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The fitness industry relies on people participating in a healthy diet and exercise regimen which has given rise to many careers as trainers, nutritionists and many more. However, people may also be misled to think that these are the only factors that come into account when it comes to maintaining good health and preventing diseases.

Lifestyle plays a huge role in health, wellness and fitness. Todays urban lifestyle where one doesnt stop and take time for themselves is causing more harm than good when it comes to physical and emotional health. Lack of healthy eating options has contributed to obesity in many individuals of all age groups today. Children are being encouraged to stay indoors due to much more entertainment options available digitally which has led to decrease in sports participation in the youth age group.

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One of the biggest factors contributing to deterioration of mental health is stress. People often stress over work or factors in personal life, even for trivial events which takes a toll on their mental health. Managing stress in the right manner is ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

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Sleep is another hurdle that people of all generations are facing. Students are having a hard time going to sleep early or waking up early which leads to absence. Working class people sometimes find it difficult to switch off after work which leads to excessive stress and lack of sleep. Other mental health issues like anxiety and insomnia are making it worse for those suffering from it as it affects the everyday lifestyle and brings about a lot of discomfort. Consulting mental health professionals in order to lead a better, healthy lifestyle is the solution. Additionally, meditation has also proved to be slightly helpful towards better mental health so one can always try.

Addictions play an important part of a persons lifestyle. Smoking causes many lung problems which despite having been advertised are still purchased by many. Alcohol slows down a persons reflexes and cognitive ability and people are hence told to avoid driving, avoiding heavy machinery or doing anything that could be a risk to themselves or others. Addiction studies have found that these substances trigger release of dopamine, the hormones that lead to the feeling of happiness and one of the ways to beat this feeling is to replace it with another activity that does not harm ones health. Learning a new instrument, a new skill or managing addiction via various methods learnt by consulting a professional can be one of the ways to beat it and achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

A persons lifestyle makes up a major part of their personality. Therefore having a healthy lifestyle will automatically result in healthy outputs when it comes to work or personal life. Even a small change in everyday routine for 5-10 minutes can lead to building better discipline and eventually incorporating that habit for a longer period of time.

How lifestyle can affect your health and fitness? - The Bridge

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