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The most innovative health and anti-aging tool ever developed. Every cell in your body contains thousands of tiny bubble-like structures called mitochondria. It is in these mitochondria that oxygen is converted to energy by burning fat and sugar. Bio-Energy Testing measures how well your mitochondria are functioning. Absolutely nothing is more critical to your health than mitochondrial function. Poor mitochondrial function is the root cause of every disease, obesity, and even the very process of aging itself. If your mitochondrial functioning is optimal, congratulations! If not, the information from Bio-Energy Testing can be used to determine what you need to do to correct the problem.

Every single aspect of your physiology from your ability to heal to your very thoughts themselves are 100% dependent on energy production.

Bio-Energy Testing involves the use of a device connected to a computer that is able to measure how much oxygen the body uses and how much carbon dioxide the body is producing at a given time. A series of measurements are taken at rest and during a progressively more difficult exercise program. The Bio-Energy Testing computer program then calculates:

Bio-Energy Testing can also determine:

John (the name is fictitious, but the case is not) is a 64 year old man who loves life. He came to the clinic because he wants to be as healthy as he can be. He has known us for several years, and knows that being healthy is a lot more than just not being sick.

John had the usual symptoms typical of a man his age, noting a decrease in his physical and mental performance from what he had enjoyed as a young man. His comprehensive anti-aging evaluation revealed a healthy man with various commonly seen biochemical and hormonal imbalances.

His biological age was 76. That means that even though he was healthy and getting along just fine, his body had aged to the point that he was producing energy with an efficiency comparable to the average 76 year old. In the long run, this energy deficit was putting Johns health in serious jeopardy. John knew he wasnt getting any younger, but he had underestimated just how fast he was losing ground over the years.

When he received the news Johns response was, I dont care what I have to do Doc, I just want to be healthy thirty years from now. Armed with this motivation and the information from his assessment, we established a targeted, individualized nutritional, hormonal, dietary, and exercise program for John.

The good news is that John really responded rapidly. Six months later his biological age was measured at 54, and he was feeling and performing on a much higher level than he had experienced for quite a few years. Within six months his body had gone from functioning like a 76 year old to that of a man over 20 years younger.

Johns case is not all that unusual, and just underlines how effective currently available anti-aging strategies can be. Additionally, not only is he feeling better, but he has also reversed every single disease risk factor that we discovered. Taking care of sick people year after year made us realize long ago that improving vitality and preventing disease is a lot better than even the most remarkable cure.

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The Nevada Center of Anti-Aging Medicine | Bio-Energy ...

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