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Sure, it would be nice to lay on the couch and binge TV shows every day, and while that can be a great form of relaxation at times, excessive use can negatively impact overall health. By getting out of the house and at least taking a walk every day, mixed in with light jogging, and although you may be sore at first, youll notice an immediate extra jump in your step, mood, as well as your pants starting to fit a little looser.

With the resolutions pouring in with the new year, now can be the time to join a gym and start to live a healthy lifestyle during the cold winter months, and by summer you could be ready to ditch the monthly dues and enjoy the warm weather outdoors. In addition to physical activity, eating better, getting enough sleep, avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol use, and regular checkups can have long and short-term health benefits by extending your life, but also paying lower premiums, which is a win-win.

Healthy living can be a trickle down when it comes to overall mood. First, the increased physical activity stimulates the endorphins which these brain chemicals can improve relaxation and happiness. Next, as your appearance starts to improve with losing weight and getting enough rest, suddenly your self-confidence and anxiety about your body can start to drastically change for the better. From there, you can find a productivity increase at work, not to mention better relationships as the feeling of isolation is removed. All just by improving to a new healthy lifestyle!

While there are plenty incentives to live a healthier lifestyle, did you know many insurers will offer discounted premiums to kick bad habits such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, or losing weight? Some may even penalize with a fee for continuing to smoke. There are also other incentives such as gym discounts or even offering consultations with nutritionists.

In fact, one very special kind of policy, called a modified endowment contract, features much lower rates for healthy individuals. Thats because these kinds of contracts often include just one lump-sum premium payment when the applicant is well past middle age. Rates are based almost entirely on age and the persons state of health. Carriers base their rates on the probability that a policy holder passing away before a given number of years. For adults who smoke, are overweight or take part in risky behavior, the chance of fatality is statistically greater, hence the higher premiums associated.

Better lifestyle habits can have an overall affect on the risk of disease. By keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in check, you can avoid serious issues such as a stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or even some forms of cancer. With the increased physical activity, you can find reduced issues with arthritis and depression. It is important to facilitate a yearly visit with your doctor to check your weight, vitals, and ensuring you stay on track for a long and healthy life.

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Healthy Living is a Win-Win - The Libertarian Republic

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