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Diet Science by Dee and Michael McCaffrey on iTunes

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Diet Science is a fun 7 to 8 minute weekly program with insights and straight scoops on today's health and diet issues from Dee McCaffrey, CDC. Dee is an Organic Chemist who lost 100 pounds, nearly half her body weight, and has kept it off for 20 years by staying away from processed foods. She's the author of The Science of Skinny, released by Perseus June 2012, and The Science of Skinny Cookbook, which was released December 2014.

I love this podcast, and you should try it out, too! I am so tired of fad advice when it comes to nutrition and diet, and "Diet Science" is the opposite. I can't wait for each new episode. All of the information in this podcast is science-based, and will open your eyes to what you are really putting into your body. And, unlike many other podcasts, each episode contains worthwhile information, rather than a 'promo' for information you need to buy. Because of the new information I have found here, I am slowly guiding my family's diet to be more healthy. Right now we are experimenting with quinoa, and I look forward to trying flax oil next!

Great information presented in such a way even a "beginner" like me can understand it! "Mighty Dee" is a life-saver to me! Her podcasts have become my "bible" to healthy eating. There is so much information out there it gets so confusing just trying to figure out what and who to believe! As soon as you listen to ONE of Dee's podcasts you will become a "believer"! I have lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks using Dee's advice and guidelines. She has the education, the knowledge and personal experience and she willingly shares it all.

...and not those topics you are uninformed about. Your podcast on orthorexia demonstrated your lack of knowledge when it comes to eating disorders - and Michael's insensitivity towards people who suffer from this mental illness was disturbing. (Though he did "come around" towards the end of the episode.) Dee's comments clearly showed her ignorance of the topic, and were more damaging than helpful. Stick to what you "know" and do NOT dabble in content where you are uninformed/uneducated/unaware.

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Diet Science by Dee and Michael McCaffrey on iTunes

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Paleo diet science and research – Robb Wolf

One of the most common questions we receive is what research is there on the Paleo Diet? Thats a great question and Id recommend thoroughly reading ALL of themateriallisted on this page if you have questions or curiosity about the Paleo Diet.

Prof. Loren Cordain has a remarkable number of peer reviewed papers on his site.

Prof. Staffan Lindeberg has conducted research on both free living hunter gatherers and in clinical settings.

The Protein Debate is a project we funded in which Prof. Loren Cordain debated China Study author T. Colin Campbell about the role of protein in degenerative disease.

We talk a lot about nutrition on this site but exercise is a key component of a healthylifestyle. Prof. Frank Booths paper is a phenomenal exploration of the importance of exercise and health.

Here is a list of some of the other studies that have been done in regards to a Paleo Diet:

Paleolithic nutrition for metabolic syndrome: systematic review and meta-analysis

Metabolic and physiologic effects from consuming a hunter-gatherer (Paleolithic)-type diet in type 2 diabetes.

Evolution of the diet from the paleolithic to today: progress or regress?

Evaluation of biological and clinical potential of paleolithic diet

Effects of a short-term intervention with a paleolithic diet in healthy volunteers

Comparison with ancestral diets suggests dense acellular carbohydrates promote an inflammatory microbiota, and may be the primary dietary cause of leptin resistance and obesity.

Evaluation of biological and clinical potential of paleolithic diet

Effects of a short-term intervention with a paleolithic diet in healthy volunteers

Long-term effects of a Palaeolithic-type diet in obese postmenopausal women: a 2-year randomized trial

If you want to find more, PUBMED is one of the largest repositories of humanlearningin existence. Put in asearchterm like Paleo Diet or Hunter Gatherer and get ready to learn! And check out Scientific Research 101 if you need a tutorial on how to read research studies. is full of paleo diet goodness.

I hear thisGooglething might catch on.


Acid Basebalance

Fatty acids(including omega 3s and 6s) My rough recommendation on fish oil supplementation is 2-4g per day.

What about thefructose/glucosecontent of fruits?

What aboutKetosis? Dr. Mike Eades has a fantastic blog and here is an amazing primer on Ketosis:Metabolism & Ketosis. What about ketosis and exercise? Here is a great piece detailing both anthropological data and modern laboratory data on the subject:Ketogenic diets and physical performance. The bottom line? No glycogen, no glycolytic activity!

Are beansgood for you?No.

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Paleo diet science and research - Robb Wolf

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Diet Science – Download

If you are spending too much time in front of a computer and you have something of a sedentary life-style, a good healthy diet might help your general condition and this software may come handy.

If healthy food were as flat and boring as the interface of this program, you would have all the reasons you need to avoid it! The design is unbelievably poor and unfortunately, in the trial version its not possible to see the selection of recipes. It is possible though, to calculate your Body Mass Index by entering your height and weight. You may as well have a look at your Metabolic Syndrome by going into more detail, such as the fasting blood glucose, waist circumference and finally entering your blood pressure. The software also gives you some indication about the Vegetarian, Asian, Mediterranean and USDA diets, together with Diet Pyramids and a Glycemic Index of common food items.

This of course should not substitute a visit to your doctor in case of serious diet problems, but it can help you to have an idea of what is a balanced diet and how many calories we should have on a daily basis.

If you need some help to understand how many calories you need, or whether yours is a balanced diet, Diet Science may help but its let down by an ugly design.

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Diet Science - Download

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DietScienceNews – The Latest Diet Science News and Info …

Americans are exercising more, but they arent getting much slimmer. Exercise is an essential part of a weight loss strategy, but portion control could be more important. The challenge is to maintain a balanced diet that provides the nutrition necessary to remain healthy while eating less.

When it comes to portion control, a recent trial found that the prepackaged food regimen featured with Medifast helped people lose twice as much weight compared with dieters who tried to match the same nutrition and calorie count on their own.

Exercise cant overcome poor diet

A new study from the University of Washingtons Institute for Health Metrics found that in the last decade, the percentage of Americans who got sufficient weekly exercise increased from 46.7 to 51.3. In a report on the study published in the journal Population Health Metrics, the researchers concluded that this increased physical activity has done little to reduce the U.S. obesity rate.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of Americans are obese. A separate report by the institute published in the Journal of the American Medical Association identified poor diet as the primary reason why Americans are so unhealthy compared to other developed countries.

The portion control solution

Another study, published in the April 2013 issue of the International Journal of Obesity shows that a prepackaged portion control diet plan can be a viable solution to this intractable problem.

Researches at Tufts Medical Center in Boston conducted a rigorously controlled year-long study comparing the results of dieters on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan with dieters given advice on how to achieve the same nutrition and calorie intake independently.

A total of 120 men and women from 19-65 years old with body mass indexes ranging from 35 to 50 were randomly assigned to two equally sized groups. The study included a 6-month weight loss phase and a 6-month weight maintenance phase.

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DietScienceNews - The Latest Diet Science News and Info ...

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Emma Buckley: Juice PLUS+ Bridging the Gap – Video

Emma Buckley: Juice PLUS+ Bridging the Gap
Juice PLUS+ is an easy way to add good nutrition to your diet Science confirms that adding a wide variety of nutritional elements, vitamins, minerals and ph...

By: Rachel Roberts

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Emma Buckley: Juice PLUS+ Bridging the Gap - Video

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The great gluten-free scam – Telegraph – Video

The great gluten-free scam - Telegraph
How to install Diet Science 2.0 For Free How to install Diet Science 2.0 For Free The great gluten-free scam - Telegraph The Gluten-Free Fad Is Dangerous - S...

By: mycountrynews

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The great gluten-free scam - Telegraph - Video

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Science Behind Atkins – Diet Science – Diet Approach

Troubled by the increasing obesity problem among his patients and among the U.S. population, Dr. Atkins found how eating the right foods while limiting refined carbohydrates in ones diet changed a persons body from a carb-burning to a fat-burning machine. This, in turn, led to successful weight loss and improvements in many weight-related health issues. It was from this revolutionary thinking that the Atkins Nutritional Approach was born.

At Atkins, we continue to educate consumers about the growing body of research on weight loss and weight management. In fact, today, there are over 80 studies that highlight the positive weight loss results and other health benefits associated with following the Atkins Diet. These benefits include weight loss, improvement in risk factors for heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, inflammation, benefits in treating epilepsy and decreasing obesity in children and adolescents. Weve included these studies right here on our site.Review the studies that support the Atkins philosophy. Another way we have carried on in the tradition of education is through the creation of our Science Advisory Board - a multi-disciplinary collection of nationally known experts in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, physiology and food science from leading universities and institutions in the United States. These men and women are responsible for the oversight of our program as well as the development and formulation of all our products. Our members also conduct and publish additional research on the diet and its principals.

And of course, science extends to our products, whose great taste and nutrition are the result of thorough scientific formulation using the some of the best ingredients on Earth.

See all the published studies supporting Atkins here.

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Science Behind Atkins - Diet Science - Diet Approach

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