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COVID-19 the new disease of growing old, hastening the work of anti-aging scientists – National Post

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The scientists are searching for drugs and diet supplements that could tweak human biology to better withstand the ravages of time

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Its one of the curiosities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In much of Africa, amidst widespread poverty and with a limited health-care infrastructure, the pandemic has actually taken less of a death toll than in rich countries like Canada.

The reasons for that seeming contradiction are not yet totally clear, but Colin Farrelly points to one likely explanation: the continents markedly youthful population.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a highly fatal pandemic largely because of population aging, notes Farrelly, a Queens University professor who has a new journal paper on the topic. Our success in delaying death in late life made us vulnerable to COVID-19 mortality.

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More intriguingly, and hopefully, Farrelly and others say the pandemic is a compelling reason to double down on a fascinating new domain of medical research. Its goal, rather than finding cures for individual diseases, is to treat the aging process itself.

Old age makes humans vulnerable to a range of killers, now including the novel coronavirus. Finding a way to slow down or reverse the aging process will protect people not just from traditional foes like diabetes and hypertension, but infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the thinking goes.

I think of it as 21st century medicine, as opposed to 20th century medicine, in which there were these silos of people who treat your heart, people who treat your lungs, people who treat your brain, Austad said. (Now) theyve started talking to each other.

Targeting aging, argues Farrelly, ought to be the major public health goal of the 21st century.

Nobody has run away from aging by dieting and exercising ... To change the paradigm, we need to look at pharmaceuticals

What anti-aging scientists are pursuing is not the lifestyle fixes long proven to lessen disease risk, like regular exercise and a healthy diet. Instead, theyre searching for drugs and dietary supplements that could actually tweak human biology to better withstand the ravages of time.

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The key seems to be that the animal somehow avoids the clumping together of protein on the shell-opening tissue, a factor for humans not just in muscle ailments, but neurological diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, too, Austad said.

Meanwhile, experts like him stress there are already relatively cheap and safe drugs prescribed for other uses that have great potential as anti-aging agents. They include rapamycin, used now to combat organ rejection in transplant patients, and metformin, a diabetes medicine.

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Underlying the research are some cold, hard facts about human biology. Evolution, it seems, has ensured humans live healthily long enough to reproduce and look after their offspring until they become independent.

That translates into an average biological warranty period of about 70 years, the time before which the body begins to undermine itself, increasing the risk of disease and frailty, says Farrelly. So as weve learned to at least manage diseases of old-age and get people to live longer, the result is often years of illness and disability at the end of life, he said.

But thats not to say that growing old and weak in the way we expect is written in stone.

Theres no law of physics or law of the universe that says that aging has to occur, said Austad. Living organisms are almost definable by their ability to repair themselves Aging is the ultimate failure of repair. (But) that doesnt mean its not possible to intervene in the system.

Such intervention would not necessarily extend lifespans, but ideally make the later years healthier and more productive, a major advance in itself.

That would change the nature of human existence incredibly, said Austad. If you had another 10 to 20 years of healthy life to look forward to, that might influence almost everything you did when you went to school, when you had kids, how many careers you had.

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After it was discovered in the soil of Easter Island in the 1960s, Canadian researchers at Ayerst Pharmaceuticals found it had fungal-fighting properties. It eventually was approved as an anti-rejection drug. What has been learned about it since suggests its one of the very brilliant molecules that nature made, said Zhavoronkov, founder of Hong Kong-based companies Insilico and Deep Longevity.

It should be administered under a doctors supervision and tailored to individual recipients, he said, but the time is now.

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Theres no law of physics or law of the universe that says that aging has to occur

The trillions of dollars governments have spent on the fallout from COVID-19 with its disproportionate burden on the elderly drives home the point, he argues.

So how soon before a drug arrives that brings, not immortality exactly, but a longer healthspan?

Austad believes it s coming within 10 years. Zhavoronkov is also optimistic, saying the last decade has seen remarkable progress, more discoveries in aging medicine than in the entire human history.

It feels personal to Farrelly, a political-studies professor who monitors geriatric science. His mother died in the midst of the pandemic after years of battling cancer, unable to see family in the last three months of her life because of COVID protocols. But hes hopeful.

I believe it will happen in my kids lifetime, said Farrelly. They wont age like my mother did.

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COVID-19 the new disease of growing old, hastening the work of anti-aging scientists - National Post

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Ponce Therapeutics Inc. Commences First R & D Program in Anti-Aging Products for Skin – PRNewswire

MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ponce Therapeutics, Inc. ("Ponce"), a company leveraging the growing scientific knowledge surrounding the aging process to develop anti-aging technologies, has now become operational with the launching of its first R & D program, targeting aging-associated skin disorders. The Company has secured laboratory space in Houston, TX, and has hired its first scientists for executing their R & D plan targeting the elimination of p16-expressing cells in the skin. The cell proliferation inhibitor, p16, is highly expressed in both senescent cells and in in situ carcinoma (Bowen's Disease), which will be the focus of Ponce's efforts for first product approval.

Rapha Capital Management, LLC (, an investment management firm located in Miami, Florida, through Rapha Capital Investment XIII, LLC ("RCI XIII") (an entity managed by Rapha Capital), led Ponce's recently closed Convertible Note financing. The $1,500,000 financing will be used to transition Ponce into an operational company and begin execution of Ponce's R & D plan. With the close of the Convertible Note financing, Kevin Slawin, founder and President of Rapha Capital Management, added the title of Executive Chairman, to his CEO role at Ponce.

Rapha Capital is an investment management firm focused on making strategic investments in early stage, non-public biotechnology companies, through special purpose joint venture entities which it manages. Rapha Capital was founded by its President, Kevin Slawin, M.D., a successful and experienced oncologic and robotic surgeon. After leaving practice, Dr. Slawin has been serving as a biotech consultant, investor, and founder, focusing on disruptive technologies in oncology, T cells and immunotherapy, and other breakthrough healthcare technologies. He is the founder of Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.("Bellicum"), a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ, leading Bellicum to a successful $161 million IPO in December, 2014. He also plays a guiding role in several of the investments managed by Rapha Capital in certain companies, serving as a board member at 3DBio Therapeutics, Inc. (, FIZE Medical, Inc. (, and Demeetra AgBio, Inc. (

Kevin Slawin, MD is the founder of Ponce, and will serve as the Chairman and CEO. David Spencer, PhD. is the founding Chief Technology Officer. Ponce Therapeutics, Inc. reunites the team that founded Bellicum Pharmaceuticals and took it public in 2014 with a $55 million crossover Series C and a $161 million IPO. The team is retooling their original cell control technology with state-of-the-art advances towards their new goal of creating anti-aging products with a solid underlying scientific basis that actually work.

"The science of aging has continued to mature and can now provide a scientific basis for technologies to reverse the aging process in humans. Proof of concept data in animal models demonstrates that removal of senescent cells from organs improves their function and imbues them with a more youthful profile. Targeting p16-expressing cells for apoptotic elimination is one approach to removing senescent cells from the body and is also a valid approach to targeting Bowen's disease of the skin, which also expresses high levels of p16, profile," said Dr. Slawin. "I'm excited to begin work in the anti-aging space, which I believe will quickly rival oncology in both value and interest" he added. "Given our greater than two-decade animal model and clinical experience with regulated cell signaling and cell survival, along with recent advances in non-viral gene delivery platforms, we are now poised to leverage an increasingly detailed, mechanistic understanding of aging to arrest or even reverse it," added Dr. Spencer.

About Rapha Capital Management, LLC Rapha Capital Management, LLC is an investment management firm located in Miami, Florida, focusing on strategic investments in early stage, non-public biotechnology companies. Rapha Capital was founded by its President, Kevin Slawin, MD, a successful and experienced oncologic and robotic surgeon, biotech consultant, investor, and founder focusing on technologies in oncology, T cells and immunotherapy, as well as other breakthrough healthcare technologies. He is the founder of Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLCM). He is co-Inventor of the FDA,-approved "prostate health index (phi)" test licensed and marketed by Beckman Coulter and utilized around the world. He has published extensively in top medical and scientific journals including theJournal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). He has also been routinely listed in America's Top Doctors for Cancer (Castle Connolly Medical) and The Best Doctors in America (Woodward/White). In 2003, he was awarded the F. Brantley Scott, Jr., Award for Innovation and Creativity in Urology.

About Ponce Therapeutics, Inc.Ponce Therapeutics "Anti-aging Technologies Based on Real Science and Developed by Real Scientists" - Ponce Therapeutics is leveraging the growing scientific knowledge surrounding the process of aging to develop its first state-of-the-art biotechnology platform to restore the youthful balance of aged or "senescent" and young cells in the skin, targeting the p16-expressing senescent cells for elimination. This provides a "reboot" of one's genetic program to turn the clock on one's skin back to its youthful exuberance. Targeting p16 will also potentially allow targeting of Bowen's disease as the regulatory pathway for approval. While initially focused on skin, Ponce is planning to develop a wide-ranging portfolio of anti-aging products based on the best science in the nascent anti-aging field. Ponceis headquartered in Miami, Florida with research facilities located in Houston, TX. For more information, visitwww.poncethera.comor email [emailprotected].

For more information about Ponce Therapeutics, Inc., email [emailprotected] or visit

For more information about Rapha Capital Management, email [emailprotected]or visit

SOURCE Rapha Capital Management, LLC and Ponce Therapeutics, Inc.

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Ponce Therapeutics Inc. Commences First R & D Program in Anti-Aging Products for Skin - PRNewswire

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Board-Certified Dermatologist and Baylor Professor: Has the Pandemic Accelerated Aging Skin? – Newswise

While 2020 may have felt like the longest year, unfortunately, there is one aspect of the pandemic that may have been accelerated aging skin.

According to board-certified dermatologist Rajani Katta, MD, FAAD, clinical assistant professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, a combination of factors brought on by the pandemic are contributing to growing complaints of accelerated skin aging.

Some of this has to do with perception and what I call Zoom face. Between the poor lighting, harsh shadows and strange angles in which were seeing ourselves on camera, its the equivalent of looking at our face for hours in an unflattering mirror, said Dr. Katta. In addition to more video calls, the pandemic has ushered in many sleepless nights and increased stress levels, which we know can contribute to premature skin aging.

Dr. Katta is also seeing more patients who are experimenting with at-home treatments like peels and masks that can cause redness, irritation and flaking skin, which can make your skin appear older. Some patients who are experiencing skin irritation from wearing a face mask have had to stop using effective anti-aging products altogether during the pandemic. Finally, lifestyle changes that include less exercise and more unhealthy eating have contributed to accelerated skin aging.

Dr. Katta is available to discuss additional insights on how the pandemic is impacting peoples skin and offers these tips to her patients.

Five tips for combating aging skin during the pandemic:


More Information

11 ways to reduce premature skin aging

Anti-aging skin care

Age spots and dark marks

Skin care in your 40s and 50s

How to maintain younger-looking skin

How to treat wrinkles

How to treat scars and stretch marks

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Board-Certified Dermatologist and Baylor Professor: Has the Pandemic Accelerated Aging Skin? - Newswise

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

The Anti Aging Medicine Market to witness livewire performance between 2020 and 2030 NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

Longer life-expectancy is a cumulative effect of a healthy lifestyle and favorable environmental conditions. A trend of continuously increasing life expectancy has been a witness since a decade, primarily because of advances in medical sciences and treatment of chronic life-threatening diseases, availability of clean water and environment and other factors. This trend is projected to further show even more exponential growth graph owing to the anti-aging medicines, stem cell therapeutics, genetic screening and interventions, and high-tech biomedicines. American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine claimed that anti-aging medicines can add up to 10-20 years to the life expectancy of a human. Today, a combination of calorie-restricted diet, regular exercise, and anti-aging medicines are claimed to slow the process of senescence and aging. Various medicines used against the treatment of acute or chronic diseases can be considered as anti-aging medicines, however, to define anti-aging medicine market we have considered only the drugs that are directly prescribed and used for delaying the effects of aging.

To remain ahead of your competitors, request for a sample[emailprotected]

The constantly growing demand to look young in old individuals and to remain young and youthful in young people drive the anti-aging market. The influence of aesthetics from the fashion and television industry propel the demand to retain the features and energy of younger age in old people. Additionally, the increasing number of anti-aging medicine manufacturers in the decade contribute to higher availability of the anti-aging medicine resulting in expansion of the global anti-aging medicine market. However, skeptical approach to anti-aging medicine as being an external stimulator of cell-cycles is a restraint to the expansion of anti-aging medicine market.

The global Anti-aging medicine market is segmented on basis of product type, age group, distribution channel, and region:

To receive Methodology request here @

The rising demand for beauty consciousness amongst people and the desire to stay young is the primary factor fueling the growth of anti-aging medicines in the market. The acclaimed benefits of the products and affordability along with regional presence compel the demand for anti-aging medicine in the global market. Hormonal replacement therapy segment in product type is expected to account maximum market share in the terms of revenue in the global anti-aging medicine market. However, antioxidant therapy segment in product type is expected to grow with the highest CAGR over the forecast years owing to the rising awareness about the plethora of benefits of antioxidants in anti-aging among the public. On the basis of the route of administration, the global anti-aging medicine market is segmented as oral, injectable and topical, out of which oral segment is expected to generate maximum revenue share over the forecast period. As per the distribution channel, the global anti-aging medicine market is segmented as hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, e-commerce, and drug stores. The e-commerce segment in the distribution channel is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR over the forecast time.

Regionally, the global anti-aging medicine market is segmented into five key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America anti-aging medicine market is projected to account for the largest market share in the terms of revenue in the global anti-aging medicine market owing to the higher healthcare expenditure and presence of numerous manufacturers. Europe is expected to hold the second largest share in the global anti-aging medicine market during the forecast period because of the growing geriatric population and higher spending on healthcare products and supplements. MEA anti-aging medicine market is expected to witness sluggish growth over the forecast time owing to the limited presence of manufacturers and lower healthcare expenditure. Asia Pacific is projected to grow with the highest CAGR over the forecast years in the global anti-aging medicine market due to higher demand from end users and regional penetration of the key players in the region.

To receive extensive list of important regions, Request Table of Content here @

Some of the players operating in the global anti-aging medicine market are

About Us

Persistence Market Research is a U.S.-based full-service market intelligence firm specializing in syndicated research, custom research and consulting services. Persistence Market Research boasts market research expertise across the Healthcare, Chemicals and Materials, Technology and Media, Energy and Mining, Food and Beverages, Semiconductor and Electronics, Consumer Goods, and Shipping and Transportation industries. The company draws on its multi-disciplinary capabilities and high pedigree team of analysts to share data that precisely corresponds to clients business needs.

Persistence Market Research stands committed to bringing more accuracy and speed to clients business decisions. From ready-to-purchase market research reports to customized research solutions, its engagement models are highly flexible without compromising on its deep-seated research values.

Contact Us:

Sourabh KJ

305 Broadway

7th Floor

New York City, NY 10007

United States

U.S.A Canada Toll-Free: 800-961-0353

Email: [emailprotected]

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The Anti Aging Medicine Market to witness livewire performance between 2020 and 2030 NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

ReGen Scientific First Health Institute in Canada to Introduce Evry into Proactive Brain Health Management and COVID-19 ‘Long-Hauler’ Research and…

TORONTO, Feb. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReGen Scientific, a leader in personalized, preventative, and regenerative health announced today it will become the first comprehensive health clinic in Canada to bringSynaptive Medicals Evry, a superconducting 0.5T head magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system intended to provide MRI directly at the point-of-care, to their downtown Toronto location.

Maintaining a healthy brain during ones life is the uppermost goal in pursuing health and longevity, said Dr. Robert Francis, chairman and co-founder of ReGen Scientific. The information and images provided by Evry will inform and support our team of medical professionals in developing personalized proactive strategies to maintain and or restore brain health and cognitive performance to improve quality of life.

At the heart of ReGen Scientifics mission is to change the way health is measured and care is delivered with a hyper-personalized approach to health and wellness. With ReGen Scientifics adoption of Evry, for the first time ever, high performance MRI technology will become accessible directly at a patients point of care within a health clinic, giving doctors vital and potentially life-saving information when and where they need it most, said Cameron Piron, president and co-founder of Synaptive Medical. Our team spent years developing Evry and we are excited to partner with an already established Canadian leader in preventative health, ReGen Scientific, to bring this technology to Canadians seeking to understand the health of their brain well before issues arise.

Evry, which received Health Canada approval in February 2020 and FDA clearance in April of 2020, is currently being used in connection with multiple research studies being done at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia including neuroimaging of stroke and tumor patients, with research funding also having been received to assess and track the impact that COVID-19 may have on the brain.

There are increasing scientific studies revealing that recovery from COVID-19 is a long-haul, meaning survivors continue to suffer debilitating illness and symptoms months after having it. This has created a COVID-19 long-haulers global patient movement seeking help with understanding what has happened within their bodies.

Jean-Marc MacKenzie, CEO and co-founder of ReGen Scientific indicated, ReGen Scientific is looking forward to supporting critical medical research on COVID-19 long-haulers, but more importantly, working to identify treatments that will assist individuals overcome with any lingering effects of COVID-19.

About ReGen Scientific Inc.

ReGen Scientific, is a Toronto based leader in personalized, preventative, and regenerative health. It is accelerating the loop between discovery medical science and evolutions in clinical and functional medicine. ReGen delivers hyper-personalized care based on its Science of You, which enables individuals to take control of their health with an objective of not only extending years lived but the ability to live those years with vitality and health. ReGen Scientific will launch its much-anticipated Toronto based Health Institute, in April 2021. This medical campus will offer the latest in health informatics, genetic testing, predictive screening, regenerative treatments, therapeutics, anti-aging research and functional medicine.

About Synaptive Medical

Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based, global medical device and technology company solves surgical, imaging, and data challenges to improve the quality of human lives. Synaptives integrated suite of products bridging MRI, surgical planning, navigation, and robotic visualization delivers novel information with automated efficiency across all stages of clinical intervention.

Media Contact

Rob FrancisChief Operating OfficerReGen Scientific

Katrina FerroSenior Marketing Associate, Events and CommunicationsSynaptive Medical

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ReGen Scientific First Health Institute in Canada to Introduce Evry into Proactive Brain Health Management and COVID-19 'Long-Hauler' Research and...

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Writing is the best medicine – The London Economic

In addition to carving out a distinguished medical career, Dr Cliff Bacchus has built a reputation as a novelist unafraid to tackle challenging social issues, most recently the practice of intermarriage between cousins.

By the time they reach their sixties, most people would be looking forward to retiring and taking things easier. For medical doctor Dr Cliff Bacchus, however, it marked the launch of a second career as a novelist.

Now aged 78, Dr Bacchus has published three critically-acclaimed novels within the last 15 years, with the latest gripping psychological thriller Curses of Cousins just released.

For the Bahamas-based author, who also runs two busy pain management clinics in the country, writing is a much-needed creative escape from the pressures of the day job.

Since 1974, he has served the medical needs of the Bahamian island that has been his adopted home since he left his native Guyana to study medicine in what was then Communist Russia.

During all that time, he has consulted the rich, the famous, and the less fortunate with equal attention, and care for all, initially as a senior medial officer working for the government before going into private practice in the early 2000s.

His standing as a physician also led him to be cast as a doctor in 2007 Bahamas-set Hollywood film Bad Girl Island after he conducted the medical examinations for the director, Stewart Raffill, and crew.

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Dr Bacchus draws heavily upon his training and experiences for his novels also including his literary debut, 2007s A Doctor and a Gentleman and 2011s Do No Harm in the sense that they are all fundamentally driven forward by a thought-provoking consideration of contemporary medical issues or ethics.

In the case of Curses of Cousins, the narrative is wrapped around an exploration of intermarriage between cousins.

It is a practice that goes on not only in certain communities within the Bahamas but around the world, including the UK. While perfectly legal, it is a semi-taboo subject within society, hardly spoken of.

The problem is that this practice also carries with it a serious risk of genetic defects in any resulting offspring. Indeed, it is believed that two children born from such unions die in the UK from resultant genetic abnormalities every single week.

In the novel, the protagonist, teacher Brooklyn Watts, sets out to find out why her family, and many other families on the fictional Bahamian island of Sigatoo, suffer chronic, incurable illnesses.

In her case, it is alopecia and multiple sclerosis (MS), and, as she quickly comes to learn, her and others ill-health, previously attributed to a curse, is in fact a direct result of the traditional island practice of cousin marriage.

Despite the pain she suffers daily from her debilitating condition, she sets out on a quest to educate the population about the risks that such marriages carry to the next generation.

For Dr Bacchus, who was named Physician of the Year by the Government of the Bahamas in 2000, it is a vitally-important health issue to address.

I got the idea for Curses of Cousins as I have had several patients with genetic-based conditions that resulted from intermarriage between cousins, he says.

Im not calling for the practice to be banned outright, but there needs to be an open acknowledgment that children of such marriages run a significant risk of inheriting genetic defects that could impact their quality of life.

With this awareness then, at least, those who still wish to enter into such relationships can understand the importance of carrying out genetic counselling and blood tests to ensure a healthy progeny.

The novel is also notable for another battle that Brooklyn must face while trying to confront ignorance, superstition, and traditionalism within her society: a war between the literal forces of good and evil for control of her mind.

I always include a metaphysical aspect to my novels, explains Dr Bacchus who, in additional to a medical degree and membership of the American Association of Family Physicians and the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, holds a degree in metaphysical science and is the Worshipful Master of his islands Masonic lodge.

I do believe that beyond the physical we are all attuned to a higher, cosmic consciousness.

In Curses of Cousins this war between the personifications of good and evil adds a deeper level to the readers understanding of Brooklyn, and also another perspective on the obstacles she must overcome from certain parts of society in bringing about positive change.

As well as praising his latest novel for its originality and daring to broach the pressing issue of cousin marriage, reviewers have also highlighted Dr Bacchuss realistic depiction of a female lead a rare achievement for a male author.

This, however, is something that he attributes as much to his environment as his writing skills.

He says: All my life Ive been in the company of women. My children were all girls and in all my years of practice I have worked alongside female nurses.

Its given me a better understanding of the female mind than most men, I think, and it is wonderful that readers and reviewers concur.

Brooklyn was a fascinating character to create, being independently-minded, courageous and determined to protect future generations so that they wouldnt suffer in the same way that she does.

Some readers have called her inspirational, and that makes the whole writing process more than worthwhile.

I always intended to highlight the issue of intermarriage through fiction because it stands a much better chance of reaching the widest audience, compared to a dusty old academic paper that will never be read by anyone save other doctors.

But a novel stands or falls on whether the central character engages with readers, so it looks like all those years in almost exclusively female company has paid off.

As to the future, Dr Bacchus is already working on his next novel, which will be focused on another global issue world poverty.

Writing keeps my young, he adds. Its far more relaxing the medicine while also providing the opportunity to communicate with the world.

Curses of Cousins by Cliff Bacchus is out now on Amazon , priced 9.07 in paperback and 3.02 as an eBook.


Dr Cliff Bacchus discusses his new novel, psychological thriller Curses of Cousins, and what motivates him as an author.

Q. What was your motivation for becoming an author?

A. To expand my outreach to people around the world.

Q. Your latest novel deals with a very grave subject: the risk of genetic abnormalities from intermarriage. Why did you feel it better to cover this subject through fiction than nonfiction?

A. Through fiction, I can reach more people, and generate more interest through theme, plot structure, unique characterisation, and suspense.

Q. What do you hope readers get from reading your new novel, Curses of Cousins?

A. I want them to grasp the theme: that cousins marrying cousins may not be the best for the children you give birth to. However, this is not a concrete rule. There are many who intermarry because of custom and religion, but it is time to reflect on the subject. If it works for you, fine! It is my point of view, based on experience as a medical doctor for nearly five decades.

Q. How did you get the idea for your latest novel?

A. From my medical experience over many decades.

Q. Describe a typical day in your life

A. I rise early, write for two hours until clinic time, 8 am to 11 am. Then its clinic again from 3 pm to 5 pm, followed by a walk and watching BBC news, CNN and talk shows, or a spot of painting on canvas. Bedtime is by 12 midnight.

Who are your literary inspirations, and why?

A. Shakespeare, Jane Austin, and Sidney Sheldon. Inspirational!

Q. All your novels include a metaphysical element. Can you explain why you feel it important to weave this into your stories?

A. Metaphysics deals with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, identity, time, and space. My novels are just about that. My novels must have meaning!

Q. If you could offer one piece of advice to somebody wanting to become an author, what would it be?

A. Be prepare to work hard and love it. Be prepared to accept the lonely life and love it. Be prepared to do research and love it.

Q. What satisfaction does writing bring you?

A. Knowing that I can communicate the truth and hope for the acceptance of it.

What can readers expect next from you?

A. Another work of fiction as I hone the craft for better and better.

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Writing is the best medicine - The London Economic

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Fasting linked to anti-aging process – The Portugal News

By Paula Martins, in Lifestyle, Health 29-01-2021 01:00:00 0 Comments

I dont know what you think about fasting, but it always sounded a little scary to me, several days without eating is almost hard to believe. This practice, was somehow, usually associated with some religious beliefs. However, nowadays, there are several longterm studies that advise us to fast.

I interviewed Dr. Bianka Toebben, a specialist in integrative medicine and anti-aging, about fasting and the anti-aging process. Anti-Aging means a lifestyle, and fasting is a part of anti-aging. Also, Anti-Aging is not only a question of image, Anti-Aging is a goal either to prevent diseases or to treat diseases, she explained.

Most people eat too much; we really dont need that much food, Dr.Bianka said. So, the doctor who has a PhD in traditional medicine and also studied natural medicine, advises us to eat everything and anything but in a moderate way and not every day, so the body does not get used to it. Off course, with some exceptions, people suffering from severe diseases or others restriction, but in general we should be able to eat everything, but not all of the time.

An interesting example can be found in the simple breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast? To be honest I wake up every morning and follow the same routine, sometimes I change the drink, but the food is always the same. Mistake! Dr. Bianka explains that we never should eat the same breakfast everyday because our body will get used to it. You always should change after a few days

Now that weve talked a bit about healthy lifestyle, lets try to understand what fasting is and what types of fasting exist. The first one is when you abstain from all kind of food or drink, usually related to religion issues. Then we have Zero fasting, when you dont eat for 3/5 or 10 days but still drink, followed by intermittent fasting when people dont eat during for e.g. 16 hours, but can eat during the other 8 hours, perhaps only having dinner, for example. Also, we have fasting in that we can drink juices, soups, every type of liquid low in carbs and fat and of course no alcohol. In conclusion, there are fasts for all tastes. If you want to try, then it is only a question of choosing what is best for you. I have never tried, but one day, maybe after the Easter season, I will try the one with juices and soups.

However, not everyone can do it. People who are sick and thin shouldnt do it, they are weak, so they need food, to get stronger. Also, its not advisable for children Children shouldnt do it, they should eat regularly, but less and more healthily, said the doctor.

Furthermore, there is no impediment in continuing to work during the time of fasting, however, heavy physical activities are not recommended during this period.

Perhaps you are wondering, how can people control their hunger when they are fasting? Dr. Bianka answers: The fear of not getting food or enough food makes people weak. Fasting makes the will stronger again. Adding that: When the stomach is asking for food, take some warm water or tea with or without lemon and it will calm down. In general more liquid is needed during fasting.

Fasting can be a lifestyle, but sometimes it is during the most challenging moments that people opt for it. We know through some studies that fasting can help healing some diseases, namely cancer, besides preventing. So, if people need it, they will do it, said the doctor.

However, if you are not convinced, you can try to follow the advice that we started with. Eat everything, but less and not always the same which can be also a type of fast. Change the routine, eat more consciously and dont be afraid of trying something different and new. Theres lots of fasting some fasting that you only avoid foods that you are not able to digest well and more extreme fasting. People just need to find out what is best for each individual, she concluded.

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Chia seed is the latest anti-ageing ingredient – Free Malaysia Today

Could chia seeds be the latest beauty ally in fighting the signs of ageing? (Pexels pic)

Beauty products made using chia seeds could soon be finding their way into your bathroom.

A team of scientists in the US has developed a new technology that could extend their usage to medicine capsules and beauty products designed to slow the signs of aging.

Surely everyone has heard of chia seeds? For now, theyre mainly a tasty addition to yogurts, chocolate desserts, power bowls and even salads.

Chia seeds are known for their many benefits, whether for the heart, sleep or digestion.

But they could, in a new form, soon also help tackle the signs of aging, becoming a major anti-aging ally in the beauty world.

Researchers at Purdue University in the US have developed and patented a new method for separating chia seeds from mucilage, which, the scientists explain, is a thick and gluey substance that surrounds the seeds and can make processing them for food or pharmaceutical applications more difficult even virtually impossible.

The technique yields a protein-rich chia seed flour promising improved bioactivity and functionality compared to conventional methods.

As a result, this technology could allow for new uses of chia seeds, which are native to Mexico, including use in the cosmetics industry.

We are excited about our extraction method because it opens up so many new possibilities for using chia seeds. Our process uses temperature, ultrasonication, and vacuum-assisted filtration to offer improved efficiency to save both time and money for companies processing chia seeds for nutritional, pharmaceutical, anti-aging or other applications, explains Uriel Urbizo, a PhD graduate student in Purdues College of Agriculture involved in the innovation team.

The scientists have tested this new method for other potential applications, such as using the mucilage and peptides to develop films that can be used in medicine capsules and anti-aging products, respectively.

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Chia seed is the latest anti-ageing ingredient - Free Malaysia Today

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COVID/Flu Protection For the Winter – Anti Aging News

About the author: Mila Q. McManus, M.D., graduated at the top of her class from the University of Texas-Houston Medical School in 2000. She then completed specialty training in Family Medicine at Christus St. Joseph in Houston, TX, and is board-certified in Family Medicine. She went in search of answers and discovered natural ways to treat the root causes of health problems rather than band-aiding symptoms with prescription drugs. She became certified by the American Academy of Biologically Identical Hormone Therapy in 2004 and founded The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness where she treats common health problems such as depression, fatigue, weight gain, allergies, trouble concentrating, PMS, headaches, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorders. She treats women, men, and children of all ages! Since shes experienced the benefits of wellness firsthand, her mission is to increase public awareness of natural alternatives to treating health problems. She is also an accomplished public speaker and writer as well as being a member of the Texas Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association, Pan American Allergy Society, and has board certification through The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine.

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COVID/Flu Protection For the Winter

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COVID/Flu Protection For the Winter - Anti Aging News

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Reverse the Process of Aging With These Tips – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Longevity Live Paid Content. Companies worldwide are obsessed with producing cosmetic products that are in high demand by the public. Anti-aging products have dominated the market since their introduction. They have enthralled consumers by promoting the idea of prolonging a youthful and radiant appearance and continue indulging their curiosity by manufacturing one product after the other. But does reality hold up to the hype?

The terminology itself contains many kinds of jargon. Lets take a look; the scientific community and medical teams perceive anti-aging differently. From a scientific standpoint, it is agreed upon unanimously that anti-aging refers to slowing, preventing, and ultimately reversing the aging process.

From a medical perspective, anti-aging means the early detection for prevention and treatment of age-related diseases. Even though the definition is slightly different, there are now sizable industries dedicated to producing high-end products. Customers relentlessly pursue to experience the full benefit of reversing aging signs.

Since its emergence, anti-aging has garnered a fair share of supporters. This unyielding support evolved into a prominent social movement known as The anti-aging movement. The charter of demands presented by this movement revolves around eliminating, reversing aging, or reducing all signs of aging. As this movement gains a respectable amount of following, its influence has rapidly branched out to the public.

A society is comparable to a domino, and we are inadvertently affecting and impacting each other. There is a mimicking of social behavior found within the public so that the community is in harmony. Due to actions such as the anti-aging movement, a debate has opened up about the need for a public dialogue to address mental health issues and the lasting effects on the community.

It is safe to assume the powerful effect anti-aging has on the community. And it may lead us to ask questions such as Why is anti-aging so popular in modern times? and what is community health? The answer lies in technology.

The grocery store is packing many organic and natural products beneficial for health in more than one way. These ingredients improve visible aging signs and should become a part of your meals:

These ingredients are antioxidants, increase your blood circulation to the skin, reduce inflammation and deliver all essential minerals to your body.

Supplements are derived by studying animals and can be used safely by humans. There are multiple experiments done on mice and other animals sharing the same biological makeup. Due to our common biological ancestry, we can adapt our results without fearing they may not work for us.

Medical intervention may not be the only route to stop the process of aging, but so far, it seems to be the most promising one. A large amount of data suggests that once the formula is understood, it would be a simple step to produce medicine on a large scale. At the same time, to make it easy to consume and deliver long-term, satisfying results.

This method has become a fast-growing trend and gained extreme popularity and attention in beauty and lifestyle. It is also one of the easiest ways to explore as the food industry is always under constant scrutiny for optimal dietary needs and nutritional requirements.

Calorie restriction is essentially reducing the average daily calorie intake without depriving yourself of essential nutrients. Scientists witnessed calorie-restricted feeding delays in many age-related disorders and even extended lifespans.

However, the calorie restriction cannot equate to fasting, as fasting is involved with the frequency of eating without attention given to the product consumed regardless of the calories.

Simultaneously, calorie-restricted diets do not care about the frequency and only tend to reduce calorie consumption. An individual may eat as much as they like throughout the day only under their caloric restriction.

The US Company Age X therapeutics applies a very advanced understanding of science using stem cells. This can theoretically divide forever. This company has developed stem cell therapies for age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. They are hoping to revolutionize modern medicine by eradicating aging. Their method is to design drugs that will revert adult stem cells to a stem cell stage, letting them multiply and regenerate in a never-ending way.

This industry has attracted many significant investments from companies like Google. Even the CEOs of Amazon and Mayo Clinic are interested in funding the research work.

There has been a peak of interest in anti-aging research and only seems to surmount from there.

Developing a standardized treatment is challenging as aging is not a disease, and regulating authorities such as the EMA and FDA do not classify it as such. Companies, for now, are targeting specific age-related diseases and publishing their studies on them.

It is safe to assume that the future is brimming with even more studies and research to tap into youths symbolic fountain. Suppose scientists successfully managed to crack down on the process of aging. In that case, it will also open doors to get rid of age-related illnesses, which would only enhance the current living standards. The future holds the great promise of not just a younger-looking population but those filled with a copious amount of health.

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Reverse the Process of Aging With These Tips - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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