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Many years ago, I was listening to a CD one day. It may be shocking that in this day in age it wasnt a cassette tape or 8-track. As I recall, one of the tracks is mainly instrumental, however I noticed that, about 30 seconds in to the song, there were some faint lyrics in the background. Curious, I skipped back and listened more closely to try and hear it. Sure enough there were five words very faintly spoken.

They were what are you waiting for. Hmmmm. Just what am I waiting for?

If you need a written invitation, then here it is. I personally invite you to get up and start making healthy lifestyle changes. There it is. Post it on your fridge if you want, I dont care. Do what you have to do, right now, no more excuses.

Speaking of excuses and there are plenty of them lets take a look at some major reasons people use when it comes to fitness. Sit back and relax, this is going to be fun.

I dont have time to exercise.

Of course you dont, who does. We all lead super hectic lives with rarely anytime to relax and when we do have time to relax its obviously seeing what will happen to baby Yoda or whoever the little guy is is up too. This must be a legit excuse then, right? The bottom line is that if you dont prioritize your life now, then you wont be able to accomplish the things you want to do later. Life isnt much fun if your health is sub-average. Think of it this way, exercising 30 minutes is only 2 percent of your day. Keep in mind that while exercise may take a little bit of your time, it will make time as well.

I have no energy to exercise.

There are a couple of different angles to this. If you sit around and watch movies all day then of course you will feel lazy. On the flip side, what about those people who work 30 hours a day you say, thus leaving them without time to eat or sleep, surely they should be exempt from exercising, right? Exercise has been shown to increase energy levels and leave people feeling better about themselves and more energized. Just because you work hard every day, does not replace an exercise routine combining cardio, strength and nutrition.

I bet you are not. While many people may feel like they have more years behind them than in front of them, there is no better time to start exercising than today. Exercise will actually make your body younger at any age.

Its easy to make up excuses and put off living a healthy life. Becoming a better you starts now, so what are you waiting for. You owe it to yourself.

Aaron Fabel, B.A in Exercise Science and Wellness, is the CEO at the Oahe Family YMCA.

Healthy living: What are you waiting for | Opinions - The Capital Journal

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