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A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Disturbed sleep often hampers not only a persons mental but physical well-being as well. Begin by ensuring you sleep on time and wake up before sunrise, which gives you more time in the day for your tasks and is also a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, young adults need to focus on building a strong immune system that will defend the body against viruses and infections keeping in mind the current healthcare scenario as well as the onset of monsoon.

Here are some natural ways to stay healthy

* The practice of oil-pulling which is an ancient Ayurvedic technique is recognised as a self-care, immune-boosting measure. It involves swishing cold-pressed virgin oil in the mouth for about five minutes just like using a mouthwash, says Nutritionist Sheryl Salis, RD, CDE. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil helps get rid of the million bacteria in the mouth through swishing in-between teeth and then discarding the oil from the mouth. Rinse your mouth with warm water after discarding the oil. This should be done on an empty stomach every morning, even before you drink water.

* Yoga and meditation bring peace to the mind and body. It is recommended to perform these activities between 6 am to 10 am in the morning on an empty stomach as the body is in Kapha state. The Kapha dosha helps overcome the states of dullness and lethargy and therefore yoga asanas and poses in the Kapha state removes sluggishness as the body is the strongest physically in this state and benefits from flexibility, said Salis.

* Apart from physical activities, one must regulate their eating habits and consume a balanced diet overall. Including protein-rich foods and superfoods that are nutritionally dense and provide the body with the essential nutrients and vitamins. One such age-old superfood found as a kitchen staple in most Indian homes is coconut oil. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is obtained from the fresh matured kernel of the coconut by natural means and is known for its myriad health benefits such as:

Boosting energy Improving immunity Weight management

* It is recommended to consume two spoons of virgin coconut oil every day for a healthy start to the day; it can also be used in everyday cooking, baking vegan desserts at home or as a simple salad dressing.

* Lastly, eat a wholesome nutritious breakfast and lunch; have dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime. Ensure you eat clean and healthy throughout the day even if you are snacking in-between meals, opt for healthy snack options like green tea, roasted makhana, salad bowls, smoothies or simply a bowl of fresh fruits.

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How to promote healthy living and better immunity in young adults - The Indian Express

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