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Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the UK Will Be Easier to Find Thanks to New Sticker Campaign – VegNews

Nonprofit organization Vegan-Friendly UK recently launched the Vegan-Friendly certification symbol to help vegan-friendly businesses promote their vegan options. The heart-shaped symbol identifies restaurants that qualify as vegan-friendly if their menus boost a wide variety of vegan dishes. Originally founded in Israel, the organization expanded to the United Kingdom in an effort to increase the presence of vegan options and make veganism more accessible by encouraging businesses to add vegan options.

We will improve the visibility and exposure of restaurants which serve a minimum of 25-percent vegan options by labeling them both digitally and physically, Ofek Ron, Vegan-Friendly General Manager, said. We will also provide restaurants with free hands-on training and guidance on how to switch ingredients in their dishes to improve their vegan offering. In our Israeli venture, with our assistance, the restaurants we work with have been able to sell approximately 20 percent more vegan dishes than before. This meant that these restaurants were, in turn, selling less meat dishes and more vegan dishes.

The Vegan-Friendly certification will initially launch with an online presence and once restaurants begin to open following the COVID-19 lockdown, Londoners will start noticing heart-shaped stickers at the entrance of their favorite vegan-friendly restaurants.

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Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the UK Will Be Easier to Find Thanks to New Sticker Campaign - VegNews

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Colby Cosh: Is Bryan Adams bad because he’s a good vegan? Or forgivable only for being a bad one? – National Post

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Tabitha Brown Is Spreading Joy and Veganism on TikTok – The New York Times

You want a smoothie bowl? Well, lets make one.

Tabitha Brown is in her kitchen, cellphone in hand, filming one of the short videos that have made her an unlikely social media sensation.

Almond milk, banana, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, peaches and mango, oh my! she says, running down the ingredients for a vegan smoothie in a gentle, lilting Southern accent. Now blend.

After adding a little shredded coconut (like so, like that) and flax seed (cause thats our business), fresh strawberries, chopped pecans and a dash of maple syrup, she takes the finished smoothie outside to savor in her yard in the Chatsworth section of Los Angeles.

The most important part is where you eat it at, honey, Ms. Brown says between spoonfuls. Go outside if you can, or at least the cutest place in your house to make you feel like you somewhere, even though you aint.

Ms. Brown is 41. In the last month, her warm smile, calm demeanor and signature Afro (which she has nicknamed Donna), as well as the kindness she shows herself and others, have earned her a huge following on TikTok, a social medium whose most popular and most engaged users are in their teens and 20s. An aspiring actress, she is striking a tone that is resonating widely at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has many of us on edge, looking for assurance that things are going to be OK.

Dont you give up, dont you quit, dont give up, she says in one video. Baby, you aint done came this far just to get this far; you still got a ways to go. And I know right now it almost feels impossible, but dont you give up.

Ms. Brown said the videos which occasionally feature her daughter, Choyce, 18; her son, Quest, 8; and her husband, Chance are her way of spreading joy and spending a moment with her followers.

If somebody has one minute per day, and they get to have a little bit of joy for one minute, I want to be there, she said in an interview. Its part of the reason why, when I do my video, I hold my phone so close to my face. I want somebody to feel like its me and you in this moment.

For many, Ms. Browns videos are moments of stillness and inspiration, a few seconds in which they can focus on themselves rather than the all-consuming anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic.

What people are craving in this day and time is how to self-soothe, said Dr. Judith Orloff, a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist and the author of Thriving as an Empath. People are under so much more stress, so much uncertainty in so many areas that we are navigating that we dont know the answers to. There is more of a need than ever.

Eva Hughes, 74, a retired associate minister at a church in Roanoke, Va., looks forward to Ms. Browns videos and delights in her euphonious Southern accent.

She inspires me to be a better me and not look for people to validate who I am, Ms. Hughes said. She does it with such an assuredness.

Ms. Browns path to fame, or some version of it, was not the one she originally pictured for herself. She grew up in Eden, N.C., a small city about 32 miles north of Greensboro, obsessed with The Cosby Show and dreaming of becoming an actress. She joined the drama club and performed in plays at school and with a community theater.

At her mothers urging, she enrolled in the International Fine Arts College in Miami to study fashion design. But all I could think, she said, was, Im wasting time; Im supposed to be acting. She dropped out at 19 and moved to Southern California.

But Ms. Brown was not in Los Angeles; she was living with a friend of her mothers in Laguna Niguel, two hours south of Hollywood by car, working two jobs with no time to audition. Chance, who was her boyfriend at the time, suggested they move back to North Carolina for a year to save money.

That one year turned into five years, turned into a baby, a marriage, car, job, house and a forgotten dream, Ms. Brown said.

In 2002, however, she successfully auditioned for a job as the co-host of a late-night show on the local WB affiliate, interviewing celebrities who came to town to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex. That taught me how to dream again, she said.

Two years later, she and her family returned to Los Angeles. They had been there barely six months when Ms. Browns mother learned she had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or A.L.S. For the next three years, Ms. Brown split her time between California and North Carolina to help care for her.

After her mother died in 2007, Ms. Brown threw herself into acting, picking up roles in independent and straight-to-DVD films little small victories, but never nothing really big, she said. Then came another series of setbacks. After she gave birth to Quest, she developed chronic pain and fatigue and ended up on disability.

After being unemployed for over a year, Ms. Brown took a job as an Uber driver, daydreaming that she might pick up a casting director or someone who could get her out from behind the wheel and in front of a camera.

One day in December 2017, Ms. Brown walked into a Whole Foods after dropping off a client and bought a vegan breakfast wrap. Ms. Brown had tried eating vegan a few months earlier at her daughters suggestion and had quickly embraced it, crediting it with clearing up the chronic pain that had sidelined her.

On a whim, Ms. Brown filmed herself as she raved about the wrap in her car, and posted the video on Facebook. By the time her shift was over, she said, it had been viewed about 50,000 times. Within days, Whole Foods reached out and asked her to be a brand ambassador.

Even so, when Choyce suggested to her mother earlier this year that she post videos on TikTok, Ms. Brown was hesitant. TikTok? Wasnt that for teenagers?

Choyce explained that she could reach a new audience, and she taught her mother to shoot and edit videos and post them to the platform.

She picked it up pretty quick, Choyce said. I just thought she would be a good fit because shes really comforting.

Ms. Brown found an audience almost instantly. On March 9, the day after she first joined TikTok, Ms. Brown posted videos of herself making a simple vegan wrap and a vegan pasta dish. Each quickly racked up more than a million views.

The kitchen was a natural setting. Ms. Browns mother, grandmother and aunt had taught her to cook over the telephone after she and Chance first moved in together in 1998. When I went vegan, she said, I just tried to make all my favorite nonvegan food vegan, and it worked!

I became the auntie everybody loves, and it just kept growing, Ms. Brown said.

Her viral fame led to representation by the Creative Arts Agency, the powerhouse Los Angeles talent agency. Ms. Brown also landed a guest role as a police officer on an episode of Will and Grace that aired earlier this year, and she said she was developing a docuseries featuring her family.

My dream is to perform, she said. I want to be there for people. I want people to feel, in that moment, loved, seen and heard.

She attributes the joy and warmth that she transmits on her videos to the difficult moments from her own life her struggle with pain, the false starts that hampered her acting career, her mothers illness and death. She draws from those episodes, and her triumph over them, as a way of offering hope at a time when most of us could use some.

Im thankful that God gave me light again, and to be light for other peoples darkness is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Thats why I do it.

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Tabitha Brown Is Spreading Joy and Veganism on TikTok - The New York Times

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Here Are Some Clues That Zo Kravitz Might be Vegan – The Beet

Actress, singer, model, andfree-spiritedstyle iconZo Kravitz radiates the kind of bohemian energy thatmight make you assume she is vegan. Her down-to-earthattitude, eclectic fashion sense and outspoken activism point her towards the kind of celebrity who is also intentional about what she puts on her plateand into her body. Zo'sluminous skin makes us suspect she doesn't include chemicals in her day-to-day routine or let dairy or refined sugar pass her lips, buttodetermine if the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz eatsplant-based, we compiled cluesthat point her towards a "mostly vegan"lifestyle.

Kravitz has been a breakout starin HBO's Big Little Lies, and has kept many entertained during quarantine with her Hulu series High Fidelity, a reboot of the beloved 90's movie starring John Cusack.Sheis also set to star in theupcoming Catwoman movie as the superhero, also knownby her "real" name,Selina Kyle.

Kravitz's mother, Lisa Bonet, read John Robbins' Diet for a New America (1987) inthelate 1980s when she was pregnant. This book convinced her to raise Zo on a vegan diet of protein-enriched pasta, soy yogurt, guacamole, broccoli, split pea soup and rice at an early age. In an appearance on The Phil Donahue Show,in 1990 she appeared with River Phoenix, Raul Julia, and author John Robbins to discuss vegetarianism, veganism, global warming, and dietary choices, Bonet called the agricultural industry a"total manipulation to keep a lot of people rich."Bonet seemed ahead of her time in believing that a diet free of meat and dairy was the healthiest option and talked about feeding her baby Zo (who was still nursing at the time) vegan options such as enriched pasta, pea soup, and other vegetables.

In the interview, Bonet also advocated for environmental protection by pointing out that the Amazon rainforests were being destroyed, "so you can have another cheeseburger." (What's amazing about this video from 1990 is it could have been made this erasince the recent Amazon fires were caused by farmers deforesting the land to raise more cattle.) In advocating for sustainable food practices, Bonet was ahead of her time.

It seems that Zo remained largelyplant-based during her childhood, but began to deviate from strictly no-animal-product to adding a few back in. In an article with Harper'sBazaar, Kravitz explained, "I was raised vegan. My mom would always make quinoa with squash and kale, hippie stuff like that. Now I eat meat, but I try to be conscious about where it's coming from. But I stick to mostly vegan health food just because it's how I grew up; I really likeSouenandAngelica Kitchenin the East Village." Kravitz does note that when she consumes animal products she tries to "to be conscious about where it's coming from. But I stick to mostly vegan health food just because it's how I grew up."

While talking with ELLE magazine, Kravitz divulged that part of her beauty routine is keeping a clean diet: "I try eating wellmaking sure you're eating greens or steamed veggies, or stuff that doesn't have a lot of oil or chemicals. But if you want to go to McDonald's every once in a while, do it! But it's about clean food that hasn't been processed." Kravitz isn't a fan of restriction and notes that her favoritetreatsare "chocolate or anything with peanut butter," and for happy hour, "Whiskey or red wine."

All of this evidence points towards Zohaving a mostly plant-based diet, something one might refer to as a plant-forward lifestyle. Although she admits that she eats animal products from time to time, Kravitz seems to mainlyfill her plate with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. As for her quarantine indulgences, she says that thetwo thingsbesides her "mostly vegan" diet are getting her through this isolating time; "wine and weed,", which, technically, arebothderived from plants.

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Here Are Some Clues That Zo Kravitz Might be Vegan - The Beet

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Carnivores Have Better Mental Health Than Vegans or Vegetarians, Study Finds – Muscle & Fitness

Veganism and vegetarianism have profound physical benefits, and both eating regimens have been linked to lower risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and much more. Multiple studies have shown meat-free is the way to go for a physically healthier lifestyle but a new study shows that might come at the cost of your mental well-being.

According to the study, published in Critical Reviews of Food Science and Nutrition, people who avoided meat had higher rates of depression, anxiety, and/or self-harm behaviors than those who ate meat.

My co-authors and I were truly surprised at how consistent the relation between meat-avoidance and the increased prevalence of mental illness was across populations, study author Urska Dobersek, an assistant professor at the University of Southern Indiana, told PsyPost.

It should be noted that the researchers were unable to determine a cause for this link. One theory, however, is that there is a social stigma attached to veganism and vegetarianism, especially in places such as America.

Researchers looked at 18 different studies conducted around the world that examined the link between ones diet and their mental health. Eleven of those studies found vegetarians and vegans had poorer psychological health than meat eaters; Three of the studies favored vegans and vegetarians, but the researchers noted the more rigorous studies were in favor of meat eaters.

Dobersek and her co-authors note that future studies should look at if the mental aspect could be one of the reasons why many people who adopt veganism or vegetarianism end up going back to eating meat (a December 2014 survey found that 84 percent of people who gave up meat eventually went back to doing so).

Theyre also curious if theres a nutritional reason for the link in other words, they want to know if theres something in meat that contributes to better mental health that you cant get from fruits, vegetables, or grains.

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Carnivores Have Better Mental Health Than Vegans or Vegetarians, Study Finds - Muscle & Fitness

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Are Weight-Loss Transformation Success Stories Fat Shaming? – Plant Based News

Adele's weight loss sparked online debate

Is media coverage of weight loss transformations inherently fatphobic?

In this video, Plant Based News founder Klaus Mitchell discusses recent coverage of musical icon Adele's weight loss - and rumors that she lost around 100lb on a predominantly plant-based diet.

When the article was shared on Instagram, it provoked not only fierce debate, but abuse.

"To be clear, no one is saying they love Adele more because of her weight loss - and if they do, we don't condone that view," says Mitchell in the video. "What came as a surprise to me, was when the article we published was met with criticism and demands to take it down."

He discusses some of the responses - including one that accused PBN of 'equating a woman's worth with her weight' by reporting on the information.

"My question to you is whether PBN should feel guilty for reporting on body transformations?" he asks, pointing out that the story published the fact of Adele's weight loss, without offering a moral view on that.

When this video was shared on PBN's Instagram, it garnered many responses, with one commentator saying: "Adele was one of the most famous, popular and loved artists on earth before she lost all that weight. Not sure how people can say she became more loved and got more media attention after losing weight. Her media attention has been enormous throughout her career independent of her body shape."

Another suggested: "When people start throwing the fat-shaming card on any fitness-related content. Its because they are critiquing their own roadblocks and fears."

But some felt that discussion of weight loss is inherently problematic, with one Instagram user saying: "Yes, it is a gendered issue and that's why the article is problematic, answered your own questions there really. I also hate veganism being seen as a quick diet to thinness. That's not why people should be going vegan and no one be promoting diet culture [sic]."

Excerpt from:
Are Weight-Loss Transformation Success Stories Fat Shaming? - Plant Based News

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Is Brad Pitt Vegan? What You Need to Know – LIVEKINDLY

Brad Pitt is vocal in his support for vegan food. The award-winning 56-year-old actor is also rumored to be a longtime vegetarian. But is he really vegan?

Reports on Pitts diet vary. A recent article by Glamour said that he has been a vegan for years. Elle Australia has also reported on the actors vegan diet, referencing an article published by Eonline 2012. Other publications, including the Daily Mail, suggest that Pitt is vegetarianand has been for decades.

Vegan or not, Pitt has yet to confirm any details of his diet. However, he is extremely vocal about political, social, and environmental issues, including animal welfare. The actor has now advocated for better living conditions for egg-laying hens on at least two separate occasions.

In 2015, Pitt wrote to the chief executive of American warehouse chain Costco regarding its use of battery eggs. According to New York Daily News, Pitt said: As you know, these birds producing eggs for your shelves are crammed five or more into cages that are not large enough for even one hen to spread her wings.

Pitt and his ex-wife, fellow actor and social justice advocate Angelina Jolie, regularly supported the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia through their humanitarian organization, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. They donated $2 million to the conservation sanctuary after visiting and observing the work there.

Pitt has also supported various humanitarian causes, including the ONE Campaign which combats AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE Campaign also advocates for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Regardless of his personal diet, Pitt is vocal in his support of vegetarian, vegan, and meat-free food. Earlier this year, he complimented the vegan food served at the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

Originally, the award ceremony was due to serve a seafood dish. However, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) changed the menu last minute to send a good message about sustainability.

Im all for it. It makes sense, cause everyone can eat vegan but not everyone can eat a steak, Pitt said to the Associated Press on the red carpet.

By the way, when they do the steak, its never that good, he added. And what they like to do is fish, which I never understand because then everyone is walking around with fish breath. So, Im all for the vegan thing.

Pitt won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantinos Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). DiCaprio, who was nominated for Best Actor, is also rumored to be a vegetarian and similarly praised the awards ceremony for its plant-based menu choices.

Instead of the fish, attendees ate chilled golden beet soup, wild mushroom risotto, and vegan opera cake. The 77th Golden Globes was the first major awards ceremony to go vegan in 2020. Shortly followed by the 25th annual Critics Choice Awards, the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the 92nd annual Academy Awards.

In his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes, Pitt closed by saying: If you see a chance to be kind to someone tomorrow, take it. I think we need it.

In 2018, Pitt and DiCaprio both appeared in a video PSA for the Get Out the Vote campaign. The actors encouraged fans to use their votes in the midterm elections, citing their importance in everything from healthcare to the environment.

Statehouse elections will determine the future of climate change, criminal justice reform, education funding, LGBTQ equality, and even your ability to vote, said Pitt.

Following Pitt and DiCaprios introduction, the video references several of their various initiatives. Including the Prevent Cruelty California Act, also known as Proposition 12. The propositionwhich passed with a vote of 63 percent yes to 37 percent nonow protects farm animals from extreme confinement in California.

Prop 12 will free millions of egg-laying hens, mother pigs and newborn calves used for veal from cruel cages, said the YES on Prop 12 Campaign, at the time. Proposition 12 also requires any animal products imported from other states to adhere to the same welfare requirements.

Its cruel and inhumane to lock animals in tiny cages for their whole lives,the campaign stated at the time. Such confinement causes extreme suffering and increases food safety risks. Farm animals and California consumers deserve protection from such inhumane and substandard products in the marketplace.

Pitt also held a press conference in support of Californias Prop 87, which aimed to tax oil production. The money raised by the taxapproximately $4 billionwas to be used to promote more energy-efficient cars and alternative fuels.

While Pitt hasnt confirmed what type of diet he follows, veganism is synonymous with several of the causes he is vocal in his support for. In particular, environmentalism. Adopting a vegan diet could help preserve the natural environment. It could also mitigate the impact of climate change and establish a more sustainable food system.

According to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), eating sustainable and plant-based food is essential in reducing the carbon footprint of the human diet. It also adds that cattle farms and rice fields create over half of the worlds methane emissions.

The consumption of healthy and sustainable diets, such as those based on coarse grains, pulses, and vegetables, and nuts and seeds presents major opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, says the report.

Critics of animal agriculture also maintain that it causes unnecessary cruelty to animals. Even improved welfare standardsfor example, free-range eggsoften fall short of what consumers expect.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) sued the Happy Egg Co. last March for misleading advertising. Specifically for its use of the term pasture-raised, which implied more spacious housing than the birds received.

A vegan diet is also thought to be healthier than one containing meat, dairy, and other animal products. Some government organizations now advocate for plant-based diets, both for their health and acknowledged environmental benefits.

Canadas 2019 Canadian nutrition guidelines explicitly recommended a reduction of animal-based foods. Instead of animal products, the Canadian government recommends eating more fruit, vegetables, and other fresh produce.


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Is Brad Pitt Vegan? What You Need to Know


Is Brad Pitt vegan? Here is everything you need to know about the actor's support for animal welfare, human rights, and a meat-free diet.


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Is Brad Pitt Vegan? What You Need to Know - LIVEKINDLY

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Meet the mountaineer who accomplished the impossible a 100 pc vegan ascent of Mount Everest – YourStory

In 1993, eighth-grader Kuntal Joisher wrote his first piece of software code. Somehow, I felt that I would be doing that for the rest of my life, he says. But, thats only a tiny part of what he does today. A part-time software engineer, Kuntal is now a well-known name in mountaineering and vegan circles.

In 2018, he summited Mt. Lhotse, the fourth-highest mountain in the world at 8,516 metres, and became the first person to ascend an 8,000 metre mountain on a 100 percent vegan lifestyle. A year later, he repeated the feat on Everest, another first for the vegan community.

Born in Kharagpur, a small town in West Bengal, Kuntal moved to Mumbai when he was four. He says, It is the city I call home today."

After completing his bachelor's in Computer Engineering, Kuntal moved to the US to pursue a master's in Computer Science at the University of Southern California in 2001. It was here that he was introduced to veganism.

He adds, I realised how the harmless glass of milk or that tasty block of cheese came from cows, which were impregnated over and over and their calves stolen and sent to slaughterhouses.

With that realisation, Kuntal became a vegan. I learnt the true meaning of the words empathy and compassion the day I decided to turn vegan. However, little did I know this one decision would completely change the direction of my life.

After six years in the US, Kuntal moved to India to be with his family after his dad was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).

I was your average next-door guy stuck in the corporate rat race, says Kuntal reflecting on his life before he took up mountaineering.

Even in my craziest dreams, I did not imagine climbing mountains, he adds. But, a visit to Narkanda a tiny village near Shimla made him fall in love with the mountains.

In October 2010, Kuntal signed up for a trek to Everest base camp in Nepal. Hiking through some of the most spectacular Himalayan landscape and reaching the base camp of Pumori the daughter of Everest Kuntal witnessed something that unearthed within him a dream.

There, I saw the most magical scene of my life. The last light of sunset was falling directly on Everest. The other mountains had faded into the backdrop amid the evening hues, but Everest was burning golden in colour, as if someone had set the snow on fire. In that very moment I had found my dream. I promised myself that one day I would come back and climb to the top of Everest!

To realise that dream, Kuntal quit his job and decided to be a freelance software engineer. His family too collectively decided to adopt a frugal lifestyle to enable him to pursue his new-found passion. But the biggest sacrifice, Kuntal says, was to be okay with him being detached from the family.

Not wanting to comprise his readiness, Kuntal trained in the Himalayas for almost four months a year for four years.He was not just training to climb Everest, but he was also training to do so as a vegan. But there was a lot of scepticism in the mountaineering community.

The recommended diet for extreme climbing expeditions includes salami, spam, cheese, processed meats, eggs, and dairy. I, on the other hand, couldnt eat any of these high-fat high-protein animal products.

In April 2014, he felt ready to embark on that big dream. But a few days into the climb, 17 Sherpa guides died in an ice-avalanche and the expedition was cancelled. Kuntal returned in 2015, but this time, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal the largest in a century and it resulted in a massive avalanche that hit the base camp.

I distinctly remember the moment when I saw the giant cloud of snow and ice about to hit us. In that moment, I didn't think that I was going to die; I was sure I was going to. But, I narrowly escaped death.

Having failed twice, he began to have self-doubt. But he reminded himself of how he had spent every waking moment of the last six years chasing a dream, and the sacrifices he and his family had made.

Kuntal recalls, Standing on top of the world, quite literally, instead of feeling happy, I felt otherwise. After all, I was wearing a one-piece mountaineering Down suit, which was not cruelty free. Even though an alternative did not exist, it was no excuse.

So he decided to climb once again, this time a 100 percent vegan ascent of Everest.

Collaborating with a company that specialised in making animal-free jackets, eight months of R&D later, Kuntal received the worlds first animal-free one piece suit for 8,000 metre mountains, 50 percent of which is made from recycled materials.

But the only pitfall was that it was not tested in extreme weather conditions, which meant there was an element of risk. In 2018, he climbed Mt. Lhotse, the fourth-highest peak in the world, wearing his new suit.

There was no scratch, no frostbite, no cough, no illness at all," says Kuntal, who now returned to Everest in May 2019, and fulfilled his long-pending dream.

The recommended diet for extreme climbing expeditions often includes salami, cheese, processed meats, eggs, and dairy. Yet, the vegan diet has never compromised his nutritional requirements and performance, says Kuntal.

He adds, Ive now been part of over 25 serious Himalayan climbing expeditions. Ive successfully worked with the kitchen staff of expedition operators in the high Himalaya in India and Nepal, and even a remote region such as Northern Ice-cap in Chilean Patagonia.

He says his diet during an expedition depends a lot on where he is climbing. If it's the Himalayas, then most of the local food tend to be vegetarian, and hence easier to veganise.

In addition, the diet also takes into account the energy requirements at varying altitude levels.

At a higher altitude, the calorie requirements of a human body are dramatically different compared to while at sea-level. At the base camp, which is at 18,000 ft, a climbers calorie requirements could easily be around 4,000 calories a day, and this number would easily go up to 8,000 to 9,000 calories at 25,000 ft, and a climber burns through about 15,000 calories on a typical Everest 20-hour round trip to the summit.

He says the vegan diet has not only helped him train harder, but also derive performance benefits and faster recovery. In addition, I have noticed that I never catch a stomach infection that most mountain climbers catch at some point during the climb either due to lactose intolerance or infected meat.

Having achieved his biggest dream, Kuntal now plans to scale the highest peaks across the seven continents, three of which he has already completed. (including Everest.).

How has the coronavirus outbreak disrupted your life? And how are you dealing with it? Write to us or send us a video with subject line 'Coronavirus Disruption' to

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Meet the mountaineer who accomplished the impossible a 100 pc vegan ascent of Mount Everest - YourStory

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Danone: Taking Veganism Seriously While Honouring Front Line Workers in the Pandemic – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

Image courtesy of So Delicious

Danone is taking theplant-based revolution seriously and has its sights set on a target of 5 billion euros in its plant-based sales in five years. Additionally it was revealed yesterday that its subsidiary So Delicious, producer of vegan dairy products, will be donating supplies to frontline workers in National Nurses Week this May.

Danones reported plans include a new Plant-based Acceleration Unit to leverage expertise, further growth opportunities across Danone and expand beyond North America. The company appointed Shane Grant (previously president of Coca-Cola Co North Americas still-beverages) as the new head for its biggest business, North America Essential Dairy and Plant Based, stating it is moving into a new plant-based chapter.

The company is also reaching out to frontline workers during the pandemic. Two of its brands Oikos (Greek yogurt) and So Delicious have teamed up with plant-based company Jamba, formerly known as Jamba Juice, to provide free smoothies to nurses, doctors, teachers, mail carriers, grocery workers and more, amid the COVID-19 pandemic during National Nurses Week 2020 (May 6-13), when customers purchase a smoothie or bowl. See website for details.

Luisa Robinson, Marketing Director of Strategic Growth Channels for Danone North America stated: Danone North America is on a mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Were proud to partner with Jamba on this initiative and recognize those that are going above and beyond to serve their communities during this time. Oikos and So Delicious are the brands behind some of Jambas favourite menu offerings, and we join Jamba in thanking our local heroes with something that brings energy and joy to their day.


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Danone: Taking Veganism Seriously While Honouring Front Line Workers in the Pandemic - vegconomist - the vegan business magazine

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7 Ways This Vegan Teenager Wants You to Use Self-Quarantine to Change the World – VegNews

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