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Dr. Alexander Myasnikov debunked the major myths relating to healthy lifestyle. Some related with the latest rules had become obsolete.

For a long time it was believed that red meat and the fats harmful to the human body. In particular, it was felt that the product triggers an increased risk of a number of diseases and unpleasant conditions, including stroke and heart attack. However, a number of works of scientists talked about the fact that monogyny in the product is not so harmful. In the autumn of last year, the study showed that the cardiovascular system of the red meat risk is not responsible. At the same time, the product remains a risk factor for colon cancer. It contains many important vitamins and minerals, so in a week it can eat up to three times what would be useful.

The view that daily need to overcome 10 thousand steps, is not correct. We are talking about the approximate load volumes, the main thing to move. You can go swimming, Jogging or other physical activity. In the diet butchers advised to include plenty of vegetables, fruits and fish. Sausage is better to replace the boiled meat.

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Doctor debunked the main myths about healthy lifestyles - The Saxon

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