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Three Hormones to Focus on for Longevity and Healthy Aging – Gildshire Magazines

There are three hormones in your body specifically important for healthy aging and longevity. Although for many it seems we shouldnt focus on healthy aging when we are in our 20s and 30s but before you know it, the daily decisions that you are making matter and have a long-term impact on your health.

Many age-related conditions appear out of nowhere. They silently grow inside you before they are apparent and hard to ignore. Thats why regular check-ups and looking underneath the hood once in a while is important.

Well, all hormones matter for healthy aging but here we are going to focus on the three most important hormones for longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Three Hormones to Focus on for Longevity and Healthy Aging: Which Hormones Matter for Healthy Aging?

Many experts would agree that cortisol is one of the most important ones. Its crucial for your health to keep the level of cortisol low. When your cortisol level is constantly high, it can have many causes namely inflammation, chronic stress, poor sleep, weight gain, and many other reasons. A high level of cortisol is an indicator that you are in a vicious cycle of issues and problems that are accumulating daily.

Cortisol can affect our muscle mass. The important part of healthy aging is keeping your muscles and bones strong. When the level of cortisol is high, it can have an impact on your muscles and bones as well as your overall health.

There are many ways of lowering the level of cortisol. You need to get enough sleep, exercise, learn to relax through methods that suit you from meditation to walking, and learn how to deal with stress. The most important thing is to have more fun in life, less stress. You can also lower the level of cortisol by taking certain supplements such as fish oil but overall healthy lifestyle habits will take you to longevity, healthy aging, and low cortisol levels.

This hormone is crucial for building muscles. When the level of testosterone is low it can be linked to age-related diseases. Older men with a low level of testosterone can have a high risk of death from heart disease. Its important to stress there is a link between testosterone and age since every man loses anywhere between 1% and 2% of testosterone during his life span. If your testosterone level stays higher with age you are in theory younger compared to your peers.

Most of the research on testosterone has been done on men since women naturally have a lower level of testosterone. However, testosterone is important for both genders especially in link with cortisol.

We need to find a way to keep a level of testosterone high as much as possible while keeping the level of cortisol low. In that case, you have better chances to build your muscles and stay healthy.

It seems like a logical question to ask, especially if you are a woman. How to have a higher level of testosterone without growing a mustache? Well, you can start with exercise and lift weights, eat more proteins, carbs, and fats. If you minimize stress and have a low level of cortisol, you will have a higher level of testosterone.

Vitamin D is essential for almost any function from regulating the production of thyroid hormones to helping the immune system and managing inflammation. When we talk about the immune system, some research has been done indicating that vitamin D can help manage the risks of COVID 19. However, we need more research to find a clear connection.

Vitamin D is so easy to take. Sometimes all you need is one supplement a day. Other things that can help include spending more time in the sun or consuming more seafood and fatty fish such as tuna, oysters, sardines, and mackerel. Your diet matters for vitamin D, so eat more eggs, mushrooms, and seafood. The majority of vitamin D supplements come from animal sources so if you are vegan opt for D2 supplements to get enough vitamin D.

There is much that can be done to keep healthy and to optimize your health over the years and keeping track of these hormones is a crucial part of it.

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Three Hormones to Focus on for Longevity and Healthy Aging - Gildshire Magazines

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Dove Online Training helps you achieve your goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle –

Dove Online Training is a fitness platform designed for you to work out in the comfort of your own home via online private training and or group classes all at an affordable rate. Get the help of a certified personal trainer to push and guide you in the direction of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Kayla

So my journey began about five years ago. I was at a point where I was overweight and feeling depressed, I knew I needed a change. A lot of my workout routines started in my own home. I started with a basic workout but stayed consistent. While initially not seeing results I didnt get discouraged and I continued to persevere. Ive lost 85 lbs in total while losing weight and building strength and am in the best shape of my life.

I began Dove Online Training with the vision to help others achieve their goals of helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle by designing a full-body workout using little to no equipment at all. Dove Online Training offers a variety of Strength and HIIT group classes, kids fitness classes, and virtual personal training. This allows you to get a full workout experience without having to leave your home.

Working out has never been more convenient, skip the drive to the gym and simply open up your phone or laptop to get started today. Make sure to visit to sign up for a free consultation. Use Coupon Code DOTFIT to receive a free online HIIT & Strength Class.

You can also follow Dove Online Training on Facebook and Instagram.

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Dove Online Training helps you achieve your goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle -

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Maintaining a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Amid the Pandemic – Ladue News

When it comes to diet during the pandemic, Verma recognizes that typically less-healthy comfort foods are attractive when we experience stress. First, dont buy tempting foods so that it doesnt become an issue, she advises. Also, give yourself some grace no one is perfect. I like to set myself up for success with small goals to make sustainable long-term lifestyle changes. If you can initially commit to one healthy meal a day, thats something easily achievable, and youll feel good about meeting that goal. Then gradually make it two meals, etc.

Those who do contract COVID-19 may face cardiovascular effects that physicians are still learning about. It can cause minor issues, such as palpitations, to more serious issues, such as heart attacks, Verma says. Unfortunately, there is no great way to predict who is likely to have these complications, although underlying cardiovascular disease does make the risk higher. Many people are also facing symptoms after recovering from COVID-19 infection from a cardiovascular standpoint. Verma sees these patients in a special post-COVID-19 cardiac clinic for those more than 30 days past initial infection.

I have noticed that many people who come see me had a relatively benign course of COVID-19 not needing hospitalization and mild symptoms, she says. However, they then have cardiac symptoms lingering or developing in the weeks after, typically palpitations, high heart rate, low blood pressure or high blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. Again, we dont have a good reason for why this happens to some and not others. Also, we dont know how long these symptoms will last or if they will go away completely. These are real symptoms, though, that are having a major impact on quality of life.

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Maintaining a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Amid the Pandemic - Ladue News

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Leo: Personal growth and a healthy lifestyle are encouraged – Lewiston Sun Journal

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Shakira, 44; Christie Brinkley, 67; Brent Spiner, 72; Graham Nash, 79.Happy Birthday: Follow through. Motivation and discipline will help you achieve whatever you set out to conquer this year. Ask questions, gather information and strive to make a difference. Taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being will help you ward off any negative influences you encounter. Trust and believe in what you are capable of doing. Your numbers are 9, 13, 21, 27, 33, 42, 49.ARIES (March 21-April 19): Youll be right on target. Your insight and ability to take control and get things done will be impressive. How you handle others will pay off. Time spent with someone you love will lead to a new chapter in your relationship. 3 starsTAURUS (April 20-May 20): Uncertainty will prevail if you make a premature move. Consider every angle before you forge ahead with plans that can affect your income. When in doubt, talk to an expert. Avoid locations and contact with individuals who may present a health risk. 3 starsGEMINI (May 21-June 20): Youll be offered insight into something that can help you make an important decision. Added discipline will pay off when putting together a proposal or taking advantage of an opportunity that comes your way. Romance is on the rise. 5 starsCANCER (June 21-July 22): Dont flirt with temptation. An attraction to something or someone will put you at a disadvantage if you are too friendly or accommodating. Take a wait-and-see approach and let situations unfold naturally. An original idea will pay off. 2 starsLEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Handle professional matters and partnerships with discretion. Making an impromptu move or decision will set you back. Look for opportunities that are foolproof. Nurture essential relationships to avoid a falling out. Personal growth and a healthy lifestyle are encouraged. Romance will enhance your life. 4 starsVIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Do whatever it takes to arm yourself with the necessary information, skills and experience to follow your dreams. Dont give up on something that will satisfy you. Take responsibility for your happiness. Its up to you to make things happen. 3 starsLIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Dont procrastinate. Opportunities are available; all you have to do is to take action. Speak up, share your ideas and engage in conversations geared toward positive lifestyle changes that are budget-friendly and intriguing. Love and romance are favored. 3 starsSCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Keep your thoughts and plans a secret. Dont give anyone ammunition that will set you back or interfere with your life. Work under the radar until you have everything in place. When ready to reveal, do so in an unprecedented fashion. 3 starsSAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Reach out to people who can help you bring about positive change. An opportunity to raise your earning potential or start a new career looks inviting. Interviewing, debating and making your point will lead to victory. Romance is in the stars. 4 starsCAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Take a back seat and listen carefully. The information offered will help you make adjustments at home to improve your performance, but roommates, family or friends arent likely to be impressed. Be mindful of others, and compromise. 2 starsAQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Take care of financial, medical and legal matters before they have a chance to escalate. Let your instincts lead the way, and allow your ability to recognize who is and who isnt on your side influence you to navigate your way to victory. 5 starsPISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Use your intuition and creative mind to push forward. Bring about change that will help you get ahead. Let go of what no longer works for you and the people who drag you down instead of lift you up. Choose a positive path. 3 starsBirthday Baby: You are unique, intelligent and humanitarian. You are impatient and restless.1 star: Avoid conflicts; work behind the scenes. 2 stars: You can accomplish, but dont rely on others. 3 stars: Focus and youll reach your goals. 4 stars: Aim high; start new projects. 5 stars: Nothing can stop you; go for gold.Visit, or join Eugenia on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.

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Leo: Personal growth and a healthy lifestyle are encouraged - Lewiston Sun Journal

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Welcome Guidance on Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles & Obesity Management During the Pandemic – Physician’s Weekly

The COVID-19 pandemic has burdened families with economic hardship, food insecurity, school closings, and shutdowns, making it challenging for both adults and children and adolescents to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Emerging data show that individuals with obesity, including children, are at higher risk for the severe effects of COVID-19, says Sandra Hassink, MD, MS, FAAP. This highlights the importance of recognizing obesity as a chronic disease affecting many patients and with disease characteristics that make severe COVID more likely, such as dysregulated immunological function and chronic inflammation. Just as with other chronic diseases, obesity treatment during the epidemic should not be put on hold.

In December 2020, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released two new interim guidance documents to help pediatricians support children struggling to access nutritious food and engage in physical activity during the pandemic, including those who have obesity. The recommendations are available for free at This guidance was issued to promote greater attention to obesity prevention and surveillance for situations in which a childs weight starts to escalate, says Dr. Hassink. Both documents highlight the need for pediatricians to help families find waysoften under difficult circumstancesto maintain healthy lifestyles.

Nutrition & Physical Activity

According to AAP, it is vital for pediatricians to recognize new barriers that have resulted from the pandemic. Pediatricians are recommended to assess and screen children and adolescents for nutrition and physical activity disruptions that are attributable to the pandemic andto screen for obesity onset or worseningat all well visits.

Clinicians should aim to help their patients stick with well-balanced scheduled meals and snacks and limit or eliminate sugary drinks from their diet, says Dr. Hassink. They should be encouraged to eat together as a family when possible and turn off screens when eating. Regarding physical activity, patients should get up and move frequently during the day, take 10-minute breaks for every hour of screen time, walk outside, use the stairs, and stretch. Safe outdoor time is good for mental and physical health. To help with sleep, adhering to a bedtime routine and planned bedtimes, even on weekends, is important, and digital screens should not be used in the bedroom. The guidance also recommends outdoor play, creative activities, talking with family and friends, and meditation to help relieve stress and facilitate healthy decisions.

AAP notes that tailored counseling should be provided using positive strategies that build on family strengths. Counseling should be tailored to developmental stage and socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological characteristics of families. Pediatricians should also become familiar with the complex and interconnected factors that lead to poor nutrition, decreased activity, and excessive weight gain and how these factors may be affected by the pandemic.


AAP recommends that healthcare providers continue treatment for obesity during the pandemic, including intensive lifestyle counseling and pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery. Patients need to keep their follow up appointments for their obesity treatment, either by telemedicine or in person, says Dr. Hassink (Table). We cannot delay needed treatment for obesity or obesity related comorbidities, and we must continue counseling patients on precautions to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Of note, children and adolescents with obesity may face increased stigma. The AAP recommends pediatricians be aware that weight bias and stigma may increase during the pandemic. Clinicians are urged to use a nonjudgmental approach with their patients and families and to continue advocating for reduction of weight bias and stigma.

Looking Ahead

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, many once familiar environments have changed to unrecognizable scenarios, increasing stress for children and families. We still need to continue conducting research on the chronic disease of obesity and its effects on anatomy, physiology, metabolism, even with the ongoing pandemic, says Dr. Hassink. We also must research the most effective ways to help families maintain and sustain healthy lifestyle changes in the face of adverse food and activity environments. Furthermore, studies are needed to establish effective ways to impact change to a healthier food supply, to reduce advertising of unhealthy food to children, and to increase physical activity options.

American Academy of Pediatrics. Obesity management and treatment during COVID-19. December 9, 2020. Available at:

American Academy of Pediatrics. Supporting healthy nutrition and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. December 9, 2020. Available at:

Browne NT, Snethen JA, Smith Greenberg C, et al. When pandemics collide: the impact of COVID-19 on childhood obesity. J Pediatr Nurs. 2020 Nov 11 [Epub ahead of print]. Available at:

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Welcome Guidance on Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles & Obesity Management During the Pandemic - Physician's Weekly

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Cancer Care and Prevention Critical Despite Pandemic – The Union of Grass Valley

This Thursday, Feb. 4, Dignity Health Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital will join health care providers and families around the world in commemorating World Cancer Day. The goal of the day is to both honor those whose lives have been touched by cancer while also working to prevent cancer in the future.

World Cancer Day was established last year, explains David Campbell, MD, a cancer specialist with Dignity Health Medical Group Sierra Nevada. It is a day to place cancer awareness in the news and to promote public awareness of cancer issues. The hope is that by highlighting this day in the media, people will remember to pursue cancer prevention and early detection strategies.

The best strategies for preventing cancer are the healthy lifestyle choices that can prevent other illnesses, too:

Dont use tobacco

Eat a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables

Maintain a healthy weight

Protect yourself from the sun

Exercise most days

Seeking regular medical care, including screenings that are appropriate for your age and risk factors, is also key to reducing your risk for cancer. Cancer that is found in the earlier stages typically responds better to treatment and leads to better outcomes.

If you or a loved one does receive a cancer diagnosis, working with your care team to develop a treatment plan and following through on that plan is vital. Dr. Campbell says this has proven to be especially challenging for many patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cancer care over the past year has been very difficult, Dr. Campbell says. This is due to the stay-at-home orders and the fear that patients and their families have that socializing with friends and family might result in death or severe illness from COVID. This has created significant social isolation and emotional problems that only worsen the concerns they have due to cancer. I have personally had quite a few patients decline treatment due to this fear.

While there have been some reports nationwide of a decline in heart attack and stroke patients in emergency rooms, particularly early in the pandemic, Dr. Campbell is concerned that there may also be an under-reported number of cancer patients, as well.

The fear of COVID in my opinion has led to a delay in seeking timely medical care, he says. I believe there are fewer people going in for early detection strategies like mammograms and colonoscopies. I believe that as we open the economy back up, we will see a surge in cancer diagnoses, and many will be diagnosed at a more advanced stage due to the delay.

Dr. Campbell and the rest of the team at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Community Cancer Center have reassured patients and urged them to get the care they need, including screenings. Theyve also tried to find creative, innovative solutions to help meet their patients needs.

In the office we do many visits by telemedicine, Dr. Campbell says, referring to visits that are conducted by video conference using a smart phone or table.

Unfortunately, Dr. Campbell says these virtual visits prove challenging for many of his patients, some of whom struggle with the technology. He also says that the personal touch can be a crucial element when it comes to cancer treatment.

To many of them, the warmth of a hug, a handshake or a smiling face in the same room makes all the difference, Dr. Campbell explains. To them, seeing their doctor on a computer screen is just not adequate. For a doctor, caring for patients is much more than prescribing the right pharmaceutical. The art of medicine involves much, much more than that.

Fortunately, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being distributed across the country, there is hope that a return to normal life, and normal medical care, is on the horizon. In the meantime, Dr. Campbell encourages everyone to do what they can to live a healthy lifestyle, including recommended screenings and medical care. And when and if you are able, get the vaccine.

My advice is to get vaccinated for COVID, he says. And discuss your fears about this virus and the vaccine with your doctor.

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Cancer Care and Prevention Critical Despite Pandemic - The Union of Grass Valley

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The New You: Jason Frazer reflects on his healthy living journey –

After wrapping up an eight week program with Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center, Jason shares lessons learned, challenges and results.

CLEVELAND My wellness journey began several months into the pandemic. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I admit I wasnt happy with what I saw. My suits were a little too tight. Staying home meant I wasnt exercising and I turned to food to help me cope.

As I asked around, I found out I wasn't alone.

There were so many people who were out there who were not only struggling with their weight loss but also going through what I call the mental health roller coaster. The pandemic was creating many stressors, and road-blocks to living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

So, my hope was to inspire other people to take control of not only their mental health but also their physical health. I wanted to demonstrate that not only are we going to get through this, but that we can get through this together.

It's why I partnered with the Cleveland Clinics Wellness Center, and two 3News viewers, Kim and Kati, to get things back on track.

The mission of the program wasnt just about learning how to lose weight. It is about a full mind and body transformation in how you view food and your overall wellness. There were several things i learned. First, I had tounderstand that I didn't gain the weight overnight, I didn't get here overnight and it was going to take time.

Throughout this process, I had to say to myself a couple of times, it's going to be okay, you're going to get through it. Small changes lead to medium changes and medium changes lead to bigger changes.

There were some other things I admit I struggled with. I was anxious about acupunctureand I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of yoga.

But there were other challenges, too. At some point, I hit a plateau. I was losing weight, and things were good, but then I just hit a wall where I wasn't losing any more weight. That was really hard for me, because then that meant okay, well, I need to adjust something to continue.

But there were some perks, too. My favorite part of the program of course involved food. Working with Chef Jim Perko, the Executive Chef at Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Center, taught me about the concept of making sure you're eating foods that love you back. Now, I'm always asking myself as I'm eating something - is this a food that's going to love me back?

So how did I do? Well, that depends on how you evaluate success.

When I went for my last appointment, there was good news and bad news. I'll share the bad news first - my cholesterol numbers were still fairly high. That's something I will continue to work on improving.

My other numbers were better - my vitamin B levels got better, and I am happy to report I lost 17 pounds. So many viewers contacted me to say that they noticed my face was looking slimmer, and I think 17 pounds is fantastic when you think about doing this over just a two month journey.

While I know I have more weight to lose, I have to appreciate the progress I have made. Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, it takes discipline, it takes time, and it also takes having a conversation with yourself and saying - I'm not happy with what I'm seeing in the mirror, I'm not happy with what isgoing on in my life. It's okay to have that conversation, and there's always an opportunity to for a fresh start, and a new you.

Editor's Note: The below story aired on January 25, 2021

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The New You: Jason Frazer reflects on his healthy living journey -

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Applewood Fresh EverCrisp, The Sweetest Apple for Your Healthy Lifestyle – PerishableNews

Applewood Fresh, a premier produce brand and fourth-generation grower, packer/shipper and marketer of Michigan-grown apples is shipping EverCrisp apples. When it comes to exciting new apples available this winter, the best was saved for last: EverCrisp expands its availability this year as a late-season, sweet apple that packs a superior crunch.

This great quality, blushed rosy red apple is juicy and firm. And, the EverCrisp name says it all. Ever durable, the apple harvestsin lateOctober and stores well, the fruits true flavor is developed during storage, maintaining its sweetness and texture like no other giving apple lovers a fresh, new choice. At the first of the year, the perfect time to introduce to consumers. That makes EverCrisp the ideal snack for a healthy New Year, and a crave-able delight well into 2021. The MAIA-1 apple varietys parentage are Honeycrisp and Fuji, which combines their flavor and juiciness. Each bite produces a loud crunch, followed by an explosion of sweetness.

This yearsvintageharvest will also place EverCrispon grocersshelves, as it is the perfect time of year to add a new variety for consumers to discover as they look to eat healthy, said Brian Coates, VP of Sales for Applewood Fresh. Today, EverCrisp supplies continue to grow each year as more fruit comes into production. Availability is expected to expand exponentially in 2021 and beyond.

Applewood Fresh offers bulk packaging in Standard and Euro Tray pack Cartons, as well as a number of packaged options; 2 lb.pouch,3 lb. poly bags and tote bags to fit the new trend of increased packaged apple sales. Retailers should promote packaged fruit and merchandise in lead-off positions in their produce departments to drive sales.Customers are looking for quick grab and go solutions as the navigate the store to expedite their shopping trip.

To help retailers drive sales, both in-store and online digital marketing tools have been developed to support the EverCrisp program. With the help from The Produce Moms, the eye-catching marketing materialsinclude delicious recipes, e-books andmuchmore.The apple provides a full sensory experience that leaves consumers craving another bite, said Scott Swindeman, Owner of Applewood Fresh.

For more information about the Applewood Fresh, and to place orders, please contact the sales team at Applewood Fresh at 616-239-2871.

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Applewood Fresh EverCrisp, The Sweetest Apple for Your Healthy Lifestyle - PerishableNews

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Taziki’s Mediterranean Caf Highlights Heart-Healthy Menu Items During the Month of February –

Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Salmon

Birmingham, AL ( February is American Heart Month, a federally designated month that is an excellent way to remind Americans to focus on their hearts and pledge to a healthy lifestyle. This month, Tazikis Mediterranean Caf will highlight heart-healthy menu items to encourage customers to make nutritious selections and reduce the risk of high blood pressure as well as heart disease.

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Sadly, it claims a life every 36 seconds in the United States. These totals mean that 655,000 people die each year from what is considered by most health experts to be a preventable disease. Almost 50% of the adults in the United States live with cardiovascular disease, and without expanding awareness on this topic, that number will likely increase.

Tazikis fits into a unique niche with diners when it comes to creating heart health-conscious menu items. Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, Tazikis colorful menu offers handcrafted, elevated, affordable fare the entire family enjoys.

At Tazikis we search for the highest quality foods possible, this means, flavor, nutrition and quality go hand in hand, said Dan Simpson, CEO of Tazikis Mediterranean Caf. Our Mediterranean menu is built on nutritious staples including fruits, vegetables, potatoes, whole-grains, beans, seafood, diary, nuts and herbs.

The U.S. News & World Reports annual ranking recently revealed the best eating plans for 2021 and for the fourth consecutive year, the Mediterranean diet was named the Best Diet Overall. The traditional eating pattern of the Mediterranean region has also grabbed the No. 1 spot in the Best Diets for Healthy Eating, Easiest Diets to Follow, Best Diets for Diabetes, and Best Plant-Based Diets and Best Heart-healthy categories.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that can be eaten without chemical processing and an item that Tazikis uses in many of its menu items.

We have set our standards high for our partners that are responsible for the delicious flavors across our menu, said Keith Richards, Founder of Tazikis Mediterranean Caf. This includes sourcing the restaurants olives, red peppers, olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice directly from the Greek cities of Leonidio, Plaka, Patras, Aiyion and Athens.

During American Heart Month, and always, Tazikis reminds customers to:

Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe understands the importance of providing complete and accurate nutrition information to their customers. Because every customer uses nutrition information differently, Tazikis website and app provide several ways to view nutrition information through the restaurants own nutritional calculator, interactive nutrition menu and allergen menu.

Media Tools: Keith Richards, Founder of Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe discusses the restaurants heart-healthy menu items in this video.

About Tazikis Mediterranean Caf

Tazikis Mediterranean Caf is a rapidly expanding brand, named one of Americas fastest growing leaders by Inc. 5000 in the fresh-casual industry. Having more than tripled in size since 2011, Tazikis has over 90 restaurant locations, spanning across 18 states nationally. Development plans include building the brand in existing markets, as well as entering new areas across the country by 2023.

The essence of Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe is defined by serving fresh ingredients and hand-cut meats daily. The Mediterranean influence in their name echoes across their best-in-class, chef-inspired cuisine but is intentionally approachable for any person, anywhere. Tazikis takes pride in their made-from-scratch food that nourishes customers daily and the artisanship that goes behind doing so without the use of fryers, or microwaves.

Tazikis mission is to create an environment that combines extraordinary food with meaningful human connection.

Contact:Julie Wade, Senior Director of MarketingTazikis Mediterranean Cafjwade@tazikis.com205-547-3645

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Taziki's Mediterranean Caf Highlights Heart-Healthy Menu Items During the Month of February -

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Youve Been Diagnosed with Heart Disease. Now What? – Prince William Living

Provided by Novant Health UVA Health System

David DeMaria, M.D.

Learning that you have heart disease can be discouraging, but it doesnt have to be debilitating. Think of it as a new beginning, said David DeMaria, M.D., a cardiologist at Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Cardiology. Its often a positive thing that its been diagnosed without any dangerous complications. At the very least, it is a massive wake-up call that you cant take your health for granted.

Heart disease refers to several different heart conditions, but the most common is coronary artery disease, which can cause a heart attack. Coronary artery disease occurs when plaque builds up in your arteries. Over time, those arteries can narrow, which reduces blood flow to your heart and puts you at risk for heart attack.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year.

DeMaria said the first thing he tells a patient who has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease is youre not alone.

Dont be discouraged, he said. Engage with your physician and your medical care, and feel empowered that what you do will make a difference.

For many people with coronary heart disease, the treatment is two-pronged prescribed medicine that can lower your risk of additional plaque buildup and adopting healthy lifestyle changes.

Minimize the amount of sugar and processed foods you eat, DeMaria added. Cut back on salty foods and saturated fats, as well as sugary drinks and fast foods. Its helpful to follow either the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet, which was originally designed to help people control their blood pressure.

The No. 1 thing I tell my patients is that if theyre feeling well, exercise, exercise, exercise, DeMaria mentioned.

For some people, the first sign of heart disease is sudden death. But for many, their coronary heart disease is discovered early enough that they can modify their lifestyle to limit further heart damage.

The first step? See your doctor for regular check-ups. If a medical issue needs attention, catching it in the early stages is beneficial.

Heart disease kills more people than all forms of cancer combined, DeMaria said. Yet, 80 percent of heart disease is preventable, simply based on risk-factor modification. Diagnosing and treating these risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can be difficult because many patients feel perfectly fine and are unaware that anything is wrong. This is where regular physicals and screenings are very helpful.

Coronary heart disease can be managed with a combination of lifestyle changes and medications. With the correct treatment, symptoms can be reduced and your heart function will improve.

I always tell patients to be positive, engaged, empowered, and to partner with their doctor, DeMaria said. Fully commit to this journey. Ask questions about your care plan or medications. You dont need to combat this alone.

For more information on heart and vascular services at Novant Health UVA Health System, visit

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Youve Been Diagnosed with Heart Disease. Now What? - Prince William Living

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