A healthy lifestyle is Urvashi Rautela’s fitness regime in quarantine – Times of India

Mostly all of our celebrities in Bollywood, are playing too safe, trying not to venture out unless absolutely necessary. So what do they do to keep fit and healthy, while heeding the new advice about staying at home when the pandemic cancels all of their shoots? Well first off, they obey all the precautions and secondly, they try to improve the immune system of their body. As gyms have closed temporarily to avoid the spread of this disease, actresses like Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora, Jacqueline Fernandez, Urvashi Rautela and many others, have started working out at home and teaching their fans how to do it too. The gorgeous Urvashi posted a video about how to exercise and stretch your muscles without exerting too much pressure on your body, on her social media handle and sending messages to her followers. In the video, besides pulling off a handstand, she can be seen forming a bridge with her body and taking the support of the wall to continue with the cartwheel. She can be seen effortlessly pulling off the yoga routine which requires high flexibility. She has mentioned in the caption that the pose is called back walkover. What Urvashi showed us was an easy yoga stretch that can be done at home using all smooth vertical surfaces possible."Yoga and other such physical activities can be done from your chair or sofa - squats, tricep dips, crunches, bodywork exercises and so on. When it comes to food, sticking to proteins and fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep your metabolism going, your gut healthy, and your digestive system on track amidst the stress and chaos of the virus fears. Adding in health and fitness into your daily routine, or keeping it up if you currently have one, is huge right now," said Urvashi.

A healthy lifestyle is Urvashi Rautela's fitness regime in quarantine - Times of India

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