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Positivity is a power that can help people in their fight against all sorts of odds in life. Stress itself is a disease that needs cure and consideration. In order to cope with harsh realities or other diseases, stress is the last thing one would like to carry.The current outbreak of coronavirus is getting alarmingly global. Some people are getting over conscious more than being cautious. Though the pandemic is contagious and real, panic and stress would only make things worse for everyone.Evridiki Iliaki is a certified coaching/wellness psychologist. She is head of leadership, learning and development with Elite Consulting LLC. Coming from Greece, and having studied and researched counselling psychology for many years in the United Kingdom, she is a certified life and business coach with close to 20 years of experience.Taking the reins of How Women Work (HWW) in 2015 after the groups founder Caroline Zeitler left Qatar for good, Illiaki has not only put this content driven and engaging initiative back on track, she has constantly been expanding its vision. HWW primarily was a group formed in 2009 to support women, find work, grow and succeed in Qatar.The life coach, like other people, is really concerned about the unusual global breakout. She, however, has some positive notes to share with those who struggle with stress and anxiety related to coronavirus concerns and fears.The psychology coach lays emphasis on the need to cope with the stress and to keep the immune system strong. The most important thing is to keep your immune system strong. The stress and anxiety affect the immunity badly. It is, therefore, necessary for us to be stress-free to have the strength to counter the virus spread.Iliaki has been using Zoom, mobile app, to keep people updated and to guide them on how to be calm. I have been sharing different material for the people to be able to cope with the mental stress and keep their calm. It is very important. People need to pray because that gives positive energy. Try to de-stress the people around you like children and aging people.The expert underlines the necessity of have a healthy lifestyle. Keep a healthy, mindful lifestyle, eat healthy, sleep well, do any exercise you love, such as yoga or walking. Breathe deep and slow, be in gratitude mode and keep positive. This lifestyle will keep your happy hormones up and will keep your immune system strong.Iliaki feels the freedom of movement and social interaction through digital platforms also helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Observe yourself, if you feel melancholic and you are stuck at home, communicate and open your heart to people that love you and will support you. It can be a great time to create a new wellness self-care regime, take long baths, read a book, watch an uplifting movie or documentary.The psychologist also highlights the importance of knowing the facts about the disease. Knowledge is power. Know the facts right. Limit your time on social media browsing and TV news, right now we are bombarded with too many information and that brings the stress levels up. Get informed only from reliable sources like for example the Ministry of Health and other authorities in Qatar. Follow all the instructions given to you by the authorities. There are some wonderful steps that the government has been taking not only to take care of health issues but also the financial issues of the citizens and residents.In Qatar, we have the best healthcare system and access to the needed facilities. Be calm and relaxed and continue being productive and mindfully positive.To talk to the specialist please call: 50579078, or e-mail at [emailprotected]

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Keep a healthy lifestyle to ward off coronavirus stress - Gulf Times

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