Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage – Learn Genetics

What Is Gene Therapy?

Explore the what's and why's of gene therapy research, includingan in-depth look at the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis and how gene therapy could potentially be used to treat it.

Gene Delivery: Tools of the Trade

Explore the methods for delivering genes into cells.

Space Doctor

You are the doctor! Design and test gene therapy treatments with ailing aliens.

Challenges In Gene Therapy

Researchers hoping to bring gene therapy to the clinic face unique challenges.

Approaches To Gene Therapy

Beyond adding a working copy of a broken gene, gene therapy can also repair or eliminate broken genes.

Gene Therapy Successes

The future of gene therapy is bright. Learn about some of its most encouraging success stories.

Gene Therapy Case Study: Cystic Fibrosis

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Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage - Learn Genetics

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