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The COVID-19 pandemic has had ripple effects on industries throughout the world. While it's been an incredibly difficult year, the pandemic has proved that life still goes on in the face of adversity, and specific industries can weather the storm better than others. Though it is not an easy time to be in business or seek various services, the medical aestheticsand anti-aging market have experienced a high level of resilience during this tumultuous year.

According to a market research report by Technavio, "the medical aesthetics market is poised to grow by USD 7.64 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 7 percentduring the forecast period."

Although I dont endorse medicalcosmetic procedures, asa fashionand beautyinfluencer, Im always curious to know the latest trends that impact the fashion industry in one way or the other.Irecently connected withAnush Movsesian, a top nurse practitioner in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine. She shares her thoughts on what has helped keep cosmetic medicine unaffected by the global pandemic.

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Pandemic or not, aging is something we continue to face, and it's something we shouldn't ignore. Movsesian explains, "Anti-aging is all about consistent care, and we have to make sure we stick with our appointments and our routines." Movsesian understands that results are achieved through consistency, and when we let it go, we often have to go back to where we started. People aren't giving up on their routines, and they are keeping up with their appointments.However, she also states that beauty enthusiasts must not vie for unrealistic results that can do more harm than good to their facial aesthetics.Its always good to consult a medical professional and get realistic and achievable beauty advice. I'm a firm believer that even though everyone wants to enhance their own beauty,people must draw a line and control obsessions to look like an Instagram filter.

In the face of the pandemic, we've seen self-care skyrocket in terms of prioritization, and rightfully so. Society has realized just how important self-care is, and aesthetics are a big part of that. Something I am thrilled to see come out of this pandemic is a renewed commitment totaking better care of ourselves. This includes everything from eating better to exercisingto cosmetic procedures. I learned in my conversation with Movsesian that self-care is best when individuals take a well-rounded approach. With advancements in technology, more people today, regardless of gender, are including aesthetics in their general self-care practices to achieve better looks and gratification.

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While self-care is incredibly important right now, safety is still a valid concern. "Because licensed medical professionals practice aesthetics and anti-aging, there is no question that safety is being taken very seriously," Movsesian says. "I strongly believe that cleanliness never has and will never be taken lightly in our industry, so these measures are not new to us. Getting an aesthetic or anti-aging procedure is low-risk when you know you're getting it from a licensed professional."

If anything, the pandemic has brought about an increased interest in anti-aging and aesthetics as people realize how essential self-care is to our vitality and how inherently safe these procedures are. Talking to Movsesian clarifies how important a role the industry plays in our overall health and wellness while proving its tenacity. The future for aesthetics looks bright as we put our best foot forward.

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