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Last year, hip-hop artist, activist, and actor Common helped open a progressive charter school on the South Side of Chicago. Its called Art in Motion and it has a peace room and a dedicated wellness center. Instead of detention, the kids are taught to meditate. The curriculum is centered around music and the arts as well as individualized personal learning, wellness and movement classes.

Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., grew up nearby completely unaware of things like holistic healing, therapy, and veganism, even as he began expressing himself through songwriting and rapping. In fact, Common credits hip-hop for introducing him to the wide world of wellnessnamely via KRS-One and A Tribe Called Quest, who rapped about the advantages of not eating meat. In the 90s, Common adopted a vegan diet and started working out more. He began to meditate, and even laughs when he admits to wearing a lot of crochet back then too. Today, Common credits his healthy lifestyle to the inner happiness and peace hes found through it. Its what keeps him grounded and focused, empathetic and loving. Last year, his album Let Love focused on his spirituality and wellness-driven lifestyle. Now, hes taking everything hes learned over the years and sharing it with the world in a new YouTube series that premiered earlier this week called Com+Well.

The six-part show, which was produced by former Vogue staffer Dayna Carney and airs weekly on Tuesday mornings via YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, features Common alongside his team of wellness gurus, including joy strategist Grace Harry, trainer Yancy Berry, and L.A. community gardener and Plant the Seeds founder Ron Finley. Commons personal chef Lauren Von Der Pool, who served as the executive chef for Michelle Obamas childhood obesity prevention campaign, will also be featuredtheyll be cooking vegan meals together, discussing the best workouts, and talking about the importance of therapy and meditation. Theres gardening therapy too, which Common says is new to his repertoire. And, in partnership with the company Larabar, each episode will include information about how to donate to a health and wellness-focused organization in underfunded urban communities.

Speaking to Common about Com+Well over the phone this week, it was clear that his passion for sharing all of this information and normalizing it among communities like the one he grew up in on the South Side of Chicago runs deep. Below, Common opens up about why he decided to launch this series now, how he wants to help others, and where his wellness journey may lead him next.

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Common Discusses His New YouTube Series Focused on Wellness and Finding Inner Peace - Vogue

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