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Physical fitness Need of the hour

Chhavi Negi, Class XI (Arts), Guru Nanak Public School, Chd

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body

Physical fitness is the need of the hour and above all of our body and it should be on everyone's priority. If we are not physically fit, we won't be able to do our basic activities. Going out, walking, running, playing, and even studying will become difficult. Physical activities not only keep us fit but also boosts our immunity. A physically fit person is immune to diseases and lives longer than those who are unfit. The health of the younger generation is important as they are the future of our nation.

Nowadays, students are less engaged in physical activities. They don't have time to exercise. The main excuse is that they have excessive homework and a lot to study but even when they have free time, instead of going outside to play, they prefer playing mobile games. They don't understand that 10 minutes of cardio is more benefiting than wasting 30 minutes at the phone. And because of this their immunity is getting low; they are getting overweight and weaker. Their bodies are becoming week and they are unable to lift heavy objects. They sit at one place all the day and eat junk food. They don't realise how deadly their actions could be. Even if they don't face any problem at this age, this will affect their health when they get old or even in their early adulthood.

Parents must encourage their children in physical activities. They can do this by asking them to play outside, making them join dance classes, soccer classes, basketball classes, cricket classes, yoga classes, karate classes, etc, taking them out for morning walks and even playing with them. They must give their children a specific time to use mobile phones. Schools should also involve activities to encourage students in physical activities. This can be done by incorporating yoga classes in morning, NCC, PT, sports tournaments, sports day, etc. Students should eat healthy foods which will give them energy to play. If possible, workout should be done at home. Planking, jumping jacks, and other home workout videos on YouTube can also be very beneficial. Yoga is the best for a low intensity physical activity. Taking care of health from a young age can reduce the chances of heart attacks, high cholesterol, diabetes and other health problems.

Thus, physical fitness is as important as studies and must not be neglected from our lives. A weak body is of no use and a healthy body is one's asset which leads to a healthy mind.

We belong to the Earth

Jasnoor, Class VIII, Yadavindra Public School, Mohali

Environment means all the natural surroundings such as water, sunlight, plants, animals, etc. It helps us in growing, nourishing living things on the planet. But we are putting our lives in danger by destroying the environment with our own actions. We all are causing harm to the environment by wasting water and causing pollution.

A major reason is deforestation. Trees, bushes, plants are very important for our survival. They give out oxygen which we humans breathe in and we give out carbon dioxide gas which they breathe in. This keeps the cycle moving. If these are cut or burnt, no one would survive. Another major reason is pollution. We humans cause a lot of pollution. Water pollution disturbs the ecosystem as well as causes severe diseases such as Dysentery.

Air pollution causes respiratory disorders. Land pollution causes change in climate patterns and affects the wildlife. Soil pollution affects disturbance in the balance of flora and fauna residing in the soil and increases in salinity of the soil which makes it unfit for vegetation. Noise pollution may permanently damage hearing. Therefore, pollution has a major impact on the environment. Global warming is another major reason that causes harm to the environment.

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the Earth due to greenhouse gases like nitric oxide, methane, carbon dioxide etc. It causes the glaciers to melt. It increases the temperature of the earth and most of the living organisms are unable to adapt to this climate change. It also changes the rainfall pattern.

Saving the environment is a matter of great concern. We can do our bit by reducing water wastage, conserving rain water and energy, replacing plastic bags with jute bags or cotton bags. We all should the 3R's i.e. recycle, reduce and reuse. For providing a better and healthy lifestyle in the future, we all should unite and take a step forward for saving the environment. Lastly, I would like to conclude with a quote by Marlee Matlin, "The Earth doesn't belong to us, we belong to the Earth."

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