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It may already be February, but there is still plenty of time to live your best life in 2020 with the help of the Secrets to a Healthier, Happier You in 2020 podcast.

After just one week, the stat is that 77 percent of resolution markers are still on track, RxSavers medical expert Dr. Holly Phillips tells Us Weeklys Christina Garibaldi during episode 1 about New Years resolutions. So youve already lost about a quarter of people by the very first week in January. And after six months, 60 percent have dropped out.

Over the course of six episodes, the health experts provide advice for maintaining your mental health, the importance of heart health, exercise tips and more. Scroll through to binge all six episodes:

Episode 1: New Years Resolutions

Whether youre quitting smoking, starting a new diet and exercise plan or just trying to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, this episode will unveil the tips you need to know when it comes to keeping your New Years resolutions.

Episode 2: Mental Health

It seems that we dont treat people with mental illness with the same compassion as we treat people who have certain physical illnesses, Phillips says in the second episode, which emphasizes that mental health should be treated with the same care as physical health.

Episode 3: Healthy Immune System

On episode 3, learn tips to avoid catching the common cold. If youd like to boost your immune system, make your plate as colorful as possible, Phillips says. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables If its really bright, you know you have the antioxidants you need.

Episode 4: Sleep Secrets

Listen to episode 4 to uncover how rest plays a crucial factor in your energy throughout the day. Make sure that your bedroom is conducive to sleep. It needs to be dark, quiet, and it needs to be cool, Phillips reveals. The best temperature is somewhere between 60 and a high of 72 degrees.

Episode 5: Stay Fit Safely

Episode 5 tackles expert tips about how to protect whats inside your body while working out. When we think about fitness or about hitting the gym, a lot of the focus is on weight loss or maintaining our weight or how we look. But its absolutely critical for the health of our bones, muscles and joints to stay active, the health expert says. Any exercise that puts your body against gravity can help muscles get stronger and better protect your joints.

Episode 6: Heart Health

On the final episode of The Secrets to a Healthier, Happier You in 2020 podcast, Garibaldi and Phillips reveal the importance of heart health and how it affects every aspect of your life. The heart is the center of the body. Its the most important muscle, Phillips explains. It pumps blood and oxygen to all of our organs. We literally cant live without it.

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Binge All 6 EpisodesSecrets to a Healthier, Happier You in 2020! - Life & Style Weekly

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