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News Health Online Magazine recently interviewed Dr. Joseph Maroon on his tips for healthy aging. In the article entitled, The Secrets to Healthy Aging, Dr. Maroon relates many examples that he has practiced himself over the last 40 years to reduce and counter unhealthy aging. The following is an excerpt of that interview:

Our health system is broken!

That is the opinion of noted neurosurgeon and anti-aging expert Dr. Joseph Maroon, a sports medicine expert who served as the team neurosurgeon for the National Football Leagues Pittsburgh Steelers for over 20 yrs. Dr. Maroon says that Americans spend billions on gastric bypass surgeries each year, but essentially pennies on how to teach people to eat better and have a healthier relationship with food to avoid obesity.

Dr. Maroon is the senior vice president for the American Academy of Anti-Aging and says the key to living a healthier and longer life is to avoid disease before it starts.

Even my closest friends are often surprised when they ask me my age, he says. Despite my youthful appearance, I can tell you that the birth date posted on my drivers license is correct. Although having a youthful appearance is not the only goal of adopting an anti-aging lifestyle, it is a great side benefit. Our skin, without makeup or other cosmetic enhances, provides a fairly accurate window into our overall health.

Dr. Maroon explains that one of the reasons the skin provides so much information is that the skin, like other organs of the body, is affected by inflammation.

Aging and inflammation go hand in hand, says Dr. Maroon.

Here are some ways you can reduce inflammation and promote healthy aging to remain younger on the inside and out:

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively!

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The Secrets To Healthy Aging - Anti Aging News

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