Hi everyone!!I hope u guys are doing great. I thought to write a different blog post I feel to do so. A healthy lifestyle doesnt include only healthy eating also includes how healthy are your thoughts and how in peace youre with yourself. I left for 1-month social media I took a little break to []

My first blog for this year.Well, I want to wish everyoneHappy New Year and I hope this year will be good for all.To be honest, lately, Iveeaten a lot of food because of festive season so now I need to come back to my healthy lifestyleroutine.In this blog post, Ill like to talk about this []

Hi, everyone.I was not active lately I preferred to keep little distance from social media for 2 weeks.But this doesnt mean I left blogging Ill come stronger than before and with fresh blog posts.Well, just one day were away from 2018 I really hope this gonna be a fruitful year for each one of us. []

HELLOOOO finally Im back today well talk about Avocado, some might ask What Is Avocado? Avocado has a high fatty acid content but contains extremely low levels of cholesterol. Many people tend to stop eating avocado due to its high-calorie content, thinking that it may add to their weight. However, a number of calories are []

Hi everyone!Well, a lot of things are happening last days.One of them is trouble with my blog. But thanks, God I solved this. Yesterday I stayed 4 hours preparing my blog post. When I was editing & I thought to send to my friend and I copied. After that, blog post disappeared. To be honest []

HiI hope everyone is good.Well, lately I have some troubles with my blog thats why I couldnt post.I feel very bad about thisand I hope that very soon I can solve.Have a lovely weekend everyone.I hope that very soon everything will be OK and I can post here.

The word pumpkin comes from the Greek pepon for a large melon. The English named it pumpion or pompion, a term which dates back to 1547. Pumpkins are now grown all over the world with Antarctica being the sole exception. The term Cucurbitaceae may not sound immediately familiar, but the species within this plant family []


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