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HCG Diet: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering HCG Diet: HCG …

The Solution For You: The HCG Diet!!!Take action today and change your diet for unstoppable weight loss!

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Youre about to discover what HCG Diet is, its benefits, process, and much more!

Losing weight is a main trend within the society of today. Unhealthy food is inexpensive and accessible to buy and our ways of life are gradually more inactive with the passing of time. If you discover yourself wishing to shake off some weight, at hand is a better technique, which is through the use of injections of real HCG hormone to correctly drop body mass quickly and easily.

If you lack time or are already exhausted after work, then HCG can rescue you. You achieve losing weight through every day HCG hormone injections and a 500-calorie diet. HCG issues stores of lipid in the blood flow to be used by way of energy all through the day. Because the lipid is issued via the injections, there is no necessity to devote hours inside the fitness center sweating away your valuable free hours. Once you are finished with the diet, you may just discover that you have acquired the information necessary to continue having a fit, balanced, regime to correctly maintain losing weight. Moreover, people following the HCG program stay continually awestruck by the unbelievable weight loss

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HCG Diet: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering HCG Diet: HCG …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Review of HGH & Sermorelin Injections for Weight Loss …

Home HGH Therapy Sermorelin Review of Injectable HGH & Sermorelin Acetate for Weight Loss & Muscle Gain (Includes Dosage Protocol)

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 @ 4:42 am

Youve probably heard about the muscle gain / weight loss therapies that base their claims on the effects human Growth hormone (HGH) can have on the body.

The theory is that HGH promotes muscle development and reduces the bodys fat storage, therefore enhancing weight loss and bodybuilding efforts.

But does it really work, or is HGH therapy just another fad?

That is the question we are going to explore in this article and we will leave no stone unturned.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland and its function is to fuel growth and development. It boosts the bodys natural ability to rebuild tissue, promotes muscle growth, stimulates brain function, boosts energy and regulates the metabolism.

The levels of HGH in the human body are highest when we are teenagers. As we age, the body begins to produce less HGH. Studies have shown that those who are overweight tend to have lower than average HGH levels. Could this HGH deficiency be the cause of obesity? And if so, will hGH injections for weight loss be an effective therapy?

In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a study in which HGH injections were administered to adults. The results were convincing: subjects showed an average of 8.8% in muscle gain and 14% loss of body fat. Needless to say, the results of this study were somewhat controversial with many critics citing the potentially negative effects of HGH injections. However, and additional study published in 1999 by the US National Institutes of health combined HGH with calorie restrictions with similar results.

However, the fact remains that the physiological processes promoted by HGH would promote muscle gain and weight loss. Heres how:

Human Growth Hormone causes the liver to secrete a hormone known as IGF-1. The metabolic effects of this hormone are well-known. Stored fat in the form of triglycerides are broken down and converted into energy. There is less translocation of sugars from the bloodstream into cells and the body retains less sodium, phosphates and water. Many overweight people actually suffer more from water retention than excessive fat storage. Another beneficial effect of HGH is the stimulation of protein production hence its muscle building reputation. In fact, HGH use is banned in the Olympic Games and other athletic events for exactly this reason.

HGH can definitely boost weight loss and promote muscle development, but there are some additional benefits too.

At this point having learnt about hGH for weight loss, you may be wondering Where can I get HGH injections? So far, everything sounds too good to be true, so whats the catch? Here it is: using HGH injections for weight loss or bodybuilding has several associated health risks. By injecting HGH rather than letting the pituitary gland do its job, you experience unnaturally high levels of HGH. You can definitely have too much of a good thing, and side effects of HGH weight loss injections include:

HGH injections side effects can be pretty dangerous at worst, uncomfortable at best. Even if you decide that all these risks are worth taking, you will have difficulty in obtaining HGH for fat loss. It is a controlled substance and because of the risk factors, doctors will not give you prescription HGH.

You might think its a good idea to buy HGH injections online from some site that offers Human Growth Hormone for sale. Its not legal. Getting it on the black market means you could be getting anything -not necessarily HGH at all and you run the risk of falling foul of the law. Even supposing you can get hold of it, you will certainly pay a small fortune for a course of HGH online or anywhere else. The bottom line is: dont buy injectable HGH. But there is still some good news, Sermorelin Acetate offers an excellent alternative. Read on to find out more!

We have already ascertained that injecting yourself with HGH is extremely risky, expensive and inadvisable, but theres more than one way to achieve any end. If you want to boost your HGH levels, you can also do it by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more HGH. You may be asking yourself if thats not exactly the same as directly injecting HGH. It isnt. Heres the science behind this idea.

Sermorelin Acetate is not a growth hormone. It is a growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH. It gets to work on the pituitary gland which in turn releases more HGH. So far so good, but why is it a healthier approach than HGH injections and how does Sermorelin work?

Simply put, your endocrine system will simply not allow your pituitary gland to produce too much HGH. You cannot end up with an overdose. The concentration of HGH will remain within healthy parameters.

The connections between sermorelin, bodybuilding, weight loss and HGH are already known. However, the cost and the risks are high. By encouraging the body to produce its own HGH, Sermorelin injections offer a safe way to take advantage of the benefits of HGH while eliminating the risks of overdosing and reducing the chances of side-effects.

The bodybuilding community has a lot to say about the benefits of Sermorelin, but many of these users confuse Sermorelin with steroids. There is a big difference. Using steroids is dangerous and unhealthy and results in massive hormone imbalances in the body. Sermorelin has none of these effects.

Admittedly, using Sermorelin hGH therapy is banned in athletics because it is felt that the increased muscle and endurance it imparts amounts to an unfair advantage, but if youre not a competitive athlete, unfair advantages become perfectly fair!

Do you want extra energy and endurance? Why not? Would you like your body to burn more fat? Absolutely! Do you want your muscles to recover faster and bulk up quicker? Why not? Best of all, youre doing it by using your bodys natural ability to synthesize enough, but not too much growth hormone. Sermorelin, bodybuilding and weight loss go hand in hand.

Weight loss is all about burning fat. If your HGH levels are low, your body is more inclined to hang onto fat and as we age, we have a higher percentage of body fat compared to lean muscle. Thats because our HGH levels decrease after our teens and continue to do so throughout our lifespan.

By boosting our HGH levels naturally, we persuade our bodies that extra fat storage is unnecessary and that fat should be burned to give us energy. This extra energy can be applied to extra exercise which in turn burns even more fat. The result is an exponential increase in our ability to shed those extra kilograms.

Sure, you can lose a lot of weight by crash-dieting, but since most of the weight you lose will consist of muscle, youre not doing yourself any favors. As if that werent enough, crash dieting makes the body think that it had better store away some extra fat as soon as it can in case you start starving yourself again. You end the diet and what happens? Massive weight gain!

Sermorelin for weight loss allows you to lose weight naturally. Your body isnt ringing any alarm bells, in fact, its healthier and stronger than ever before. You lose weight and it stays off.

Because Sermorelin promotes HGH secretion by the pituitary gland, you will experience all the benefits of HGH without any of the dangers associated with injecting HGH. These benefits include positive effects on:

Your endocrine system regulates itself, so youll never have too much and your pituitary gland gets used to producing more HGH rather than being suppressed. In simple terms, you experience the rejuvenating effects of HGH in a safe and cost-effective way.

It is always best to be guided by your prescribing health care professional when determining how much Sermorelin you should take. As a general guideline, a commonly prescribed Sermorelin dosing protocol is 3-9mg per month broken up into daily 100-300mcg shots. Recommended bodybuilding and weight loss dosages are generally the same for men and women since human growth hormone is produced at similar amounts in both sexes.

When adding GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 to the mix for added performance benefits, prescribed dosages also commonly range between 100-300mcg per daily injection. Your health care practitioner may recommend less or more depending on your individual circumstances so it is always best to follow the instructions you are given by them.

As for Sermorelin cycle length, studies have shown that the greatest benefits from hGH replacement therapy occur 6-12 months after continuous treatment. But once again, you should be guided by your doctor as to the optimal cycle length for your needs.

When you are ready to begin using Sermorelin, a decision that often needs to be made is whether or not to add GHRP-2 and/or GHRP-6 to your hGH replacement therapy protocol. This is a decision which is best made via consultation with the doctor prescribing the peptides for you.

They will likely take into account your individual goals to determine which is the better option for you. For example, Sermorelin on its own is excellent for anti-aging benefits such as increasing energy, strengthening joints and connective tissue, healthier hair, skin and nails and improving general muscle tone and weight loss efforts.

The Sermorelin/ GHRP-6 / GHRP-2 blend on the other hand is likely to more powerfully improve growth hormones levels so may be more suitable for individuals who want to trim down but also add muscle bulk (as opposed to just toning existing muscle).

The answer to this questions is obvious: its safer, its more natural and it wont cost you an absolute fortune. In addition, you can get Sermorelin Acetate from a reputable pharmacy provided you have a doctors prescription. Once thats done, you can experience all the Sermorelin results without the synthetic HGH risks. The Sermorelin cost and safety are the primary deciding factors.

We have already looked at some of the dangerous side effects of HGH when it is administered directly. We know that Sermorelin is less dangerous, but what are the specific Sermorelin side effects?

Compared to HGH, these are very mild. You may have some pain, swelling or redness at the injection site and a few people experience headaches, flushed skin, dizziness, hyperactivity or sleepiness. You could also get hives, a temporary skin rash. Not everybody experiences these side-effects in fact very few people do and none of the side-effects presents a serious danger to your health.

You only have to compare the side effects listed for each of these treatments, HGH and Sermorelin, on to see what a marked difference there is and that Sermorelin is the better, safer option.

Not all doctors support the use of Sermorelin for weight loss and muscle building. However, you can get medical support online and if the doctor believes that Sermorelin might work for you, he/she will supply you with a prescription that allows a US pharmacy to ship the treatment directly to you.

Your telemedicine provider (online doctor) will not sell any products directly to you that way, you know that he or she has no vested interests in selling any product and you can buy Sermorelin injections (Performance Peptides) without having to worry about scams.

Let the buyer beware: You can buy Sermorelin online, but if anyone tries to sell you Sermorelin without a prescription, theyre probably not selling Sermorelin at all!

Check out the supplier we recommend for US pharmacy made Sermorelin

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Review of HGH & Sermorelin Injections for Weight Loss …

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Hormone Replacement Therapy | Your Wellness Center

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT) is the use of bio-identical hormones (estrogens, progesterone, and/or testosterone) to treat hormone imbalances and deficiencies. While it is natural for our bodies to gradually decrease (or stop) the production of important hormones over time, it doesnt make the symptoms any easier to handle. NHRT works to maintain a proper hormone balance, as well as alleviate the symptoms that are seen with decreased production or elimination, such as hot flashes, fatigue, loss of focus, weight gain, depression, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive, poor sleep, anxiety, osteoporosis, and ED (erectile dysfunction).

Bio-identical hormones, also known as bio-natural and bio-available hormones,are hormones chemically-identical to the naturally-occurring hormones produced or once produced in the body.The chemical structure, behaviors, and interactions with cell-surface receptors and other hormones are identical to those that naturally occur in the body. Because these hormones are not structurally altered, by law they cannot be patented.

Bio-identical hormones are superior tosynthetic hormones, which have beenchemically altered in a labto closely resemble the hormones already naturally-occurring in our bodies. Pharmaceutical companies alter these hormones so that they can obtain patent protection on the product. This allows them to obtain FDA-approval, acquire insurance coverage, and generate and protect profits.

As an example, the structures below represent the difference between natural progesterone and Provera. Provera, produced by Pfizer, was created to simulate the benefits of naturally-occurring progesterone in our body. Unfortunately for our bodies, because Provera has been altered, it yields a myriad of risks, including increased chances of cancer and other co-morbidities.

The same is true of the testosterone structures below:

We strive to be on the forefront of hormone optimization research, and believe that using bio-identical hormones is the best step in the path to helping our clients lives. To this end, we are proud to be a part of a select group of physician practices with an advanced-level training in the newly established Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (ABHRT) Certification Program. This allows us to use specialized pharmacies called Compounding Pharmacies to prescribe natural progesterone, testosterone, and estradiol for clients. You cannot find natural hormones at commercial pharmacies like Kroger, Walgreens, or CVS. A simple rule of thumb is that if the prescription is covered by insurance, it is not bio-identical/natural.

If it is determined that hormone replacement therapy could be beneficial for you, an individualized hormone replacement plan is established with a provider at the first hormone replacement therapy appointment.

Most commonly, compounded hormone pellets are used to deliver the bio-identical hormones into the body. After the first pellet insertion, peak lab levels are drawn around 5 weeks. These lab results are then reviewed with a medical provider to ensure appropriate hormone doses are prescribed. Recurring pellet insertions are scheduled every 3-6 months depending on your medical history.

At Your Wellness Center, the providers interpret lab results differently compared to conventional methods. The providers look to treat you and your symptoms, not whether or not your blood draw number falls within the normal range on a piece of paper. We see men and women every day who come in with normal lab results but are still experiencing a myriad of symptoms that would be associated with a low level. What that means to us at Your Wellness Center is that you are not part of this normal population and therefore shouldnt be treated as such. Our providers work with you to improve your quality of life, bring your lab levels to the best optimal ranges possible, and ensure that you are being treated as an individual, not just a number on a piece of paper.

Pellet therapy is the use of delivering bio-identical hormones (size of a grain of rice) that are inserted typically under the skin of the fatty part of the buttocks. The pellets completely dissolve over a three to six month period leaving no residual effects under the skin. Our medical providers use a local anesthetic to make the procedure very tolerable. A tiny incision is made and the pellets are inserted using a small insertion device. A piece of tape is used to close the incision and the whole procedure takes only a few minutes.

On average, women spend between $900-$1,200 per year on Hormone Replacement Therapy. This includes all provider visits, necessary bloodwork, and any medications prescribed as part of the treatment plan.

Men, on the other hand, will spend between $1,600-$2,100 per year for the same associated costs.

There are no membership fees or yearly contracts at Your Wellness Center. We provide a Fee-for-Service program where you pay for the services as you receive them.

Contact us below or submit an online consultation form to learn more about how we can help you feel and function better. Our medical providers will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you reach your health goals.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy | Your Wellness Center

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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2018′s Best HCG Drops -100% Real Reviews On Popular Diet Drops


My name is Gracy and I am certified Nutritionist. I have been in HCG Drops industry for the last 8 years, helping visitors to find the best HCG drops on the market.In my research, I found out that use of HCG diet drops is the ultimate solution for quick and safe weight loss.

Most of the time people ask me questions like what are the best HCG Drops on the market, please suggest the best drops reviews, which are the best diet drops for women, can I use HCG Drops before the age of 30, Hormone free hcg drops, Where to buy hcg diet drops, and many other questions related to use of HCG products for weight loss.

During past 8 years I have been gathering information about real diet drops, and finally came up with top 10 on market. In addition, from top 10, I filtered to top three to save my visitors time.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer is going on.


Speed of Results : Fastest

Ingredients Quality : 5/5

Product Safety : 100% Safe

Customer Service : 4.85/5

Customer Satisfaction : 100%

Reorder Rate : Highest

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 98% Positve

Walmart : 94% Positive

Note: Based on Amazon, Ebay ratings, this brand ranks in Top #1. Out of every 1000 verified buyers, 970+ satisfied customers.

There are many negative reviews on this product. This product also seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC and other Media network. But not as popular as HCG Complex.


Speed of Results : very slow

Ingredients Quality : 1.7/5

Has side effects.

Customer Service : 2.21/5

Customer Satisfaction : 57%

Reorder Rate : Below average

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 44% Positve

Walmart : 67% Positive

Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 702 positive reviews.

This product was scientifically approved but reorder rate is too low. Also, customer satisfaction rate is below 66%.


Speed of Results : Average

Ingredients Quality : 3/5

Product Safety : 100% Safe

Customer Service : 3.85/5

Customer Satisfaction : 66%

Reorder Rate : Average

Return Policy : Risk Free

Amazon Ratings : 51% Positve

Walmart : 68% Positive

Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 640 positive reviews..

I know that it is very time consuming and nerve wrecking to spend lots of time in searching for worlds best weight loss Drops. Thats why I did that instead of my visitors I sorted list of HCG products available and placed top 3 in the table above. If you have time to go through top 10 list, then start reading from paragraph below.

As anyone struggling with excess weight knows weight loss trends come and go.

There is a huge demand for weight loss results, yet very few weight loss brands actually deliver with any sort of consistency.

If youve tried every new workout routine, fad diet, or superfood on the market and still havent gotten rid of those extra pounds and you are looking for BEST treatment, then HCG drops may be for you.

This product contains most powerful Ingredients like Panax Quinquefolius, Fucus Vesiculosus, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine etc (more information on ingredients). By far the best reviewed HCG brand available online, the HCG complex diet plan is 100% natural, making this product perfectly safe. From Amazon and Ebay data statistics, this product has received 96% positive ratings.The team behind this product offers excellent customer service that addresses consumers concerns quickly and professionally. Trustworthy television networks such as CNN, BBC, and CNBC have put it in the spotlight.



People interested in using homeopathic HCG drops should begin researching these products to see how one product can represent such great value, and why customers award such high numbers of positive reviews to it.

Click here to read full review

The 1234 Diet Drops (formerly sold as HCG 1234) is another product which, for an unknown reason, experienced a significant drop in customers satisfaction last year. The product contains no HCG hormone. Instead, it contains an artificial approximation that achieves the same results.For some people, this product works magnificently. On Amazon, 1234 Diet Drops have garnered 50% 5-star reviews, with positive reviewers saying it really works. Some of the more common complaints in the negative reviews are the bad taste and too much alcohol.. Certain reports suggest that the formula was revised and improved since then, but we advise you to stay alert and be extra careful if you opt to drop weight using the 1234 Diet Drops.



Click here to read full review.

It contains several bio-active ingredients that work together to boost metabolism and burn fat, producing powerful results for some of its users. This product enjoys scientific approval, but does not have a very high re-order rate.In 2016 the conversion rate for HCG Triumph dropped by 8%, and many customers were not satisfied by the effect they got. This was rather strange, as HCG Triumph was one of the best option on the market for years straight. Now, months after their drop in popularity, things seem to be returning to their old ways, although its hard to tell for sure. Lets hope that the companys revised quality standards will help them to bring back one of the best HCG products ever.

We have updated HCG triumph review page with some reasons why this brand has lost popularity and re-order rate after 2016. May be you should go through those reasons before you choose this brand.



Click here to read full review.

Created in accordance with all modern Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), NiGen Biotechs HCG oral drops are a strong challenger for the old-school HCG titans, but it has got many side-effects. The company decided to restrain from including shady components into their formula, or chasing the fancy homeopathic standards. NiGen Biotech claims their HCG Solution Diet Drops contains the full set of human chorionic gonadotropin amino acids, isolated from the purest ingredients available on the market. Their formula is constantly being revised and improved. But still negative reviews are significantly increasing at Amazon and Walmart.



Click here to read full review.

This homeopathic HCG oral drops, created by AminoDrops, are accompanied by a great set of extra products and information. Many customers reported that the official diet manual and cookbook that comes with the actual HCG drops are one of the most detailed out there. But, alas, this is not enough to compensate the rather medium effect that the drops actually have. Undoubtedly, they are much better than many fraudulent diet drops for weight loss sold over all around the internet (thats why they are on this list, after all!) but still. For the price the company asks for their products, one usually expects a greater effect than most customers get in the end.



Click here to read full review.

The manufacturers of this miracle product affirm that they managed to create a formula that works faster and better than traditional HCG. Thus the name, actually. This statement might even be true, as their proprietary solution contains thyroidinum, a homeopathic component made from the dried thyroid gland of a sheep. It is believed that thyroidinum boosts metabolism, promotes breakdown of fats, and prevents their compensatory build-up.

Drawbacks: For an unknown reason, many customers reported this product to be ineffective for them. We were unable to verify if this was due to a flaw in the proprietary formula or because of the customers not following provided instructions of use. Still, we include this product in the list of the best HCG oral drops because the company is clearly striving to bring something new into the HCG market. Its hard to say whether thyroidinum will become a popular component in modern diet pills and drops, but nevertheless, the efforts of the company cant be commended enough.

Click here to read full review

This option is currently one of the most cost-effective on the market, as the manufacturer often presents the buyer with huge amounts of free HCG drops. For example, you buy (for a tiny price) 2 oz of HCG drops and get 2 oz for free, and the same goes for 4 and 6 oz packs. But isnt this a bit strange for a good HCG product? Well, it may be, but theres no basis to complain for now. Most of verified customers said they were satisfied with the results, as well as with the additional information provided (recipe books, weight loss manuals, etc.) by the seller.

Drawbacks: Its impossible to predict long-term results of this product. Although fairly effective now, its still unknown why the manufacturer is being so generous in giving away its own products. We recommend opting for products with verified, safe, and long-term effects on your weight.

After the initial success of their 2000 formula, MaritzMayer Laboratories are now back with an even more powerful solution: the 4000 homeopathic HCG weight loss drops. The primary difference between this version and the previous one resides in the power of effects and the presence of a unique ingredient: African mango. Numerous studies have confirmed that this component is able to reduce weight, waist and hip circumference, as well as metabolic parameters (blood cholesterol and triglycerides). The price is also rather democratic, often with special offers and discounts available.

Drawbacks: Many customers reported that the taste is awful. So, if you want to diet in comfort and still get the best results, we recommend trying out something more pleasant. After all, its 2017, medicine should be neutral, if not pleasant. But never awful.

Click here to read full review

AnuMed is an international company which develops and sells dietary supplements, weight management products, pain relievers, and sugar-free sweeteners (e.g. stevia) on a worldwide basis. Some time ago they decided to enter the HCG market with a proprietary formula which allegedly helps to release previously stored body fat in order to easily break it down for energy. As AnuMeds HCG products are relatively younger than their competitors, they are now building their audience with tasty prices for rather consistent results!

Drawbacks: AnuMeds homeopathic formula is still a long way from being perfect, although it clearly works. Thats why their e-DROPS is in this list of top 10 HCG drops on the market, but just on the tenth position.

Click here to read full review

Although the traditional way of taking HCG is either through oral drops or injections, Rejuvimedical has allegedly come up with a way of administering HCG via oral troches (tablets). One of the companys main benefits is that they offer a personal medical consultation for every customer, in order to make sure that HCG is the perfect weight loss option for each specific buyer. They check your medical history, answer all your questions, and sell you the actual product only if it will bring you the desired effect.

Drawbacks: Oral troches are a disputable way of administering HCG. Although many customers reported that they prefer troches to the usual oral drops, theres scarce scientific data on whether this from is as effective as traditional HCG products.

Click here to read full review

For in-detailed comparison between top three products, take a look at comprehensive analysis section. Out of 115 HCG Brands we have selected only worlds top 3 most selling brands which have highest ratings on Ebay and Amazon. Also Weve rated these three HCG products according to price, product safety, speed of results, and average rates of customer satisfaction and weve announced a clear winner, as well.

Unlike weight loss trends, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone that aids in the break down of fat. Pregnant women naturally generate this hormone to produce protein that feeds the unborn baby.

By focusing on the scientifically valid theories of Dr. Simeons, M.D., overweight people can supplement their bodys production of this hormone and burn fat without committing to fad diets and excessive, time-consuming workout routines.

Many people associate HCG drops with powerful daily injections that place the hormone directly into fat tissue. This is the way that Dr. Simeons originally formulated HCG treatment.

However, advances in modern medicine now allow for a much less invasive way to undergo HCG therapy HCG diet drops.

By concentrating the hormone into small, eyedrop-sized doses you can place right under your tongue, doctors have eliminated the biggest obstacle to achieving weight loss results with homeopathic HCG drops.

Now, instead of undergoing daily injections, you can shave off pounds with a natural, affordable, and painless solution for weight loss drops of HCG that enter the bloodstream sublingually. This allows the body to process the hormone naturally and generates weight loss results in a less demanding way.

For most peoples weight loss needs, homeopathic products are sufficiently powerful to produce results. As an additional benefit, they are far more accessible than prescription HCG products anyone who shops online regularly can gain access to these types of products and have them shipped directly to their home.

Because of the way this hormone works, medical professionals recommend that people who wish to lose less than 25 pounds focus on homeopathic HCG drops, while significantly obese individuals look towards the prescription variety.

HCG diet drops are a great supplement for overweight individuals who cannot exercise, and for whom diets dont seem to work.

Obesity is, in many cases, a genetic or hereditary trait. Using natural human hormones to treat the condition can offer better results than trying to force the body to drop fat through diet and exercise. For people predisposed towards obesity, weight loss is not a matter of willpower, but of biology.

Real HCG drops generate a message that triggers a hormone called leptin to send messages to the brain. The most important of these messages is the one triggered when you are sated when you feel full after a big meal, in everyday terms.

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2018′s Best HCG Drops -100% Real Reviews On Popular Diet Drops

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Hormone Optimization Las Vegas, Nevada | Body Wellness MD

Hormone Optimization Las Vegas, Nevada The loss of hormones through your 40s and 50s can be catastrophic to your lifestyle. Body Wellness MD uses natural hormone optimization and replacement therapies as part of our unique approach to age management to get you back at the top of your game.

As we get older, our natural hormone levels can start to decrease. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is designed to replace what the body can no longer produce. Optimizing hormonal balance is absolutely necessary for good health as you age. Bio-Identical hormones are plant-based, natural substances that our bodies can metabolize in the way they were designed to do, thereby minimizing side effects.BHRT is safe and effective. If you have any of the following symptoms you may be a candidate for BHRT:

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown in research studies to:

Each hormone replacement plan is meticulously designed around your current medical history and lifestyle to provide the best possible results.

The Hormone Therapy Includes but not limited to:

Start Your Customized Journey To A New You Today Contact us for your free consultation!

Read the rest here:
Hormone Optimization Las Vegas, Nevada | Body Wellness MD

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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You’ve Heard About "Low T" But What About "Low E"?

Estrogen: An Unlikely Player

As most men approach middle age, the seemingly inevitable starts to occur: we gain weight around the waistline, sexual desire starts to wane, were unable to lift as much weight at the gym, and we seem to simply have a harder time keeping up with the younger guys.

And most of us doctors included think that loss of testosterone is the main culprit. Not totally true. Were learning that another hormone plays a key role in the development of some of these symptoms of aging in men. And its an unlikely player. That hormone is estrogen.

When most of us think of estrogen, we think of women. Thats because estrogen is a key hormone in womens health. And the loss of estrogen in women at menopause causes big physiological changes. Weight gain, skin dryness, wrinkles, heart attacks, bone loss and osteoporosis, loss of sexual sensation and dementia are just some of the effects of loss of estrogen in women.

Yet estrogen is proving to play a serious role in the aging of men, too. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicinedemonstrated that in men, while low testosterone is the main culprit in loss of muscle strength, loss of estrogen is a big cause of that mid-section weight gain, the infamous pot-belly. And it seems that loss of both testosterone and estrogen together contributes to diminished sex drive and sexual function in men.

But Wait.Isnt Estrogen Harmful to Men?

The answer to this question seems to be related to where the estrogen comes from. So lets talk about that for a moment.

In healthy men, estrogen, specifically estradiol (a form of estrogen), comes from testosterone. There is an enzyme, aromatase, that converts a certain amount of a mans testosterone to estradiol. So as a healthy mans testosterone levels rise or fall, estradiol levels tend to rise and fall as well. The average estradiol level of an adult male is about 75 pg/mL. But men can make estrogen another way as well. In obese men, there is an increased concentration of a different form of estrogen, estrone. This estrone gets converted to estradiol (as opposed to conversion of testosterone to estradiol). So high estrogen in obese men is due to another reason than high estrogen in healthy men. It is important to not confuse two, because they play out very differently with regard to our health.

The Protective Effect of Estrogen in Men

High endogenous estrogen levels in normal men is protective against coronary artery disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and prostate cancer. (This is not true, however, in obese men with high estrogen levels because the estrogen produced in visceral fat is estrone, which then converts to estradiol versus the aromatization of testosterone to estradiol.)

As men age, testosterone levels fall, and so do estrogen levels. This contributes to the accumulation of excess fat in men and their lack of sex drive and sexual function. They also begin to lose the protection against heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and prostate cancer that estrogen provides.

Estrogen deficiency has also been implicated in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis in men. A study published in Osteoporosis Int.demonstrated that 38% of men with osteoporosis had undetectable serum estradiol levels. This as well as more recent studies show that estrogen deficiency, not androgen (e.g. testosterone) deficiency is much more prevalent in male osteoporosis.

Additionally, estradiol levels in men are inversely correlated with sperm DNA damage, suggesting that estradiol may have a protective effect on sperm DNA.

So How Do Men Maintain Optimal Estrogen Levels as They Age?

One of the goals of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is to restore hormone levels back to the optimal levels of a young adult. For estrogen in men, this means restoring levels to about 75 pg/mL. The best way to achieve this in men is by optimizing testosterone levels. Some of the testosterone will be converted to estrogen, therefore maintaining adequate levels.

To get started, you should have your testosterone and estrogen levels checked by a physician who specializes in hormone optimization. Its a simple blood test. Once you know if youre deficient, you can discuss options to optimize your levels so you can look and feel as good as possible while at the same time significantly decreasing your risk for chronic degenerative diseases.

To schedule an evaluationwith Dr. Mike Carragher, call1-323-874-9355.

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Low T 99 – 10 Photos – Health & Medical – 1239 120th Ave NE …


LowT 99 was established to bridge the gap between the absolute best Low T Treatment and the affordability of smaller monthly plans to aid in the treatment of low testosterone in men. Many studies have shown that testosterone levels begin to decline by about 1% per year after the age of 30. Low Testosterone levels can lead to a lack of energy, decrease in muscle, fatigue, bad mood, irritability, an increase in body fat, weak erections, low libido, poor sleep, decreased urge to exercise, and more. We can help you start treating these symptoms as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information!

Established in 2015.

“Bring Effective, Safe and Affordable Testosterone Therapy to All in Need”.

Through the efficient structure of the therapy options offered by Low T 99, it is now possible for all those in need to receive effective testosterone therapy at a fraction of the price. Low T 99 not only offers the best testosterone therapy available, but at the least expensive price. $99 to $159 total cost per month is less than most co-pays would charge for significantly inferior therapies. Our model is one of transparency and full disclosure. Truly unique in the testosterone therapy market. All prices and services are published clearly on the web site so prospective patients can feel confident before spending penny one.

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Low T 99 – 10 Photos – Health & Medical – 1239 120th Ave NE …

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Best HCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss: We Review the Top …

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Did you finally weigh yourself only to wish you hadnt?

Have you tried every diet, every workout fad, and every miracle cure thats hit the shelves?

It doesnt take much to guess that youre probably fed up, and youre not sure if you have what it takes to scrape what ego and self-confidence you have left off the floor.

Your failed and discouraging attempts at losing the flab has most-likely left you skeptical of any claims that this or that will help you to lose weight.

Youre probably heavier and flabbier than when you first started Luckily the HCG Drops Diet is here to save the day.

Dont be discouraged, youre not the first, and you wont be the last person to struggle with your weight.

HCG therapy has helped countless numbers of people needing to lose a great deal of weight, to those needing to blast off those few hard to lose pounds.

Dont raise those eyebrows in skepticism just yet.

HCG drops will be the last product you use to aid you in your new weight loss goals. HCG agrees, its time to burn the fat, melt off the pounds, lose the inches, and get into being the lean, mean machine you know you can be.

But first, lets review HCG drops as a weight loss aid.

When people hear HCG, they tend to think injections. Think again. If you like painless, non-invasive forms of treatment, then youre in the right market.

Again, when people hear HCG drops, they tend to think bogus. Think again. Both the injections and the drops contain the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone that helps you to do a whole lot of burning. But the drops have found a solid foundation of their own for several reasons:

These are just some of the many benefits youll discover with the HCG weight loss drops.

Another great aspect about HCG therapy, is its approach to individualistic needs. It doesnt take a one cure fix all band-aid approach, unlike conventional medicine today.

HCG clinics and doctors will evaluate your weight loss goals and other physical elements to determine your best dose and approach at changing your life with HCG.

Although HCG hormone drops cater to a broad spectrum of people who are looking to lose weight, there are specific types of drops that will work best for your personal and unique weight loss goals and needs.

What type would be best for you depends on a few factors that youll need to take into account. But first, what types of HCG drops are there available to you?

Homeopathic and prescription types are HCG hormone drops that both offer weight loss, but they also apply to different needs. Although there are currently two types of the best HCG drops available, there are different grades within the types that can offer more benefits.

Some of these include added metabolic boosters to enhance the HCG effects and weight loss benefits. Lets take a look at what each has to offer.

This is an alternative option compared to other HCG types available, and its considered over the counter, so you dont need a prescription to obtain it. This makes it easily accessible and affordable without compromising on quality and potency.

If you prefer a more natural, holistic approach to medicine, and you feel the same way about how you want to tackle your weight loss goals, then homeopathic weight loss drops may be for you.

The difference remains in the way the HCG solution has been prepared. It undergoes a unique potentizing process thats a signature method of homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been around for centuries, and has gained report for its approach at using natural substances to enable the body to heal and treat itself. This makes the drops a safe, effective, and side effect free product to use.

Because of the homeopathic nature of the HCG drops, it can also be taken with other medications. Homeopathic HCG drops are excellent for dieters to get rid of those hard to lose areas when youre almost done losing all the weight.

There are other grades of HCG diet drops that contain lipotropics and metabolic boosters such as L-Arginine, natural B12 and B-complex vitamins, Ornithine, and others that contribute to the solution to maximize fat burning results as fast as possible while maintaining optimum health.

These homeopathic solutions work best for either the tail end of your weight loss goals, or for those with less than 25 pounds to lose.

These HCG diet drops contain a solution thats similar to prescription strength HCG injections. However, the prescription strength HCG drops are very popular among those that have an aversion to needles.

Theyre made in a compounding pharmacy where pharmacists can conjure up customized doses required by individuals specifically for their needs as stated by their prescription.

HCG clinics advise those with a lot of weight to lose to start with prescription strength HCG because they may respond extremely well to the treatment. In comparison to its homeopathic counterpart, its made at a more undiluted pharmaceutical strength grade, hence why you need a prescription for this HCG.

Its roughly the same price as the injections, and its a more therapeutic and non-invasive application. Prescription HCG drops are also referred to as DIY HCG, because it comes unmixed, and you have to prepare it when you receive it.

Each type of HCG works differently with the body. When you enable the body to start losing weight, youve triggered several hormones, enzymes, and metabolic processes into action.

Many organs, receptors, and processes are affected to ensure that fat deposits get burned, the body maintains nutrition to the cells and muscle tissues, and carbohydrates and fat stores are used for energy and fuel.

Choosing which type of drops will be best for you will depend on your personal preferences towards how you want to tackle your weight loss goals, your body type, and how much weight you have to lose. Youll need to ask yourself the following questions:

Ultimately, HCG doctors will evaluate your physical needs and goals and will encourage you to either type of the drops. If youve got a significant amount of weight to lose, more than 25 pounds, youre going to want to seriously consider the prescription HCG drops to lose most of the weight quickly, safely, and effectively. HCG is used to boost the body into weight loss mode, and thats exactly what youre looking for.

On the other hand, if youve got less than 25 pounds to lose, youre going to be advised off the conventional HCG and encouraged to consider the homeopathic drops. The less weight you have to lose, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

Thats because the body goes into a state to want to store more instead of burning off those last few pounds. The homeopathic HCG helps a lot of people to continue to burn fat when theyve previously struggled intensely with those hard to lose areas on the body. So, how does HCG work to provide you with that much-anticipated, lean body?

[Buy: Hormone-free HCG Drops or Prescription HCG Drops]

Lets take a moment review how these diet drops actually work. HCG drops are absorbed into the bloodstream where they are immediately woken up into work mode. Real HCG drops trigger the hormone leptin to send a variety of messages to the hypothalamus in the brain. Leptin is created in the fat cells, and has a role that could be compared as a manager that oversees that fat deposits are burned.

Some of the messages leptin is responsible of relaying includes telling the brain to stop eating, theres sufficient fat stores to be used for fuel. Overeating will cause what cant be burned to be stored again. The existing fat stores are then inventoried by leptin, who then tells the brain how much is available to be blasted and burned off.

The additional lipotropics and metabolic boosters provide other very necessary benefits to enhance weight loss. They provide nutrition to the body, hone mental clarity and focus, protect muscle tissue from deterioration, enhance the HCG complex to better do its job, and encourage proper functions of organs involved in the fat metabolism process. Every ingredient has its place and job.

Now dont be so quick to chug down the HCG in gulps, even though its tempting. Both the homeopathic and prescription types are sublingual HCG because theyre taken orally. Its to be applied directly under the tongue to be absorbed into the blood through the veins and tissues to ensure that you receive all the benefits.

If its swallowed, its going to be digested and broken down by stomach acids and enzymes, rendering it ineffective. Now wouldnt that be a sorry waste?

Many people, probably including yourself, have struggled with strict dieting and found that the results were a bomb. Thats because the body was not receiving the nutrition it needed at the same time as trying to effectively burn off fat stores.

The HCG diet now consists of consuming no more than 800 calories a day. Experts and doctors, including the original creator of the HCG diet Dr. Simeons, has discovered that the 800 calorie limit is just as effective as the previous 500 limit.

The diet consists of a list of approved foods that are high in protein, low in natural carbohydrates, free of sugar and starches, no processed foods, and basically a menu full of nutritious meats, vegetables, and fruits to sustain the body throughout the phases.

There are three primary phases during the diet that cater to preparing, enforcing the diet, and coming off the HCG and strict eating regime. Although everybody is different, HCG drop reviews reveal that when the diet is adhered to with a low-impact 30 minute workout, a nutritional supplement, and the HCG treatment, you can expect to lose up to two pounds a day.

Pure HCG drops are considered to be very safe and gentle to use. Despite common misunderstandings of HCG use, its actually reasonably side-effect free. If there are any side effects, they typically occur due to excessive use of HCG or incorrect implementation of diet protocols. Since the diet is a drastic change for the body to adjust to, symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, mild diarrhea, mild nausea, and food cravings.

These may be common but wont last more than a week. If experienced, although these symptoms may be uncomfortable, the body is cleansing itself of toxins and adipose fat that will result in weight loss. After those initial symptoms wear off, youll be able to enjoy the fat burning benefits of the oral HCG drops.

Are you ready to ditch that extra tire round the middle? Its easier to get than you might think. You can get both the homeopathic and prescription HCG drops for sale online at the best prices possible.

To purchase HCG drops, make sure youre dealing with licensed and reputable US pharmacies or homeopaths that provide true and pure HCG drops with high quality and potency. Its simple and easy to buy HCG drops online, and then have them delivered right to your door.

Put aside the skepticism and join thousands of others in sharing weight loss success. Watch the pounds melt away to reveal the confident, healthy, and fit person thats dying to get out. Set yourself free with HCG!

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Best HCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss: We Review the Top …

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Balance Female Hormones | Female Hormone Optimization …

BioTE Medicals goal is to optimize hormone levels in women. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets are inserted subcutaneously to assist you with hormone balance. Learn about our process and how to experience wellness with optimized hormones here!

The goal of balancing hormones in women is to provide you with an improved quality of life. In addition to feeling great, studies have shown hormone optimization may be able to help reduces your chances of certain diseases as well as the severity of certain conditions.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for women begins to work to optimize hormones within the patient within 7-10 days. Every BHRT pellet is custom created with every patients unique physiology in mind. Because of this, every treatment is tailored to the patient and will have the greatest possible success in helping them achieve balance. Furthermore, BHRT uses bio-identical hormones derived from plants, not animals, which more closely mimics the hormones naturally present within men and women than synthetic or animal derived hormones. BHRT is bio-identical to your own natural hormones produced and may have fewer side effects.

While everyones results are different, the process for considering, getting, monitoring and continuing with BHRT is typically the same with all our patients. Your first appointment with your certified BioTE provider will include hormone testing. The next appointment will be to review your tests, after which you will be able to get a BHRT pellet inserted on that or the next visit.

Are you ready to feel better? If you would like to get started, begin by finding your local BioTE Medical provider today. We have thousands of certified BioTE providers in our network and with so many providers, it is very likely there is someone near you who may be able to help.

BioTE Medical only offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in the form of subcutaneous pellets and with over million insertions performed in the companys history, we have seen many lives changed with optimized hormones. If any of the hormone imbalance symptoms mentioned above ring a bell for you, or remind you of someone you love, BioTE Medical encourages you to use our Find a Provider tool or to nominate your provider to begin your journey to wellness today.

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Balance Female Hormones | Female Hormone Optimization …

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Buy HCG Injections & HCG Diet Drops Online – HCG Diet Packs

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Buy HCG Drops: Prescription and Homeopathic

Buy HCG Injections Pricing and Discounts

About Hcg Diet Packs and our commitment to helping you find where to buy hcg online

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In the end, we want to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision that will ultimately lead you to the path of long term, weight loss success.




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Buy HCG Injections & HCG Diet Drops Online – HCG Diet Packs

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