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Down on the ‘Transhuman Farm’ Nightmares are Technocratic – Being Of Click Built Panopticons and Tractors in Human Form , Alas. – -…

The horror!, The horror!

Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer.



[ sim-yuhleykruhm ]

noun, plural simulacra [sim-yuh-ley-kruh].

1. a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance.

2. an effigy, image, or representation: a simulacrum of Aphrodite.

In the novel We, written almost a century ago, Yevgeny Zamyatin introduced the concept of Great Operation: which as psycho-surgery had the effect of producing as he described tractors in human form.

Small article here examines the utility and potentiality of psycho-surgery and transhumanism from the perspective of the early 21st C given technological advance; and not so much Great Operation but Great Reset as currently in progress of being introduced at a Global level.

This apropos the quote from Heart of Darkness above and psycho-surgery being a polymorphous concept as ripe for technological development, alas and as Wilde put it paraphrased : technocratic evil bastards can resist anything but temptation.

At least one office in DARPA is devoted to Biological Technologies.

Social Credit as some parallel of tractorship in human form effected on a mass level is bleeding edge in China, such the technocratic prototype as unipolar, such the Dystopia?

Zamyatin conceived of the Great Operation as entailing destruction or impairment of function of parts of the human brain thru deployment of X-rays, and as a labor intensive as surgical operation; being as one brain lobotomized/strait jacketed phenomenological as much as one tractor in human form rendered at a time, such the psycho politics dystopian s algorithmic..

In fairness to Zamyatin when he wrote We X -Rays represented cutting edge technology, having only been discovered in 1895. Mass production as capital intense was still in its corporatist infancy back when Zamyatin wrote Model Ts were just beginning to roll off assembly lines.

It is said that Orwell drew heavily upon We concerning 1984.

The Great Reset contains the vision that in the future you shall own nothing and be happy. The potential implications of this statement in relation to technological development and transhumanism will be explored here; alongside the alternate conception of said Great Reset being as a new form of Feudalism not based on ownership of land and fief, but on ownership of transhumans and the fief of tractors in human form as said transhumanism exploited by way of debasement, such the simulacrum, such the tragedy, such the absurdity as Marx claimed.

Can transhumans be owned down on the technocratic farm?

Patent WO2020060606 Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data; it shine a light?

That is to say; psychotronic technology is , alongside Artificial Intelligence (AI )and gene therapy the technology of the future as it meets the needs of technocratic pathology by way of facilitating widespread as Globalized owning nothing as well as happiness being as enforced under political form totalitarian as technocratic, such the anorexic mirror. The wet dreams of technocratic man gods as obscenely wealthy on the transhumanist farm await explication such the ius est?

Never in the course of history has so much been owned by so few, such the ius, nest ce pas?

As these small quarters write (early 21st C), we impoverished Humans still have the capacity to independently think; albeit this becoming rarer as is biodiversity under the military industrial corporatist complex as a result of technocratic direction and the growing power of technology to effect by way of winnowing not only behavioral patterns, but the thought patterns underlying same such the dumbing down, such the propaganda, such the drone/litany of woe as dystopian?

For neoliberalism synonymises technocracy such the freedom of do what thou wilt as the degenerate satanical bastard Aleister Crowley propagated?

It is reasonable to suppose that were Joseph Goebbels to be alive today he would be gleeful over the power of broadcast media to effect propaganda on a mass scale and its singularity of repetition of line to some corporatist technocratic parallel of Ein volk, ein reich, ein fuhrer attained as facilitated Globally and that would be before he as a degenerate introduced to the monitoring, controlling and manipulative aspects of technological progress as amoral; such the goose steps algorithmic as of Artificial Intelligence (AI); let alone the psychotronic potentialities of a new operating system as under genetic modification, such the hack, such the reboot as about to be jacked as further jagged up down on the transhuman farm?

The social media implications of dopamine release being as to some variant psychotronic of B-b-b-baby, you just aint seen n-n-nothin yet as the transhuman farm all set up to go into overdrive so it goes under megalomanical madness.

For electrosmog has a panotpiconic utility as truly fearful, and alas offers a synergy as Gestalten with the concept of genetic modification as much as the potentiality of new operating system to attain?

(Electrosmog of War on the Globalized Transhumanist Farm was considered for title this small article.)

Permit these small quarters to temporarily control and issue some currency as alternative as metapolitical questions raised here?

In accordance with Technocratic vision as weltsanchauung the term surplus population has been passed into the mundane via cultural hegemony as much as R2P as build back better; such the new normal, such the casus belli?

Such the head offed as menticidal as ecocidal, indeed?

What if , and here small quarters just speculating alternative as mindful of irony; a new operating system for Humanity could be possessed of eugenical characteristics? More prone to parallel of blue screen such the reboot? More susceptible as amenable to update?

A swab up every nose or ass, an injection in every arm as update effected under R2P?

What if Bill Gates , such the window, other than a money making philanthropist under trillionaire technocratic muppetry is pursuing a eugenical agenda based on technocratic apperception of surplus population?

What if the very concept of R2P has been even further corrupted/debased to mean the Protected not Humanity or Democracy or Human Rights but rather Resource Transfer as enables obscene wealth accumulation translated into obscene power, sense of Lord Actons proposition vis a vis power?

R2P - further corrupted/degenerated as in control and issue of opium in Afghanistan, oil in Iraq, oil in Libya, Oil inSyria such the production as in a theater of war morphing before our very eyes such the contemptoraneity (sic)?

Is there a responsibility to protect the health of a surplus population as apperceived; or does a live and let die ethos prevail under Technocracy?

Do Bears shit in the woods?

Does evil exist as incarnate or is it just dysfunctionality as pathological aberration under an empirical paradigm of objectivity?

Underneath not so much the spreading chestnut tree but rather the Empirical Tree down on the Transhuman Farm I sold you as much as you sold me demanded?

Are covidiots now as that charming man as ex passenger on the Lolita Express Alan Dershowitz professed fit to be held down and forcibly injected such the Nakba Transhumanist as a gene drive expressed?

Is such questioning under TINA as Technocratic hegemony goes by way of the Fourth Reich/ Industrial Revolution now Verboten?

The psychotropic as psychotronic possibilities arising from conjunction of AI, genetic modification, nanotechnology, beam formed electrosmog as a plasma are truly horrific to contemplate: they place Zamyatins concept of great operation and tractors in human form alongside Jose Delgado and his chipping of individual bulls via neurosurgery; this as much as a spear stands in relation to a hypersonic thermonuclear missile, both in context of economy of scale and metadeath, sense of genetic mutation effected?

Perhaps an algorithmic exposition of the transhuman farm as a click built panopticon is apposite/called for?

Congratulations, you are in just the right place at the right time!

The psychotronic potentiality of non ionizing radiation has already been demonstrated. It should be noted that this technology by way of beam forming can effect not only a sense of burning, but also the delivery of intelligible voice commands such the voice of god.

The ubiquitous presence of non ionizing radiation is something which can be attained thru telecommunications infrastructure. 5G roll-out exemplifies an environmental modulation apropos.

An enhancement of psychotronic potentiality as of aforementioned can be attained by way of:

a) Modulation the genetic base/ DNA code as an operating system.

b) The presence of electromagnetic nanotechnology

Artificial Intelligence is capable of co-ordinating the delivery of psychotronic control on a mass as global level; in conjunction as interfaced with suitable non ionizing radiation presence, genetic modification and electromagnetic nanotechnology , any biomass can be impacted pro actively; sense of surveillance, control and manipulation.

And all because the 0.001% love money, love power such the alpha point effected?

We shall own nothing and be happy!

Nothing includes our thoughts no longer our own such the psychotronics; includes our genes no longer same such the therapy, our own happiness such the soma as electromagnetic nanotechnologically to be enforced such the man gods supplicated unto to be?

Even bastard degenerate Nazis had a choice as to raise an arm or click heels?

Even in 1984 a ration could be seen as it was as?

Say hello to technocratic psychotronics!

Is it like thisIn deaths other kingdomWaking aloneAt the hour when we areTrembling with tendernessLips that would kissForm prayers to broken stone.

As T.S. Eliot wrote concerning hollow men as transhuman as technocratic?

Final words to Orwell, such the paraphrase.

(Transhuman Farm, indeed.)

The humans looked from technocrat to transhuman, and from transhuman to technocrat and could see no difference

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Down on the 'Transhuman Farm' Nightmares are Technocratic - Being Of Click Built Panopticons and Tractors in Human Form , Alas. - -...

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Scientists Are Using Brain Implants To Read Patients’ Minds, Then Yours – The Federalist

Last year, Elon Musk predicted his Neuralink brain implant could eventually allow people to bypass human language. With a handful of AI-powered chips jabbed into their brains, Neuralink users could converse with their thoughts alone. Poetry and liturgy would become a sentimental pastime, like roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

In principle, you would be able to communicate very quickly, and with far more precision, ideas, Musk mumbled to Joe Rogan. And language would Im not sure what would happen to language [But] really, in the first few versions all were going to be trying to do is solve brain injuries.

Many scoffed at the time, just as they did when Musk hyped the idea of a self-driving Tesla. Today, a quick glance around the 405 freeway in Los Angeles provides evidence that a billionaires dreams can quickly become the publics reality even if a few models have to burst into flames to get there.

On July 14, the transhumanist goal of neuro-telepathy came a step closer to realization, thanks to a major breakthrough by a team at the University of California, San Francisco.Neuroscientists surgically implanted a subdural electrode array on the surface of a stroke victims brain. For 81 weeks, they fed his sensorimotor cortex signals into an artificial intelligence system. Using the algorithms predictive power as a sort of auto-complete feature, the team was able to translate the subjects attempts at speech into text with extraordinary accuracy.

Although presently limited to a 50-word vocabulary, the silent patient is able to string together full sentences, which are displayed onscreen in real time. A few evocative examples include: Here is my computer, My family is very comfortable, They have faith, and Faith is good.

This experiment was supported by Project Steno, a long-term program funded and supported by Facebook. One of the projects broader goals was to create a non-invasive helmet that could translate the average users thoughts into digital information. Although Facebook Reality Labs decided to put this mass-market brain-cap on hold for now, the engineers are celebrating the UCSF neuroprosthetic implant as a new milestone in brain-computer interface.

The experiments leader, neuroscientist Edward Chang, extended his gratitude to the social media company. Weve learned so much about how speech is processed in the brain [over the past decade], but its only in the last five years that advances in machine learning have allowed us to get to this key milestone, he said. Facebooks machine learning advice and funding really accelerated our progress.

Changs results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The scientists and engineers over at Neuralink are either seething with envy or dying to announce their next breakthrough in the race to create a cyborg elite.

Whether or not Changs invasive procedure can be reproduced consistently, the momentum behind it is irrefutable. According to the prevailing mythos in Silicon Valley and various academic programs, technology can ultimately heal what ails us. Brain implants will cure stroke damage, paralysis, traumatic injuries, and even soothe emotional maladies such as depression. Far beyond medical treatment, though, advocates for full augmentation intend to overcome the human condition itself.

Of all the transhumanists in high places, Elon Musk is perhaps the most famous. Last April, he stunned the unsuspecting world with avideo of a macaque monkey playing MindPong using two Neuralink chips drilled into his brain. While Neuralinks next planned step will be treating degenerative brain disease in humans, Musk has said many times his ultimate goal is cognitive enhancement and human-AI symbiosis.

The tycoons urgency stems from a belief that artificial intelligence will soon outstrip flawed human cognition, as weve already seen with Go champions, cancer and heart disease diagnosis, Amazon warehouse management, and aerial dogfight simulations.

Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence, Musk told a crowd in Dubai. Its mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself. Hed better get moving, because theres plenty of competition.

Blackrock Neurotech has arguably made the most progress on neuroprosthesis, at least in terms of medical applications. The company provided a key component for the UCSF breakthrough. Thirty people worldwide have had an implanted brain-computer interface, their website boasts. Twenty-eight of those use Blackrocks technology.

With the longest chronic implant being over six years, we know we can make BCI work for millions today! the site homepage says. And tomorrow we can aim to make hundreds of millions of people walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.

Beyond medicine, Kernel is among the most audacious players using a brain-computer interface solely for cognitive enhancement. Currently, the company has developed two non-invasive skullcaps that monitor neurological activity to optimize human performance. Kernel Flow uses near-infrared spectroscopy to measure blood flow. Kernel Flux uses magnetometers to track the brains electromagnetic fluctuations.

These helmets can have numerous biofeedback applications, including cognitive and athletic performance, heightened focus during meditation, and brain-to-brain synchrony. Two weeks ago, the company announced its partnership with Statespace to produce superhuman video gamers.

By 2030, Kernels founder Bryan Johnson aims to put a brain helmet in every American household. Like Musk, hes convinced mere humanity will need a wide range of enhancement tools to remain relevant in the age of artificial intelligence because anything you can do, AI can do better.

As a religious philosophy, transhumanism sees technological augmentation as a moral duty. It begins with the quest to overcome disease, old age, and death, and it ends with something like the Christian vision of human perfection and immortality.

Its an underappreciated fact that many transhumanists are not atheists. Some see technology as a way to realize Gods unfolding plan even if that means irreversibly altering the human form, or replacing humans with simulacra altogether.

Resting on the pillars of gene-editing, bionic modification, neuro-enhancement, robotics, and artificial intelligence, transhumanism is yet another dream for a better world. Naturally, these far-reaching ambitions invite revulsion and ridicule from normal people.

Perhaps more importantly, human perfection has always proven to be an impossible dream (the Kardashians are a fine example). That limitation may not matter, though, as long as powerful people are driven to pursue grand visions and intend to drag the rest of us along.

Changs UCSF brain implant experiment shows that some aspects of the transhumanist vision are already within reach. Technology confers miraculous powers. Even if the subjects immune system eventually rejects the electrodes in his head (as is quite common), for now hes able to do something that for nearly two decades was impossible: directly express his thoughts in words.

One of the more touching phrases hes able to convey is, I need you. Although the study makes no mention of it, I imagine he immediately said, Thank you. Progress wont stop with this heart-warming scenario, though. It never does.

The first computers were developed out of military necessity. Today, more than six billion people in the world casually use smartphones to enhance memory and cognition as if they always existed.Sex-change operations were pioneered to cater to troubled souls who saw no other option. Now hormone therapy is in vogue and even children are being convinced to try it.

Its only a matter of time before we see attempts to use elective brain implants to create elite mathematicians and super-soldiers. Over and over again, were told this new world is inevitable. That may be the case, but not because God or nature deemed it so. Transhumanism is inevitable for the same reason that war is always imminent: because someone with enough power wants it to happen.

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Scientists Are Using Brain Implants To Read Patients' Minds, Then Yours - The Federalist

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Scientist proposes new plan to "resurrect" the dead with a Dyson Sphere, kind of – Boing Boing

Russian transhumanist Alexey Turchin has shared a new "roadmap to immortality," which proposes several different plans (with backup plans!) for extending human life through technology. Here's the gist, as he explains it:

Plan A. The most obvious way to reach immortality is to survive until the creation of Friendly AI; in that case if you are young enough and optimistic enough, you can simply do nothing or just fund MIRI. However, if you are older, you have to jump from one method of life extension to the next as they become available. So plan A is a relay race of life extension methods, until the problem of death is solved.

This plan includes actions to defeat aging, to grow and replace diseased organs with new bioengineered ones, to get a nanotech body and in the end to be scanned into a computer. It is an optimized sequence of events, and depends on two things your personal actions (such as regular medical checkups), and collective actions such as civil activism and scientific research funding.

Plan B.However, if Plan A fails, i.e. if you die before the creation of superintelligence, there is Plan B, which is cryonics. Some simple steps can be taken now, such as calling your nearest cryocompany about a contract.

Plan C.Unfortunately, cryonics could also fail, and in that case Plan C is invoked. Of course it is much worse less reliable and less proven. Plan C is so-called digital immortality, where one could be returned to life based on existing recorded information about that person. It is not a particularly good plan, because we are not sure how to solve the identity problem which will arise, and we don't know if the collected amount of information would be enough. But it is still better than nothing.

Plan D.Lastly, if Plan C fails, we have Plan D. It is not a plan in fact, it is just hope or a bet that immortality already exists somehow: perhaps there is quantum immortality, or perhaps future AI will bring us back to life.

The first three plans demand particular actions now: we need to prepare for all of them simultaneously. All of the plans will lead to the same result: our minds will be uploaded into a computer with help of highly developed AI.

Here's a visual summary of his "Immortality Roadmap."

Of course, as Turchin explained to Popular Mechanics [Paywalled], it would take a lot of energy to power a super intelligence of this scale, which is where the Dyson Sphere would come into play. Also, if we're being technical, this super intelligence wouldn't so much be resurrecting you as it would be making a copy of the data that is you. Tomayto, Tomahto.

A Dyson Sphere Could Bring Humans Back From the Dead, Researchers Say [Stav Dimitropoulos / Popular Mechanics]

Immortality Roadmap [Alexey Turchin]

Image: Public Domain via NASA

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Scientist proposes new plan to "resurrect" the dead with a Dyson Sphere, kind of - Boing Boing

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Batman and Oracle Make Big Changes to the Bat-Signal –

After the fallout of Joker War and the Infinite Frontier beginning, Batman has found himself with an all-new status quo in Gotham City. Not only is the Dark Knight Detective without his riches, his traditional BatCave, and even a decent Batmobile, but his Bat-Signal is actually getting an upgrade, sort of. Batman doesn't have many friends in the GCPD anymore as Commissioner Gordon has retired (replaced by Renee Montoya) and Mayor Christopher Nakano has a very Anti-Batman policy. To that end the Bat-Signal won't be sitting at police headquarters, and Oracle has a big idea.

Revealed in the pages of Batman #107, Oracle tells Batman that she's developed a new version of the Bat-Signal to have around Gotham but this time there will be more than one. "It's not like the cops are going to put the old one back on the roof of the central precinct with Nakano in office," Barbara says. "But I think it's important to remind people that you're still out there. And I want a way to keep in touch when you turn off your radio."The plan includes developing twelve different Bat-Signals to put across rooftops around Gotham. These signals won't ever appear on the same roof twice and will be picked up and relocated by the members of the Bat-Family after just one use.

"Signal goes up, and you go to meet A Gordon on top of a weird old building, and find out about the crisis of the day," she adds.

The new signals aren't out yet by the issue's end but we can fully expect them to get some use as the problem with the Scarecrow is only heating up.

You can find the full cover art and solicitation for the next issue of Batman below.

BATMAN #108written by JAMES TYNION IVart and cover by JORGE JIMENEZbackup story art by RICARDO LOPEZ ORTIZcard stock variant cover by STANLEY ARTGERM LAU1:25 card stock variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICION SALE 5/4/21$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DCCARD STOCK VARIANT COVER $5.99 USBatman goes undercover to infiltrate the transhumanist gang known as the Unsanity Collective and learn more about their sudden appearance in Gotham. And what nefarious plans does Simon Saint have for Arkham Day survivor Sean Mahoney? How does it connect to the Magistrate?And in part two of the action-packed, bone-rattling Ghost-Maker backup storycan our hero stand up to the horror of Kid Kawaii?Plus, dont miss the debut of the mysterious Miracle Molly!

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Batman and Oracle Make Big Changes to the Bat-Signal -

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