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Healthy Living in the New Year in Champaign-Urbana –

Thank you to the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon for presenting Healthy Living in the New Year. Dont miss the 2020 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend April 24-25. With six events to choose from including the 5K on Friday night at 7:30 and the youth run at 3 p.m. on Saturday your best race is in sight. Memorable race shirts, drawstring bags, finisher medals, and a spectacular finish in Memorial Stadium await you. Register today at and use promo code chambanamoms2020to receive $5 off any event.

Its hard to escape the talk of New Years resolutions related to health, fitness, and weight loss. The truth is any time is a great time to commit to health and wellness goals. We have compiled a list of resources to get you started on your journey to wellness and your best you.

Free Fitness Opportunities in Champaign-Urbana and Beyond

Where: Champaign location

Pursuit Fitness and Performance InstituteWhere: Champaign (insideLodgic Everyday Community)What:Set up a tour and consultation and get a free fitness assessment and personal training session.

Raw FitnessWhere: ChampaignWhat: Click for a FREE health assessment, consult and 30-minute trial training session.

Orange Theory FitnessWhere: South Neil Street in ChampaignWhat: Try your first class for free.

Profile by SanfordWhere: Champaign location (near Meijer)What: Meet with a certified Profile coach for free to discuss programming.

KMC ActiveWhere: Kirby Medical Center, MonticelloWhat: Kirby Medical Center is adding new group fitness classes to its programming. If you are interested in trying one of these classes before joining or would like to put your name on the pre-registration list, please call 217-762-1520 or email.

CurvesWhere: Champaign and Monticello locationsWhat: Click for a free seven-day pass for use in seven consecutive days at the same location.

Planet FitnessWhere: Champaign locationWhat: Click for a free day pass for use anytime.

Crunch FitnessWhere: Champaign location (former Toys R Us location)What: Click for a free day pass for use anytime.

Anytime FitnessWhere:Champaign, Danville locationsWhat: Click for a7-day trial passfor use anytime.

Mahomet-Seymour FieldhouseWhere: MahometWhat: The Fieldhouse, which includes an indoor track, is currently open for walkers and joggers on various days each month. The Fieldhouse isopen only to residents of the Mahomet-Seymour school district. Adult Mahomet-Seymour residents are allowed one guest who may reside outside of the district. Students in junior high and younger must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or by another adult. Click here to check updated schedules.

Douglass Park Fitness Trail (OUTDOORS)Where: Douglass Park, ChampaignWhat: Champaign Park Districts Douglass Park boasts a .6 mile fitness trail with several pieces of outdoor exercise equipment. Try out the ab crunch/leg lift, assisted row/push-up, balance steps, cardio stepper, chest/back press, mobility station, plyometrics, pull-up/dip, squat press, stretching station and Tai Chi wheels all for free! More info in our Chambana Parks to Know profile.


U of I Armory and TrackWhere: Champaign, University of Illinois campusWhat: You dont have to be a University of Illinois student to enjoy this amazing facility. The Armory and Track floor is 62,000 square feet of space. The center of the arch is approximately 95 feet high. The running track is 200 meters long in Lane 1. Pay a daily fee of $3/individual or $5/family or buy a years membership for $95/individual (about $8 a month) or $135/family and have access to it every day its open. Three-month and six-month memberships are also available for purchase if you are looking for a shorter duration. More info HERE.

Hatha Yoga and Fitness Free Community ClassesWhere: 2109 S. Neil St., ChampaignWhat: Intro Special two weeks for $28

Of course there are other local gyms and studios that offer fee-based fitness punch cards or temporary guest passes for various lengths of time, such as theLeonhard Recreation Center,Mettler Center in ChampaignorStephens Family YMCA.

Know of other gyms or wellness facilities offering promotions for the upcoming year? Email us and we will verify the information and add it for our readers. Best wishes in your pursuit of health and wellness in the New Year!

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Healthy Living in the New Year in Champaign-Urbana -

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Seniors find friendship, path to healthy living at Waynesville Recreation Center – The Mountaineer

A morning trip to the Waynesville Recreation Center shows the place is teeming with people.

The classrooms are filled. The treadmills are humming, the ellipticals are whirring and there is sometimes a waiting line for the upper and lower body workout machines.

Those not using the machines are walking or swimming laps or enjoying a cup of coffee to top off their workout.

This crowd most certainly isnt the early January crowd that floods the gym as part of a New Years Resolution. They are year-around regulars who appreciate the center for all it offers.

This is a great facility, said Mike Krezek, 81, of Maggie Valley. Its just wonderful that a town the size of Waynesville has a place like this.

Krezek works out at least twice a week, mostly to strengthen his upper and lower body. Its a regimen he started two years ago after he fell when moving a ladder in a stairwell.

After his release from therapy, his therapist at Pivot in Canton suggested he start working out, and even came over to the rec center to demonstrate which machines would help the most and how to properly use them.

Krezek eventually got back to playing his favorite game, golf, but still kept coming to the center, thanks to the friendly people he met.

MAINTAINING HEALTH Mike Krezek uses machines at the Waynesville Recreaation Center to improve lower body strength.

Theres an awful lot of regulars here, he said. Well meet up and go get something to eat.

Tommy Bright wholeheartedly agreed with Krezeks assessment. Bright, 74, is a five-day-a-week attendee where he continues a regular fitness routine he started more than a decade ago. Bright moved to Waynesville from Burlington in 2014 to be near his son and grandchildren, now 6 and 9.

I started getting fat, he said, noting he went from 180 to 227, so I started working out again. When you move, its hard to make new friends, but this is such a friendly group of people. Its nice to have a place like this to go.

STAYING STRONG Chris Martin works out in the free weight exercise room at Waynesville Recreation Center.

Chris Martin, now 76, started working out after he quit smoking. Once damaged lungs begin to repair, there is a burst of energy that needs to be channeled constructively, he explained.

He continues the workout routine not only to combat his vertigo, but to make sure he retains mobility. In the weight room he has one machine he calls his get out of the bathtub machine. Another is a keep me standing up machine.

If you lose your knees, you are screwed, he said.

Martin said hes met some amazing people at the recreation center. One man in his 80s runs laps every day.

Another 80-plus year old woman is in the top 1 percent of the population her age in that she can be seated and stand straight up and lift weights above her head all in one swoop.

Others walk around the track pushing oxygen machines, showing an amazing resiliency, he said.

As for Martin, he assesses his fundamental strength using the perfect Turkish get up, a method for standing up from a flat-on-the floor starting position. To make the move trickier, it is performed with a weight in one hand raised about the head.

EXERCISE BUDDIES Shirley Harvey and Carolyn Waller chat after a quick walk around the track at Waynesville Recreation Center. The busy pool area can be seen through the window.

Tim Plowman is amazing on how to self-assess yourself, he said, referencing the fitness supervisor at the recreation center.

Shirley Harvey, 70, and Carolyn Waller, 80, enjoy spending time at the recreation center where they take a stretch and low-impact weight class together and walk. When the weather is nice, they use the outdoor track, or even meet up at Lake Junaluska.

They met 20 years ago when Harvey was giving piano lessons, and now have similar fitness goals.

I need the exercise, but I enjoy meeting people, as well, Harvey said.

I come here to exercise, Waller said. We all know we need exercise, at least were supposed to know that. I love to walk.

The Waynesville Recreation Center is a certified senior friendly business and is located at 550 Vance St. in Waynesville.

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Seniors find friendship, path to healthy living at Waynesville Recreation Center - The Mountaineer

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Opinion | Improve your health, well-being with regular physical activity –

Building physical activity into your daily routine can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. If you plan on setting new health goals this year, there are a number of ways to stay active in our community.

Stay active to stay healthy

Being active is an important part of healthy living. Regular activity can prevent disease and even helps you live longer. As a former professional hockey player, I know that daily exercise and physical activity contribute greatly to your quality of life boosting energy levels, promoting better sleep and helping to reduce stress.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines indicate that adults (18-64) should be physically active for at least 150 minutes per week. Thats just over 20 minutes each day to start feeling better and enjoying the health benefits. To learn about the activity guidelines for all ages, visit Halton Regions Physical Activity webpage at

Make a plan to move more

Halton offers many scenic trails, outdoor skating rinks or ski and snowboard hills to enhance your health and overall well-being. Download the OneHalton app on your iPhone or Android device to get connected to a list of local festivals and events, or visit your local municipality for recreational programming. If you are looking for ways to get active as a family, connect with our HaltonParents team by emailing, visiting, or calling 311. You can also visit for resources and services to help you build physical activity into your daily routine, including:

physical activity guidelines and nutritional resources for children, adults and older adults;

information about walking, active transportation and cycling; and

tips on how to be active when at work and at school.

One of the many reasons our region is a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire is because there is plenty of opportunity for residents to get out and engage in healthy activities. I hope you enjoy the winter season in Halton Region!

Gary Carr is regional chair of Halton Region. His column appears the first week of each month. To contact him, email

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Opinion | Improve your health, well-being with regular physical activity -

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HealthWell Foundation Now Offers a Financial Lifeline to Medicare Patients Living with Chronic Heart Failure – PRNewswire

GERMANTOWN, Md., Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --The HealthWell Foundation, an independent non-profit that provides a financial lifeline for inadequately insured Americans, has opened a new fund to provide copayment and premium assistance to Medicare patients living with chronic heart failure. HealthWell will provide up to $2,500 in financial assistance for a 12-month grant to eligible patients who have annual household incomes up to 500 percent of the federal poverty level.

Chronic heart failure is a progressive condition that causes the muscle in the heart wall to slowly weaken and lose its ability to pump blood. The heart is unable to pump enough blood through the heart to meet the body's needs for blood and oxygen. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), chronic heart failure is a serious condition, and usually there is no cure. Many people with chronic heart failure lead full and enjoyable lives when managing their condition through medications and healthy lifestyle changes.

"WomenHeart recognizes that for too many women living with heart failure, the costs of ongoing treatment and care can seem insurmountable," said Celina Gorre, CEO of WomenHeart. "Women living with heart failure can thrive with proper care and treatment, however they are more likely than men to have higher total out-of-pocket costs, which may impact readmissions and overall quality of care. WomenHeart commends the HealthWell Foundation for starting a fund for heart failure patients to help off-set the financial burden of their treatment costs."

"Patients living with chronic heart failure face day-to-day challenges in managing their condition. These challenges can be even more pronounced when patients are on Medicare and struggle to cover the cost of their medications," said Krista Zodet, HealthWell Foundation President. "Our donors understand the hardships many people living with chronic heart failure endure. As a result of their generosity, we are now able to ease some of the financial barriers these patients face in accessing critical, possibly lifesaving, medications."

To determine eligibility and apply for financial assistance, visit HealthWell's Chronic Heart Failure page. To learn how you can support this or other HealthWell programs, visit

About the HealthWell FoundationA nationally recognized, independent non-profit organization founded in 2003, the HealthWell Foundation has served as a safety net across over 65 disease areas for more than 405,000 underinsured patients by providing approximately $1.25 billion in grant support to access life-changing medical treatments they otherwise would not be able to afford. HealthWell provides financial assistance to adults and children facing medical hardship resulting from gaps in their insurance that cause out-of-pocket medical expenses to escalate rapidly. HealthWell assists with the treatment-related cost-sharing obligations of these patients. HealthWell ranked #33 on the 2019Forbeslist of the100 Largest U.S. Charitiesand was recognized for its 100% fundraising efficiency. For more information, visit

About WomenHeartWomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is the first and only national organization solely dedicated to advancing women's heart health through advocacy, community education, and patient support. WomenHeart's mission is to improve the health and quality of life of women living with or at risk of heart disease, and to advocate for their benefit. As the leading voice for the 48 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease, WomenHeart advocates for equal access to quality care and provides information and resources to help women take charge of their heart health. To learn more about WomenHeart, visit


SOURCE HealthWell Foundation


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HealthWell Foundation Now Offers a Financial Lifeline to Medicare Patients Living with Chronic Heart Failure - PRNewswire

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Animal Control says 33 cats found in cages are "some of the nicest cats" – WSYM-TV

33 cats being kept in small cages were discovered by police overnight Tuesday.

The Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement (KCASE) facility took the cats into their shelter after getting them all vaccinated. Animal Control Officer Mark Vanderberg said it's very unusual to find this many animals in one place.

In 15 years, I can say this is probably the most cats Ive taken in at one time," Mark said Friday.

The cats were found stuffed into several small cages. Mark says that while they certainly weren't in ideal living conditions, the cats were in surprisingly good health.

He said, None of them were angry, which was amazing. We were able to handle them, get them all brought in, got them all shots, got them all vaccinated, got them comfortable in a kennel.

The KCASE opened their new 5 million dollar facility in November, but after Tuesday's situation, they are already at capacity. Mark saying Friday, "Thankfully we have this facility that we were able to bring these cats into and continue to keep them healthy and continue to, well, serve the public in a way that Kalamazoo needs at this time.

The cats are ready to be adopted. Adoption fees are $80, which includes spaying/neutering.


Animal Control says 33 cats found in cages are "some of the nicest cats" - WSYM-TV

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Healthy Living: Heres tips to cope with holiday stress – Norwich Bulletin

For most the holidays can be a time of joy, a time to share with friends and family and reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. However this is not always the case for everyone. For some, the holidays can increase stress, and worsen anxiety and depressive symptoms. Below are some tips for you to manage your mental health during the holiday season, as well as throughout the year.

Identify your support network: Your supports could include parents, a spouse or a partner, children, siblings, co-workers, friends, neighbors and health care providers. Having different individuals in your support network provides options for different kinds of support. Identifying your supports can alleviate stress and provide you with a sense of security and reassurance as you approach the holiday season.Its important to reach out to your network if you are feeling your symptoms are worsening or you need help.

Be prepared: To decrease stress, have a plan, and prepare for travel related expenses along with unexpected issues that may arise. Make lists, delegate tasks and stay organized.

Set a budget: To help decrease the financial burden and strain related to gift giving, meal prep, and travel expenses stick to your budget.

Manage your time: To decrease feeling overwhelmed, dont overbook your calendar, get plenty of rest, communicate to those around you, and ask for help when needed. Taking on too much can increase stress, anxiety and leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Volunteer: Sometimes we arent able to spend the holidays with those we love, whether its due to distance, loss or financial restrictions. To avoid feeling lonely, get involved and volunteer. Volunteering can provide a sense of belonging, gives you purpose and a way to give back to the community.

Manage anxiety: Get plenty of exercise, rest, relaxation, read a book, limit alcohol and caffeine, these can aggravate anxiety and can trigger panic attacks, instead try to drink water.

Be realistic: Most importantly know your limits and make plans that make sense to you. Symptoms can sometimes worsen when we have expectations that are not realistic. Accept that you cant control everything and do your best, aiming for perfection isnt possible, be proud of what you achieve or accomplish.

While some stress is unavoidable during the holidays hopefully these tips/strategies will help make the holidays more manageable for you.

Katherine Ramos is behavioral health practice manager at UCFS Healthcare.

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Healthy Living: Heres tips to cope with holiday stress - Norwich Bulletin

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Healthy Living: Intermittent Fasting – ABC27

Posted: Dec 17, 2019 / 09:47 AM EST / Updated: Dec 17, 2019 / 11:15 AM EST

In this weeks Healthy Living, we are taking a look at Googles most-searched diet of 2019: intermittent fasting.

Also known as time-restricted eating, intermittent fasting doesnt focus on what you eat but instead when you eat.

The schedule can look a few different ways, some people will fast for a day and eat normally the next, while others fast for two days a week but maintain a normal diet the other five.

The schedule Dr. Deborah Herchelroath follows is fasting each day, restricting eating to six to eight hours a day.

It can give more energy and I also feel like its a healthier way of eating. Theres no science behind three meals a day, and we really shouldnt be snacking throughout the day, so it has taught me to be more aware of the way I eat and when I eat, Herchelroath said.

So the idea of breakfast being the most important meal of the day is actually a myth!

Herchelroath says the standard American diet is linked to insulin resistance and fasting gives our body the benefit of a break. Some research shows fasting can lower cholesterol, decrease insulin in the blood and even help with weight loss.

Restricting your food wont overpower a poor diet. What you eat still matters.

There are two ways to diet. What we eat or when we eat and what he really believes in is putting it together. So, its not like in that six-hour window I can eat cake and cookies and do okay. I still have to be cognizant of what goes in my mouth, Herchelroath said.

For most of the population, intermittent fasting is relatively safe, but Herchelroath suggests first checking with your doctor. Those who are pregnant, have type-one diabetes, chronic illness or who are training for an event should take special consideration.

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Healthy Living: Intermittent Fasting - ABC27

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The Rise Of The Workshop Gymnasium, A New Global Health And Lifestyle Experience – Forbes

Lee Mullins loves fitness, he also loves health and wellness. And so, Lee along with Hani Farsi, who is a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur in the entertainment and hospitality industries, have seamlessly combined their expertise and know-how to offer Workshop.

Lee Mullins, Workshop Gymnasium

So much more than a gym, Workshop is a 360 degree lifestyle brand and one of the fastest growing luxury health and lifestyle companies. And guess what? You and your needs and goals are placed at the very heart of it.

Workshop Gymnasium, London

Lee and his group of experts specialize in personalized fitness regimes to suit the individual needs and goals of their clients, and its taken to the next level with thorough and extensive assessments. From metabolic to allergy testing, the results are compiled to allow for data-driven workouts, leaving out the guesswork. As a result, its significantly more efficient, not to mention effective, when it comes to achieving goals.

It all began when Lee andHani first began training together in 2010, and in 2014 they combined forces to mix up the fitness landscape. Where can we find these gyms? Well, this is where it gets a little bit fancy, as youll find them nestled in the 5-star Bulgari Hotels around the world.

Their debut outpost in London launched that year and can be found at the edge of Hyde Park, housed within the spa of the Bulgari in Knightsbridge. It soon attracted the distinguished, the discerning and celebrities alike, all visiting for the fitness expertise as well as the calm space that elevates the workout experience.

Workshop quickly grew due to its London success, along with demand from their traveling clients, and as such the pair opened their second location in the Bulgari Hotel, Milan in 2016. Since then, we can now find the Workshop in Bali, Beijing, Dubai, and Shanghai hotels, and excitingly Paris is launching next year.

I love the set up of the gyms, designing and bringing it to life - going into the hotels they have a countdownperiodto the opening so getting it ready is really exciting. You're surrounded by incredible people and everyone's working together, it's a great experience.

Of course there is a undeniable glamorous and luxe element to Workshop gyms, but Lee realizes for some, a gym may be a little daunting so a balance is struck where theyre also approachable and welcoming - something that is rare to find in the industry.

Its all about living a healthy lifestyle where workouts and health go hand-in-hand, and really there are no gimmicks, its an integral part of looking after yourself. Plus, Lee and his team look at other elements such as breathing and stretching to ensure clients get the most out of their session, and allows for a quick recovery.

With the fitness down, the next step was tackling the supplement market, and that came about in 2017 when they partnered with Designs for Health. The result? Their very own their range of all-natural, science-based Workshop Nutritional Supplements consisting of Gut Cleansing Formula, Multi-Vitamin Formula, Essential Greens, Organic Vanilla Pea Protein Formula, Organic Chocolate Pea Protein Formula, Essential BCAA Powder and Probiotic + Prebiotic.

They've been specially designed to be adapted to different lifestyles - theyre vegan and vegetarian-friendly. They are also free from gluten, artificial sweeteners and GMO ingredients to broaden the appeal.

Felicity Carter: How did it all start for you? Have you always loved wellness and fitness?

Lee Mullins: Yes, I always played football growing up and I played to a pretty decent level when I was a kid, I used to play for Fulham and Crystal Palace for a period of time - I loved being active.

In my teens I got injured and tore my ankle ligaments and during the rehab of that, I really got intostrengthtraining. I loved it so much that I went onto get my gym and personal training qualifications when I left high school. I took a gap year working in gyms and training people, and it was during this time that I found what I wanted to do.

From there, I enrolled at university to study science of sports and nutrition, and I was still training people alongside university work. I loved the idea of health being a byproduct of the job as well as the gym-based training element.

FC: What do you look for in a trainer?

LM: I look for trainers who inherently care about people, trainers who want to go above and beyond for their clients. That's incredibly important to me as it is a24/7job communicating with clients.

Personality and charisma are important too, our trainers are in the people business and therefore they need to be able to connect with their clients to get the most out of them. Ultimately people go to a gym to make a change, whatever that change may be, and that combined with the fact that gyms, on the whole, tend to be intimidating adds to the pressure. We work hard to ensure that our clients are comfortable from the get-go.

Our trainers also have to have the skillset to ensure the client reaches their goal, whether it's to move better, become leaner, stronger and it's the connection that helps them to push on to achieve that goal. And if they visit us 4 times a week, they're probably spending more time with the trainers than their families so it's importantour coaches are able to quickly connect with peopleto ensure clients are responsive.

FC: What is the USP of Workshop?

LM: We offer tailored and bespoke training and lifestyle programs that we put together based on the series ofbodyassessments that we take everyclientthrough. And we have a range of tests depending on the client and their ultimate goal.

For example, everyone will go through the body composition assessment, through the movement screen, and then depending on the person, we can look at nutrition, genetics, food allergies, metabolic rate, and hormones. We offer tests in every one of our outposts, with London having the most on offer.

Essentially the data drives the program. From all the assessments that we do, we then take that data and we are in a strong position to create a completely personalized program that enables the client to achieve their aim.

FC: So next up is your Paris outpost in 2020...

LM: Yes, and we'll be opening it towards the end of the year. It's an exciting one for us. A large proportion of our clients here in London are French, perhaps a third who spend their time between the two cities, so we already have a client base there.

Each city is uniquely different and complex with different elements at play; there's no one template that can be rolled out for all of our outposts and we embrace that. It does take time to build a business in each city but with Paris, we're lucky to have a client crossover and we'll build on that to make it even stronger. Also, the team on the Paris project is the same teamwe initially worked togetherwith in London5 years ago, so they know exactly what we do and what we stand for.

FC: What are your favorite aspects of the job?

LM: I love training people. As Workshop has expanded globally, I've realized this even more as I get pulled into the role of running a business. I have to say training, being with the clients and being in the gym with the team is the best part 100%.

I also love learning, it's great being in an environment where I'm able to learn from others. I took a couple of the team members to L.A. on a four-day course earlier in the year and that was fun. It's important to continue to upskill and to bring back that knowledge in-house and to apply, and grow on that expertise.

I've also found that now what's become really enjoyable is working on the other parts of the business that Workshop can venture into such as the products and getting into the merchandising. I find it really fun and it's so creative.

We also getrequests totravel with clientsfrom all over the world; they put a huge value on training in their downtime, looking after themselves, and it is a huge honor that people will bring you into their fold.

FC: Tell us about the products...

LM: Our products are essentially apart of the Workshop service; we use them authentically duringandat the end of sessions. We have a collection of seven products at the moment, and we're looking atexpandingthe lineto provide a wide range of nutrition solutions to support clients health.

We realize that for some people, sometimes it's easier to use a powder and make a drink whether it's to enhance your health or enhance your recovery, and so we wanted to offer quality products.

Something further down the line will bea digitalplatform, which will further the Workshop experience. Here we'll be looking at and tracking training programs, sleep, nutrition andbreathing,no matter which outpost you are at in the world you'll have simple and quick access to ourcoachestoo.

Workshop Gymnasium, Bulgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1DW, UK

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The Rise Of The Workshop Gymnasium, A New Global Health And Lifestyle Experience - Forbes

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HEALTHY LIVING Unhappy holidays: What is seasonal affective disorder? – NWAOnline

Feelings of sadness and anxiety during the cold weather months may be caused by a common condition called seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD.

In the midst of football season and holiday gatherings, many people experience unexpected anxiety and depression caused by SAD. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, 4 to 6 percent of people in the United States experience this condition, and an additional 10 to 20 percent of the American population has a mild form of SAD during the winter. The cause of SAD remains unknown, but the condition may be related to lack of vitamin D from sunlight.

Signs of SAD

A form of clinical depression, SAD may cause an array of symptoms, including:


Feelings of emptiness



Suicidal thoughts

Trouble concentrating

Unusual pessimism

Weight gain or loss

If you notice that any of these symptoms are impacting your quality of life, talk with your provider about your condition and treatment options.

Natasha Clayton, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, and Abbey Shields, MNSc, APRN, FNP-C, of Siloam Springs Family Medicine, are accepting new and walk-in patients. Same-day appointments are available. To schedule an appointment today, call 479-215-3035. Siloam Springs Family Medicine is located at 3721 E. U.S. Highway 412 in Siloam Springs.

Finding solutions

Behavioral changes, light therapy, talk therapy and certain prescription medications may be used to treat SAD. Your provider may recommend one therapy or a combination of treatments depending on your individual condition.

Exercise and healthful eating may help manage milder cases of SAD, while more severe conditions may need to be treated with antidepressant medications.

Tips to fill yourself with positive energy

Living life to the fullest is often easier said than done. When juggling work, family, friends and other responsibilities, it's natural to get caught up in the daily grind. But negative energy can often result from not living mindfully.

Giving your life a positive makeover may sound overwhelming and unrealistic when you look at the challenge in the big picture. By choosing just one point of focus each week or month at a time, you can take impactful steps to energize your body, mind and spirit.

Expect the best -- While preparation for worst-case scenarios can help us manage challenging circumstances if and when they arise, anticipating negative situations can negatively impact emotional and mental health. Try to maintain a positive outlook in every situation. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, optimism may improve everything from cancer outcomes to heart health.

Get moving -- Our bodies are happiest when they are doing what they are designed to do -- move. Find opportunities to exercise throughout the day to help boost your mood, control your weight, and reduce your risk of developing certain diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Practice gratitude -- According to Harvard Medical School, being grateful for your blessings in life may benefit physical health, help improve your relationships and increase productivity in the workplace.

Remember, focus on one change at a time to establish realistic, sustainable changes.

General News on 12/11/2019

Print Headline: Unhappy holidays: What is seasonal affective disorder?

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HEALTHY LIVING Unhappy holidays: What is seasonal affective disorder? - NWAOnline

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Food and our bodies | Health – Citrus County Chronicle

I will be giving a public talk on Oriental medical nutrition at 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 19, at the YMCAs Health Living Center Auditorium, 4127 W. Norvell Bryant Highway, Lecanto.

Dr. Joseph Samuels/Oriental Medicine

This talk, which is open to the public, will give all participants the opportunity to ask questions about how Oriental medicine addresses nutrition, as well as questions about medicine in general.

Oriental medical nutrition is one of the modalities that make up the field of Oriental medicine. It is called medical nutrition because from an Eastern perspective, food is considered to be a form of medicine.

A few thousand years ago, doctors of Oriental medicine discovered that different foods have different properties to them and each food will affect our internal organ or internal organ system in a very specific way. The physicians of that time compiled vast amounts of medical literature on the subject and separated foods into many different categories.

As for the properties of food, some foods have a warming effect on the body, some have a cooling effect and some have a neutral effect on the body.

In the preparation of food, preparation, cleaning, harvest time, storage and more have an effect on the food.

Some food combinations are very beneficial to our health, while other food combinations can be upsetting to our system. Also, whenever possible, avoid eating foods that contain hormones or preservatives, as well as chemically processed foods.

Never eat large amounts of food. This behavior taxes our digestive system and can lead to a variety of medical conditions, including an overall deterioration of our general health. A good rule of thumb is to eat until you are 2/3 full.

The order that food is eaten is important. One of the main points here is not to drink too much liquid one half-hour before, during or one half-hour after a meal. This will affect the digestive system in a negative way. Also, drinking a little soup broth after a meal can help keep the esophagus clean and healthy.

The time of day we eat and what we eat has a great impact on our health. This point is extremely important from an Oriental medicine perspective. Also, the types of food we eat at a certain time (seasons) of the year will affect our overall health.

After being properly diagnosed by a doctor of Oriental medicine and a full medical evaluation of the patient is completed regarding an illness, a diet can be created and tailored specifically for that individual. This diet will aid in the healing process of internal organ conditions, disease, injuries, etc.

Incorporating Oriental medical nutrition into our health care plan is a wonderful addition that brings great benefit to our overall physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Dr. Samuels is the medical director of Citrus Alternative Medicine. Citrus Alternative Medicine is located at 2639 W. Norvell Bryant Highway, Lecanto. Contact the office at 352-746-5669 or visit

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