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VIRGO: Put more thought into making lifestyle adjustments that encourage fitness and good health – Lewiston Sun Journal

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Evan Handler, 60; Pat Benatar, 68; George Foreman, 72; Rod Stewart, 76.Happy Birthday: Take good care of your financial well-being. Refuse to let anyone handle your affairs for you. Past acquaintances will surface and try to lead you astray. Do for yourself, and you will come out on top. Make a healthy lifestyle your goal. Personal change will encourage you to be and do your best. Romance is in the stars. Your numbers are 9, 15, 22, 24, 30, 37, 43.ARIES (March 21-April 19): Gather information that helps you head in an exciting direction. What you discover will lead to an opportunity you can create within the framework of something you are already doing. Expand your mind; use the experience gained to advance. 5 starsTAURUS (April 20-May 20): Be careful what you say and do. Consider the consequences involved in making a snap decision before you get all the details of a proposition someone makes. You are better off doing your own thing and avoiding joint ventures. 3 starsGEMINI (May 21-June 20): Expand your mind. Search for opportunities that will allow you to use your skills, knowledge and experience. Look at the fine print, go over details, make adjustments and proceed with confidence. Personal improvements will encourage better health. 3 starsCANCER (June 21-July 22): Make personal progress, health and fitness priorities. Refuse to let emotional situations take over and ruin your day. Look for opportunities that will encourage positive adjustments to your living space. A romantic gesture will bring positive results. 3 starsLEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Avoid interacting with people who dont share your beliefs or opinions. Youre better off not getting into a futile argument. Concentrate on saving, not spending. Invest time and energy in something that offers excellent financial stability. 5 starsVIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Keep an open mind, but dont trust someone to tell you the whole truth. Put more thought into making lifestyle adjustments that encourage fitness and good health. Romance is on the rise, and spending more time nurturing a meaningful relationship will pay off. 2 starsLIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Make changes at home conducive to the lifestyle you want to live. Move things around, clear a space for a project you wish to pursue or make plans to spend time with someone who brings out the best in you. 4 starsSCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Choose your words wisely. An unexpected change will leave you in a precarious position. Someone will judge you for the way you handle situations. Look for the positive in each case. Charm and diplomacy will help you get your way. 3 starsSAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Personal and physical improvements are favored. Make an effort to get in shape, improve your diet and look your best. The results will be outstanding, and the compliments and attention received will boost your ego. A gift will surprise you. 3 starsCAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Dont share your intentions or plans with anyone. Using the element of surprise will make whatever you plan to pursue better. Change is heading your way, and preparing for success will give you the edge you need to reach your destination. 3 starsAQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Think before you act. Dont jeopardize your position, status or reputation to appease someone. Think and do for yourself, and you will avoid being held hostage by someone who thinks you owe something in return. Focus on health and fitness, not anger. 4 starsPISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Mixed emotions can lead to poor judgment and regret. Listen to what others have to say, but dont let gullibility take over. Verify information. Consider whats in your best interest before you commit to something that can affect your financial future. 2 starsBirthday Baby: You are enthusiastic, helpful and kind. You are captivating and articulate.Visit, or join Eugenia on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.

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Dear Abby

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VIRGO: Put more thought into making lifestyle adjustments that encourage fitness and good health - Lewiston Sun Journal

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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3 habits you should practice daily to stay healthy and happy this year – Times Now

3 habits you should practice daily to stay healthy and happy this year  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to bring about changes to your lifestyle routine, as theres something exciting about starting afresh. As we continue to adapt to the virtual experience, it is important to take advantage of the time we have for ourselves and try adopting habits that can create the most positive impact on our health and happiness, this New Year. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, its that we can change our lifestyle and habits.

Fitness expert and celebrity master instructorYasmin Karachiwala guides us on how one can imbibe small yet effective steps to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Modifying dietary habits has the power to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and what we eat is significant to our health, leading to a lifestyle that will keep you feeling energized, satisfied, happy, and safe from diseases. Healthy snacking and including almonds in your daily diet can be a great way to start the year on a healthy note. Almonds are a good source of vital nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium, good fat, dietary fibers, and plant protein. Almonds also make for a nutritious and effective pre or post-workout snack, as they provide a good dose of health and energy without adding unwanted calories. Diet and exercise go hand in hand and you cannot adopt one healthy habit and trade it off with another, such as unhealthy eating. Begin 2021with a solid fitness and diet regime in place, and be sure to fuel your exercise routine with a handful of almonds.

We all know the importance of regular exercise and the value it adds to our overall health whether its in supporting your weight loss goals, or relieving stress, enhancing the mood, or helping to better manage several lifestyle diseases. In 2021, it is important to pursue a healthy lifestyle but it is more important to strengthen your core before focusing on the body. A strong core helps enhance balance and stability, which will contribute to developing more power and strength.

While adapting to the new normal, 2020 has surely taught us the importance of taking a pause and finding time for ourselves. From finding the right way to balance work to spending time with our families, it must have gotten challenging to find time for yourself. However, it is equally important to invest time in yourself, be it to listening to music, working out, reading a book, or reconnecting with your hobbies. So this year, make a resolution and spare time to spend it with yourself.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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3 habits you should practice daily to stay healthy and happy this year - Times Now

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Gary natives and business owners develop unique collaboration with Your Brand, Your Body | The Crusader Newspaper Group – The Chicago Cusader

Gary natives and business owners Chelsea Whittington of C WHITT PR and Tiffany Blakemore of Vitamin T Fitness have developed a unique collaboration in Your Brand, Your Body. This newly created program invites business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and budding leaders to learn key techniques of building their brand while laying the framework for living a healthy lifestyle.

Both ladies set out to build their business brands in 2020 while being laser-focused on exercise, healthy eating and weight loss. These common goals have yielded success for them in both arenas. With Whittington being a seasoned brand builder and Blakemore an established fitness trainer, this partnership promises to deliver needed resources through a unique approach.

I took a page from my own book as I spent all of 2020 building the C WHITT brand while embracing a healthier lifestyle. With prayer and consistency, I more than tripled my business network while dropping almost 50 lbs., said Whittington. Tiffany worked with me over the past 6 months on fitness training, and meanwhile, her business continued to grow. Now is the time for us to share our best practices with those seeking to take their business brands and fitness to the next level.

Your Brand, Your Body officially launches February 2021 with a two-day workshop featuring courses that help business owners develop their brands taught by Whittington and health and fitness courses taught by Blakemore. The curriculum will focus on a variety of topics from social media brand development/management, email marketing and media relations to healthy meal planning, exercise and mental wellness. Participants will also have an opportunity to complete a fitness workout with Blakemore. Guest speakers/experts will also be a part some of the sessions. Each participant will receive handouts from the courses, a professional headshot and gift bag. A vendor fair will take place at the conclusion the series where participants can network with other entrepreneurs while being introduced to their products and services.

It is my lifes dream to help others meet their fitness goals and live their healthiest lives, said Blakemore. As a person who was formerly over 300 lbs, I can relate to those who struggle with weight, and want to motivate them to keep striving and pushing.

Whittington and Blakemore are also in search of community partners to serve as sponsors as they work to build bigger brands and better bodies across the region. Sponsors will enjoy a host of benefits including logo inclusion on printed materials, signage at the events and a speaking opportunity at the workshops, product or marketing materials included in participant gift bags, vendor/information table, media interview opportunities, mention in press materials and more.

For more information on enrollment and sponsorship, call 219-712-3182 or email

Looking to Advertise? Contact the Crusader for more information.

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Gary natives and business owners develop unique collaboration with Your Brand, Your Body | The Crusader Newspaper Group - The Chicago Cusader

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Researchers seek to help prevent and treat disease by studying the effects of exercise – University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

University researchers are taking part in an unprecedented research project centered on the biological effects of exercise after receiving a grant from the National Institutes of Health and joining a national consortium of research institutions that includes Stanford University, the University of Florida and Duke University. They are applying Big Data and machine learning techniques, which are methods used to analyze large amounts of often complex data, to a robust molecular map in order to identify the prominent molecules involved in exercise. The long-term goal of modifying those molecules is to develop medical interventions which mimic the effects of exercise in the body.

In 2010, Zhen Yan, director of the Center for Skeletal Muscle Research at the Universitys Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center, and other prominent scientists were invited to a roundtable discussion hosted by the NIH to discuss the future of exercise research. The researchers addressed the mutual consensus that regular physical activity is crucial to fighting numerous chronic conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and depression, among others. The scientists at the conference thus agreed on the importance of conducting further research to determine the deeper molecular causes facilitating exercises well-documented benefits.

Exercise seems to be a regular physical activity and seems to be one of the most effective interventions, but the million dollar question is why exercise is so good, Yan said.

In 2016, the NIHs constituent institutions allocated a total of $170 million to form the Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium, which consists of multiple educational institutions including the University. MoTrPAC aims to collectively track the molecular mechanisms elicited by exercise in order to better understand how it impacts the health of the bodys tissues and organs.

Identifying and understanding the particular mechanisms instigated by exercise may allow healthcare providers to apply the findings to prescribe more specific exercise recommendations for their patients. Knowing the exact mechanisms could also allow for treatments which imitate the beneficial bodily effects of exercise for those with limited mobility.

If we understand the mechanism, we will not only be able to ... manipulate or employ exercise intervention, but we can also use modern medical science to come up with strategies that mimic exercise for people who cannot for whatever the reason exercise regularly, Yan said.

The Universitys research team is building their studies off results from NIHs phase one trials, which involved constructing a molecular map of biological molecules which have been shown to improve and preserve the health of the bodys tissues and organs. Phase one used animal studies and multi-omics, which is a methodology they used to analyze bulks of molecular data.

The first step of Yan and the team is to take this molecular map from the NIH and filter through it to identify the exact molecular mechanism responsible for exercises health benefits. The team is utilizing machine learning algorithms and Big Data methods to search for the particular molecules that are produced or released into circulation upon performing physical activity.

Our task is to find a specific route in that map that is critical for this journey, Yan said.

Upon narrowing down the search to the anticipated candidate molecules, the next step would be to manipulate their expression in animal models by using gene editing to activate or inactivate the expression of the identified molecules in animals. The physiological response of the animals would be consequently observed to determine if the targeted molecule is indeed responsible for eliciting the physiological responses caused by exercise.

The research team is composed of scientists from multiple disciplines, including genetics, bioinformatics and neuroscience, in attempts to gain an increasingly holistic understanding of the mechanisms responsible for exercises benefits.

Dr. John Lukens, assistant professor and researcher at Universitys Department of Neuroscience and the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia, is focusing on how the presence of exercise strengthens connections in the brain and results in improved cognitive function. He plans to change the expression of the molecular pathways identified by bioinformatics methods and consequently put the animals through cognition tasks.

[Exercise] has also been shown to be really important to prevent things like cognitive decline and things like Alzheimer's disease and that's been appreciated for a long time, but nobody really knows how that works, Lukens said.

Adding a neurological angle to Yans project, Lukens plans to study the animals behavior and quantity of neurons in their brains to gain a deeper understanding of how performing exercise impacts mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

[We will conduct] post analysis, looking at the brains to see if they have any kind of loss of neurons, neurodegeneration, which is the underlying cause of most known brain disorders or mental diseases, Lukens said.

In addition, combining the effects of regularly performing exercise with stimulation of target molecular pathways will open up new experimental possibilities as factors like changes in hormone levels, oxygen intake and sleep are already induced by the act of exercise alone.

We just dont understand the molecular players involved, but if we can identify those, combining exercise and target pathways, you might have a synergistic effect that can really make a difference in somebodys life, Lukens said.

A challenge which the team expects to encounter is effectively using bioinformatics to sift through NIHs broad molecular dataset in order to identify intended beneficial pathways.

Yan believes that the current pandemic highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise.

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call that we should really take advantage of a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise to stay healthy and be prepared to deal with the current pandemic and future challenges, Yan said.

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Researchers seek to help prevent and treat disease by studying the effects of exercise - University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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The Top 10 Health & Wellness Brands to Watch in 2021 – GlobeNewswire

Boost Media Agency

The Top 10 Health & Wellness Brands

New York, New York, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our health is arguably the most important part of our well-being and longevity as human beings. In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what we should be consuming and implementing on a day-to-day basis. Products are marketed to be healthy and good for you, but simply looking at the ingredients and calorie information of the packaged foods we eat just isnt enough. According to Boost Media Agency, choosing the right health products is key to our vitality and living a sustainable life. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to choose - but here we make it easy, sharing with you 10 of the top health and wellness brands to watch out for in 2021.

Organifi @organifi

Organifi brings together the world's most high-quality superfood blends in a way that is delicious, convenient, and easily accessible to all. Over one million people have already felt the impact of Organifi and this is only the beginning for the company. Our goal is to transform the world through community, nutrition, and habit transformation. Were in this together and were just getting started, the brand states. Organifi began with a group of friends seeking to empower themselves through better nutrition and creating powerful new habits to support the former. Realizing that there was no easy way to get the nutrition they needed unless they spent their time chopping, pressing, and juicing, the group sought to make the healthy path easier for all. After 52 iterations, the team found a way to make superior nutrition tasty and without compromising any quality, thus Organifis first Green Juice was born. The brand is committed to supporting organic, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices to rebuild our planet and their blends are Non-GMO and Glyphosate Residue Free. By choosing organic ingredients and processes, Organifi leads the way in creating a positive ripple effect to shift the conventional food system infrastructure. Now with millions of high-quality superfood blends shared and hundreds of thousands of lives changed, Organifi proves that transformation doesnt have to be hard.

Sup Supplements - @sup_supplements

WhatSUP? You may have seen this brand on the shelves of your local grocery store, and if you havent, you should definitely keep an eye out for them! Created by a bunch of Aussievitamin nerds, SUP Supplements are the product of their passion, innovation, and dedication to promoting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. We decided to take a 360- degree approach to creating our supplements, the brand states, by choosing to formulate targeted supplements in unique and personalised formats, we are creating products for everyone, no matter how you SUP! With so many of us faced with the mounting pressures of having to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle, consuming the right vitamins and minerals has never been so important. Whilst we cant always ease up the pressures of life, we can look to nature to have our back, and help improve our general health and wellbeing. The brand makes this easier for us by bringing the fun back into vitamins and supplements through their innovative formats. Now, how exactly can you SUP? The range is available in SHOT SUP health drinks, CHEW SUP gummies, or POP SUP tablets and capsules, found in simple, easy to understand formulations, finally, a supplement brand that speaks our language! SUP is taking a massive step in the mental wellbeing space, with a range of products that improve sleep, contain adaptogens for relieving mild anxiety and nootropics for supporting cognitive function. Focus. Stress Less. Sleep. Repeat.

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts @maunaloamacnut

Beginning in 1949, at the base of its namesake volcano, Mauna Loa learned to grow and roast macadamias to produce a nutrient-dense nut with a uniquely luscious buttery flavor and satisfying crunchbecoming a Hawaiian icon in the process. With its core line-up of dry-roasted, flavored macadamias, Mauna Loais a favorite forthose who follow Keto and Paleo diets,as macadamiasarenaturally low-carb andhigh in good fats, with thebest omega-3 to omega-6 ratio of any tree nut. Continuing to innovate by harnessing the plant-based power of macadamias, and the vibrant flavors of Hawaii, the brand is launching the first non-dairy, macadamia milk nice cream. With the opportunity to establish Mauna Loa as Hawaiis wellness brand, both on the islands and the mainland, were excited to be the first to bring our mighty macadamia to the frozen dessert segment, shared Ed Schultz, President and CEO of Hawaiian Host Group Mauna Loas parent company. When we trialled our dairy-free ice cream with consumers, they were most excited about its creaminess, which makes the perfect base for a plant-powered treat. Mauna Loas new line of macadamia-based dairy-free ice creamcomes in six flavors: MangoLilikoi, Kona Coffee, Rocky Road to Hana, Vanilla Orchid, Chocolate, and Vanilla Chip. The entirely-vegan line is free from dairy, gluten, and GMOs, and serving as the companys first step towards creating more products with the health and wellness consumer's needs in mind.

The Reserve @fromthereserve

Meet The Reserve, the superfood brand going back to the root of health and wellness. This health and wellness brand incorporate into their powder blends various fibres, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been used since the dawn of human civilization to cure and prevent diseases, and also serve to improve your bodys overall balance. After all, the secret to a healthy lifestyle starts with consuming the right food. Making sure to only select the best products, the small team sources ingredients from all around the world, and is always testing their products in third party laboratories to offer their customers only ingredients of the highest quality, non-GMO, free from heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Unlike other brands, the company only stocks very low amounts at a time, to ensure their batches and nutrients always remain as fresh as possible. The brand also places strong emphasis on the connection with their community, taking care to always listen to their wants and needs. During the current pandemic, for example, the team was able to develop a hand sanitizer that not only had antibacterial properties, but included 5 essential oils to nourish and protect the skin. The Reserve always has their customers at the forefront of their minds when creating and developing their nourishing superfood blends, and their blends are definitely ones to get your hands on.

Switch Nutrition - @switch_nutrition

Nothing truly compares to how you feel when your body is at its peak, but sometimes we need a little helping hand to get it there. Our supplements may have been originally intended for purely selfish reasons, the Switch Nutrition team state, in the sense that we wanted these products in our lives on the daily! Created to provide the human body with all it needs to get the most out of each day, the range is also all natural, meaning there are no nasty chemicals, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners to be found inside. Not only Australian-owned and made, Switch Nutrition conduct multiple studies and beta-testing on their science-based formulas, to ensure they are constantly improving on how their formulas can best affect the well-being, physical and mental performance of both the average person and elite athlete. Switch Nutrition also differs to other brands as they are radically transparent about exactly what ingredients can be found in each supplement, the aim being to not only use the highest quality of ingredients, but to educate their consumers on nutritional science. We want to give people a useful framework of how to think about healthy living in combination to their supplement use, the brand states. So, if youre ready to start kicking ass in both your workouts and in life, dont hesitate a second longer, because Switch Nutrition has got your back, front, and insides too!

Super Shrooms @drink.mushrooms

Sick of coffee crashes and jitters? Then say hello to your new best friend. Desiring to create a much healthier alternative to coffee, Super Shrooms was formed to shine a light on the magnificent potential mushrooms have in delivering a better energising effect. With the added benefits mushrooms have in fuelling brain function, performance and stamina, Super Shrooms blends also support your bodys overall health and vitality. We believe mushrooms are the future, the brand states, they have an enormous medicinal potential for the human race. Their mission to bring mushrooms into the spotlight, and make them easier and more convenient to access, is evident through their range of certified organic superfood latte blends, which draw upon the ancient wisdom of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to benefit your mind, body and soul. Their blends make use of an array of powerful mushrooms, for example; Lions Mane to fuel memory and focus, Cordyceps for energy, Chaga for an antioxidant boost and Reishi for a calm mind and immune support (which they also sell separately for you to add to your own food and drinks!). The use of much-loved superfoods (such as Raw Peruvian cacao, masala chai, cinnamon and turmeric), do the heavy lifting in the flavour department, providing us with the drinks that are seriously shaking up Australia's cult coffee culture for the better.


Kynd is a brand with a difference. Upon spending many years travelling, Kynd founder, Matt Stenmark, recognised that we live in a world in need. Seeing widespread gaps in nutrition and sustainability, he dreamed up a health brand that not only made a difference to its consumers but spread a positive ripple effect to others and to the planet. As a result, Kynd is Australias first one-for-one supplement brand. That means that for every one Kynd product sold, a Kynd Immunity product is donated to a person in need. As of October 2020, Kynd has donated over 13,000 Immunity products to people in need, including homeless shelters and womens refuges. Not only are Kynd products purpose-driven, but they are sustainably packaged health and beauty supplement products with ingredients based on scientific evidence to empower individuals to show kindness to themselves, to others and to the planet. With the brand centring its values upon the mantra kynd to you, kynd to others, and kynd to the planet, they are definitely one to support and watch out for. (To enable Kynd to reach as many people as possible, Kynd leverages the national distribution network of iNova Pharmaceuticals. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.)

Recoop @getrecoop

Stimulants artificially increase stress hormones in the brain, putting your mind and body into overdrive, which can often result in harmful short and long-term health effects. Recoop is on a mission to combat this, through their superior supplements that combine the best of science and sourcing. Whilst they can be highly effective at first, over time our system builds up a tolerance towards stimulants, and we need to consume more to achieve the same effect. Whilst the benefits remain the same, the negative side effects are amplified with an increased dosage. Recoop provides care before, after and during stimulant use, by maintaining healthy cognition and energy levels when taking stimulants, and supporting productivity and wellbeing that may be adversely affected by stimulants. Their Wellness Set works to power an all-natural approach to health and productivity, by reducing the negative side effects of stimulants such as Adderall, Ritalin, Modafinil, Concerta, and caffeine. We believe powerful people, not just patients, can reclaim their health and enhance their cognition for a better life, the brand states, were committed to building wellness systems that dont wait for you to need them. Millions of people struggle with the unwanted side-effects of stimulants, as not taking them simply isn't an option. With Recoop, explore an all-natural approach to compromise-free care.

Pure Oils of Tasmania - @pureoilsoftasmania_

Lets talk about Kunzea. If you havent heard about this miracle oil before, were not at all surprised. Native to Australias island state of Tasmania, this little gem is a godsend for skin irritation. Mother and daughter duo Carey and Josie Badcoe came across this oil when a friend was being treated for terminal cancer. He mentioned that it was the only thing that would help the skin problems he had, which were being exacerbated by chemotherapy and radiation, Carey says. Fascinated, they decided to investigate further what other oils could be sourced and distilled from Tasmania. From their research, Pure Oils of Tasmania was founded in response for the growing need and demand for less chemical products. The brand produces Kunzea, Blue Gum, Manuka and Lavender Tea Tree oils each have their own individual aromas and therapeutic qualities. With their oils wild harvested and batch distilled to capture the pure essence of the Tasmanian bush, the oils antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities have become highly sought-after alternatives to chemical options present. Every day we discover a new way our customers are using the oils for their therapeutic value, to make their homes healthy and beautiful, and for their personal wellbeing, says Josie. The products Pure Oils of Tasmania produces reflects the beautiful surroundings, pure environment and quality of life enjoyed by Tasmanians, which can now be shared with the rest of the world.

Lumen -

Now we understand why you could be mistaken for thinking weve included a vape pen in this list, but the Lumen device is anything but! Once only available to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, the metabolic testing is now available to all thanks to Lumen. Designed by twin sisters Michal and Merav Mor, both with doctorates in physiology, to prepare themselves for an upcoming Ironman competition. Wanting a way to track their metabolism during training but not having anything available to do so on the market, the Mor sisters invented the small Bluetooth connected device to measure the CO2 concentration in their breath. This then determined whether their bodies were burning fat or carbs. How is this possible we hear you ask? Well essentially a high concentration of CO2 present within the breath indicates that the individual is burning carbs, and a low concentration indicates the person burning fat. Along with its app, Lumen is then able to offer the user daily customised nutrition plans based off their metabolism readings. The app also provides workout optimisation, enabling users to see if they have enough energy before a workout or if they need to re-fuel their bodies. Scientifically validated and endorsed by professional athletes across the globe, Lumen is set to revolutionise the way we approach our nutrition, and it all starts with one breath.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing brands, as they continue to improve the health and wellbeing of people with their incredible products. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

Media DetailsContact: Lewis SchenkCompany: Boost Media AgencyPhone: 3106001787Email: operations@boostmediaofficial.pageWebsite:

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The Top 10 Health & Wellness Brands to Watch in 2021 - GlobeNewswire

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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A Week in the Poconos Life of the Founder of Rae’s Roots Wellness Teas – Philadelphia magazine


Joanna Linton, who co-founded United by Blue and founded Raes Roots, is currently renovating a motel in the Poconos with her family, Schitts Creek-style.

Joanna Linton enjoys a cup of Raes Roots adaptogen-based wellness teas for moms. | Photo courtesy of Raes Roots

Welcome toSweat Diaries, Be Well Phillys look at the time, energy, and money people invest in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in Philly. For each Sweat Diary, we ask one Philadelphian to spend a week tracking everything they eat, all the exercise they get, and the money they spend on both. Want to submit a Sweat Diary? Email [emailprotected]

Who I am: Joanna Linton( @raesroots / @stay_therex), 34

Where I live: Washington Square West (though currently in Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos)

What I do: First and foremost Im a mama of two, doing my best in this wild pandemic climate. Im the founder of Raes Roots, a brand of adaptogen-based wellness teas for moms, and a co-founder of United By Blue. Im currently renovating a 1950s motor lodge called The Rex up in the Pocono Mountains. Its a lot and Im loving it, but the only way Im able to manage it all is by making sure I keep self-care a priority in my life.

What role healthy living plays in my life: The concept of healthy living didnt really sit with me until I experienced my own postpartum. Caring for a newborn and toddler was really challenging for me and I fell into a depressed emotional state. In other words, I was sad all the time and didnt take care of myself whatsoever. I kept giving and giving, never giving anything to myself. Instead of giving my body time and grace, I got sad and frustrated. It took me seven months and four trips to the E.R. after physically becoming ill from stress to finally realize I couldnt care for anyone else until I first cared for myself. This was when the idea for Raes Roots was born but more than that, this was when the foundation of putting myself first was brought forth.

If there is anything that Ive learned in the past few years, its that self-care cant be bought. Self-care is so much more than a massage or facial (though that can be a part of it, of course). Its more of a series of decisions to be more disciplined and prioritize your mental and physical health. Its about the little changes and differences that add up over time so that they become a part of your life rather than a to-do in your life. As a young parent, thats much easier said than done, but I know for a fact that I wouldnt be able to do as much as I currently am without maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Health memberships (and what they cost): When it comes to workouts, I love variety. I really have a tough time doing the same workout every day, so I currently subscribe to:

Peloton for $39/month. Its been hard for me to find a way to sneak cardio in during the colder months so Ill occasionally hop on the bike, but for me the real gem is Peloton Yoga (Kirstin is everything shes the most supportive friend youve never met). In fact, I didnt really do any yoga prior to Peloton but their approach, cues and sense of welcome really encouraged me to pick up yoga as a regular practice.

Ob Fitness for $27/month. I love this for all the variety of classes they offer, but my favorite class especially for moms who are expecting or postpartum are their barre classes

Brrrn for $10/month. I discovered glider boards as an alternate way to get cardio in and then I discovered Brrrn and fell in love. They are a studio in NYC but recently started offering at-home classes with their own line of boards. Their board itself is pricey ($230) but its a really good workout. If youre interested I would recommend getting a less expensive glider board on Amazon so you can see if you like this type of workout before purchasing their board.

Kira Stokes for $15/month. When I want something for weight and resistance training, I turn to Kira. Shes a celebrity trainer and her workouts are hard, but in the best way possible. It requires some general equipment (weights, barre ball, resistance bands) but youll get a lot of use out of them.

Linton does an Ob workout first thing in the morning. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton


6 a.m. If Im not up before my kids, the day will literally get away from me. So Im up to sneak in a quick Ob workout (with my girl Michelle B.) so that Im done by 7 a.m., which is usually when the kids wake up.

7 a.m. Breakfast with the family, which for me includes eggs and lox. Im not a big breakfast person but I know that if I dont eat now, I will overeat (typically junk) later in the day. I get the kids ready for school and we are out the door by 8 a.m.

9 a.m. Back at home, I immediately head to our hot water boiler for my morning cup of tea. I love how tea can be incredibly calming. The ritual of making a cup and settling down at my desk centers me almost like Im priming myself to be ready for all the chaos that will inevitably come.

11 a.m. I have my weekly touch base with my mentor who has been helping me learn about the consumer products industry. Today we mostly chat about competitors, what they are up to and what I can take away from it all.

3:30 p.m. I head out to pick up the kids from school. I surprisingly wasnt hungry for lunch but I snack on a Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt Kind Bar. We stop by the grocery store on the way home. We have been essentially cooking every meal at home and unfortunately are always missing one or two ingredients. Im trying to get better at meal planning.

5:30 p.m. Dinner is salmon and spinach so simple. When Im not in the mood to cook, my go to meal is something with salmon. Its versatile, easy to cook and incredibly healthy.

7:30 p.m. Kids are in bed and Im back to work, this time working on layout design for the motel. Ill probably work for another two hours and try to make it to bed by 10 p.m.

10:30 p.m. Bedtime

A mid-morning walk to a nearby waterway with her husband, Brian Linton, helps to clear Joanna Lintons head. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton


7:30 a.m. Feeling fatigued and out of it. Baby girl woke up four times last night so I am barely functioning. I know that the only way to battle this feeling is by really being cautious about what I eat today, because poor eating will have me going down a spiral. I dont have enough time to workout, but I force myself to eat some yogurt and granola.

8:30 a.m. My husband drove the kids to school today, since Im interviewing a potential marketing agency to help me launch some new products with Raes Roots. The call goes an hour over what I expected, but the owner is a mom herself and when moms get talking

11 a.m. When your husband is the CEO of United By Blue, you get outside. A lot. Because he knows how sluggish Im feeling today, he pushes us to take a mid-morning walk/hike outside to a nearby waterway. It works.

Linton surveys the progress on The Rex, the motel she and her husband are currently renovating in the Poconos. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton

12:30 p.m. Homemade curry chicken salad (made with rotisserie chicken) over lettuce for lunch.

2 p.m. Head over to see how renovations are coming along on the motel. We are currently living in one part of the original motel while the other sections get renovated (No, I have not seen Schitts Creek ... yes I know I need to). Parts of the motel need a complete overhaul, including the foundation, so Im eager to see the progress.

5:30 p.m. Im so grateful to have been accepted into this falls Philly Startup Leaders Founded in Philly accelerator. We meet (virtually) every Tuesday where a Philly-based founder speaks about various topics. Tonight we are talking about what metrics to track for your business and setting measurable goals. Dinner is leftover chicken parm over spinach during the meeting (with video off while I eat, of course).

9:30 p.m. Off to bed.

Linton does a Brrrn workout at home. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton


6:10 a.m. Im up and feeling pretty good after a solid nights sleep. Im feeling good enough for a 40-minute Brrrn workout, which is rare. In the beginning I was slipping and sliding all over the place but after a few months, Im starting to really feel the benefits of the workout.

8 a.m. Its my turn to drive the kids to school and we sing along to Raffi on the way. I eat an RXBar on the way home.

10 a.m. I sit down with my husband to review deck options for the motel. We are really focused on the customer experience. Were looking to build a space that encourages experiencing the outdoors, so conversations about decks, treehouses and cedar hot tubs are a daily occurrence.

Linton works on new packaging artwork for the tea for Raes Roots. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton

11:30 a.m. New packaging artwork for the tea for Raes Roots came in so Im reviewing everything before I take it to print. Lunch is a tuna salad sandwich. I love Safe Catch tuna not only for its sustainability but also for its low mercury testing.

2 p.m. Kids are home early today and we go for a walk with their wagon. Grateful to have the open space to be able to walk around freely without masks. We dont see one person while walking around the area.

4 p.m. I have an urgent email that I need to get back to, so its TV time for the kids. Mom guilt creeps in, but I do my best to shut it out. TV time will forever be one of those things everyone has an opinion on my thought is do what you got to do, mama!

6:15 p.m. Dinner is shakshuka and is delicious. Its actually really easy to make. We just used with whatever veggies we had leftover in the fridge.

Shakshuka for dinner. | Photo courtesy of Joanna Linton.

8 p.m. Back to work. On days when the kids are home earlier, my work day is cut short so I know its going to be a longer night. I respond to emails, have a call with a factory in China, write captions for next weeks social media and pick out bathroom tiles for the motel.

12:30 a.m. Bedtime.


7 a.m. I slept in a bit and the kids are already up. My husband makes breakfast and gets them ready. Im feeling a bit groggy with no motivation to do anything hard, but I push myself to do 20 minutes of slow flow Peloton Yoga, which afterwards feels rejuvenating. It may not have been the workout I wanted to get in, but Im proud of myself for getting something in. Breakfast is oatmeal with chia seeds.

8:30 a.m. I love the Crock Pot. We use it at least once a week particularly on days when we know the afternoon/early evening will be chaotic. I grab beef from the freezer, chop up some vegetables and throw together all of the ingredients for slow cooker beef stew.

9:20 a.m. I make my morning tea (today its a matcha green tea by Smith Tea) and get settled at my desk.

1 p.m. I sit in on a Tory Burch Foundation seminar, which is a great resource for any female entrepreneurs. This was one was about turning your customers into a community, which is very fitting for the brand Im building.

2 p.m. A bit of a later lunch than I would have liked, but I make myself a lox salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.

As Linton checks in on motel renovations, her son plays with some plywood. | Photograph by Joanna Linton.

4:30 p.m. Check in on the progress in the motel. My son takes the opportunity to use some plywood as building blocks.

5:45 p.m. Beef stew turned out delicious. I put it over a bed of spinach. Its really hard for me to get leafy greens in my diet so I do my best to sneak it in where I wont directly taste it.

8:30 p.m. I have over an hour call with a best friend. It feels rejuvenating. With everything I have going on, being able to talk about nothing and everything is refreshing. I try to schedule a call with a different friend once a week. It helps keep me in check mentally in this pandemic environment.

The whole family gets out for a walk, wearing neon since its hunting season in the area. | Photo courtesy Joanna Linton.


6 a.m. Because yesterday was a lighter workout, I go with Kira today for a 30-minute resistance training workout. I have never had such a deeper love/hate relationship with resistance bands! I guess the only thing I can say is that they work.

7 a.m. Breakfast is scrambled eggs and avocado. Its one of my go-to breakfasts when I dont feel like eating anything. Its filling, its healthy and it gives you energy.

10 a.m. With my tea in hand, I dive into website copy for the next few hours. I will be updating Raes Roots website in the near future and it is a lot harder than I thought. Sharing my story, writing product descriptions its taking me a lot longer than I expected. Much appreciation to all the creative writers out there!

12:30 p.m. Lunch is a nutella and peanut butter sandwich. Sometimes when youre in the mood, youre in the mood.

2 p.m. I need to take a break. I am so deep into writing that I cant think straight. I go and bother my husband for a while and then clean up the kitchen. It oddly makes me feel refreshed. Then its back to writing.

4 p.m. Kids are back home and its unseasonably warm, so we go out for a family hike. We wear our neon since its hunting season. I dont get as much work done today as I wanted to and it gives me a bit of anxiety to stop work early, but these are the moments I really force myself to realize a hike would be better for me than responding to these last few nagging emails.

Dinner is ramen with bok choy, egg, and oyster mushrooms. | Photo courtesy Joanna Linton.

6 p.m. Dinner is ramen with bok choy, egg, and oyster mushrooms. It looks fancy, but really its all thrown and cooked together.

8:20 p.m. On Fridays I like to do a deeper skin routine. My skin is really dry, especially in the winter, so I typically throw on a face mask. By Nature has been a favorite of mine recently and can be found at Target. Ill use a few face serums and oils that should only be used once a week for deeper treatment and end with an overnight mask.

Friday night is a good time for a deeper skincare routine. | Photo courtesy Joanna Linton.

10:30 p.m. Bedtime. Weekends with the kids can be exhausting so I know Ill need every minute of rest I can get!

Walks and hikes outdoors taken: 3

Online workouts completed: 4

Poconos motel design discussions: Many!

Excerpt from:
A Week in the Poconos Life of the Founder of Rae's Roots Wellness Teas - Philadelphia magazine

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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Second year of the Montreal Heart Institute’s Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life – Canada NewsWire

Supporting people with type 2 diabetes throughout the pandemic

MONTREAL, Jan. 14, 2021 /CNW/ - When the pandemic forced gyms to close, it caused some disruption to the plans that had been developed for patients by the team at the Montreal Heart Institute's Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life. As people with type 2 diabetes are more vulnerable when it comes to COVID-19, it was important they remained safe at home. Fortunately, when public health restrictions were implemented, telehealth was there to make remote monitoring possible. And even though part of the team at the EPIC Center had to be moved to the Montreal Heart Institute to support efforts there, the Clinic's 223 participants made significant progress over the course of the year.

Impressive resultsSince its creation in December 2018, the Clinic has seen 223 patients and has conducted more than 17,000 fitness sessions and 1,950 individual meetings. This initiative is one of the many ways Sun Life helps people live healthier lives, which is a central component of the company's purpose. "I'm impressed at how close these participants have come to recovery despite the challenges posed by the pandemic," said Jacques Goulet, President of Sun Life Canada. "The pandemic has highlighted the consequences of diabetes, which can cause severe complications in people with the disease who contract COVID-19. This has underscored the importance of continuing to give people the tools they need to take charge of their health."

"We're pleased that we were able to maintain the Clinic's services even though the EPIC Center's activities had to be suspended. The results we've seen in our patients confirm the positive impact of regular exercise in controlling blood sugar and insulin sensitivity and show that, when combined with a high-quality diet, it can contribute to preventing and mitigating the effects of type 2 diabetes," said Dr. Martin Juneau, Director of Prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute and Supervisor of the Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life.

Remote workouts and limited resources due to the pandemicThe majority of the staff at the Montreal Heart Institute had to be redeployed to the hospital to perform various functions relating to the pandemic. As a result, the team at the Clinic was without some of its key players. But this did not stop them from achieving their ambitious objectives, through group seminars and one-on-one meetings. Patients had the chance to meet with a nurse, a nutritionist, a kinesiologist, a physician, and an endocrinologist when needed, along with fitness sessions. With a lockdown in place, technology allowed these important meetings to take place virtually.

When it was no longer possible for patients to use its gym, the EPIC Center made a series of videos available to the public. From the comfort of their own homes, participants can watch and follow along for at home workouts. The short videos provide health tips and feature exercises to do at home or outdoors as a way to improve physical conditioning. This has helped participants stay on track toward meeting their goals.

A tailored program to meet growing demandIt has been proven that with exercise and good nutrition, it's possible to reverse the course of type 2 diabetes. That is the core premise presented to patients of the Montreal Heart Institute's Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life.The only one of its kind in Canada, this multidisciplinary program is offered at the Montreal Heart Institute's EPIC Center and is made possible by a donation of $450,000 from Sun Life. A team of health practitioners meets periodically with participants and gives them the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle changes and improve their health.

The Diabetes Prevention Clinic's mission is to turn the tide on diabetes through early detection and healthy lifestyle strategies. The program meets a growing demand for preventive services for patients with diabetes, prediabetes, and chronic conditions that currently affect 1 in 3 Canadians. Cardiovascular disease is the most common complication and leading cause of death in patients with type 2 diabetes.1Studies show that type 2 diabetics who make lifestyle changes, including a high-quality diet, regular moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, no tobacco use and moderate alcohol consumption, can reduce their risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes is the 5th-leading cause of premature death in the world. Hyperglycemia from the onset of diabetes has multiple adverse effects on cardiovascular risk factors, including atherosclerosis, hypertension and dyslipidemia. These issues, together with the damage hyperglycemia causes to small blood vessels, mean that type 2 diabetes increases the incidence of coronary heart disease by 2 to 4 times.2

Sun Life in the community At Sun Life, we are committed to building sustainable, healthier communities for life. Community wellness is an important part of our sustainability commitment and we believe that by actively supporting the communities in which we live and work, we can help build a positive environment for our Clients, employees, advisors and shareholders. Our philanthropic support focuses on health, with an emphasis on diabetes awareness, prevention, and care initiatives through our Team Up Against DiabetesTM platform; and mental health, supporting programs and organizations with a focus on building resilience and coping skills.

We also partner with sports properties in key markets to further our commitment to healthy and active living. Our employees and advisors take great pride in volunteering close to 12,000 hours each year and contribute to making life brighter for individuals and families across Canada.Learn more about Sun Life in the community.

About the Montreal Heart InstituteFounded in 1954, the Montreal Heart Institute constantly strives for the highest standards of excellence in the cardiovascular field through its leadership in clinical and fundamental research, ultra-specialized care, professional training and prevention. It is home to Canada's largest cardiology research centre, cardiovascular prevention centre, and cardiovascular genetics centre. The Institute is affiliated with the Universit de Montral and has more than 2,000 employees, including 245 physicians and more than 85 researchers.

About the Montreal Heart Institute FoundationCreated in 1977, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation raises and manages funds to support the realization of the Institute's innovative and priority projects and to fight cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the world. Its philanthropic events and its donors' contributions have enabled this leader in cardiovascular health to become the largest cardiac research centre in the country. Over the years, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation has raised more than $309 million in donations. Its 26,032 donors have made it possible to make important discoveries and to support the Institute's specialists, professionals and researchers to provide state-of-the-art care to tens of thousands of patients in Quebec.

About the EPIC CenterThe MHI's EPIC Center is the largest centre for cardiovascular disease prevention in Canada, with more than 4,500 registered members. The Center has just over 100 employees and is part of the Prevention Branch of the Montreal Heart Institute. The centre is for healthy people who wish to stay that way (primary prevention) as well as for patients who have had a cardiac event (rehabilitation and secondary prevention). The staff includes physicians, cardiologists, an internist, emergency physicians, a physiologist, visiting professors, nurses, nutritionists, kinesiologists and rescuers.

Montreal Heart Institute Foundation Camille Turbide 514-755-5354 [emailprotected]

Sun Life Mylne Blanger 438-341-3884 [emailprotected]

SOURCE Sun Life Financial

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Second year of the Montreal Heart Institute's Diabetes Prevention Clinic sponsored by Sun Life - Canada NewsWire

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Martha Stewart’s Innovative Fruit Chips Are the Healthy Snack We Need This Year – Yahoo Lifestyle

Having a sweet tooth is the worstespecially when your 2021 New Years resolution involves eating healthier. Its daunting to cut out sweets all at once, especially when theyre all you can think about eating. Having a go-to recipe that can help curb your craving is really important when transitioning into a new, healthy lifestyle. And if youre looking for a guilt-free, sweet tooth-approved snack, then you have got to try Martha Stewarts latest creation: Citrus Chips.

Stewart shared the innovative recipe with her Instagram followers last night, writing, Snack healthier with a batch of citrus chips! Whenever youre craving something sweet, try these bright little bites. Baked low and slow, these citrus crisps taste like sunshine. Not only do they taste like sunshine, but they look like sunshine. Seriously, how colorful and fun do these look?

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This is definitely not a quick snack to eat when you are in a pinchthese fruit chips take four to six hours to bake in the oven. But go ahead and bake a big batch in advance its totally okay because they can be kept for up to one month as long as they are stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

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In fact, waiting for them to be ready might just be the toughest part of this recipe. There is no added sugar to these chips, just naturally sweet citrus cut into thin slices, deseeded, and baked in the oven. Which also means it is totally beginner baker-approved. So pick an afternoon, bake your heart away, and you will have a healthy snack to turn to when all you want is a big bowl of gummy bears.

Check out Martha Stewarts Citrus Chip Recipe.

Before you go, check out Martha Stewarts Best Dinner Recipes below:

Story continues

Launch Gallery: The Martha Stewart Dinner Recipes We're Loving Right Now

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Martha Stewart's Innovative Fruit Chips Are the Healthy Snack We Need This Year - Yahoo Lifestyle

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This Chronically Ill Influencer Eased Pain by Going Plant-Based – The Beet

Gigi Robinson is a photographer and influencer with a focus on body confidence, chronic illness, and clean beauty. As a child, she was diagnosed with a trio of conditions:Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). These are all part of a group of medical disorders known asdysautonomia, which affects more than 70 million people worldwide. Living with chronic illnesses, Robinson often experiences pain and flare-ups on a day-to-day basis. After being inspired to make the switch to a plant-based diet, she has experiencedfewer symptoms and transformed the quality of her life, improving her pain, energy, and sleep. Now, you can find her sharing plant-based recipes and talking about her lifestyle on her TikTok channel @itsgigirobinson, inspiring hundreds of viewers every single day.

In an exclusive interview with The Beet, Gigi Robinson talks about her journey into becoming a plant-based eater, the power of food as medicine in alleviating her pain, and even tips for making the switch to clean beauty. Let her words inspire you to take charge of your health and use plants as medicine to nourish your body.

Gigi Robinson: I have a few friends that are vegan activists who always rave about the benefits of being vegannot just for health, but also for the environment. I sometimes thought about trying a plant-based diet after hearing their stories but never took a step forward until much later. I think the tipping point was when one of my friends told me how she felt better after going vegan, which really drove me as I live with invisible illnesses. After that, I did my own research to explore the benefits of how a plant-based diet positively affects gut health and the mind-body connection. My ultimate thought wasI hate taking medicine, so its as simple as switching to a plant-based diet to alleviate my pain and ease my gastrointestinal (GI) tract issues, then why not try it? Ever since I have been eating plant-based and adding plants to every meal.

GR: I personally have tried a variety of diets recommended by experts for the conditions I live with. For instance, I have tried the low-FODMAP diet for the management of IBS, which really didnt help my symptoms. When it came to adopting a plant-based diet, I took small steps before making big leaps. One day, I stopped red meat, then stopped chicken, then eventually substituted those with plant-based meat options like seitan and tofu. While transitioning to this diet, I realized that eating fruits and vegetables dont make me feel bad, so I started eating more of them. There were and still are days when I have cravings for dairy products and I do indulge once in a while. Ultimately, what drives me to live a plant-based lifestyle is for my health and wellbeing.

GR: Becoming plant-based literally changed my life. Living with a chronic illness, I get a lot of painful symptoms at random times and I eventually found out my diet was contributing to those symptoms. For instance, eating meat would lead to indigestion, where I experienced abdominal pain, acid reflux, and bloating. Dairy products would also make me sick and trigger a lot of my flare-ups, which negatively impacted my sleep and energy levels. Now, on a plant-based diet, I feel much better and rarely experience indigestion symptoms. I still experience migraines, fatigue, and brain fog because of my POTS but overall I have definitely seen transformational changes with my health.

GR: Im definitely proud of how much progress I have made in leading a plant-based and healthy lifestyle. For example, I find myself embracing new foods and cooking them in innovative ways. I used to really dislike mushrooms before going plant-based, now I use them all the time as plant-based meat substitutes. One of my all-time favorite recipes is the Minimalist Bakers Portobello Steaks with Avocado Chimichurri recipe, which you can find me cooking on a regular basis.

GR: My family has been very supportive throughout my whole transition to a plant-based diet. I initially thought it would be quite difficult to become plant-based, living in a home full of meat-eaters, but its actually pretty simple as my family is pretty accommodating. For instance, if my mom is making marinated lamb chops or something, shell set aside some fresh marinade for me to use with plant-based meat. I typically use the marinade for seitan or tofu so I dont miss out on the same flavors my family is enjoying for that meal. While my family is very supportive of my plant-based diet, they are personally not interested in trying it or changing their diet.


GR: I would probably not leave home without any kind of almond or oat milk for my coffee. If I am going on a trip or something, Ill make sure I have some NoBull burger patties on hand and some portobello mushrooms for an easy plant-based meal.

GR: I would really recommend them to educate themselves about a plant-based diet. Until I took the initiative to research the diet myself, I really didnt feel much attached to it. One of the ways to do this could be watching documentaries about the dairy industry and the meat industry. Once I saw how horribly meat is processed in our country, I definitely did not want any of that going in my body. One of the best documentaries I have watched and recommend watching is What The Health.

GR: I share my plant-based journey on social media in the hope that individuals will be inspired to go plant-based. I do get a lot of messages from people who thank me for plant-based recipes and tips, which Im definitely glad to hear. I try to share as many plant-based recipes, staples, and techniques as I can but Im actively learning from my community and always seek to diversify my palate.

GR: I feel like I have always kind of been aware of what products I use for my haircare, skincare, and makeup. Its really important to me to put clean beauty products on my skin, without toxic irritants and chemicals. Its been a few years now and I have been educating myself on vegan beauty and making the switch for more eco-friendly choices. As an influencer, I also only use my platform to work with brands that have cruelty-free products filled with high-quality, clean ingredients. Some of the brands I have had the honor of working with areStarface, Thrive Causemetics, and Hourglass Cosmetics.

GR: I recommend people to make the switch to clean beauty for three main reasons: (A) most clean beauty brands give back to charitable organizations, so a portion of your money is going for a good cause, (B) they care about whats in every product and use high-quality ingredients, most of which may be from a plant-based source and (C) the brand may be a small business, and giving them a boost is really important right now because of the pandemic.

GR: I believe everything you need is within you now.

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This Chronically Ill Influencer Eased Pain by Going Plant-Based - The Beet

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The Paul McCartney song that attacks Donald Trump – Far Out Magazine

Paul McCartney is not the most political songwriter going but he does occasionally dabble in mixing music and politics. On the odd occasion that he has blended these two worlds, his attempts tend to be on the covert side of things. But when he aimed one tune at Donald Trump, the former Beatle didnt try to hide his contempt for the most powerful man in America.

McCartney has always been rather coy about politics; he hasnt aligned himself to one political party and seems not to be a believer in party politics being a force for change, at least publically. Instead, he has used his platform to campaign about issues he duly cares about and believes will make the world a better place. Vegetarianism is a cause that he has famously used his platform for an issue that he thinks will benefit the world in multiple ways, including helping the climate. When Donald Trump dismissed climate change, Macca couldnt bring himself to stand idly by without saying anything.

Speaking toProspect Magazinein 2009, McCartney waxed lyrical about his optimism about President Barack Obama coming into office: This is why a lot of us hope for a change in US politics with the election of Obama. He is the man for the job. I was very impressed by his decision to work on the south side of Chicago after getting his degree rather than take a lucrative job on Wall Street. Im so glad he won. I think he will make a great president.

Obama was someone he had a ton of respect, and he was then replaced by somebody that McCartney never truly aligned with. After keeping his mouth shut on Donald Trump for a while, he channelled his frustration and anger into the song Despite Repeated Warnings which featured on his 2018 albumEgypt Station.

The seven-minute gentle beating of Trump contains lyrics such as despite repeated warnings of dangers up ahead, the captain wont be listening to whats been said, and those who shout the loudest, may not always be the smartest.

Normally I go along taking notice of politics but not really feeling I have to get involved, he admitted to the Evening Standard. But when Trump said climate change was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, I just thought: Woah, wait a minute. Thats a leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world That just sounds like a mad man. Just like mad talk.'

Expanding on his writing process on the track, McCartney later said: I thought, OK, its a sea captain, and hes steering a boat, and hes gonna to go towards the icebergs, but hes been warned, and hes going because he thinks hes right, and he thinks theyre all making too much of it. The usual arguments, you know.

So thats what its about. Its a sort of story like the Titanic. If theyd have been warned, hey, youre going to sink from icebergs, and if the captain says, Its doesnt matter, itll be fine. So its that, using that kind of idea, so that its a sort of mad, daft captain, and then theres all the people on the boat who know hes got it wrong. So its very symbolic for whats going on in some areas of politics, in my mind.

Climate change is something that McCartney truly cares about and, unlike some of his counterpart, has actually poured time and money into trying to make the world a more sustainable place. To see somebody in a position of power use their status to undo this work and create a darker future for the world was something that McCartney couldnt stand. Whilst Despite Repeated Warnings is far from Maccas magnum opus, it came from the heart and struck a chord that still resonates today.

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The Paul McCartney song that attacks Donald Trump - Far Out Magazine

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