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Libertarian Transhumanism and the Over-man

Ive always been a fan of H+ (though I often disregard a lot of the humanist ethics proposed by some of its adherents). Ultimately, its more of an interest than a worldview for me but to see a world where humanity sheds the meat of its limitations or sheds it all together would be interesting if nothing else. An ushering in of a generation overmen (either through gene/body mods or other enhancements though it is sort of a chicken or the egg scenario as to which event will serve as the catalyst to the other) who radically reject the institutionalized morality in both politics and science would obviously be the best way to go about this. I also think that a fully decentralized and more egalitarian market economy (lending itself to agorism which we are seeing more of today in everything from crypto-currency to start up societies will help reach this goal faster. The following are some older writings of mine detailing the potential implications of transhumanism on culture;

The Hegelian Dialectical Process Applied to Evolutionary BiologyHegels philosophy however, left little creativity to humans, making them instruments of a cosmic agency (Time-Spirit or Zeitgeist) which worked out is experiments leading towards the emergence of Philosophic Man ( -2016)

The progression of history and by extension culture is largely founded on conflicts ensuing between opposing ideological stances (left vs right, centralization vs decentralization). Whether through Marxs Dialectical Materialism or opposition to establishment via social movements (ranging from reformist measures such as the post-Civil Rights social justice causes of neo-liberalism to a Maoist style insurrectionary movement). Hegel (first) recognized this, transferring it into what he is best known for, the Dialectical Process (the formation of a thesis, antithesis and a synthesis of the two opposing forces). Hegel predicted that we would one day reach the end of history as this cycle was repeated ad infinitum. A new world in which the mind of God is glimpsed by all would be ours along with a superior culture reflecting the new paradigm shift.

Nietzsche (who was as most German philosophers of his age were, influenced by Hegel) also had much to say about culture, especially in regard to the forceful removing its limitations (i.e slave morality). His work posits that a culture which fosters the cultivation of genius and celebrates the greatness of the individual, is achieved through the exertion of our will on a world devoid of inherent meaning. The end result of the violent rejection of the status quo in pursuit of art and war and vigor, is the over-man. A being no longer shackled by the constraints of human morality and institutions.

Both the over-man and the end of history could be brought about much more rapidly through the development of the post-human. This can (in many cases justifiably) be a slippery slope and in my opinion will first require the radical decentralization of the means of production, the liberation of the workforce and the fostering of a culture of greater minds, ends which can all be met through various means of secession to weaken the global hegemony.

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Libertarian Transhumanism and the Over-man

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Health Products Holdings has acquired … – Nature’s Products

Sunrise, FL ( August 31st, 2015) Health Products Holdings, LLC (HPH) has acquired from Vitamin Research Products, LLC all of its brands and related assets, including the well-known direct-to-consumer brands Vitamin Research Products (VRP), True Health (TH), and Health Resources (HR).

All three brands complement HPHs existing direct-to-consumer portfolio of brands, which included Iceland Health, Blessed Herbs, and Nutri-Health Supplements.

VRP brings market-leading products and significant talent that will partner well with our current brands, and provide customers exciting new choices to meet their specific health needs, now and in the future, said Tom Callahan, President of the direct-to-consumer business for HPH.

The entire VRP marketing team is thrilled to be joining forces with HPH. We look forward to multiple opportunities to grow our brands and build our leadership position in the direct-to-consumer nutritional supplement industry, said Kelly Cleary, formerly with VRP and now VP of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing for the combined business.

Added Mike Burroughs, now VP of IS and Digital Marketing, I believe VRP will benefit greatly from the additional financial and operational resources HPH will provide. We are very excited about the growth potential of our new, combined business.

HPHs direct-to-consumer team now combines some of the very best national talent in the industry across the catalog and digital marketing space with over a century of cumulative experience in direct-to-consumer marketing, hundreds of thousands of active customers, and over 400 unique supplement formulations to serve them.

This is the second acquisition in the past 10 months for Health Products Holdings as it continues to aggressively strengthen capabilities and expand its branded product portfolio across different areas of the nutritional supplements market, covering a broad portfolio of products across all channels.

About Health Product Holdings, LLC

Health Products Holdings, LLC, previously known as Natures Products, Inc., was founded in 1986 as a full service, GMP certified, contract manufacturer of consumer healthcare products in Sunrise, Florida. In addition to contract manufacturing, HPH now owns, produces, and markets its own portfolio of brands including Rainbow Light, Champion Nutrition, Iceland Health, Nutri-Health Supplements, Sedona Labs, Sedona Pro, Blessed Herbs and VitalStyle. HPH currently employs over 400 employees and offers a wide range of formulations, dosage forms, and manufacturing and packaging capabilities. Also, HPH has several affiliated businesses globally that expand the breadth of its capabilities and dosage forms beyond the nutritional supplement area. More information about Health Product Holdings can be found at

About Vitamin Research Products

Since Vitamin Research Products opened their doors in 1979, their mission has been to deliver the finest nutritional supplements and empower their customers to take charge of their own health. Every supplement offered by Vitamin Research Products (VRP) is developed and vetted by a staff of physicians, PhDs, nutritionists and individuals with decades of experience in product formulation. To ensure the best quality, all products are made with a careful selection of raw materials and comply with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). Vitamin Research Products merged with Health Resources and True Health in 2010. For more information on the brands of Vitamin Research Products, please visit their websites at,, and

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Health Products Holdings has acquired … – Nature’s Products

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Thyroid Hormone Optimization – HealthGAINS: Hormone Therapy

Home – Hormone Therapy Services

Many of the conditions normally associated with ageing, can actually be caused by low levels of thyroid hormones. In fact, one in every seven Americans may be suffering from low-thyroid or hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of Low Thyroid can include:

What Does the Thyroid Do?They Thyroid is a gland that is located in the neck just behind the Adams Apple. It is responsible for producing two thyroid hormones – T3 and T4. These hormones are essential for cellular metabolism. In other words they are responsible for turning on and maintaining your cells’ ability to turn nutrients into energy. People with low levels of thyroid hormones have slower metabolisms. Which leads to the associated problems, most noticeably chronic fatigue and weight gain.

Your Customized Thyroid Optimization ProgramAt HealthGains, our physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating low thyroid. Your custom Thyroid Optimization Program starts with specialized diagnostic testing to determine your thyroid hormone levels. Traditional blood tests to detect hypothyroidism only go so far, and often result in low thyroid levels that go undetected. HealthGains uses a series of proprietary tests that go beyond traditional blood tests to obtain a more accurate and complete picture of your thyroid levels.

If your levels are determined to be low, we will create a program designed to keep your thyroid hormones at their optimal level for you – and not just at what is considered “normal” or “average.”

Your program may include prescribing bioidentical thyroid replacement hormones, along with recommendations for supplementation, diet, and lifestyle, designed to optimize your thyroid output and overall health.

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Thyroid Hormone Optimization – HealthGAINS: Hormone Therapy

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Transhumanism | Conspiracy School

Transhumanism is a recent movement that extols mans right to shape his own evolution, by maximizing the use of scientific technologies, to enhance human physical and intellectual potential. While the name is new, the idea has long been a popular theme of science fiction, featured in such films as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bade Runner, the Terminator series, and more recently, The Matrix, Limitless, Her and Transcendence.

However, as its adherents hint at in their own publications, transhumanism is an occult project, rooted in Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, and derived from the Kabbalah, which asserts that humanity is evolving intellectually, towards a point in time when man will become God. Modeled on the medieval legend of the Golem and Frankenstein, they believe man will be able to create life itself, in the form of living machines, or artificial intelligence.

Spearheaded by the Cybernetics Group, the project resulted in both the development of the modern computer and MK-Ultra, the CIAs mind-control program. MK-Ultra promoted the mind-expanding potential of psychedelic drugs, to shape the counterculture of the 1960s, based on the notion that the shamans of ancient times used psychoactive substances, equated with the apple of the Tree of Knowledge.

And, as revealed in the movie Lucy, through the use of smart drugs, and what transhumanists call mind uploading, man will be able to merge with the Internet, which is envisioned as the end-point of Kabbalistic evolution, the formation of a collective consciousness, or Global Brain. That awaited moment is what Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering at Google, refers to as The Singularly. By accumulating the total of human knowledge, and providing access to every aspect of human activity, the Internet will supposedly achieve omniscience, becoming the God of occultism, or the Masonic All-Seeing Eye of the reverse side of the American dollar bill.

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Transhumanism | Conspiracy School

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Low T-Helper (CD4) Cell Level – Symptoms and Diagnosis

T-cells are white-blood-cells or lymphocytes which mature in the thymus. They protect us against invading cells, or antigens. These antigens cause T-cells to become active and produce antibodies. These antibodies stay attached to the cell that created them and the whole antibody-bearing cell attacks the antigens.

Diagnose your symptoms now!

T-cells are among the most important cells in the immune system. They originate in the bone marrow and then migrate to the thymus gland (hence the ‘T’), where they are trained to respond to a particular target. One T-cell may be subtly altered so that it responds to the polio virus, another to hepatitis-B, a third to the AIDS virus, and so on. Each T-cell has a unique target. When a T-cell leaves the thymus, it goes on the prowl for its enemy. Normally we each have billions of T-cells in our bodies, on the lookout for their individual targets. Once a T-cell spots its enemy, a complex process is set in motion that results in the production of millions of clones. Thus your body can go from having a single scout to well equipped army in a matter of days.

Our bodies produce two main types of T-cells: T-killer cells, which are part of the attack team, and T-helper cells, which direct the whole operation. T-helper cells coordinate other cells in the immune system by producing a family of intercellular signaling substances called ‘cytokines’. Each cytokine regulates a different set of cells, suppressing the growth of some and stimulating the growth of others. (Cytokines include the interleukins, interferons, colony-stimulating factors, and tumor necrosis factors.) Without the T-helper cells coordinating the immune system, the battle would be lost. It would be as if you were trying to fight a war when your entire communication network has broken down.

The number of circulating T-cells can give us a clue to the level of an infection. More antigens mean more T-cells.

Low CD4+ T-cell counts (CD4 counts) are associated with a variety of conditions, including many viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, sepsis, tuberculosis, coccidioidomycosis, burns, trauma, intravenous injections of foreign proteins, malnutrition, over-exercising, pregnancy, normal daily variation, psychological stress, and social isolation.

The low CD4 counts caused by some of these conditions often fall below 200 per cubic millimeter, which is the level needed to diagnose acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in someone who was previously positive for antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-positive).

In addition to the diagnosis of AIDS, CD4 counts are regularly used to make treatment decisions, such as when to start antiretroviral medications and when to begin preventative antibiotics. Because many of the conditions that cause low CD4 counts are common in people diagnosed HIV-positive, caution is advised regarding the use of CD4 counts to make treatment and diagnostic decisions. This is made more urgent since some of the conditions, like psychological stress, are greatly increased when people are told that their CD4 counts are low, which may compound the problem and cause the CD4 count to fall even further. Psychological stress and social isolation are also created by the diagnosis, HIV-positive, and by the diagnosis of AIDS, which may also affect the CD4 count.

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Low T-Helper (CD4) Cell Level – Symptoms and Diagnosis

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle –

The phrase ‘healthy lifestyle’ is an abbreviated definition of how you should live if you want to get the healthiest body you canone that both looks good and feels good. You know the obvious behaviors that describe someone who is healthy and takes care of themselves. A healthy person doesn’t smoke, tries to maintain a healthy weight, eats healthy foods with plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber and, of course, exercises on a regular basis.

Then there are other elements to add to the list. A healthy person also knows how to manage stress, gets good quality sleep each night, doesn’t drink too much, doesn’t sit too muchbasically, does everything in moderation all the time. When you look at everything that could possibly go into a healthy lifestyle, you can see just how hard all of those things are in our current world.

The good news is, you don’t have to change everything at the same time. In fact, the trick to healthy living is making small changestaking more steps each day, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water, or saying no to that second helping of buttery mashed potatoes. One thing you can do right now to make your lifestyle healthier is to move more.

You know you need to exercise, but there are many excuses not to do it. You’re too busy, don’t know where to start, you’renot motivated or you’re afraid you’ll injure yourself.

Maybe youthink exercise has to be really hard or it isn’t good enough.

Whatever definition you have about what exercise is or isn’t, the bottom line is that exercise is movement. Whether it’s walking around the block or running a marathon, thatmovement is exercise and every time you move more than you normally do, it counts.

It’s great if you can spend time exercisingmeaning you’re sweating, working in your target heart rate zone,or doing something to strengthen your body. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Moderate activities like chores, gardening and walking can make a difference.

The great thing about moving is thatjust a few minutes a day can have lasting benefits, many of which you may not even be aware of.

Just some of the benefits include:

Even if you opt for small changes and a more modest weight loss, you can see the benefits are still pretty amazing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that if you are overweight, reduction of 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight can help lowerblood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

In fact, you don’t even have to have a goal to lose weight, especially if you have trouble sticking to a program.

Why not focus on being healthy to start and worry about the weight loss once you’ve got some healthy habits under your belt?

You can start the process of being healthy and now by adding a little more activity to your life. If you’re not ready for a structured program, start small. Every little bit counts and it all adds up to burning more calories.

Eating a healthy diet is another part of the healthy lifestyle. Not only can a clean diet help with weight management, it can also improve your health and quality of life as you get older. You already know about the food groups and the fact that you should eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. You probably have a list of things you know you should do for a healthier diet but, again, making too many changes at once can backfire. Going on a restrictive diet may make you crave the very foods you’re trying to avoid.

Another approach is to look for ways to make smaller changes each day. Just a few ideas for changing how you eat include:

Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean drastic changes.Making small changes in how you live may seem like a slow process, and it is. You may adapt to change better when it doesn’t require you to overhaul your entire life. Just pick one thing and work on that one thing every day, letting the rest of your life and habits stay the same. You may be surprised that those small changes really can make a difference.


Losing Weight. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle –

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Regenerative Nanomedicine Lab –

Our recent research article “In-vitro Topographical Model of Fuchs Dystrophy for Evaluation of Corneal Endothelial Cell Monolayer Formation” appeared on theBack cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials latest issue.

Several diseases have been known to be caused by microstructural changes in the extracellular microenvironment. Therefore, the knowledge of the interaction of cells with the altered extracellular micro-structures or surface topography is critical to develop a better understanding of the disease for therapeutic development. One such disease is Fuchs corneal endothelial dystrophy (FED). FED is the primary disease and major reason of corneal endothelial cell death. If left untreated, corneal blindness will be resulted; thus, FED is the leading indication for corneal transplantation. In the USA, 4% of population over the age of 40 is believed to have compromised corneal endothelium due to FED, which will further increase due to increasing life expectancy and rapidly ageing population. A diagnostic clinical hallmark of FED is the development of discrete pillar or dome-like microstructures on the corneal endothelial basement membrane (Descemet membrane). These microstructures are called corneal guttata or guttae. Cell therapies have been proposed as an alternative treatment method for Fuchs dystrophy patients. However, currently, no in-vitro or in-vivo FED disease model is available to study the cell therapies before clinical trials.

In this study, the pathological changes in the micro-structure of basement membranes resulting from FED disease was analyzed, to identify geometrical dimension to develop an in-vitro disease model of synthetic corneal guttata pillars/domes by using microfabrication techniques. This model was used to study the monolayer formation of donor-derived human corneal endothelial cells to test the effectiveness of the corneal endothelial cell regenerative therapies. The results suggest that the corneal cell therapies may not be equally effective for patients at different stages of disease progression. The pre-existing guttata in patients could interfere with the cells thus hampering monolayer formation within the eye. Surgical removal of the guttata from the diseased Descemet membrane prior to cell regenerative therapy could increase the success rate of monolayer formation, which could potentially increase the chances of cell therapy success. This study also demonstrate how biomaterial design can be employed to mimic the pathological microstructural changes in basement membranes for better understanding of cellular responses in disease conditions.

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Regenerative Nanomedicine Lab –

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Transhumanism: A Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity

Transhumanism is knocking at the door. Dubbed as Humanity+ or H+, the idea to radically revolutionize humanity has emerged in the last decades as a global intellectual movement. With a slogan of melding humans with the machine, it aims to radically alter human nature by means of technological advancement.

Transhumanists ask, ‘If humans can interfere with the process of evolution, is it possible for us to create a human being with greater capacities than what we are now?’

Proponents of transhumanism envision a human that goes beyond its current biology and cognition. They are trying to move society into the next stage of human development where man achieves super-intelligence and emotional well-being. Transhumanists ask, If humans can interfere with the process of evolution, is it possible for us to create a human being with greater capacities than what we are now? Can we make a human species without weakness of disease and illness, anger and sadness, and ultimately overcome death itself?

Some see such technologically driven future as not just desirable, but a necessity. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX indicated an inevitability of humans to symbiotically bond with artificial intelligence, if the human species were to remain relevant. This call for humanitys radical makeover comes right at the midst of the digital age, where Homo sapiens, with the progress of science and technology is crossing the Rubicon, challenging physical boundaries and organic biological limitations.

The rapid expansion of technology in this new millennium radically transformed our social landscape. The modern life filled with information has placed everyone behind computer screens and cell phones. As society has become more abstract, it became virtual, fabricated with images that are dissociated from the facts and events of the world.

The beast of neoliberalism that has been devouring victims abroad is now finally coming home to roost. Now, ordinary Americans are suffering from unemployment, homelessness and lack of access to medical care.

In many ways, the recent hype of fake news reflects this counterfeit reality that we are all surrounded by. Waves of whistleblowers in recent years revealed that we live in a kind of simulation intervened by government and corporate media propaganda. The 2008 financial meltdown exposed the global economy, overdriven by the bubble of toxic assets and stocks that were propped up by central banks with their money made out of thin air. This Ponzi scam of financial engineering was further covered up by bank bailouts, creating a fake recovery.

Meanwhile, our democracy has been one big consumer fraud. We have been duped by psychopaths in power who pull the strings of puppet politicians. Civic power has been fragmented by a corporate duopoly, keeping the populace in false hope for change in the electoral arena. With tactics of divide and conquer, monetary elites behind the scenes trigger emotions, stirring conflicts among voters in a national tournament of identity politics. Once people are trapped by fear and hatred that are carefully manufactured, they easily lose sight of reality. Rather than finding commonality and building a coalition to solve problems, many engage in mutually assured self-destruction.

While the American working class is distracted by this political charade, the economy continues to stagnate, making the divide between the rich and poor ever wider. The beast of neoliberalism that has been devouring victims abroad is now finally coming home to roost. Now, ordinary Americans are suffering from unemployment, homelessness and lack of access to medical care. Young people are burdened with predatory student debt, where despite the promise of college recruiters, there are few viable jobs for them. Social services are defunded, throwing away elders, while a military budget gets fatter and fatter, with increased defense contracts for the never ending wars.

While political corruption is deepening the crisis of institutions and governments, Silicon Valley tech companies through lobbying have steadily gained influence in Washington. Now, technological innovation is pushed forward as a solution to the breakdown of social systems. From Apple and Google to Facebook, giant tech companies put a monopoly on AI, trying to control its development, so to dictate the course of our future. With the initiative of universal basic income (UBI), wealthy and elite technologists advocate for the creation of a robot economy where labor is replaced by automation.

This techno-utopia does not come for free. One has to pay a heavy price for the ticket to this supposed heaven on earth.

Here the radical vision of humanity 2.0 arises. The coming of a post-human era promises to alleviate suffering, make us stronger, more intelligent and godlike. Transhumanists try to bring eternal life through insemination of machine intelligence into the human body. By combining big data with AI software, the idea is already there for humanity to attain digital immortality, where one can develop mind clones of oneself that has its own life on the web. Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and futurist shares his aspiration of uploading a digital memory, creating a new pill that slows down peoples perception of time and drugs that can eliminate painful memories.

The idea of fusion with technology as a next stage in human evolution can speak to our own narcissism induced by social media attention culture. The H+ agenda can be marketed by appealing to ones desire for recognition, to be boundless and to attain mastery of oneself. Through social engineering, it will corral the herd and achieve mass adoption. Yet this techno-utopia does not come for free. One has to pay a heavy price for the ticket to this supposed heaven on earth. In the exchange to transcend human limitations, we are asked to give up the essence of being human. What are we expected to sacrifice on this altar of transcendence.

Humans are endowed with subjectivity that places them in relationship with the world. With this self-awareness, we are given freedom to determine the course of our own actions. While machines can only do what they are programmed to do, humans with intention can choose their actions and alter the situation through insight and creativity. This freedom releases spontaneity and variation, making the environment not fixed and unpredictable. At the same time, out of this comes the potential for errors. Choices expose men to the propensity for mistakes and make them fallible.

The AI trend of technological intervention of humanity now threatens this ability to make choices.

The AI trend of technological intervention of humanity now threatens this ability to make choices. Automation narrows and eliminates the space for humans to make their own decisions, locking society into a deterministic future. Through scientific and mathematical precision, the force of mechanization tries to remove possibilities for errors and by doing so, it deprives something essential about human beings.

What make us different from these artificial beings is our free will and unique learning processes that are associated with it. Our connection to the world binds us deeply to the consequences of our own choices. In a moment we make a mistake, reality blows up in our face and we are forced to see the results of what we have created. The feeling of shame and guilt that overwhelm us can break the heart wide open. The unbearable pain awakens ones moral sensibility. With these burning sensations, we directly experience our own actions and the effect they have on others lives.

When we confront our own mistakes with honesty, we can transform this sense of humiliation into humility. We learn to become humble. This connects us to other human beings, allowing us to see reality from their perspectives. This empathy makes us strive to mend our actions. It is the foundation of conscience that makes humans acknowledge their errors and inspire one another to repent, undo wrongdoing and learn.

It is this morality rooted in our relationship to the environment that corporate culture has been trying hard to eradicate. Agendas behind transhumanist movements can be seen as the ultimate goal of transnational corporations. The rise of corporate power turned civilization against nature. Multinational agricultural biotechnology corporations like Monsanto have assaulted life by monopolizing seeds and poisoning food with GMOs.

Corporations as artificial entities bring the force that hardens the heart. They assert themselves in society through the legal fiction of corporate personhood. The theater of the American Dream managed by big business has turned citizens into consumers, who are directed to find happiness in consumption and material acquisition. Unbridled greed of capitalism bombards all with ads and commercials, 24 hours 7 days a week, making us chase after products that we dont need and to be always cheerful, while suppressing sadness and deep dissatisfaction of life with antidepressant drugs. Ensnared by glamorous Hollywood life and a culture that worships youth, many engage in a pathological pursuit for perfection, to be beautiful, thin, and ageless.

In this fictional world, we are not humans. Workers are exploited, being treated as disposable with no benefits, while mega corporations look for the next cheap labor to exploit and new markets to make a killing. The merciless cyborg with its callous skin controls world finance, turning all living beings into caricatures in their tyrannical fantasy. In this artificial natural selection pushed forward by the invisible hands of the market, the cold algorithm enacts financial terrorism, dictating who should survive and who should die.

Now, in Trumps America, the fiction of corporate personhood finds a new iteration to make its dream great again. As the nation consolidates power with the new administration, we all become contestants in The Apprentice. In this grandiose Reality Show, we are told to mimic corporate personhood, to be cunning and self-serving or we will be fired. The world of Wall Street entices all to a path of personal power, filled with ambition, vanity and pride. Plundering through exploitative business practices and addictive gambling of high frequency trading becomes a way of life. Corruption is rife with rampant greed and sexual conquest.

Inside 9-5 office hours of white collar jobs, relationships became impersonal and transactional, where people are forced to hide real emotions behind professional masks. In this supposed free market competition that bars entry to immigrants, people of color and transgenders, workers are trained to mind their own business by climbing up the ladder of success in a rat race of profit at any cost. Deep inside the labyrinth of organizational hierarchies, we are cut off from our own authentic feelings and lose the ground of consensual reality. We no longer are held accountable by feedback of others.

The goal is no longer just total control of the world to create an ever more perfect world, but to control human nature itself by reprogramming our biology to create a perfect self.

Now, with depletion of resources and environmental destruction, the life of the American dream is becoming unsustainable. As the fantasy of corporate personhood is losing its fuel, it seems to be carried into a vision of techno-utopianism. Through mass surveillance and authoritarian use of police force, the corporate state has been attacking privacy and autonomy of individuals. From face recognition technology and biometrics used at borders to AI augmented cyber-security and auto flying drones, it further mechanizes this world. The goal is no longer just total control of the world to create an ever more perfect world, but to control human nature itself by reprogramming our biology to create a perfect self.

As the disfranchised middle class is slowly waking up from their insulated reality and starting to face their broken life, transhumanism offers all a short cut to nirvana. From the magic of genetic modification to the creation of the mind file, through making humans directly interface with the net, technology is presented to rescue us, trying to numb throbbing aches in the arteries that carry the ebb and flow of our human experience.

Transhumanist thinkers with technological enlightenment ideas declare the liberation of humanity from a cog in the wheel of the corporate machine, only to once again ensnare all in their Sci Fi illusory future. From self-driving cars to androids, robots that are designed to look and act like a human, artificial intelligence is here in everyday life, promising to make our life more convenient, efficient and safe. With a gospel of machine supremacy preaching perfection, increased dominance of technology can annihilate our free will that is a prerequisite for developing conscience.

With artificial nerves that cant carry the warmth of blood, robots mimic life in their synthetic existence. They are the phantoms that claim immortality, when they never even had a chance to truly live. These ghosts in the machine make us sever our ties to the world, by turning the heart into a pump that pushes out the pain of our mother in her giving birth to a child.

Our remembering of her pain that brought all of life makes us remain connected to her world. We are living in a fake world; we are watching fake evening news. We are fighting a fake war. Our government is fake, said renowned Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. He continued:

But we find reality in this fake world. So our stories are the same; we are walking through the fake scenes, but ourselves, as we walk through these scenes, are real. The situation is real, in the sense that its a commitment, its a true relationship.

Our ability to feel is a testimony of being human, allowing us to be a real person in this fake world. To be human is to live among flesh, being audaciously flawed. Our striving to bear our own pain awakens compassion. We are able to forgive ourselves and others. We find strength to love one another in our authenticity found in each others imperfection. This total acceptance of human errors connects us to potent creative power within that resists rigidity, mechanization and all stagnation, keeping the world alive through our relationship with her.

Humanity is now at a crossroads. With the exponential growth of technology, we have the capability to bring a great turning or destroy the world.

Humanity is now at a crossroads. With the exponential growth of technology, we have the capability to bring a great turning or destroy the world. Branches of science; technology, engineering, chemistry and medicine helped mankind overcome natural disaster and disease and live more comfortably in this harsh physical environment. Renewable energy technologies can help us create a sustainable future. These are tools that can be used for the good. They can reduce poverty and enhance the quality of our lives. But they can be also used against us and our ability to make choices needs to be preserved to determine which path we will take.

Transhumanism is marching on into our society, showing its footsteps everywhere. With iPad and Android, talking gadgets are entering into the crib, hijacking childhood imagination. Day and night technology snatches youngsters attention, plugging them into Instagram and Snapchat. As the expansion of this machine world accelerates, our life gets faster and faster, making it harder for us to be present in our own bodies.

We need to stay awake and not sleepwalk through this time of decision. Reality may be painful, but if we lose our own sense of reality by giving up what feels at the center of our hearts, it will be the death of our own selves. Such is a tragic loss of what it means to be human and the life of all on this planet that we are meant to steward.

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Transhumanism: A Final Corporate Takeover of Humanity

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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What is Transhumanism? –

The title of this years True Legends Conference is Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age. For the followers of Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn, these might be familiar terms, but the importance of the topic deserves a clear understanding by all. So what exactly is transhumanism? And for that matter, what is a hybrid?

Transhumanism is defined as the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. Of course, this sounds admirable. Who among us does not want to move toward the goal of eliminating human pain with ever increasing intelligence? But transhumanism is much more than that. With the unending surge in biological know-how, we now have the ability to redefine what it means to be human. Through tools like artificial intelligence, robotics and especially genetics, science is playing a very high-stakes game in the homo sapien sandbox. The end result of this game will have massive implications for future generations.

A quick internet search of the term transhumanism reveals a host of good intentions. Phrases such as broadening human potential, overcoming aging and cognitive shortcomings, and eliminating suffering decorate articles highlighting the possibilities at our fingertips. Breakthroughs like thought-controlled robotic limbsor even regrowing natural limbsseem to make the decision to proceed a no-brainer. If we can do it, we must, as long as were careful, they say. An obligatory word of warning is usually inserted somewhere among the celebratory jargon about how we must never misuse these technologiesas if mankind would ever do such a thing? The question is; Are those who rule over us responsible enough to wield such power?

The power of our technology is being concentrated into the hands of the technocratic elite, and there is more at stake than the Terminator scenarios portrayed in Hollywood. There are deeper spiritual consequences underlying the transhumanist agenda, consequences that can have eternal ramifications. And this is why Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino have decided to address the topic of Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age in this years True Legends Conference.

This raises another question: What exactly is a hybrid? The official definition reads as follows: a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture. In our current context, would having a robotic arm make you a hybrid? Would this be a bad thing? I would not want to tell people needing a limb that they cannot have it for either their own good or the good of mankind. Nor deny the blind sight, or the diseased a cure via some amazing biotechnological breakthrough. Thats what makes this such a sticky issue. The cryptic phraseology in Genesis concerning Noah being perfect in his generations also gives me great pause. How is it that all flesh became corrupt in the pre-flood world? Was the rest of the worlds population a hybrid mix of some kind, an unholy amalgamation of beast, man and tech?

We are fast approaching an irreversible tipping point that will radically change society as we know it, and fundamentally redefine what it means to be a human being.

Darrin GeisingerTrue Legends 2018 Conference Coordinator

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Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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‘The Red Strings Club’ explores the morality of transhumanism

Gods Will Be Watching was de Paco’s first attempt at infusing a video game with ethical and moral dilemmas, and it was a resounding success when it landed in 2014. Deconstructeam was thrust into a broader conversation about the power and creativity of indie games, and there was enough money in the bank to start working on the next thing. This time around, de Paco wanted to be more deliberate — Gods Will Be Watching was unfiltered, and in the end, its message got away from him.

“With Gods Will Be Watching, I wasn’t really aware of the power of video games as a storytelling medium or maybe as communicating a message, so I kind of just made the game and put a lot of my instinctive philosophy in there,” de Paco said. “I realized that I accidentally made an anti-system game, in which you have to go against any form of authority, so this time I tried to actually be aware of what I am telling and what I’m doing with the game.”

The result is a concise yet branching cyberpunk story about the awful power massive technology companies can assert over people’s daily lives (and bodies and minds). Through this lens, de Paco asks players how far they would go to obtain or sustain happiness, and what it truly means to be human. When we lose our emotions, do we lose our humanity?

Although the game offers a range of answers in its dialogue trees, it doesn’t actually wrap all of these questions up in a nice ethical bow. They’re not meant to be answered; they’re de Paco’s grand social experiment, designed to provoke thought and conversation. And here, it seems The Red Strings Club has succeeded.

De Paco said the game itself takes about three or four hours to complete on a standard playthrough. However, many Twitch streamers end up playing for something like 10 hours because they spend most of the time talking through the game’s direct questions with the live chat.

“It comes in really lengthy conversations about what if it’s good or not to get rid of emotions, or how it might benefit society,” de Paco said. “It’s really great.”

Some of the game’s questions are far-fetched scenarios specific to this particular future, but others feel relevant to life today. Scientists may not have developed implants that can alter our character yet, but we enjoy a common stimulus in caffeine and a depressant in alcohol. We have pills that promise to calm, excite and otherwise change our moods. We play with our emotional states every day.

This is a harsh reality for de Paco: Two years ago, some close friends and family members started taking antidepressants, and the experience made him question the essence of humanity on a grand scale, sparking the theme of The Red Strings Club.

“It makes you wonder if they’re still the same person or if they’re happier or not,” de Paco said. “For me, writing this kind of magic technology that is able to remove depression and everything was a way for myself to explore, to cope with the idea of people close to me being changed.”

De Paco isn’t on a mission to end the antidepressant industry. In fact, he wishes the effects of these drugs could be streamlined like in The Red Strings Club, allowing people to alter their moods like code. “I wouldn’t mind to change that for an implant or maybe just changing a variable instead of having to go through the process of taking pills or being medicated,” he said.

If he were given the option, de Paco wouldn’t choose to remove any of his own negative emotions, arguing that would also eliminate a core part of his humanity. He’s more into to the idea of digitizing his consciousness and ditching his body altogether.

“I would totally love to digitize myself,” de Paco said. “I wouldn’t mind not having this body, if I can feel pleasure, and, I don’t know, take digital drugs or something like that. I would like to be digitized, but I wouldn’t like to lose any of the aspects of my mind. I don’t like being depressed, but usually being depressed is a way to know something is wrong and you have to do something about it. If I take those things from me, it’s like I would lose my ability to discern what’s good and bad.”

Not that de Paco knows what’s good and bad now — he’s still asking questions about the essence of humanity and observing his social experiments across Twitch, Steam and social media. He’s still figuring it out. So is everyone else.

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‘The Red Strings Club’ explores the morality of transhumanism

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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