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The Entrepreneur with Brains and beauty J. Nicole Baca

We, beauty writers, are lucky enough to have access to some of the best skincare experts and products in the business. Its our job to quiz them on how best to treat our skin and what are the best skincare products on the market, before reporting back to you.

So, of course, whenever I meet a new skincare expert, dermatologist, or facialist my first question is always:Whats the number one thing we should all be using on our skin?

Celebrity skincare expertJ. Nicole Baca the brains behindOverdosehas proven time and time again that every ingredient she has put into her product has seen itfly off the shelves.

Overdosehas become one of the best products in the beauty world and Hollywood celebrities swear by it. It is the holy grail of skincare. Each stylish slim black bottle sold out within weeks when it was launched online a few years back and it is still going strong today.

With all the recent buzz surroundingOverdose,we knew we had to give it a try for ourselves, especially since its Bacas signature product.

J.Nicole uses patent-pendingBio-Hybrid Technologyto combine seven separate skincare products into one easy to use formula. It is applyingOverdoseonce a day after cleansing, has skin looking clearer, brighter, and more youthful in an instant. Its anti-aging formula works to improve your skins overall appearance by hydrating, firming, smoothing, and regenerating as it visibly reduces the signs of aging, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Whether youre looking for a brighter complexion, refreshed pores, or a burst of hydration,Overdosecomes out on top.

The advice given is not to hide behind your multiple-step skincare routine when you can look good in just two steps! The unique serum formula utilizes the higholeic acidfound within specially bred hybrid sunflowers, delivering a super-saturated boost of skincare essentials deep into your skin without any irritation.

AtTDS, were here to help you navigate through this overwhelming world of lets call it stuff or clutter of unnecessary products we all have in our medicine cabinets, to help you choose the right serums for your skincare regime.

So, we asked three experts who all have different skin concerns, to put the product to the test and share their first impressions to help better you navigate your selection the next time a restock rolls around their unfiltered opinions, ahead.

Before you assume your skin is doomed for life, read on. Lets hear it from the experts!

Paralegal Sabina Cohen

The Background Sabina says: I endured embarrassing acne on my chin and forehead that I was only able to curtail in the past few years by adding Overdose to my regimen. Now that the problem areas are generally under control, my skin is getting itself together. I still get occasional hormonal breakouts, but that is normal, and since Im 32, aging is on my mind. Overdose has definitely improved my complexion.

The Overdose Verdict: The most obvious improvements Ive noticed have been with my skin healing after breakouts. Ive seen a marked increase in healing time for inflammation, which is huge for me. I also want to call out my skins hydrationeven being inside with AC and several plane flights in the past month, my skin hasnt ever felt dry or tight. I credit that with the quality of Overdose and the fact that so many of them include hydrating ingredients.

Nurse Practitioner Chantel Morgan

The Background Chantel says: One to two times a week, Ive been using the Overdose, and it is gentle and seems like an amped-up lotion. You slather it on after cleansing at night and go to bed. It doesnt have a strong scent, it rubs in nicely, and its just super, super simple. For my skin, the mask helped with resurfacing, but I didnt see a ton of brightening effects. However, I did notice my skin seemed smoother and more moisturized in the mornings after using it, and any inflammation was generally toned down.

The Overdose Verdict: Ive been using Overdose as part of my routine for the past four weeks, and honestly, I might not come back from it. The results were apparent within the first few days of using everythingmy skin is brighter and more even, and my lines have seemed to have softened. I feel less inclined to wear my regular tinted moisturizer because Im that satisfied.

Stay-At-Home Mom / Web Designer Cemre Gupta

The Background Cemre says: Maybe its that Im no longer in my 20s, or maybe its just that I no longer live a sweet freelancers lifestyle at the beach in Sydney where I can do yoga and swim every day? Either way, my skin feels dreary by the end of the day.

The Overdose Verdict: I knew my skin was feeling much softer, but I didnt realize how different it looks until I saw these photos side by side. It just finally feels like my skin is properly hydrated around the clockId gotten used to seeing myself in the mirror toward the end of the day and thinking. Mostly its just nice to not feel that same temptation from makeup that promises to be brightening or dewy.

Thanks, team!

Curious to see what the $95 bottle can do? Click here for more information.

We put J. Nicole's 'Overdose' serum to the test with win win... - Daily Scanner

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