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Female Hormone Optimization – Dr. Hagmeyer

Night sweats that keep you awake at all hours. Fatigue that makes everything such an effort even time with family and friends. Mood swings and lack of sexual desire that strain relationships with your partner. Anxiety, Depression,Thinning hair, wrinkles, weight gain, and dry skin that dont let you feel good about yourself.

Our endocrine system is devised of glands which produce and send hormones to all areas of our body to regulate essential function such as temperature, metabolism, reproduction, growth, immunity and aging. It stands to reason that this is the hub of vitality, longevity and well-being. With proper testing and monitoring, hormoneimbalances can be completely reversed with a Functional and Integrative approach and without standard prescribed medicines.

Our Seven-Step Natural hormone re-balancing and hormone make over program will address your major symptoms and ensure optimal results.

Here is just a glimpse into our Comprehensive Hormone Makeover and Restoration program. Read More

Complete a quick profile questionnaire to find out if this treatment is right for you!

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Female Hormone Optimization – Dr. Hagmeyer

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Blood pressure classes begin Thursday – Laurinburg Exchange

LAURINBURG Scotland Health Care System is offering a free high blood pressure management program for senior adults created by the Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health Branch of the North Carolina Division of Public Health.

Know It, Control It for Seniors begins on Thursday.

The class is a community-based blood pressure management program designed to help participants self-monitor their blood pressure and make healthy lifestyle changes to control high blood pressure. Trained blood pressure coaches teach this program using evidence-based strategies to manage cardiovascular disease.

Know It, Control It for Seniors is a community-based blood pressure management program designed to help participants self-monitor their blood pressure and make healthy lifestyle changes to control high blood pressure. Trained blood pressure coaches teach this program using evidence-based strategies to manage cardiovascular disease.

High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease in the United States, said Bines Community Educator of Scotland Health Care System. Knowing your blood pressure numbers can help you take action NOW to prevent or delay the development of more serious complications.

Almost one out of every three adults in the United States has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Among adults 65 years and older, two out of three have high blood pressure and half of them do not have it under control. All adults should consult with a health care provider, learn their blood pressure numbers, learn to self-monitor their blood pressure and take steps to get healthy, said Bines.

Know It, Control It for Seniors classes are open to people who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. During each class, blood pressure coaches will lead a discussion on a healthy habit that will help participants control their blood pressure. On class days, the blood pressure coach will also assist each participant with measuring and logging his/her blood pressure with the goal of having them become proficient at tracking and measuring their blood pressure on their own.

Sessions will be held in the W.R. Dulin Center on the campus of Scotland Memorial Hospital in the Community Health & Rehab building.

Dates are Aug. 24 and Aug. 31; Sept. 7 and Sept. 20; Oct. 5 and Oct. 18; and Nov. 14 and Nov. 21. The classes run from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

For information about the Know It, Control It for Seniors High Blood Pressure Management program by contacting Community Health Services at 910-291-6933.

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Blood pressure classes begin Thursday – Laurinburg Exchange

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Health Matters: Living a Healthy Lifestyle – NBC2 News

With over a dozen triathlons under her belt, Erika Graziani, a dietitian with Lee Health, is now preparing for the International Triathlon World Championship.

Erikas daily routine consists of swimming, cycling, and running. If youre going to do triathlons training is really important.

Erika participated in her first triathlon in 2014 after coworkers at Lee Health convinced her to give it a try. With triathlons I didnt know what was going to happen with it. I thought Im going to have to try it and see and Ive really taken a liking to it.

With extensive training starting at 4 a.m., Erika stays disciplined to her exercise and nutrition. In my position as a dietitian, I try to promote health and good nutrition so I try to practice what I preach and be a good role model, said Erika.

Erika has become an example a healthy lifestyle focusing everyday on wellness, nutrition, and exercise. But her next goal is the biggest one yet. In a few days, shell participate in the International Triathlon World Championship. Its amazing sometimes when you think, wow I did that. I remember thinking how can people do those, but again its just that training, said Erika.

While her immediate goal is to cross the finish line, her ultimate goal is to inspire her patients and community to stay active. Knowing that youre going to feel good about it later pushes me, said Erika.

Staying active and healthy eating keeps her motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Health Matters: Living a Healthy Lifestyle – NBC2 News

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Healthy lifestyle: Butte woman powers ahead with workouts | Health … – Montana Standard

Go for a spin in fitness devotee Kelli Sullivans class and youll hop off the cycle inspired.

The operative word inspirational swirls around Sullivan, forever encouraging, prompting and demonstrating what it means to be in tip-top shape at any age while stressing the love for working out over any competitive bent that dogs other older, hard-core athletes.

She is a super inspiration for me, said nurse Janet Nothstine, of Butte, who takes Sullivans spin class twice a week at Fuel Fitness and who cycled from Kalispell to El Paso, Texas, in 19 days in 2008 when she turned 50.

Kellis so kind, Nothstine added. Shell stop and chat with someone in the weight room. She stays after when sometimes I do a few weights. If she sees something new thats interesting shes always looking at new things.

At 59, Sullivan the artist, mother and grandmother is in her third decade of lifting weights a few times a week.

Soon after her son Willy was born 28 years ago, she started lifting weights at the Butte Family YMCA. She hasnt let up.

A poster child for active women age 50 and over, Sullivan consistently finishes in the top half of her age group, including the Missoula Half-Marathon in 2016. Last year she also completed the Hibernian 5K St. Paddys Day Run in Anaconda and the Wulfmans Continental Divide Trail Race.

Sullivan is the first to tell you shes not competitive, but its apparent that the workout queen of Butte has been unswervingly competitive with herself to maintain a fitness level uncommon for women her age.

She runs or bicycles nearly daily and except for foot surgery last February has rarely taken time off from working out.

Ive done a ton of biking this summer, but I love to run, said the Butte resident who grew up with an athletic family and coach father in Great Falls. With running, you dont need equipment; you dont have to worry about that.

She loves running in the rain and she loves running on trails on the East Ridge.

Self-employed trainer Brian Yates knows Sullivan well and sings her praises. He has trained her up to three sessions per week when she was into running full marathons.

Shes absolutely unbelievable, said Yates, 45. She definitely made working out her lifestyle. Some people eat, sleep and breathe working out, but shes also an amazing mother and grandmother.

Hailing from an athletic family set Sullivan on a work-out course in junior high, when she started weekend runs with famed retired C.M. Russell High cross-country/track coach Branch Brady.

Thats when I got hooked on running, said Sullivan.

Her father, Don Cramer, coached CMR girls basketball, and sister, Connie Cramer Caouette is the city golf pro in Great Falls. Still, girls sports were limited during the mid-1970s when Sullivan was in school.

She has accomplished a lifetime of workouts, while also running her own art studio on Park Street for 16 years, creating old, archaic art and painting interiors on the side.

Shes an unbelievable artist, said Yates. She could pass for being in her late 40s and her whole life in general is unbelievable. She inspires a lot of people to make healthy living a lifestyle.

If youre starting to work out for the first time in your life, Sullivan gives practical advice:

Find something that you think is fun something you really like to do. Set realistic goals.

For example, start by walking 15 minutes a day, three times a week, then slowly increase your time and frequency.

Not everyone will like spinning on an indoor bike, but the beauty lies in its non-competitive aspect.

People of all levels can cycle, she said. We always start on a flat road, then you determine which level to start with. Youre challenging yourself.

The last outcome she wants is to dread workouts.

Im all about fun, she said.

As for using free weights or the high-tech machines available at Fuel Fitness, the YMCA and other gyms, Sullivan recommends hiring a trainer to learn safe, correct techniques.

At 5-foot-7, a taut 138 pounds and sporting a low heart rate, Sullivan turns 60 next May. Despite her recent big toe joint replacement and nagging foot arthritis, she has returned to running. She will not be slowed, especially since she loves the outdoors.

Ive got a little plan, Sullivan said slyly. When I cant run anymore, Ill hike.

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Healthy lifestyle: Butte woman powers ahead with workouts | Health … – Montana Standard

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Time to work together on plans for a healthy lifestyle – TODAYonline

I read Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loongs National Rally Speech 2017 with interest.

Diabetes mellitus and the associated problem of being overweight are indeed huge health problems for Singaporeans.

Diabetes leads to many complications, which extend beyond the kidneys, heart, and brain.

Half to three-quarters of diabetic patients have fatty liver disease, which has become the most common liver problem in many countries, including Singapore and the United States.

Even in China, where Hepatitis B is prevalent at 10 per cent, the occurrence of fatty liver disease in the general population there is estimated to be 20 per cent.

Patients with the disease are at risk of liver cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer. It is expected to be the major cause of liver problems in the next few decades.

Right now, there is no effective and safe medication for treating fatty liver disease.

Most of the clinical research on pharmacological agents that alter the course of fatty liver disease is still ongoing.

However, most studies have shown that weight loss and regular exercise are key, proven treatments for fatty liver disease. A loss of 5 per cent of ones body weight would lead to an improvement in liver function.

As PM Lee said, there is no single magic way to treat diabetes mellitus. Multiple angles of treatment are needed.

Encouraging people to have a healthy diet and do daily exercise for 30 to 60 minutes are the cornerstones of treating diabetes, as well as the associated problem of fatty liver disease.

It is time for all stakeholders including doctors, patients, food sellers, food manufacturers, and the associated government agencies such as the National Environment Agency and Active SG, as well as the Health Ministry to work together in laying out strategies to help people lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Time to work together on plans for a healthy lifestyle – TODAYonline

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5 tips to make your healthy lifestyle more affordable | WFTV – WFTV Orlando

by: Jessica Thiefels | Contributor to Clark.comUpdated: Aug 21, 2017 – 11:19 AM

Living a healthy life is not cheap. If youre paying for things like supplements, gym membership fees and organic groceries on a consistent basis, yourcash is very likely slipping through your fingers before you can even count it.

Making your healthy life more affordable may not be easy, but once the necessary habits are adopted, it will become second nature to you!

Use these tips to save money, stay fit, and feel good about your physical and financial health.

Gyms can be expensive, but there are ways to get more and spend less if you know what to look for.

Read more: How to get a gym membership for really cheap

On the other hand, you can skip the gym altogether and use the Internet as your personal trainer. There are a number of websites that offer high-quality workout videos from top-tier trainers, for free or cheap. Here are a few to check out:

Not all grocery stores are created equal. While you might love the one thats closest to you because its convenient, it may not be the best option for saving every week. A recent pricing analysis found that Aldi offered the most in average monthly savings (34.5%). Trader Joes, known for its deals and discounts, came in last, with 0% average monthly savings. Get more shopping insights from the full CouponBox grocery analysis here.

If you dont have an Aldi near you, do your own pricing test. Each week for the next month, buythe same groceries at four different stores shopping at a different one each week. Save your receipts and compare. Where did you spend the least? Maybe one store has a bulk section, great for stocking up on pantry items, while another is better for produce and fresh protein. Then modify your shopping routine accordingly!

Read more: 15 ways to save on groceries without digging for coupons

If you love your supplements, youre not alone. The supplements industry is currently worth $37 billion, so there is clearly no shortage of supplements available.

And with a little research, you canfind what you need at a price you love. Before paying out of pocket, see if your doctor can write you a prescription. If you can buy it from the pharmacy, you may be able to use your insurance, which could save a few dollars, depending on what you need.

Otherwise, Vitacost and Supplement Warehouse offer steep discounts on a variety of brands and types, and My Supplement Store is almost always offering free shipping for purchases over $50.

Note:Its important to make sure you do your research and even ask your doctor aboutany supplements you decide you take, as they could include ingredients that conflict with other medications youre currently taking.

Read more: Avoid supplements with these ingredients

This may sound boring and typical, but planning your meals helps you buy just what you need, rather than spending on food that will end up in the trash. For example, you could plan on doing rice, veggies and protein for dinner for the next week. There are many ways you can change this up from day to day, while relying on a few affordable basics:

Planning your meals in this way allows you to get the most for your money, without spending on food you dont need.

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Government food assistance, often called food stamps or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), is offered for a reason: sometimes we need a little help, and theres no shame in that. Many college students, for example, can qualify and get $60 $100+ in food money every month.

When I was in college, this was a lifesaver. I was able to get the healthy food I wanted, and now, with a well-paying job, I can afford it myself. The best part: Most who qualify receive a debit card, so when you check out at the cash register, no one has to know its not your regular bank card.

Living a healthy life can be affordable if you plan a little, look for the deals, and know where to shop. Youll be glad you took the time to do a pricing test and find the best online workout subscription when you see that youre saving every month.

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5 tips to make your healthy lifestyle more affordable | WFTV – WFTV Orlando

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St. Rita’s health focus: Sleep tips to get your kids ready for a successful school year – Lima Ohio

Sometime back in July most parents were given a list of school supplies for the upcoming year. Specific descriptions of just the right paper, pencils, crayons and calculators were provided to get them ready to start a new school year. However, on that list they did not find one of the most essential supplies students of all ages need. They were not given the key to unlocking a vital component in the success of their childs school year. That being the key to preparing their child for a good nights sleep following a long summer of sleeping in and staying up late.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) offers a list of recommendations to assure a child gets the healthy sleep they need to learn, function and grow. The week or two before classes return is a good time to start getting your child back on track with their sleep.

Many schools in the area start early in the morning and that makes healthy sleep for a child a challenge. Dont wait until school starts to prepare for the change in bed time, the AASM recommends a gradual transition in the upcoming weeks. A sudden change could make it difficult for him or her to fall asleep. Instead, slowly start making the bedtime earlier; pushing it forward by 5 to 15 minutes each day and waking the child up earlier using the same incremental times. Kids aged seven to twelve need 10 to 11 hours of sleep, while older kids need 8 to 9 hours. Once a sleep schedule is determined, stick to it, dont use the weekend to catch up on sleep.

Establish a relaxing bedtime routine. Start quiet time 1 hour to 1.5 hours prior to bedtime to allow your child to unwind. Include activities like a bath, brushing teeth, bedtime stories for young children or reading time for older children. This is the time to limit television, video games, and other electronic distractions, especially in bed. The bright light emitted by the devices can signal to the body that it should be awake and alert.

In addition to removing nighttime technology from the bedroom, avoid food and drinks with caffeine. A good rule of thumb is to limit pop and caffeinated drinks after 3 p.m. These drinks in the evening can interrupt your childs natural sleep pattern, making it difficult to fall asleep. A heavy meal prior to bed can also make it difficult for your child to fall asleep.

Provide for your child a peaceful bedroom environment. Keep the room dark and a room temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. Electronic distractions like televisions, computers, or video games should be removed from your childs room and set up in a different location.

Helping children realize that sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle is important for their future, as poor sleep can increase the risk of physical health problems throughout their life. These include obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Be a role model, set a good example for your child. Establish your own regular sleep routine.

If a consistent sleep schedule and good sleep hygiene do not appear to help your child achieve healthy sleep, your child may be suffering from a chronic sleep problem. Talk to your childs doctor or see a sleep medicine physician who has specialized training and expertise to diagnosis and treat all forms of sleep illness.

The sooner your child readjusts to a school-time sleep-schedule, the better he or she will feel in the classroom putting to use their new school supplies.


Lisa Taylor is a sleep technologist at Mercy HealthSt. Ritas Sleep Center.

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St. Rita’s health focus: Sleep tips to get your kids ready for a successful school year – Lima Ohio

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Erectile Dysfunction/Low T Men’s Health Georgia

Peyronies disease is an acquired inflammatory condition of the penis where a plaque (scar) develops under the skin of the penis leading to curvature, painful erections, and erectile dysfunction. The plaque consists of scar tissue that forms within the wall of the tissue called the tunica albuginea that surrounds the corpus cavernosum, which is the structure that fills with blood to create erections. When the plaque is large enough, it causes curvature of the penis that may be painful and may prevent intercourse. Also, the plaque may cause erections to be less rigid or difficult to maintain. Peyronies disease is common and may run in families, with an estimated 1% of all men having some degree of Peyronies disease.

The exact cause of Peyronies disease is unknown, but it is likely that a genetic predisposition to abnormal scar tissue formation is an underlying cause. In some men, Peyronies disease is caused by trauma to the penis, for example, sudden and painful bending during intercourse.. Peyronies disease can be associated with abnormal scar tissue formation in the plantar fascia of the foot (Ledderhoses disease), the eardrum (tympanosclerosis), or the palm of the hand (Dupuytrens contracture). Low testosterone, or hypogonadism, is also commonly seen in men with Peyronies disease, which may predispose to poor wound healing and inflammation.

Peyronies disease often begins with the sudden onset of curvature to the erect penis, which may be initially painful. Peyronies disease may present with the new onset of erectile dysfunction. You or your doctor may notice an abnormal hardening or calcification of the tissue below the skin along the shaft of your penis. The plaque commonly occurs on the upper side of the penis near the base, but can also form on the bottom or side of the penis. In some men, the plaque occurs around the entire penis. The condition is usually asymptomatic in the flaccid state.

During erection, there may be:

Ultrasound can be used to evaluate the size of the plaque, the degree of penile curvature and severity of associated erectile dysfunction. To perform this ultrasound study, medicine is injected into the penis to produce an erection (see attached). A painless ultrasound probe is used to determine the plaque volume, degree of curvature, arterial blood flow into the penis, and the ability of the veins to keep this blood from exiting the penis. This information is used to develop an individualized treatment plan.

A combination of oral medications and/or penile injections may improve the symptoms Peyronies Disease. A vacuum erection device (VED) may be beneficial to improve penile length or aid with erections if venous leak erectile dysfunction is detected on ultrasound. For a small percentage of men, the curvature can improve over time with or without treatment.

Oral Medications:

The following medications may alleviate some symptoms or slow the progression of Peyronies disease:

Penile Injections:

Injections of medication directly into the penile plaque are an option that may benefit some men. Traditional intralesional injection therapies include verapamil and interferon. Xiaflex, an intralesional injection therapy made from collagenase clostridium histolyticum, offers certain men a potential decrease in curvature and symptoms with a simple office procedure. Xiaflex is an option for men with stable Peyronies disease, intact erectile function, and a curvature between 30 and 90 degrees. Xiaflex consists of a series of one to four 2-day injection cycles in combination with modeling therapy (bending) by the clinician.

Surgical Repair:

Surgical treatment is typically reserved for men with a severe penile curvature or erectile dysfunction that prevents intercourse. The main goal of surgery is to straighten the penis enough to restore satisfactory sexual function.

Surgical procedures for men with severe curvature but preserved erection function may include:

Penile Prosthesis:

For men with Peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction not responsive to conservative treatment options, implantation of a penile prosthesis is the best option. A penile prosthesis completely cures the disorder by restoring sexual function, a straight penis, and ones confidence. Performed through a small hidden penoscrotal incision, a penile implant is invisible in your body while producing a completely natural erection and sexual experience. Sensation, orgasm, ejaculation, and urination are unaffected. The prosthesis has the highest success rate of all the treatments for Peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction, and over 90% of men and their partners have reported satisfaction after the procedure. There are two main types of penile prosthesis: inflatable and malleable. An inflatable penile prosthesis consists of 3 components that allows for a normal flaccid state, and then inflation through a scrotal pump produces a rigid state. A malleable penile prosthesis exists in a permanent semirigid state that bends downwards for dressing and bends upwards for sexual activity.


Peyronies Disease Management Dot Plication Surgical Management

Circumferential Peyronies Plaque Excision with Semirigid Penile Implant

Peyronies Disease

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Erectile Dysfunction/Low T Men’s Health Georgia

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‘Bigfoot’ Silva responds to criticism of Rico Verhoeven fight, compares it to Mayweather vs. McGregor – MMA Fighting

Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven will return to the ring in a non-title bout on Oct. 14 in Gangzhou, China, taking on former UFC fighter Antonio Silva, but fans didnt seem to approve the match-up.

Bigfoot” was knocked out seven times over the past four years, winning only one of his last 10 MMA bouts, and never competed in a kickboxing fight before. Verhoeven, on the other hand, holds a 51-10-1 kickboxing record with wins over the likes of Badr Hari, Peter Aerts, Gokhan Saki and Sergei Kharitonov.

“Critics will always exist and we have to know how to deal with them, Silva told MMA Fighting. “Sometimes they dont even mean to criticize you, but they are just jealous they wanted to be a professional fighter and dont have that talent. I was always a humble person, I came from a humble family in Paraba and competed around the world, and some people dont accept that.

“Its a heavyweight fight and anything can happen. I respect Rico, he’s the champion, but when I step into the ring anything can happen.”

The criticism is not of Silva taking a fight against the champion, but toward the promotion for booking someone who has been knocked out many times recently against the best heavyweight kickboxer on the planet.

Asked if someone in his team was against the match-up for health reasons, Silva said it was quite the opposite.

“As soon as we received the offer, everyone was in favor of it, “Bigfoot” said. “My manager, Alex Davis, said it was a good fight because he knows me and knows I can go there and put on a good fight. Everyone supported me because the impossible doesnt exist. If you go in there thinking that you cant do it, that hes the No. 1, or if you go there for the money, you already lost. I dont think like that. Im not going there for money or media, Im going there because I know I can put on a good fight.”

“I went five rounds with Mark Hunt, and we stood and fought for 22 minutes. I knocked out (Alistair) Overeem, a K-1 champion, he continued. “Every athlete has to be versatile. I started in karate, but I always trained everything. Not having to worry about getting taken down or being pressed against the cage makes the camp and the actual fight easier.”

Silva started his camp three weeks ago, as soon as he was offered the fight, and is excited about the challenge.

“Its a new experience for me, he said. “Im a professional athlete for years and I like to try new things, new challenges. I feel like an amateur going for his first fight, trying to show what he can do, and God willing everything will be alright.

The Brazilian heavyweight started in martial arts in karate, training for 12 years until he turned 17 and decided to add jiu-jitsu to his game. Now, he says, I train muay thai and boxing four times a week.”

For his kickboxing debut, Bigfoot” will move his camp to his hometown Brasilia, Brazil, to train with UFC veteran Guto Inocente, a second-degree kickboxing black belt who holds a 34-8 kickboxing record, 5-1 under the Glory banner. Silva also invited Pedro Rizzo to join his camp in Brasilia.

“Rico is the champion, he deserves a lot of respect, Silva said. “Hes the best heavyweight kickboxer in the world. Im an amateur, its my first kickboxing fight, and I want to show what I can do. I have nothing to prove, I have no responsibility. Rico has the responsibility, hes the champion. The pressure is on him. Im cool.”

The 37-year-old heavyweight compares his Glory debut to Conor McGregors upcoming clash with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, when the UFC lightweight champion steps into the boxing ring for the first time against a 49-0 professional boxer in Las Vegas.

“Its a similar situation, Silva said. “McGregor never boxed and is going there to try to surprise. He has no pressure over himself because 99 percent of the people bet on Mayweather. Hes undefeated, 49-0, so most of the people think he will win. Its the same thing in this fight. But were two human beings stepping into a ring to fight. Anything can happen in a heavyweight fight, one hand can land and change the story.”

“Im rooting for McGregor, he added. “He deserves respect. Hes a two-division champion in the UFC and is making history. Him as a person, he talks a lot, I dont consider him an idol, but he deserves respect. Anything can happen in this fight. Im rooting for him even though I think Mayweather will win because hes 49-0 and always trained that, so its complicated. But everything is possible.”

According to Silva, hes getting paid “much more” in his recent fights compared to his previous bouts in the UFC, but thats not the only difference in this fight. The Brazilian heavyweight, who was only allowed to use testosterone replacement therapy once in the UFC against Mark Hunt, when he ended up testing positive for elevate testosterone levels restarted the treatment before his last MMA fight.

“My case is not for muscular gain or to enhance performance, but for health issues, said Silva, who lost his last fight to former Bellator heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov in Russia. “I really need this in my life to be physically and mentally well. Ive fought in the UFC when my testosterone levels were at 77 three weeks before the fight. That’s the level of a 90-year-old man. My levels were always low, 300, when someone at my age would be 800. I have doctors following me, making sure my levels are always at the normal range.

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‘Bigfoot’ Silva responds to criticism of Rico Verhoeven fight, compares it to Mayweather vs. McGregor – MMA Fighting

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Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination – The American Conservative

Last week in TAC, Zoltan Istvan wrote about The Growing World of Libertarian Transhumanism linking the transhumanist movement with all of its featureslike cyborgs, human robots and designer babiesto the ideas of liberty. To say Mr. Istvan is mistaken in his assessment is an understatement. Transhumanism should be rejected by libertarians as an abomination of human evolution.

We begin with Mr. Istvans definition of transhumanism:

transhumanism is the international movement of using science and technology to radically change the human being and experience. Its primary goal is to deliver and embrace a utopian techno-optimistic worlda world that consists of biohackers, cyborgists, roboticists, life extension advocates, cryonicists, Singularitarians, and other science-devoted people.

The ultimate task, however, is nothing less than overcoming biological human death and to solve all humanitys problems. Throughout much of Mr. Istvans work on this issue, he seems to think these ideas are perfectly compatible with libertarianismself-evident evenso he doesnt care to elaborate for his befuddled readers.

While most advocates of liberty could be considered, as Matt Ridley coined it, rational optimistsmeaning that generally we are optimistic, but not dogmatic, about progressit is easy to get into a state in which everything that is produced by the market is good per se and every new technology is hailed as the next step on the path of progress. In this sense, these libertarians become what Rod Dreher has called Technological Men. For them, choice matters more than what is chosen. [The Technological Man] is not concerned with what he should desire; rather, he is preoccupied with how he can acquire or accomplish what he desires.

Transhumanists including Mr. Istvan are a case in point. In his TAC article he not only endorses such things as the defeat of death, but even robotic hearts, virtual reality sex, and telepathy via mind-reading headsets. Need more of his grand ideas? How about brain implants ectogenesis, artificial intelligence, exoskeleton suits, designer babies, gene editing tech? At no point he wonders if we should even strive for these technologies.

When he does acknowledge potential problems he has quick (and crazy) solutions at hand: For example, what would happen if people never die, while new ones are coming into the world in abundance? His solution to the fear of overpopulation: eugenics. It is here where we see how libertarian Mr. Istvan truly is. When his political philosophythe supposedly libertarian onecomes into conflict with his idea of transhumanism, he suddenly drops the former and argues in favor of state-controlled breeding (or, as he says, controlled breeding by non-profit organizations such as the WHO, which is, by the way, state financed). I cautiously endorse the idea of licensing parents, a process that would be little different than getting a drivers licence. Parents who pass a series of basic tests qualify and get the green light to get pregnant and raise children.

The most frustrating thing is how similar he sounds to communists and socialists in his arguments. In most articles you read by transhumanists, you can see the dream of human perfection. Mr. Istvan says so himself: Transhumanists want more guarantees than just death, consumerism, and offspring. Much More. They want to be better, smarter, strongerperhaps even perfect and immortal if science can make them that way.

Surely it is the goal of transhumanists that, in their world, the average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx. You can just edit the genes of the embryo in the way that they are as intelligent as Aristotle, as poetic as Goethe, and as musically talented as Mozart. There are two problems, though: First, the world would become extremely boring, consisting only of perfect human beings who are masters at everything (which perhaps would make human cooperation superfluous). Second, that quote was famously uttered by the socialist Leon Trotsky.

As Ludwig von Mises wrote sarcastically, the socialist paradise will be the kingdom of perfection, populated by completely happy supermen. This has always been the mantra of socialists, starting with utopian thinkers like Charles Fourier, but also being embraced by the scientific ones like Marx, who derived his notion of history in which communism is the final stage of humanity from Hegel. Hegel himself believed in the man-godnot in the way that God became man through Jesus, but that man could become God one day. Intentionally or not, transhumanists sound dangerously similar to that. What they would actually create would be the New Soviet Man through bio-engineering and total environmental control as the highest social goal. In other words, you get inhuman ideological tyranny taken to a whole new level.

It should be noted that sometimes transhumanists recognize this themselvesbut if they do, their solutions only make things worse (much worse). Take Adam Zaretsky as example, who says that these new human beings shouldnt be perfect: Its important to make versions of transgenic human anatomy that are not based on idealism. But his solution is frightening: The idea is that you take a gene, say for pig noses, or ostrich anuses, or aardvark tongue, and you paste that into a human sperm, a human egg, a human zygote. A baby starts to form. And: We could let it flow into our anatomy, and these peoplewho yes, are humansshould be appreciated for who and what they are, after they are forced to be born in a really radically strange way. Its no surprise that Rod Dreher calls Mr. Zaretsky a sick monster, because he truly seems to be one when it comes to his transhumanist vision. He wants to create handicapped human beings on purpose.

If this were what libertarians think should happen, it would be sad (thankfully its mostly not). As Jeff Deist notes, it is important to remember that liberty is natural and organic and comports with human action. It doesnt require a new man. Transhumanists may say that the introduction of their idea is inevitable (in Istvans words, Whether people like it or not, transhumanism has arrived) but that is not true. And in this sense, it is time for libertarians to argue against the notion of extreme transhumanism. Yes, the market has brought it about and yes, the state shouldnt prohibit it (though giving your baby a pig nose could certainly be a violation of rights), but still, one shouldnt be relativist or even nihilist about such frightening developments. It would be a shame if the libertarian maxim of Everyone should be able to do whatever one wants to (as long as no one is hurt by it) becomes Everyone should do whatever one can do just because it is possible.

Finally, it comes as no surprise that transhumanists are largely, if not all, atheists (or as Mr. Istvan says: Im an atheist, therefore Im a transhumanist. This just proves what the classical liberal historian Lord Acton talked about when he said, Progress, the religion of those who have none. In the end, transhumanism is the final step to get God out of the way. It would be the continuation of what Richard Weaver wrote about in Ideas Have Consequences: Instead of seeing nature, the world and life overall as a means to get to know God, humans in the last centuries have become accustomed to seeing the world as something that is only there for humans to take and use for their own pleasures. Transhumanism would be the final step of this process: the conquest of death.

You dont have to be religious to find this abhorrent. As we have seen, it would be the end to all religion, to human cooperation overall, in all likelihood to liberty itself, and even the good-bye to humanity. It would be the starting point of the ultimate dystopia.

Kai Weiss is an International Relations student and works for the Austrian Economics Center and Hayek Institute, two libertarianthink tanks based in Vienna, Austria.

Excerpt from:
Transhumanism Is Not Libertarian, It’s an Abomination – The American Conservative

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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