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Seven Mindfulness Tips to Reduce Stress, Anxiety – Flagstaff Business News

If you find yourself anxious and worried about the future or depressed about the past, practice being present more often.

Buddhist monks have been practicing meditation and mindfulness for centuries and more and more people are starting to use mindfulness daily to reduce stress and anxiety. Mindfulness and meditation practices can teach you how to be fully present in the moment. Practicing mindfulness during day-to-day activities can be very meditative. A simple act like washing the dishes, taking a walk in nature, gardening or daily chores can give you an opportunity to focus on being fully present and using the breath to clear the mind chatter.

You can tell a lot about a persons emotional state by their breath and their posture. When a person is anxious, their breaths are shallow or short. Their posture may also be closed off, not allowing the chest to be fully open. When a person is laughing, they are breathing from the belly and their shoulders move up and down. When a person is angry or shouting, they are breathing from above the diaphragm. When they are weeping, they are hunched over and breathing from the top of the lungs. Emotions can be better managed by being aware of the emotional/physical connection between the breath and the posture. Meditation and mindfulness assist the mind, body and spirit to relax.

You can do guided meditations, put on beautiful calming music or use drumming to help you reach the meditation gap. The gap is the space between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. It is the space where you feel light, like you could float away. You no longer are aware of your body. Nothing matters except where you are in the moment. You feel peaceful and relaxed.

It is normal for your mind to wander during meditation. Simply allow thoughts to float in and float out. Dont focus on the thoughts or worry about them cluttering your mind.

Seven Mindfulness Tips:

Counting your breath

Reciting mantras/empowering words

Focusing on the flame of a candle

Coloring a mandala

Listening to guided meditations

Walking meditations

Gratitude shower

Counting your breath: Focusing on the breath-inhale for a count of eight and exhaling to a longer count of 16 calms the nervous system and helps maintain present moment awareness. Do a few minutes of counted breathing to reduce stress, anxiety or overwhelm. It can be done with your eyes closed or open. It can be used while sitting in thick traffic or during a stressful event. It reduces the release of cortisol, the stress-promoting hormone.

Mantras/Empowering words: Stating mantras or empowering words out loud (chanting) or to yourself helps you to focus on the present moment and to reach the meditation gap. For example, Inhale peace, exhale calm, or Inhale love, exhale light.

Flame gazing: Focus on the flame and breathe. Just like sitting next to a cozy, mesmerizing fire, focusing on the flame of the candle can help you be more present.

Coloring mandalas: There are many mandala coloring books out there. The Buddist monks use colored sand to hand-make mandalas as part of their meditation practice. It is very calming and the final outcome is beautiful.

Guided meditation: During this kind of meditation, you listen to a person take you through a series of relaxation exercises for the mind. There are many different apps available, from stress relief to help with sleep.

Walking meditations or nature walks: Walking meditations on a labyrinth (geometric path), or out in a peaceful forest, beach or mountain is very good for the soul. Focus on the outdoor sounds, the scenery and your breath.

Gratitude Shower: Close your eyes and focus on all the things you are grateful for in this life. Allow the gratitude to radiate out from your heart and expand outward. This can take as little as two to five minutes.

If you find yourself anxious and worried about the future or depressed about the past, practice being present more often. Make mindfulness a priority and practice it daily. It could simply mean being more present when you talk or meet with others and not allowing the to dos to creep in. Be present. You will shift your life. FBN

By Christina Kovalik, NMD,LAc, FBN

Christina Kovalik, NMD, LAc, The Vitality Doctor, is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist specializing in hormone optimization, optimal health and vitality. She is a new Flagstaff resident, practicing since 2004, and opened her second location in Doney Park in 2020. For more information, visit or call 928-863-6086.

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Seven Mindfulness Tips to Reduce Stress, Anxiety - Flagstaff Business News

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Consistent research and dedication have set Derek apart in a unique way in the health, nutrition and self-improvement industry. – LA Progressive

Making a name for yourself in the self-improvement industry requires extensive knowledge, hard work, and incredible passion.

There is always another run of the mill influencer around the corner posting about the same boring content that has been beaten to death by the top dogs on YouTube.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself from the pack with the overwhelming saturation of content in the self-improvement space.

Hustling your way through the industry and standing out as what many would consider an expert not only requires unique knowledge, but a unique presentation format.

One example of a unique creator in the space that checks off the boxes is Derek.

One example of a unique creator in the space that checks off the boxes is Derek.

Derek has stated that in his later teen years he became fascinated with optimization, not only in a sports performance context, but also in health, longevity, and even social interactions.

His channel is basically like a turnkey guide to mens self-improvement, but it has a very unique twist in that it digs into endocrinology, pharmacology, and other cutting-edge areas of mens self-help that are often overlooked entirely.

Dereks content published via his brand More Plates More Dates is essentially centered around optimizing as many areas of your life as possible.

Some of the main topics discussed include lifestyle, supplementation, nutrition, hair loss prevention, bodybuilding, hormone optimization and longevity.

He currently owns and operates Gorilla Mind, a prominent supplement company with a quickly expanding product catalog.

He also branched out into the healthcare space in 2020 with his company Marek Health.

Dereks passion for endocrinology, biology, and product development have intertwined in a unique way that helps him bring many of his ideas to fruition as an entrepreneur.

Dereks clientele is mostly comprised of bodybuilders, athletes, entrepreneurs and actors.

Unbeknownst to Derek, we found out he actually has a couple billionaire entrepreneurs who follow his content closely and defer to his recommendations on genetic analysis as well.

His expertise has helped get many men on the right track in their lives, and his information on certain topics many self-improvement gurus wont touch certainly rounds out his content and makes his platform one of the more unique ones in the industry.

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Consistent research and dedication have set Derek apart in a unique way in the health, nutrition and self-improvement industry. - LA Progressive

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Throughout the past few years Derek has created a unique position for himself in the area of men’s health and self-improvement – California Herald

His passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle was the catalyst that led to More Plates More Dates.

Derek and his website are essentially an encyclopedia of knowledge with information related to self-improvement.

A healthy lifestyle is paramount to longevity.

Lifestyle, nutrition, biohacking and sports performance are just some of the topics youll find on More Plates More Dates.

Derek is clearly passionate about everything he talks about, and that shows in his content that is presented in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Today Derekhas become a great resource for men for his consistent deep-dives into various self-improvement related topics.

Despite there being thousands of gurus in the self-help space, Derek still manages to be distinctive from others as he intertwines his passion for biology and pharmacology into his content and presents scientific data that is backed by clinical literature.

In 2016 after several years of self-improvement and building a knowledge base, Derek launched his brand via the platformMore Plates More Dates.

He has mentioned several times that it is more or less a broad-spectrum self-improvement platform for men.

Derek expanded to other social media platforms which grew his following, brand and he soon realized the need and want for information in the form of videos.

By late-2019 he has committed to posting regularly and YouTube.

While a lot of his videos revolve around bodybuilding and hormones, he also has some incredible insight on diet, health, hair loss prevention, dating, lifestyle and supplementation.

Dereks journey started off with self-experimentation, thousands of hours of research, and writing for other companies while he built his own brand up.

A couple years after his first post, Derek launched the supplement company Gorilla Mind.

The brand is expanding its catalog quickly, and it is most well-known for its Nootropic and pre-workout formulations.

His passion for endocrinology and hormone optimization also brought him into the healthcare space in 2020.

Derek currently has over 250,000 subscribers onYouTube and is worth checking out if you have any interest in hormone optimization or health.

Go here to read the rest:
Throughout the past few years Derek has created a unique position for himself in the area of men's health and self-improvement - California Herald

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review: Is it Better than Others on the Market? –

Is Centrapeak the ultimate testosterone booster?

In this review, well see if Centrapeak is better than other testosterone boosters on the market at boosting muscle growth, improving confidence & well being, and enhancing libido among others.

Testosterone is one of the most crucial hormones for both men and women. It is responsible for regulating a number of bodily functions, from hair growth to muscle development.

The issue is, many men today suffer from sub-optimal T levels. Normally, your T levels start going down by about 1% every year after 30. [24] But nutrient-poor diets and constant stress, among others, are contributing to a premature testosterone decline.

Low T means youll have a harder time recovering from training and building muscle. Your body will start to accumulate fat, and hold onto it, more easily. Not to mention poor libido and confidence.

This is where a testosterone booster like Centrapeak comes into play

Centrapeak is often regarded as the next evolution of natural testosterone boosters. It provides some of the cleanest nutrients and ingredients currently available on the market, and promises to improve mood & resistance to stress in addition to stimulating natural T production.

So, how well does Centrapeak work? Whats exactly inside of this supplement? Lets have a look below.

Centrapeak currently sits as the #1 testosterone booster of 2020 for men looking to naturally build more muscle in the gym. Youll find it recommended on leading bodybuilding sites and for good reason.

Not only does Centrapeak have all the right ingredients in clinically researched doses. It combines them with proven brain-enhancing nutrients that lower stress, improve daily mood, and boost mental focus.

The result? A testosterone booster that makes you motivated to get up and chase your goals, while also delivering results in the mirror.

Below, youll see us dissect Centrapeak ingredients. To see how they work and if theyre supported by science.

But first, heres a short summary of what we feel is positive and negative about Centrapeak:



Shop Centrapeak Here!

So, who exactly is Centrapeak for?

Although its highly rated amongst athletes, the manufacturers position it as a vitality formula, making it an obvious choice for men over 30 whore stressed and want to feel energetic and focused in their daily life.

Its actually a good option for men in their 20s as well, thanks to Centrapeaks support for muscle building and strong potency.

In our experience, Centrapeak is ideal for anyone who wants a performance supplement that isnt limited to just one benefit but offers a complete body and mind support.

Centrapeak has a very well-designed formula. Its ingredients come in potent and optimum doses. And every ingredient is backed by strong research to show its effectiveness in improving testosterone or optimizing brain function.

Centrapeak works in a few different ways:

Centrapeak has ingredients such as BioPerine to help your body utilize other ingredients in the formula more efficiently.

Obviously, Centrapeaks formula was designed from several angles, which is a rarity in the testosterone booster market. The manufacturers of this supplement have not only considered the boost in testosterone, but also mental health.

Lets explain why this matters.

Since lower test levels are attributed to poor mental health and prolonged stress, the first step towards building your physique is to support your mental performance.

Think about it every choice we make regarding diet, training, and lifestyle is influenced by our mood. Even the most potent of supplements cant help if your mood will lead you to make choices that will sabotage your progress.

This is one of the reasons why Centrapeak stood out to us. The fact that it addresses the mental aspect of bodybuilding, unlike most test boosters, makes it very different from whats currently available out there.

Things have been looking good for Centrapeak up to this point. But as always, marketing hype is one thing, the ingredients and science behind them are another.

So, what does research have to say about the ingredients in Centrapeak?

First, lets have a look at whats inside. Each serving (3 capsules) of Centrapeak contains these ingredients:

As youll notice, Centrapeak has a clear nutrient profile. Nothing is hidden from the list of ingredients. There are no proprietary blends which would mask the doses of ingredients. Good!

So, how do these ingredients actually work? See for yourself.

Appropriately dubbed the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is actually a secosteroid hormone and a precursor to testosterone.

Ideally youd get all of your vitamin D from the UV rays of the sun. With the help of cholesterol, your body converts the sunlight into the active form of vitamin D.

Various studies have found a strong link between testosterone and vitamin D. One German trial found that when 54 overweight males were given 3,332IU of vitamin D daily for one year, their total T levels increased from 10.7-13.4 nmol/L and free T levels from 0.22-0.27 nmol/L. [1]

Unless youre living in a climate where theres lots of sun all year-round, you probably arent getting optimal levels of vitamin D for conversion. Even foods that contain vitamin D eggs, oily fish, fortified cereals rarely provide enough to have an effect on hormones.

To highlight this point, one study found that as many as 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D. The further from the equator your live, or the darker your skin tone, the less likely youll get what you need from the sun. [2]

Current evidence suggests higher doses of vitamin D3 work best for health and performance. Specifically, its reported that we need 3,000-5,000IU of vitamin D per day to meet the needs of every cell in our body. [3]

Centrapeak contains 3,300IU per serving which is a highly effective dose thats been safely used in long-term clinical studies.

Also called pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is crucial in promoting overall well-being. It supports the function of your liver, it protects your vision, and influences the health of your skin and hair.

B6 also regulates haemoglobin a molecule that enables your blood to carry oxygen to tissues throughout your body.

Vitamin B6 is a great all-rounder you cant go wrong with. In terms of testosterone, research has found it to boost the levels of the male hormone directly by stimulating other anabolic hormones, while also reducing the build up of the female hormone oestrogen testosterones arch-nemesis.

By contrast, not getting enough vitamin B6 could put you at risk of low testosterone. [4]

Other studies have found that a high intake of B6 can lower estrogen levels by up to 30%, giving your testosterone more room to breathe. [5]

Magnesium is an essential co-factor in your body. Meaning, it regulates countless enzymatic reactions including those that influence brain function, bone strength, and heart health.

The mineral supports metabolism and athletic endurance as well as helps regulate the level of strength your muscles can generate. Magnesium is often used by athletes due to its ability to boost recovery, improve sleep quality and increase lean mass.

Centrapeak has used it not only because it does all of the above; its been found to significantly raise testosterone levels too, including the free and total T. Magnesium also calms the nerves, making you feel better mentally. [6]

If youre training on a regular basis, chances are you arent getting enough magnesium. Current evidence shows that many athletes only meet around 60-70% of their daily need for this mineral. The more you sweat, the higher your intake should be. [7]

Zinc is another key mineral when it comes to testosterone. Naturally found in foods such as oysters, shellfish, and beef, your body cant make zinc on its own.

The issue is, approximately 2 billion people are zinc deficient. So theres a good chance you could benefit from zinc supplementation.

Zinc boosts health by regulating metabolism, controlling cell growth, protecting prostate function, and maintaining brain performance.

In terms of testosterone, zinc can help prevent dips in the male hormone. This was shown in a study where elite male athletes experienced a reduction in their testosterone levels after hard training. But when they were given 3mg per kg of body weight daily for 4 weeks, their testosterone levels remained high. [8]

Zinc is also very good for fertility. In a study with 40 men, its been shown to help increase both T and DHT (a type of anabolic hormone that is 4 times as strong as testosterone). 9 of those men were able to get their partners pregnant. [9]

Not all heroes wear capes, and the same goes for vitamin K2 and testosterone boosting.

Although its an uncommon ingredient in test boosters, its actually been shown to have a profound effect on the male hormone.

Studies show it works together with vitamin D3 to boost anabolic hormone production. [10] Not only does vitamin K2 offer a supportive role in testosterone boosting, it does it directly too.

In one study, supplementation of K2 for just 5 weeks led to a whopping 70% increase in circulating levels of the hormone. [11]

Youll find it in egg yolks and red meat, however, both of these foods are high in saturated fat which may not be in line with your diet goals. Supplementation is one easy way around this problem.

Your body gets Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) from a compound called glucobrassicin. Glucobrasicin is found in high amounts in broccoli, kale and other cruciferous vegetables.

I3C has been shown to help fight some types of cancer, along with protecting from respiratory issues and increasing energy levels.

This natural compound elevates testosterone in a different way to other nutrients weve analyzed so far.

You see, I3C essentially blocks aromatase, an enzyme responsible for turning your testosterone into the female sex hormone oestrogen.

By slowing down the conversion of T to estrogen, I3C allows for more bioavailable test to be taken up by your tissues. [12]

In plain English? Youll feel more energy, be stronger, have less body fat, and gain muscle faster.

I3Cs benefits dont stop there, though. Upon ingestion, it breaks down into other chemicals in your body. One of them is DIM (diindolylmethane), another compound commonly used in testosterone boosters for its ability to optimize hormone levels.

Asian Ginseng has been shown to improve cognition and mood and keeps your immune system strong too.

Originally used as aprhodisiac and libido booster, Ginseng has recently been found to directly raise testosterone levels as well.

In one study, short-term use of the herb increased both testosterone and DHT, which, as weve seen, is another potent androgen hormone. [13]

Not only that, Ginseng increases the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which are essentially pre-cursors to testosterone.

Ginsengs list of benefits is long. It also has the ability to boost nitric oxide levels in your blood, which leads to fuller muscle pumps. To top that off, Ginseng is known for increasing insulin sensitivity, helping you to stay lean and shred weight. [14]

Luteolin is a herbal antioxidant that supports ideal testosterone levels by inhibiting aromatase, an enzyme that turns T into female hormones. [15]

This effect is especially beneficial for men over 30. As your body gets older, its estrogen-to-testosterone ratio increases and is associated with problems such as:

Luteolin helps to keep your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in a more youthful range, and as a result, makes for a great male virility and vitality ingredient.

Found in a 250mg dosage in Centrapeak,Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a highly effective phospholipid found in your brain cell membranes.

Being the only nootropic with an FDA-approved health claim, PS is best known for reducing cortisol levels (and by extension stress levels), which allows testosterone to flourish.

PS also improves the uptake of glucose in your brain, and protects healthy neurons from the damaging effects of dying neurons. This results in clearer, sharper thinking and reduced levels of inflammation. [16]

Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract standardized to have a minimum of 95% piperine, its main active compound.

Piperine is linked to a variety of health benefits, but its main purpose in Centrapeak is to boost the bioavailability and utilization of the other ingredients. [18]

The inclusion of BioPerine, which is superior to generic piperine sources, is another sign of the effort and investment Centrapeaks producers have put into their flagship testosterone booster.

Boron is another dietary mineral in Centrapeak. Its found in foods such as apriconts, prunes, raisins and brazil nuts.

Boron helps shuttle other minerals such as calcium to where theyre needed in your body. As a result, boron has been heavily linked to improved bone strength in athletes.

In terms of its anabolic properties, boron has been shown to increase free T levels by 14.7% and DHT by 10%, all while reducing testosterones killer SHBG by 9%. [17]

Another study reported an 11.4% increase in testosterone levels after 10mg of boron taken daily for 4 weeks. Needless to say, an impressive result for such a short space of time! [19]

But the most impressive evidence came from another study, which reported a 62% increase in androgen levels in elite athletes. Whats more, they achieved this result by taking only 2.5mg of boron daily for 9 weeks. [20]

Ashwagandha may be a difficult name to pronounce, but it should be your top pick if your goal is hormone optimization.

An adaptogenic herb, Ashwagandha contains several bioactive compounds such as withanolides, steroidal lactones, and fatty acids that are researched for their powerful effects on muscle growth, mood and vitality.

Appropriately, the word Ashwagandha means smell of the horse, which, beyond the smell itself, indicates its unique ability to give you the strength and virility of the animal.

In one study, just 8 weeks of Ashwagandha supplementation led to 15% increases in androgen hormones in weightlifters. They also saw a reduction in muscle damage, which meant faster recovery from tough workouts. [21]

Rhodiola Rosea might just be the best-reviewed supplement in existence.

The herb was used by Vikings to boost endurance and strength. Legendary Himalayan Sherpa used Rhodiola to help them cope with the harsh conditions of Mount Everest. And in far-flung Mongolia, it was traditionally used as an aphrodisiac on a couples wedding night.

Okay The tales are impressive, but what does the science say?

According to research, Rhodiola works to block the effects of stress on the body, primarily by reducing cortisol. As weve seen, cortisol can block your natural testosterone production when chronically elevated. [22]

Theres also evidence that Rhodiola Rosea extract stimulates a glycoprotein that increases blood cell count. This, along with its ability to increase ATP levels (the energy currency of the body), is thought to be behind Rhodiolas anti-fatigue effects. [23]

Mucuna Pruriens (or Velvete Bean) is a male tonic plant high in levodopa (L-DOPA), an effective compound for masculine health and testosterone.

L-DOPA stimulates your brain to spur gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH then tells your pituitary gland to make more luteinizing hormone (LH), which ultimately results in increased testosterone synthesis in the testes.

Not only that, Mucuna acts as a growth hormone optimizator and mild inhibitor of prolactin, a hormone that diminishes T levels.

To top it off, Mucuna increases your catecholamine brain chemicals. Including the motivation molecule dopamine.

Here are a few things about Centrapeak that we havent seen with many other T boosters.

The recommended dosage for Centrapeak is one capsule, 3 times daily with food.

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Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review: Is it Better than Others on the Market? -

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Balance Female Hormones | Balancing Hormones in Women

Balance Female Hormones | Balancing Hormones in Women

What Is the Goal of Hormone Optimization Therapy in Women?

When female hormone levels are balanced, an individual may experience a greatly improved quality of life. In addition to feeling great, studies have shown that balancing hormones in women may be able to help relieve uncomfortable conditions and symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The BioTE method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women may begin to balance the female hormones of a patient in as few as two to four weeks. BioTE providers tailor each patients dosing to their unique needs and hormone levels. Furthermore, BHRT uses bioidentical hormones which closely mimic the hormones normally present within the body. BHRT is designed to be biologically identical to our bodys hormones.

What Can a Patient Expect From BHRT?

While results may differ, the process for considering, obtaining, monitoring, and continuing BHRT is typically the same for all patients. A new patient will normally schedule a consultation with a local certified BioTE provider. To consider the patients candidacy, the provider will request comprehensive hormone testing and lab work. The next appointment will be to review the test results and determine if the patient will benefit from the treatment, if so, they can get a BHRT pellet inserted the same day or on their next visit.

How Can a Patient Get Started With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Start by finding and contacting a local certified BioTE provider today. We have thousands of providers in our nationwide network.

BioTE Medical provides training on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the form of subcutaneous pellets, and with over 1.7 million insertions performed in the companys history, we have seen many lives changed by balancing hormones in women. If any of the hormone imbalance symptoms mentioned above sound familiar, click the Find a Provider tool or our Nominate a Provider tool to learn more.

BioTE Medical provides bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to help balance hormonesin bothwomen andmen.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Home Blog Hormone Optimization

Balance Female Hormones | Balancing Hormones in Women

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Hormone Optimization | Return To Health Medical …

Full Educational Video Library - Click Here

What is the Goal of Hormone Optimization Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a treatment for many common and debilitating symptoms that are often overlooked by medical providers.

Some of these symptoms include:

Often, people with symptoms like these are suffering from hormonal imbalance. These ailments are treated by getting to the root cause of these complex conditions and returning the patient to a state of hormone balance. BHRT is a simple method for correcting these complex issues through effective hormone balance therapy.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) effectively balances hormones. Hormone optimization therapy begins to work within seven to 10 days of your pellet insertion. After insertion, a consistent dose of bi-identical hormones enter the bloodstream and will begin to balance hormones. Every BHRT is customized to the patient's unique physiology and will work toward creating a state of hormone balance within their body. We tailor every hormone optimization treatment, ensuring each of our patients has the greatest opportunity of success in achieving hormone balance. BioTEs hormone optimization utilizes pellet therapy, which mimics the hormones already present within your body. Studies have shown that bioidentical hormone balance therapy may offer you the most benefits when you decide to balance hormones.

What Can I Expect from Hormone Balance Therapy?

Feel better no matter what your age is. As each patients symptoms are unique, so is each patients path to hormone optimization. Utilizing hormone optimization therapy, some patients report symptom relief in as little as seven to 10 days, but complete symptom relief may take up to six months. Your hormone optimization therapy will be customized to balance your hormones and fit your specific needs. It takes time for your hormones to get out of balance, so expect your return to a state of hormone balance to take time as well.

Excerpt from:
Hormone Optimization | Return To Health Medical ...

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

What Chandler voters need to know for Aug. 4 election and more Phoenix-area news – Community Impact Newspaper

Chandler residents registered to vote can vote in the Aug. 4 election for three seats on Chandler City Council. (Community Impact staff)

Read the latest news from Gilbert and Chandler.

Chandler Aug. 4 election: Key dates and deadlines to know

Chandler residents registered to vote can vote in the Aug. 4 election for three seats on Chandler City Council beginning now.

Downtown Gilbert Healthcare offers chiropractic care, medical weight loss, drug rehab

Downtown Gilbert Healthcare opened March 16 at 323 S. Gilbert Road, Ste. 119, Gilbert. It offers chiropractic care, medical weight loss, drug rehab, hormone optimization, acupuncture and personal training.

Rio Rico Mexican Grill has been in business in Gilbert for 15 years

Rio Rico Mexican Grill celebrated its 15th anniversary in March at 929 N. Val Vista Drive, Ste. 101, Gilbert. The restaurant serves homemade Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as cold beer, margaritas, pia coladas and wine.

Nurse practitioners open Sapphire Health and Wellness in Gilbert

Sapphire Health and Wellness opened May 1 at 3530 S. Val Vista Drive, No. A-111, Gilbert. Nurse practitioners Andrea Robbins and Kristina Mattson started Sapphire to use compassionate, holistic and preventive care.

ADOT announces closures, restrictions on Loop 101 from July 10-14

As crews work to finish a project adding a travel lane in each direction on a stretch of Loop 101 through Chandler, the Arizona Department of Transportation announced closures and restrictions for July 10-14.

Oodles Pet Grooming open in Gilbert

Ooodles Pet Grooming opened March 18 at 3321 E. Queen Creek Road, Ste. 105, Gilbert. The salon specializes in poodles and doodle breeds, but the three groomers have experience in caring for all kinds of dogs and cats.

Tom Blodgett and Alexa DAngelo contributed to this report.

Read the original:
What Chandler voters need to know for Aug. 4 election and more Phoenix-area news - Community Impact Newspaper

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Hormone optimization – Argera

Aging involves a slowing of a persons hormones as time passes. Hormones are chemical messengers to the body and without them we would not survive. Different hormones decline at different rates and sometimes in the younger patient there is just a malfunction in the biochemical pathways that result in individual organs becoming imbalanced. The thyroid is an excellent example of this as it often becomes under, or over active. Nobody knows why imbalances occur and certainly much will be due to a genetic predisposition with the addition of environmental factors, especially nutritional choices which can create inflammation in the body.

The most common organs producing hormones are the pituitary gland (makes growth hormone plus a few other regulatory hormones), the thyroid, the ovaries and testes (making the sex hormones oestragen, progesterone and testosterone) and the adrenal gland (making cortisol when we are under stress). When these organs slow down, or fail, it leads to conditions such as somatopause, menopause, andropause and adrenal fatigue syndrome.

In hormone optimization the doctor must look at all of these glands and make recommendations to improve the glands functioning which may include replacing the declining hormones, changes in nutrition and addition of supplements. The aim is to correct the imbalance and improve a patients quality of life.

Firstly, hormones should be considered relative to age. Those under 35 are unlikely to be deficient and those over 55 are unlikely not to be. Secondly, we consider symptoms and signs of hormone deficiency.

These include:

Doctors who work in the field of functional medicine can test for hormone levels and compare it to age related ranges, rather than absolute ranges. This provides a guideline for correct level of hormone correction to keep within the human physiological normal levels and thus reduce any chances of side effects.

Our doctor has been working with hormones for over 22years and understands how important they are. She is extremely thorough in her approach to optimization and provides a detailed consultation starting with a thorough history of symptoms, an examination and then orders advanced scientific investigations to find out exactly what your body is doing at a hormonal, nutritional and general biochemical level. Based upon the results, she then makes recommendations. All therapies can be monitored for success by further history and examination over the following months. Please note that hormones are notoriously difficult to adjust and whilst most patients stabilise quickly, the occasional patient may require various modifications and further investigations. All attempts are made by our doctor to keep your visits and your costs down.

Hormone difficulties can occur at any age but generally begin after the age of 35. Our doctor is mostly seeing patients who are into their 40s and 50 that are getting close to andropause and menopause, or those who are well researched and want to achieve maximal functionality with age. Our doctor utilizes much of the research being done in the USA and Europe when recommending therapies. Also, our doctor tailors the therapy to every individual patients case as one size does not fit all when considering hormone replacement.

Our doctor always aims to keep patients costs down. We have a various package options depending upon our patients budget and the desired hormones they wish corrected. For information on these please email us or phone one of our friendly staff.

All physiological changes in the body take 3 to 6 months before the full effects are felt, so one must be patient. However, the improvements are gradual and cumulative and well worth the wait. Often patients notice an improvement in their psychological well being in a few weeks.

Studies have shown the following improvements:

It is important to remember that everyone is an individual and while improvements will occur they may be interpreted differently between patients.

All physiological changes in the body take 3 to 6 months before the full effects are felt, so one must be patient. However, the improvements are gradual and cumulative and well worth the wait. Often patients notice an improvement in their psychological well being in a few weeks.

ARGERA adheres to strict prescribing guidelines and will not prescribe to people under 35 years old or anyone who does not prove deficient via pathological testing. We are unable to treat interstate patients, as they will require regular monitoring of their levels.


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What Are the Signs You May Need Hormone Optimization …

For both men and women, hormones act as essential communicators between cells in our bodies and are responsible for regulating many of our bodies functional systems. However, as we age, our hormones begin to change or become imbalanced. Many people explore hormone optimization as a potential solution. Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL is committed to offering the best hormone replacement therapy options for both men and women.

Hormones guide our bodies through many important functions, such as growth, metabolism, and reproduction. They are produced by glands that make up the endocrine system, and they are constantly sharing information with organs that tell them how to behave, when to activate, and how to expend energy (and for how long). If we didnt have hormones, we wouldnt know when to eat or sleep, or when to stop.

Many things can affect or inhibit hormone production, including age, health conditions, and chemical interference. While regular shifts in hormones throughout the day and during various physiological cycles, persistent and irregular imbalances can present health problems. Too little or too much of any hormone can wreak havoc on the body and create unpleasant side effects.

The organs that produce hormones and make up the endocrine system include the reproductive organs (testes and ovaries), pituitary gland, pineal gland, thyroid gland, hypothalamus, parathyroid, thymus, pancreas, and adrenal gland. These glands produce different hormones for different targets and send these hormones into the bloodstream to reach their intended destinations. Disruptions in the endocrine system can alter the amount of hormone reaching the bloodstream or being delivered to the cells and organs that require them.

Sometimes chemicals in our environment can also affect the function of the endocrine system. Aptly named, these endocrine disrupters are linked to adverse effects in hormone production and other functional systems. Unfortunately, these chemicals are difficult to avoid they are found in everyday products such as plastic bottles, cosmetics, toys, and detergents.

Hormone changes can occur for several reasons. The endocrine system generally declines in functionality as part of the aging process. Even if hormone levels stay the same, the receptors for those hormones become less sensitive as we get older. However, most of the time, the issue is with a decrease in the levels of hormones as we age.

Health conditions can also affect hormone production. Diabetes is one of the most common endocrine disorders. In this disorder, the pancreas does not produce the right amount of insulin. Conditions that cause poor circulation can also impair endocrine function, as hormones rely on a healthy blood supply to reach their targeted locations in the body.

Women have a unique set of hormones for navigating life changes such as menstruation, pregnancy and birth, and menopause. The latter receives a good bit of attention because the symptoms can be frustrating, and at times, even dangerous. During menopause, the ovaries slow their production of estrogen and progesterone, which has a number of side effects.

As these hormones decline, the pituitary gland tries to overcompensate. It produces an excess of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). To navigate this cycle, many women choose to explore hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease their way into menopause. At this time in a womans life, it is more important than ever to be living a healthy lifestyle and listening to the bodys needs.

While the term male menopause gets thrown around quite a bit, this isnt exactly an appropriate description of the hormonal changes men experience as they age. Only some men experience what is called andropause, which is a decline in testosterone production. Men who are concerned about their testosterone levels can have our doctors order a test to measure production.

For women experiencing hormonal imbalances, symptoms will vary. However, the most commonly reported symptoms include hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, and even depression. Osteoporosis is a complication of the hormonal changes during menopause, so it is important to have regular screenings during this time.

Commonly experienced symptoms for men include a decrease in muscle mass, loss of cognitive function, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and loss of energy. Similarly to women, supportive self-care is important, as depression and fatigue are side effects of testosterone loss. Also as for women, osteoporosis is a risk for men at this time, so bone density screenings are important.

The goal of hormone optimization is to assess whether hormone levels in the body are below their optimal threshold and, if so, to treat this by developing a plan to improve hormone function. If your body is simply not producing the hormones as it should, HRT could be an option. This treatment can either supplement under-produced hormones or replace them altogether.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a form of HRT that uses hormones that are chemically identical to the ones naturally produced by our bodies. While traditional HRT uses synthetic or animal-derived hormones, BHRT uses only those that are plant-derived. BHRT has been shown to improve well-being in several areas, but especially in restoring balance to the endocrine system.

If you are experiencing symptoms, our doctors will schedule a physical exam and consultation with you. We will ask you about the duration and severity of your symptoms and begin to suggest possible diagnostic tests. Most hormones can be detected with blood tests, and this is likely where we will want to begin.

There are several ways to receive HRT. Tablets are the most common and are typically taken once a day. Other common methods include skin patches and gels. However, Quench Wellness specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy for both men and women.

Pellet therapy is an efficient method because it allows for consistency in dosage as opposed to creams or gels. The pellet is inserted subcutaneously just under the skin, where it provides a constant flow of hormones to the body. The process is quick, simple, and painless with the use of a local anesthetic.

Many of us are quick to dismiss irritability or mood changes as normal responses to our busy schedules and daily frustrations, and this may be true in many cases. However, if you find yourself experiencing severe ups and downs, debilitating anxiety, or lengthy depressive episodes, you should speak with our doctors about your options. Hormone replacement therapy may be one way to ease these symptoms.

Hormone imbalances may cause unexplained weight loss or weight gain, low libido, and changes in bowel or bladder habits. Our doctors will ask questions to discern how long you have been experiencing the symptoms and what helps alleviate them. By narrowing down which hormones may be causing specific problems, we can develop a treatment plan tailored to your hormone needs.

As we age, our bone density decreases. If you are particularly at risk for falls or fractures, HRT may be a good choice for you. Also, the spine is at risk of degeneration as we get older, so protecting the vertebrae and discs in between them becomes increasingly important.

There is a big difference between being tired and being constantly fatigued. Being tired may result from a poor nights sleep, a stressful day, or being mentally drained at work. Being fatigued is a feeling of being unusually exhausted day after day. If you are fighting to stay awake before the evening hours, it might be a good idea to discuss this with our doctors.

If you have tried alternative methods to improve hormone balance and they have not worked, hormone replacement may be the key to a sustainable solution. On average, many patients find that their symptoms lessen or go away completely within one to two weeks of beginning treatment. Dont wait to have a conversation with our experts about the potential benefits HRT can have for you.

Hormone replacement therapy has been studied for nearly a century. Anecdotal and empirical data have shown that patients report more manageable symptoms quickly after treatment begins. Thus, the most obvious benefit to HRT is the relief it provides from the discomfort of side effects from hormone loss. By restoring balance to the endocrine system, the body functions more optimally and is relieved of challenging symptoms.

Many men and women find that the increase in energy they feel after beginning treatment inspires them to resume activities they had abandoned when they were suffering from the side effects of hormone loss. Regaining enjoyment from hobbies and work often has a domino effect. People receiving HRT often find that they have new motivation to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Risk factors for hormone imbalances include smoking, being overweight, drinking too much alcohol, and having poor sleeping habits. Even with HRT, it is helpful to reduce these risk factors to support a healthy environment for balancing hormones. By making lifestyle changes and being watchful of stressors, you can take control of many factors affecting hormone imbalance.

The benefits of stress reduction have been shown over and over again to reduce the effects of many physical ailments. The mind-body connection has been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn reduces cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol can be a damaging hormone, so by introducing calming practices such as yoga and meditation into your lifestyle, you are one step closer to a more balanced endocrine system.

It seems obvious that exercise will improve the bodys functional systems, but it may not be as obvious that physical activity actually releases a hormone called endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are secreted by the pituitary gland and are responsible for reducing pain and supporting a more effective stress response. These hormones increase feelings of well-being and reduce feelings of stress and depression.

The ghrelin hormone is what signals to your body that you have eaten enough and are full. However, if you do not consume the right kinds and amounts of protein, this hormone may not activate. In turn, the bodys response may be to over-eat or to eat at inappropriate times. Similarly, avoiding eating too many foods that create inflammation in the body (like simple carbohydrates) will create a more hospitable environment for maintaining a healthy hormone balance.

If you are ready to take the next step in managing your hormones, call our experts at Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL for a consultation. We take great pride in offering cutting edge hormone replacement therapy, and we would love to answer your questions. Often, a simple conversation is all it takes to determine whether hormone optimization is right for you.

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What Are the Signs You May Need Hormone Optimization ...

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

Hormone Optimization in Women | Benessere Clinic

When your hormones are in a healthy balance, you look and feel your best. Because your hormones are tied to overall physical and emotional well-being, accurate hormone assessment is an absolutely essential part of womens age management plans.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in women is individualized for each patient depending on their medical history, age and symptoms. Optimization refers to obtaining a hormone level to address a patients specific symptoms and support overall health, fitness and function.

All hormones prescribed at our clinic are Bio-identical. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) recognizes the benefits of hormones our bodies recognize as natural. BHRT is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The primary focus of Benessere Clinic is the replacement of natural female hormones including Estradiol and Progesteronein the postmenopausal and post-hysterectomy patient. Recognition of the role of these important hormones in health, wellness and disease prevention is emphasized.

Female patients are also educated on the potential benefits of other hormone supplementation including Testosterone and Thyroid medication. Testosterone therapy can have significant beneficial effects in women including an overall sense of wellbeing and strength, increased lean muscle mass, and reduced fat percentage. Itmay significantly increase libido and improve many aspects of a woman sexuality. Thyroid hormone supplementation is effective in relieving symptoms ofhypothyroidism including fatigue, cold intolerance, constipation and weight gain.

Hormones affect nearly every aspect of a persons emotional, physical, and psychological development. This can include everything from how well they sleep, how they deal with stress, how alert and awake they are, and how happy they are on a regular basis. The body relies on hormonesfor nearly every bodily function.

As people age, their levels of hormones like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and pregnenelone begin to decrease. These changes can result in:

These changes can have devastating, substantial impacts on a persons overall quality of life that are often left overlooked. This is particularly disturbing because declines in hormone levels dont just affect mood they can lead to physical changes that pose a real, medical risk if left unaddressed.

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as our bodys natural hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are one of the most important components of our practices age management treatment plans. This is because a great deal of the decline associated with aging in both men and women has to do with a decrease in hormone levels.

Receiving these hormones can:

When ovaries or testicles function properly, hormones are released into the bloodstream in correct amounts. During menopause and andropause, the ovaries and testicles slow down their production of estrogen and testosterone until they reach a point where they are no longer able to keep up with the bodys demand. Bio-identical hormone replacements are used by the body to meet these needs.

We offer our patients a few different ways to take bioidentical hormones. Sometimes patients choose the method that is most convenient for them and their unique lifestyles; other times, a specific delivery method is recommended by one of our providers based on that patients state of health. Bioidentical hormones can be injected into the body, applied topically, or administered in a slow release pellet that is implanted underneath the skin. Some bioidentical hormones can be taken orally.

The pellets are inserted through a very small incision into the right or left buttock. Its a simple and relatively painless procedure and takes less than five minutes. No sutures are needed, as the incision is dressed with steri-strips. Women are instructed to avoid vigorous exercises for 3-5 days while men must avoid vigorous exercises for 5-7 days.

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Hormone Optimization in Women | Benessere Clinic

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson

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