Pellet therapy is an easy way to correct male hormone deficiency and has been proven to reduce other unseen risks of low hormones.

If you have any questions about pellet therapy or are wondering what BioTE can do for your low testosterone symptoms, please contact one of the many professionals at BioTE. We are here to help you take your life back from low testosterone.

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Low T Symptoms | Low Testosterone | Signs of Low T

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Low T Treatment in Texas & Illinois | SynergenX Health …

Low T, which is a lower-than-normal level of the male hormone testosterone, can affect men in a variety of ways. It can also have a number of potential causes, including:

Really, age is the most common reason for Low T. Thats because most men begin to experience a decline in testosterone, albeit a gradual one, after age 30. Generally, testosterone levels peak during adolescence or early adulthood, and its pretty much all downhill from there. The older you become, the lower your T levels, and its faster for some men than for others.

Whatever the reason or reasons behind it, Low T can cause or contribute to a number of conditions that disrupt mens lives and can affect their productivity, relationships and sense of worth or self-identity. These include:

At SynergenX, we treat Low T with hormone replacement therapyand we do it differently. We tailor the treatment and dose to each mans individual needsas informed by lab tests. We also differ from the typical hormone treatment protocol by testing continually and varying the dose as your T levels rise and fall, because they do. By continually, actively monitoring patients and adjusting treatment, we minimize the risksand help most men achieve a marked, positive change and a reinvigorated life and sense of self.

While erectile dysfunction can be helped dramatically by hormone replacement, we also can help improve erectile function and sexual performance with BoostEREX. BoostEREX is a noninvasive, drug-free treatment that uses low-intensity shockwave pulses to treat EDs cause (unlike medicines like Viagra, which treat symptoms). In use in other countries for nearly a decade, penile shockwave therapy like BoostEREX has been proven by multiple studies to improve erectile function and sexual performance by eliminating micro-plaques, rejuvenating penile blood vessels, and releasing growth factors that help new blood vessels grow.

SynergenX also offers a tailored, effective weight management program to help men lose weight, keep it off for optimal health, and maximize the effects of their Low T treatment to both feel and look great. And speaking of looking your best, SynergenX offers aesthetic services designed to bring your appearance into harmony with how great you feel on the inside.

For more information about the conditions and symptoms SynergenX can help with, or to schedule an appointment for a FREE Low T test in McKinney, North Park, Woodlands, Kingwood, Vintage Park, Katy, Galleria, Burr Ridge, Sonterra San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, or Northwest San Antonio, call 877-915-2554 or use our easy online form.

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Low T Treatment in Texas & Illinois | SynergenX Health …

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The Lowdown on Low-T – Discover Health – Rush University …

If you bring up the topic of low testosterone (commonly known as low T), you’ll likely hear a wide range of theories and opinions.

Some believe low T is just a natural part of aging for men and, therefore, does not require medical treatment. Others tout testosterone replacement therapy as a proverbial fountain of youth for men hoping to recapture the strength and stamina of their younger selves.

Like most controversial health issues, the truth about low T lies somewhere in the middle. While testosterone replacement therapy can make a dramatic difference in some men’s lives, it’s not for everyone.

“Almost every organ and tissue in a man’s body has testosterone receptors,” says Laurence Levine, MD, a urologist at Rush. “Testosterone plays a vital role in the proper functioning of your bones, muscles, brain, liver and everything in between.”

In fact, testosterone is responsible for all of the following:

Due to the importance of testosterone in men’s overall health, health care providers are increasingly recognizing low T (with varying degrees of severity) as more than just a fad. In fact, a recent study found that almost 40 percent of men over 45 years old had low testosterone.

Peaks and valleys are the norm when it comes to testosterone. Levels change several times a day; it’s highest in the morning and lowest in the evening.

Throughout life, testosterone peaks in the early 30s and steadily declines with age. However, age is not the only culprit behind decreasing testosterone.

Other medical conditions that can cause low T include the following:

When low T occurs with or as the result of an existing medical condition, it can exacerbate symptoms of that condition and even accelerate disease progression.

Long-term, untreated low T can also increase the risk of age-related complications. “A man in his 50s with a long history of low T may have more rapid loss of muscle and bone. He also has a higher risk of developing dementia later in life,” says Levine.

Men who have existing conditions that cause low T have been using testosterone therapy for years. Today, however, many men who do not have other medical problems are also using testosterone therapy in an attempt to feel younger, stronger and more vital.

As a result, much of the controversy surrounding low T and testosterone replacement therapy stems from determining who needs it and who doesn’t.

“If you have some of the signs of low T, it does not necessarily mean your testosterone is low; and if your testosterone is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have symptoms,” Levine says. “To be a good candidate for treatment, you must have both low testosterone and symptoms.”

Which symptoms should you watch for? According to Levine, these are the most common:

Some of these symptoms could mimic other conditions, such as depression or low thyroid function. Speak to your primary care physician or urologist to determine the cause of your symptoms, so you can make sure you get the right treatment.

Testosterone is tested with a simple blood test between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. (when testosterone levels are highest). Normal levels fall between 300 and 1,000 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter).

Here’s what to do with your results:

“However, if I see a man who has no symptoms and his testosterone is at 150, I may recommend treatment because he could start to experience problems with cognition and frailty as he gets older,” Levine says.

“The decision about whether to treat or watch and wait depends on each man’s specific situation” he adds. “There’s no one-size-fits-all. I always tailor the approach to the patient.”

If you have low T and persistent symptoms, your doctor may recommend one of the following treatments:

“You may notice an improvement in energy and libido as quickly as a month into treatment. But typically it takes about three months of treatment to notice an obvious improvement in your symptoms,” says Levine.

There are a number of concerns about the safety of testosterone replacement therapy. And most health care professionals agree more research is needed on the long-term effects of testosterone therapy.

But in the meantime, there have been some interesting findings in recent years:

However, Levine warns that testosterone can stimulate tumor growth in men who already have prostate cancer. Thus, men with existing prostate cancer will need regular monitoring with a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and a complete blood count every six months.

“Testosterone seems to actually have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health,” says Levine. “Studies show men with low T and heart disease who received testosterone replacement therapy had lower death rates than those who did not receive testosterone therapy.”

If you have a heart condition, it is best to discuss your options with your cardiologist and men’s health clinician.

“It is not a treatment for diabetes, but it can certainly help regulate glucose and metabolism,” Levine says.

There are, however, some risks associated with long-term testosterone use, including the following:

Bottom line: Testosterone therapy may not be appropriate if you’re just feeling a little more run down than usual. “Working closely with a trusted medical professional is the best way to determine if it is right for you,” Levine says.

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The Lowdown on Low-T – Discover Health – Rush University …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

The Low T Scam? – Testosterone Centers of Texas – Low T …

With all of the press about the treatment of low testosterone and the role it plays in mens health, many are beginning to wonder, Is Low T a scam? The answer is, No, Low T is not a scam. Low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on a mans physical and emotional well-being. It can affect his relationships and can play a role in infertility if it is not properly treated by an experienced medical professional.

Once men with Low T are on the appropriatetestosterone replacement therapy, they can experience significant and sustainable results.

Low T refers to low testosterone levels, the medical condition is otherwise known ashypogonadism. Even a moderate dip in testosterone can have noticeable side effects. Some of the symptoms caused by low testosterone levels include:

The good news is that these symptoms can be improved once Low T is diagnosed and treated. Over time, low testosterone levels can lead to moreserious physical health problemssuch as heart disease, osteoporosis, and cognitive disorders.

So, is Low T a scam? No. It is a very real condition, experienced by millions of men across the country.

If you suffer fromone or more of the symptoms listed above, and suspect that Low T is the culprit,take our Low T Quiz. This will help to identify whether or not your symptoms indicate lower testosterone levels. If so, you can schedule an appointment to have your hormone levels tested. If it is determined that you do have Low T, we will discuss your options and help you to make the decision that is best for you.

Testosterone replacement therapyshould be specifically tailored to your specific response and your levels should becontinuously monitored to ensure you are getting the right dose. Never participate in testosterone replacement therapy without having your levels checked first. Once your therapy has begun, your hormone levels, as well as indicators of common side effects, should be monitored on a regular basis.

Decreasing levels of testosterone is a very normal biological process. In fact, most mens testosterone levels begin to decrease at a rate of about 1 percent each year after the age of 30. The problem is that environmental factors can also contribute to low testosterone, which is causing some mens testosterone levels to fall faster than normal, earlier than normal.

Pesticides. There are studies that have shown pesticides using the chemicalGlyphosate, one of the most common being Roundup, work as endocrine disrupters. Exposure to these pesticides and herbicides via ingestion or physical exposure can affect male testosterone levels as well as sperm counts.

Parabens. Take a look at your body washes, shampoos, and skin products and you may see some derivative of the word paraben. Parabens are also endocrine disrupters. They elevate estrogen levels while simultaneously decreasing testosterone levels. Look for products that are paraben-free before taking them off the shelf.

Stress and depression. In an era where people are always on the go, stress has become a state of being. Unfortunately, studies are showing that continued stress takes its toll on testosterone levels. The same is true for depression. If you are chronically stressed or prone to depression, you are more likely to suffer from Low T.

Be careful, there are plenty of companies out there that will take a real problem and exploit it to make a buck but does that mean that Low T a Scam? Definitely not! Do your homework, ask questions, and make sure you get the right answers!

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The Low T Scam? – Testosterone Centers of Texas – Low T …

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Low Testosterone (Low T) | Evaluation and Treatment Plan …

Low Testosterone Evaluation

At Armor Mens Health, we see patients with low testosterone levels at all ages and for a number of different reasons. In addition to conducting blood tests for absolute testosterone levels, we will also measure a more sensitive form of testosterone called the free-testosterone level. There is no known normal range that applies to all men and some men benefit from treatment even after being told that their levels were normal.

Your initial evaluation will also include looking for other problems whose symptoms can mimic those of low testosterone. In addition, a physical exam will look for evidence of testicular or prostate disease that could impact treatment.

Treatment for low testosterone can take several forms that all require close follow-up and should begin with a thorough understanding of possible risks and side effects.

No oral FDA approved testosterone replacement pill is available in the United States.

Topical gels are a common and popular choice for testosterone replacement. Injection therapy can be a minimally invasive way for testosterone supplementation and can be administered in our office or by self-injection.

In fact, weekly self-injection of testosterone can relieve patients of widely varying peak and through levels of testosterone and will be allowed when appropriate for properly qualified patients.

Some patients may be eligible for implantation of subcutaneous testosterone pellets that only need to be replaced every 6 months, making supplementation nearly worry free.

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Low Testosterone (Low T) | Evaluation and Treatment Plan …

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Low T Center in San Diego CA – Kingsberg Medical

If you have been living in the San Diego CA area for a while, then you know that growth in the region has been happening at a fast and furious pace over the past twenty years or so. However, if you now want to locate a Low T Center in San Diego CA, then you probably feel as though it is getting harder and harder to keep up with your active Southern California lifestyle due to your troubling low t symptoms. No longer just a nice little Navy town with a terrific year-round climate, San Diego has grown into Californias second-largest city offering world-class cultural attractions and recreation. Yet even when you have all these superb amenities close at hand, your frustrating and unhealthy weight gain, joint pain, low energy, fatigue and low sex drive can prevent you from being able to truly enjoy your lifestyle. It makes perfect sense to want to find treatment that will eliminate these often debilitating symptoms from a local Low T Center in San Diego CA. That is why we have made it more convenient than ever before to find safe and effective treatment for testosterone deficiency right in your own local area. Our low t doctors in San Diego CA know that it takes energy, virility and stamina to experience everything that the exciting and dynamic growth has produced the great dining, live sports, renowned attractions, excellent museums, and endless year-round recreational opportunities that both residents and visitors can enjoy. We also know that replenishing your bodys low t levels is the only way to reclaim the man you once were and eliminate the troublesome and frustrating symptoms that are stealing the passion and confidence from your life. To get the facts about finding treatment from a Low T Center in San Diego CA, just call us at our toll-free number. One of our experienced clinicians will be happy to personally assist you.

With the presence of the University of California San Diego and its affiliated UCSD Medical Center, the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego has become a center of research for biotechnology. Yet you may be wondering how to find a Low Testosterone Center in San Diego CA where you can get treatment for your progressively declining male hormone supply. Even if you have been living a wellness-based lifestyle for years, the often debilitating symptoms associated with low t levels, such as stubborn belly fat, loss of muscle mass and erectile dysfunction, can take you by surprise. Fortunately, testosterone deficiency is a relatively common medical condition that responds extremely well to our locally available doctor prescribed treatment. Our innovative process for testing and treatment is like having your own personal Low T Center in San Diego CA, because you can now find the help you need to eliminate your symptoms without ever leaving your own local area. Once you have replenished your bodys steadily decreasing testosterone levels, you will be delighted to experience:

With the help of our experienced and highly regarded local doctors who specialize in low t therapy in San Diego California, you can leave your unhealthy and limiting symptoms far behind you and get on with living the Southern California lifestyle you have always wanted to live. To learn more about finding a Low Testosterone Center in San Diego CA, start by calling us at our toll-free number. We will be happy to provide helpful and informative to any of your questions about how to locally test testosterone levels and begin treatment.

How long has it been since you enjoyed dinner out in beautiful La Jolla at a waterfront restaurant or joined the parade along the Pacific Beach boardwalk? Maybe you want to learn more about Local Low Testosterone Centers in San Diego CA because you cant remember the last time you had the energy and desire for a night out with the people you love the most. Our doctors who prescribe testosterone cypionate in San Diego CA know that struggling with male hormone deficiency can negatively affect just about every aspect of your life, from having less energy and stamina at work, to having a much less satisfying sex life at home with your partner. We also know that if you are looking for a Low T Center in San Diego CA, then you are ready to do something meaningful about eliminating your discouraging symptoms related to testosterone deficiency. Good for you! There is no reason to continue to let chronic low energy, fatigue and low sex drive prevent you from living an active, rewarding and passionate lifestyle. Scores of men from all over Southern California who were struggling with symptoms just like yours have already successfully eliminated them with the help our local low t clinics in San Diego CA. Whether you are busy with the demands of your career and family life in National City CA or trying to enjoy an active and rewarding retirement in Torrey Hills CA, the benefits of injectable testosterone can make a dramatic improvement in the way you feel and look. Best of all, it is now easy and convenient to get the treatment your need from our Local Low Testosterone Centers in San Diego CA. If it has been too long since you have been able to live your life with passion and confidence in your complete masculinity, maybe now is the right time to do something about it.

Paul, you are definitely not alone in wanting to learn more about the condition referred to as male hormone deficiency. Many men contact us and ask What is Low T and what can be done about it and we are always proud to be able to say that our proven therapy for testosterone deficiency can make a significant and lasting improvement in your low t levels. To get all the facts about our safe and highly effective treatment for men over the age of thirty who are struggling with verified low t, simply call us at our toll-free number aand we will be happy to help you.

The most important diagnostic tool used by our doctors who specialize in low t therapy in San Diego California is, in fact, the comprehensive blood test that will measure your current levels of free and total testosterone, Delfino. These results, along with your medical history and current physical condition, provide our local doctors with the vital information needed to prescribe the ideal course of treatment for successfully replenishing your low t levels and provide you with the long-lasting results you want and deserve. Getting tested and treated locally is easy and convenient, Delfino just call us at our toll-free number and we will be explain precisely What is Low T Treatment and help you get started right away.

Are you ready to stop feeling like half the man you used to be, now that you know how easy it is to find local treatment for your frustrating and unhealthy low t symptoms? Reclaim the lifestyle you want to be living right now and for years to come! With the help of our low t clinics in San Diego CA, youll find the source of your energy, vitality and virility again.

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Low T Center in San Diego CA – Kingsberg Medical

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Low T 99 – Testosterone Therapy: Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma …

The physicians at Low T 99 understand that one of the primary symptoms of low testosterone is Erectile Dysfunction. For many patients, one of the goals of testosterone therapy is to regain full sexual capabilities. With the intent of maximizing the patient experience, Low T 99 physicians have formulated some of the most powerful and efficient oral ED medications available. If your Low T 99 physician concludes that these medications might be beneficial to your overall therapy they will be made available as a supplementary option.

Many studies have shown that testosterone levels begin to decline by about 1% per year after the age of 30. Low Testosterone levels can lead to: lack of energy, decrease in muscle, fatigue, bad mood, irritability, an increase in body fat, weak erections, low libido, poor sleep, decreased urge to exercise and more. Start treating these symptoms as soon as possible. First, with a diagnosis from a LowT99 doctor find out once and for all if you do, in fact, suffer from low testosterone. If that is the case, let LowT99 doctors get you on a personalized testosterone therapy immediately and start turning things around.

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Low T 99 – Testosterone Therapy: Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma …

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Low T | Low testosterone | Entourage Medical

During puberty, testosterone helps build a mans muscles, deepens his voice, and boosts the size of his penis and testes. In adulthood, it keeps a mans muscles and bones strong and maintains his interest in sex. In short, its what makes a man a man (at least physically).

After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. A decrease in sex drive sometimes accompanies the drop in testosterone, leading many men to mistakenly believe that their loss of interest in sex is simply due to aging.

Low testosterone can cause an obvious lack of male characteristics, or it can cause vague symptoms such as fatigue and diminished sex drive.

The symptoms of low testosterone (or low T) in males can vary depending on the cause of the low level and the age at which it occurs.

In male hypogonadism, a condition in which the body is unable to produce normal amounts of the hormone testosterone, symptoms may include underdeveloped genitalia, delayed puberty, and a lack of secondary sexual characteristics such as a deeper voice and facial hair.

In middle-aged or older men experiencing age-related decreases in testosterone, symptoms may include low energy, depressed mood, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence).

No matter what the cause, symptoms alone are not enough for a diagnosis of low testosterone: A blood test is needed to confirm that a mans testosterone level is, indeed, low.

Testosterone can be delivered to the body in a variety of ways:

*Patient must meet criteria for any form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, a face to face physical examination with a licensed healthcare provider and sufficient blood work must be recorded and deemed medical necessary in order for treatment. A medical questionnaire alone is not sufficient enough for medical necessity. An in depth history should also be perform to evaluate for any type of comorbidities.

* IMPORTANT!- We are not an online pharmacy, every patient must undergo comprehensive exams and physical before a prescription is issued!

*Please note: Our providers are licensed in all states. Florida and West Virginiaremain no service states.

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Low T | Low testosterone | Entourage Medical

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