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Adrienne Bailon appeared on The Masked Singer as the flamingo in December 2019, and the Hollywood star revealed that preparing for the reality show "helped [her] with [her] fitness goals." So much so, Bailon would sing on the elliptical "every single day, every morning" for "45 minutes" to "get [her] stamina up."

"You've got to be able to sing these songs, dance the choreography, and not sound winded the entire time," Bailon said on her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne, in December 2019. "I literally would do 45 minutes of elliptical in the morning, then I would go to dance rehearsal, and then I would do another 45 minutes of elliptical in the evening."

On her "off" days, Bailon would use the app, 8fit, to keep getting stronger. "It's an app that allows you to do workouts from home, and I am obsessed," she stated. "Me and [her husband] Israel [Houghton] would do two of these a day. I would knock this out and fell literally amazing. It was something easy for me to accomplish." However, Bailon noted that "you are not going to see results right away," but it's important to "focus on the goal of being healthy, and the results will come."

So, what are you waiting for? If you're feeling inspired by Bailon's healthy lifestyle, try out her tips and tricks for yourself.

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Here's what Adrienne Bailon typically eats in a day - Nicki Swift

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