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Mobile IV therapy is commonly associated with relieving hangovers after a long night of raucous libation-focused partying.

However, Rocky Mountain IV Medics is using the procedure to help people with a variety of ailments including fatigue, anxiety, altitude sickness and much more.

Opening in the Denver area in October 2019, the company has quickly grown to offering services in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland areas.

Cofounder and CEO Ryan Richardson first learned about the benefits of IV therapy after becoming a client of partner Jonny Weber's Mobile IV Nurses business, which operates in Arizona.

"My wife and I were just deathly ill and said we finally had an excuse to call Jonny and his new IV therapy company," Richardson explained. "So he comes out and literally by the end of the IV we were perfect. It was like, 'Oh, my God, this is the future.'"

Richardson was so impressed with the results from his treatment that he and Weber discussed expanding the business concept into Colorado.

With a background as a paramedic/firefighter, Weber heads the medical portion of the business while Richardson is in charge of marketing and business development.

Each IV tech on the team is either a nurse or paramedic, with years of experience under their belts, Richardson explained. The staffs' extensive experience also allows them to recognize more serious situations where clients may need to go to the hospital.

"It's super safe. It is an invasive procedure, so some people still get worried about that, but everything is sterile and safe," Weber said. "As a paramedic/firefighter, I have done IVs on the side of the road, upside down in a car, in the back of a helicopter, in the back of an ambulance, things like that where it's super crazy. When I go to a client's house, this is fun. I can take my time and it's controlled and clean."

And while 10% of the company's calls are for hangover relief, the therapy can help with a variety of issues such as dehydration, constipation, pain management and migraines.

"The majority of our calls are from people that really need the IVs, like people going through chemo and cancer or going through migraines. You don't have to go to the ER for migraines anymore, we come to you," Weber said. "We can take care of that migraine without any narcotics."

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the U.S., the company has seen an increase in calls from clients needing therapy to help overcome the virus or from clients, like pregnant women, needing a boost of hydration or relief from nausea, but not wanting to risk going to the hospital.

"We do this in a controlled environment, we are one-on-one and everything we use is single-use, single package directly from our pharmacy," Richardson said. "It just makes it so that it's another opportunity to be treated on a medical level without ever having to get out of bed."

Rocky Mountain IV Medics client Brenda Williams was looking for something to help her daughter who suffers from cyclical vomiting syndrome, a condition often seen in children and young adults where they have unknown causes of recurring bouts of vomiting.

"When an episode starts, there is no at-home relief," Williams said. " I figured that since it is 2020, there must be something out there. When your child is sick, you will do anything."

Williams came across an ad for Rocky Mountain IV Medics while scrolling Facebook when her daughter was in the hospital. She contacted the company for a service, wanting to try out IV therapy on herself first before considering it for her daughter.

"Michael showed up and educated me on everything they offered. He was amazing," she said. "I have only used the service once so far but am considering using it for a general boost once a month. They offer so much for so many different ailments and preventative care.

"I have recommended this service to everyone I know and look forward to my next visit," she added.

Clients can choose from several different IV therapy "cocktails" and add-ons.

The Myers' Cocktail features six high-impact vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including vitamin B complex, zinc and glutathione. This IV solution can be used to help recover from various things like the flu or an athletic injury and aides in skin health and weight loss regimens. The cost for this therapy is $175 per session.

The Ultimate Myers' Cocktail includes everything in the regular Myers' Cocktail but has an increased dose of vitamin C and glutathione. This option is great for people interested in boosting their vitamin C intake and raising their overall energy level. The cost for the Ultimate Myers' Cocktail is $275 a session.

The Gold package, which runs for $150 a session, offers clients 1,000 ccs of normal saline, vitamin B complex and two additions of their choice -- vitamin or medicine. This package is great for curing nausea and food poisoning.

The Silver packages features 1,000 ccs of normal saline, vitamin B complex and one addition of your choice for $125 per session. This package it typically recommended for people suffering from headaches, the cold or flu, and need some added hydration and a boost.

For people just looking for added hydration with a small boost of vitamin B complex at a minimal price, the Bronze package is perfect. For $110 clients can get the benefits of hydration and energy. This package is great for people preparing for an athletic event.

Clients can also choose plain saline for $100 or the NAD+ IV therapy that has anti-aging and addiction properties for $200. Add-ons range in price from $25 up to $50 and include options of extra saline, vitamin C, Zofran, Zinc or an MIC B12 injection.

The company doesn't accept insurance but clients can pay with a debit or credit card, Health Savings Account card, cash, or through Venmo, Paypal or or Zelle.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of IV therapy firsthand, I took Richardson up on an offer for a complimentary session.

Working full time, taking three classes at Aims and caring for my dog, Don Luigi,I tend to burn the candle at both ends and am often tired and sluggish. Add that to not exercising regularly, going through an early medically induce menopause and not having the healthiest diet, I was a good candidate to put the treatment to the test.

The first thing the IV tech Juan Salomon did was talk to me about my health history, any medications I take and if I have any allergies. He then took my vitals, listened to my heart and lungs, and prepped the solution.

After filling out some short paperwork, I was ready for my stick.

This is where most people get nervous, especially if they've had a bad experience with blood draws and needle sticks before. But being a paramedic, Salomon is used to having to set IV's in all kinds of veins -- including the forehead-- and in all kinds of situations and assured me that my veins weren't a challenge.

A small poke and short sting later my IV was set and the bright green solution began dripping into the tube that flowed down to my arm.

The entire process from start to finish took around 45 minutes.

While I didn't feel anything right off the bat, I did sleep much better that night and the next day I did feel more energized, alert and peppy. My energy levels have continued to stay up and my body just feels better.

So do I think that IV therapy is beneficial?

For me, I do think that the burst of vitamins and minerals has helped me for sure. While the cost can be a little high, I feel that the benefits are worth the cost. IV therapy is something I would seriously consider doing once a quarter.

For more information on services offered, or to schedule an IV therapy session with Rocky Mountain IV Medics, go to

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