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Do you remember when your practitioner actually knew your face and remembered your name? WE DO!

At Mens Health Chicago, we are not your typical Internal medicine/adult primary care office. Since we designed our practice with a focus on mens health, we knew we had to provide our community and patients with a facility and team that was able to follow through instead of simply referring out and forgetting. At MHC we practice what we call Head coach medicine, meaning that our practitioners will stick with you from the beginning to the end and help call the plays instead of just handing you off and forgetting about you. We now offer in-house joint manipulation, and physical therapy along with other modalities to treat musculoskeletal injuries; this way your practitioner can constantly assess your progress and modify treatment plans real time; most offices refer out to a physical therapy facility and do not see the patient again until after the treatment is completed often resulting in excessive or sometimes insufficient treatment.


Our patients tell us that one of the things they love about our office is the personal attention and follow-up we provide. Even if we do have to refer you out to a specialist, we will ensure that we stay in the loop and help you understand the often confusing process of healthcare. The primary goal is the prevention and early detection of disease. With an experienced staff of medical professionals who specialize in internal medicine, Mens Health Chicago treats a range of illnesses and disease in all patients, with a focus on mens health and wellness.

Mens Health Chicago has four convenient locations in the loop downtown Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville, and Barrington Illinois, that provide a friendly and relaxed environment designed to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. The team at Mens Health Chicago works with each patient individually to provide the most comprehensive care possible to manage, treat, and prevent illness, allowing patients to lead happy and healthy lives.

Among the many conditions the health care providers at Mens Health Chicago treat are:

As internists, the medical professionals at Mens Health Chicago understand how a mans body works as a whole, and they can identify and treat illnesses and diseases through a broad approach. By understanding how each component of the human body works together, Mens Health Chicago provides effective and lasting medical treatments- we strive to treat the cause of your condition, not just chase/suppress the symptoms.

To take charge of your health, call one of the three offices or book an appointment online.

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Men’s Health Chicago: Testosterone Replacement: Schaumburg …

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