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Despite how busy your life is, you must always remeber to take care of yourself. Here are 5 simple habits for a healthy lifestyle.

(Newswire.net -- February 18, 2020) -- The busier life gets, the harder it becomes to apply habits into your life that are healthier but a bit more arduous. However, starting anything with baby steps is the first and most effective method to succeed in a seemingly difficult task. Remember, you wont have a busy routine if your body does not support it. So here are 5 insignificant but efficient habits that you can get used to easily.

1. Hydration is The Solution!

It is mind-blowing how much of the body's performance decreases when it does not receive the water it needs. If you ask 5 different people, you will realize that the amount of water that different people drink or claim to need is different. Nonetheless, a grown-up adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. What solution is being offered?

Well, starting with carrying a bottle of water when going out would be nice. We especially forget how thirsty we are when were out, busy with our own stuff. Dont forget about the fact that dehydration may lead to headache, very yellow pee (which is a very threatening sign), not peeing very much (which again is a red alarm because the body is having a difficulty condensing all the waste into the little amount of water in your yellow goo-like pee), dry skin, and many more. Last warning: consuming any fluid other than water is not hydration. Sorry but cheating on this one is impossible.

2. Be a Healthy Owl!

It is not uncommon for many people to stay awake until their eyes are no longer able to subscribe to their nocturnal activities and they finally drift off in front of whatever they were so busy staring at! It appears changing that specific habit is neither likely nor durable. But staying awake is not the problem here. It is how we reveal our darkest side of ourselves by preying on whatever we see that is consumable through that magic white door, the fridge!

It is pretty obvious that we all have experienced how much that moment where we have finished eating all those sugary and greasy delicious food in the fridge in the middle of the night and all we can feel is the regret that comes afterwards. Why not make it the habit of starting your day with the best honey brand in the world. (We recommend Nature Nates Raw Honey as it is a valuable purchase to begin your day.)

This particular craving cannot be prevented in many people, so this is for all the tired tigers out there: If youre a night owl or a bat or basically a creature that performs the best at night, try to tear apart the healthier food in the fridge. If you want to eat something yummy during the night without facing severe consequences, try to opt for low-key foods like some hummus with broccoli or a chicken salad without the chicken, so basically a salad! You will have ended your craving and you wont be feeling horrible about yourself the very next day. As alien as this idea sounds, I highly recommend you give it a try.

3. The 20-20 Rule

Legend has it that staring at anything that projects blue light (which is basically every gadget that you use) is not so friendly to your eyes (whaaaat??!) Now, since we cannot do anything about preventing the blue light from slowly drying our eyes away, we can do something to lessen the pain and the eye-doctor appointments.

The 20-20 rule says: When you have started at something for 20 minutes, stop what youre doing and stare to a spot as far from you as possible for 20 seconds. Your eyes are frankly one of the most delicate parts of the human body. Ignoring the obvious symptoms that are shouted at you by the two balls attached to your brain will only end up with painful and strenuous treatments. Prevention is always better than the cure. Lets go over it one more time, shall we? Stare at the farthest spot for 20 seconds after staring at a gadget for 20 minutes. A weird but friendly bonus: try to blink their eyes! Your eyes need hydration too.


Oh my my isnt this the hardest thing to do! But after the upcoming justification, you will understand the root to some of your problems.

Lets paint a picture. You go to bed. Youre ready to catch up with your friends and of course, your favorite celebrities or TV shows. It is a natural feeling if you feel left out from all the fun. Maybe even you can start having your own existential crisis: Am I just designed to work? Is this all Im bound to do? Dont I deserve to have fun? Aaaaand blah blah blah. You know how it goes. The problem here is when you start to experience those emotions, you get anxious or depressed. You start to grant access negative and unnecessary thoughts into your mind, which will then result in insomnia and even depression. Some say your brain dreams and processes your most recent thoughts after you sleep. The key is to ask yourself: Is this really what you want to echo back and forth in your brain when youre just trying to wake up with a positive the next morning?

5. Dont go grocery shopping when youre hungry!

It is evident that you desire the unhealthiest material when youre hungry, such as sugar or carbs. Consequently, when you go grocery shopping, you buy what you want to eat at that moment which results in a nutritionally inefficient fridge for the next few days. It is only natural that one might act this way. On the other hand, certain things can be done to prevent this disaster, and one of them is buying food with a full stomach, so you can consider your bodys needs in a more precise way. So next time you feel hungry with an empty fridge, try eating something from your fridge that you wouldnt normally eat. Youll also be cleaning out your fridge for the food youre about to introduce to your food bank!

5 Simple Habits to Adopt in Your Daily Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle - Newswire

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