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Scientist proposes new plan to "resurrect" the dead with a Dyson Sphere, kind of – Boing Boing

Russian transhumanist Alexey Turchin has shared a new "roadmap to immortality," which proposes several different plans (with backup plans!) for extending human life through technology. Here's the gist, as he explains it:

Plan A. The most obvious way to reach immortality is to survive until the creation of Friendly AI; in that case if you are young enough and optimistic enough, you can simply do nothing or just fund MIRI. However, if you are older, you have to jump from one method of life extension to the next as they become available. So plan A is a relay race of life extension methods, until the problem of death is solved.

This plan includes actions to defeat aging, to grow and replace diseased organs with new bioengineered ones, to get a nanotech body and in the end to be scanned into a computer. It is an optimized sequence of events, and depends on two things your personal actions (such as regular medical checkups), and collective actions such as civil activism and scientific research funding.

Plan B.However, if Plan A fails, i.e. if you die before the creation of superintelligence, there is Plan B, which is cryonics. Some simple steps can be taken now, such as calling your nearest cryocompany about a contract.

Plan C.Unfortunately, cryonics could also fail, and in that case Plan C is invoked. Of course it is much worse less reliable and less proven. Plan C is so-called digital immortality, where one could be returned to life based on existing recorded information about that person. It is not a particularly good plan, because we are not sure how to solve the identity problem which will arise, and we don't know if the collected amount of information would be enough. But it is still better than nothing.

Plan D.Lastly, if Plan C fails, we have Plan D. It is not a plan in fact, it is just hope or a bet that immortality already exists somehow: perhaps there is quantum immortality, or perhaps future AI will bring us back to life.

The first three plans demand particular actions now: we need to prepare for all of them simultaneously. All of the plans will lead to the same result: our minds will be uploaded into a computer with help of highly developed AI.

Here's a visual summary of his "Immortality Roadmap."

Of course, as Turchin explained to Popular Mechanics [Paywalled], it would take a lot of energy to power a super intelligence of this scale, which is where the Dyson Sphere would come into play. Also, if we're being technical, this super intelligence wouldn't so much be resurrecting you as it would be making a copy of the data that is you. Tomayto, Tomahto.

A Dyson Sphere Could Bring Humans Back From the Dead, Researchers Say [Stav Dimitropoulos / Popular Mechanics]

Immortality Roadmap [Alexey Turchin]

Image: Public Domain via NASA

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Scientist proposes new plan to "resurrect" the dead with a Dyson Sphere, kind of - Boing Boing

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Batman and Oracle Make Big Changes to the Bat-Signal –

After the fallout of Joker War and the Infinite Frontier beginning, Batman has found himself with an all-new status quo in Gotham City. Not only is the Dark Knight Detective without his riches, his traditional BatCave, and even a decent Batmobile, but his Bat-Signal is actually getting an upgrade, sort of. Batman doesn't have many friends in the GCPD anymore as Commissioner Gordon has retired (replaced by Renee Montoya) and Mayor Christopher Nakano has a very Anti-Batman policy. To that end the Bat-Signal won't be sitting at police headquarters, and Oracle has a big idea.

Revealed in the pages of Batman #107, Oracle tells Batman that she's developed a new version of the Bat-Signal to have around Gotham but this time there will be more than one. "It's not like the cops are going to put the old one back on the roof of the central precinct with Nakano in office," Barbara says. "But I think it's important to remind people that you're still out there. And I want a way to keep in touch when you turn off your radio."The plan includes developing twelve different Bat-Signals to put across rooftops around Gotham. These signals won't ever appear on the same roof twice and will be picked up and relocated by the members of the Bat-Family after just one use.

"Signal goes up, and you go to meet A Gordon on top of a weird old building, and find out about the crisis of the day," she adds.

The new signals aren't out yet by the issue's end but we can fully expect them to get some use as the problem with the Scarecrow is only heating up.

You can find the full cover art and solicitation for the next issue of Batman below.

BATMAN #108written by JAMES TYNION IVart and cover by JORGE JIMENEZbackup story art by RICARDO LOPEZ ORTIZcard stock variant cover by STANLEY ARTGERM LAU1:25 card stock variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICION SALE 5/4/21$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DCCARD STOCK VARIANT COVER $5.99 USBatman goes undercover to infiltrate the transhumanist gang known as the Unsanity Collective and learn more about their sudden appearance in Gotham. And what nefarious plans does Simon Saint have for Arkham Day survivor Sean Mahoney? How does it connect to the Magistrate?And in part two of the action-packed, bone-rattling Ghost-Maker backup storycan our hero stand up to the horror of Kid Kawaii?Plus, dont miss the debut of the mysterious Miracle Molly!

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Batman and Oracle Make Big Changes to the Bat-Signal -

Recommendation and review posted by Alexandra Lee Anderson