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DR. JOEL LOPEZMedical Director, J.Lopez, M.D. Medical Group

Treating the root of the illness, and not the symptoms, is key to enduring healthcare that is his prescriptionA strong and healthy immune system is definitely our bodys first line of defense [against] Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) and other illnesses, declares Dr. Joel Lopez, medical director of the J. Lopez, M.D. Medical Group.

Dr. Lopez was about to start a two-hour webinar (online seminar) for medical professionals and laymen on How to Fortify your Immune System and Vitamin C when Boardroom Watch reached him on April 6.

Holistic treatmentsPending the availability of a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19, Dr. Lopez recommends nutritional supplements to boost ones immune system. Vitamin C should be given to high-risk individuals, such as frontliners, the elderly and the frail, to help boost [their] innate natural immunity, he says.

American chemist, biochemist and chemical engineer Linus Carl Pauling, a double Nobel laureate for his extensive studies on the benefits of Vitamin C, is Dr. Lopez role model.

There are numerous studies showing that vitamins A, C, D3 and E, as well as minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc, can be effective prophylaxis against any type of infection, Dr. Lopez says, adding some wry advice: To cope with stress during the Covid-19 [pandemic], lessen the time watching or listening to news you find upsetting.

Dr. Lopez, who has set up clinics in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Illinois and California, is now based in the Philippines, caring for his aged mother and giving back to his countrymen. He still maintains his San Francisco office, though. My mom (Dr. Adelina San Juan-Lopez) is a dentist, but most of her siblings are doctors, while several cousins on both sides of the family are medical doctors who practice locally and in the US. Im the only specializing in integrative, biological and regenerative medicine, he says.

Hi dad Tomas, an accountant who sold medical supplies and equipment, passed away two years ago.

NATURES WAY Dr. Lopez (back row, far left) with colleagues during his residency at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center. Below is him sweating it out at the gym. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Back on home ground in 2013, Dr. Lopez opened a clinic at The Medical City on Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, followed last year by a 28-story outpatient facility in Poblacion, Makati City that deals with integrative, holistic, functional, biological and orthomolecular (right molecules in the right amounts) medicine. His mission statement is to transform, boost, and maintain patients overall wellness.

Filipinos are very receptive to this type of medicine, Dr. Lopez says. Growth can be achieved by educating the public about the basics of nutrition/prevention. He has been practicing holistic medicine for 16 years. To be able to train more medical professionals in this field is his long-term goal.

I prefer that they shadow me while Im seeing clients, Dr. Lopez says. For more theoretical training, I share my textbooks and recommend conferences that I [attended], such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Orthomolecular (right molecule) Medicine Group.

Dr. Lopez, who is 54, emphasizes that his biological age is younger, and more important

For optional results, he partners with the client to heal the body, mind, spirit and emotions. He addresses premature aging factors, such as nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance, oxidative stress (fatigue, cramps, pain) and poor detoxification mechanisms.

We treat the underlying causes of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. My practice is based on the 7Ps: Personalized, Predictive, Precise, Preventive, Proactive, Partnership and Pharmaceutical grade supplements, he says.

He uses natural remedies (macro and micronutrients, herbals), along with bioidentical (man-made) hormones, peptides, (short strings of amino acids), cell extracts and homeopathy (treatment using natural substances). He applies medication only in an emergency.

Leave it to natureDr. Lopez says integrative medicine allows him to harvest the wisdom of traditional practices and fused with the continued growth of modern science. He also uses a four-step series, called Methodical Dynamics, to furnish a systematic approach to treatments.

Health should be approached holistically since the body and mind are connected, says Dr. Gracielle Consing, The Medical Groups operations manager.

Dr. Daniel J. Dunphy, The Medical Groups visiting practitioner, adds: The good physician cures illness, while the excellent physician prevents it. Harvie Baron, the Medical Groups nutrition coach and food educator, lives by this principle: Transform your health through the healing power of food.

As vice president and founding member of the Preventive Regenerative, Integrative Medical Association since 2014, Dr. Lopez aims to bring optimizing health for a youthful life practice into the mainstream and set up practice standards.

The aging process starts at 30 when our body doesnt produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest food protein, resulting in less less amino acid supplying the brain, he says. One or two teaspoons of apple cider before meals can help the body digest food better. It mimics the effect of hydrochloric acid in the body and is a treatment for indigestion.

Sometimes, you just have to go back to nature to solve nagging health problems and live longer, says Dr. Lopez. Walnuts prevent memory from declining. Fish, especially the small ones like the humble dilis (anchovies), have fatty acids that prevent inflammation. Clean water, air, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, detoxification and nutritional supplements are daily prevention practices.

Because diet influences aging, Dr. Lopez says he eats organic, in-season produce. These contain no hormones that destroy cells. When I wake up in the morning, that means Im still around for a purpose: To glorify Him in all things I do, in my professional and personal life. I read the Bible. He drinks a healthy milkshake for breakfast, as well as nutritional supplements. He exercises at the gym in the late afternoon or early evening. Exercise is one of the best anti-aging tools. It improves the muscle mass and lessens body fat, he says.

Dr. Lopez graduated with a bachelor of science in medical technology in 1986, followed by a doctor of medicine degree in 1990 from Far Eastern University. As a volunteer physician in 1992, he taught holistic healthcare in isolated rural areas in Palawan province, as well as on medical missions in Thailand. He later completed his degree in internal medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago and his residency at the Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago.

In 1996, he trained with one of Americas well-known pioneers in alternative medicine, Dr. Gus Prosch. He also taught yoga and chi gong (exercises for cultivating healing energy) on the side.

Dr. Lopez is a very good, compassionate and innovative physician. He is a very dedicated and tireless medical researcher who is always looking for new ways to holistically heal his patients, says Dr. Chiedu J. Nchekwube of Merrillville, Indiana, under whom Dr. Lopez worked directly in 2010.

But perhaps, the best testimonies come from those whom Dr. Lopez has treated. These are recorded on The Medical Groups website.

Joel is not going to throw a bunch of pharmaceuticals at you. He will get to the root cause of why your body is not in balance, and work to adjust it naturally, as much as possible, says Jaye Wittaker, a US-based patient.

Avegay L. from Fremont, California, adds: Dr. Lopez will not just treat the symptom of the disease, but will also treat the root and cause of the problem. I want to age gracefully and to look and feel healthy. Even my boyfriend is now being treated by Dr. Lopez.

He explains all tests so we can understand everything. He takes the time to answer our emails and phone calls when we need advice or help, say Sandi and Fred Herrera, a Filipino couple living in Manila.

Through diagnosis, detoxification, healing and rejuvenation, Dr. Lopez regularly reaches his ultimate goal. And that is to have patients take active control of their health and wellness.

* * *


Dr. Joel Lopezs individual approach in managing clients nutritional concerns is reflected through four Methodical Dynamics pillars. Your body is a home that you will live in forever, he says. Embrace, love and take care of it. Its the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

Step 1: Early Detection allows us to see what the body needs and how it can be better aided. This describes a 360 degree-approach to your consultation. Strategically designed questions are combined with the test results from the Medical Groups Integrative Innovations. This process allows the physician to find the best approach to the clients current concerns or preventive treatment.

Step 2: System Destress tackles the symptoms and possible causes that prevent the individual from reaching optimal health. It aids in body detoxification to allow the body to best receive the recommended treatments. Our bodies go through so much because of the environment and diets alone. This step in the Methodical Dynamics series helps the body to purify itself for better absorption of nutrients.

Step 3: Restore brings the body into a state of health that allows its very self to maximize its very potentials. Restore allows the body to regain its optimal state. Innovations in the practice of Integrative Medicine are used to allow the body to heal itself naturally.

Step 4: Regenerate stabilizes the foundations of the body with the support needed for the patients goals. Regenerate helps rebuild healthy cells as the person ages. With J. Lopez, M.D. Medical Group, Inc., regeneration supports these building blocks using the recommended nutrients and minerals each individual needs. This approach supports clients ageing process for the long term.

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