Organic Tortilla Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR by 2030 – 3rd Watch News

Organic Tortilla Market: Introduction

A recent study published by Transparency Market Research on theorganic tortilla marketincludes global industry analysis and opportunity assessment for2020-2030. The global organic tortilla market is expected to be valued at ~US$ 16.6 Bnin2020,which is projected to expand at a CAGR of7.6%,to reachUS$ 34.5 Bnby2030.

Multi-Sensory Experience in Organic Tortilla Attracting Consumers

There is growing interest among customers to gain multi-sensorial experience upon consuming food and beverages. Consumers are more inclined toward food products, which are appealing to the eyes. Along with aesthetic appeal, nutrition, and great taste are important factors for consumers. Along with healthy ingredients, manufacturers are also focusing on designing new technologies that capitalize on understanding the multi-sensory inspirations on flavor perception in order to augment humanfood interaction design.

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Among all the five senses, visual and mouth feel have major impact in product selection. Organic tortilla are made available to consumers in various types including frozen tortilla, tortilla mix, pre-cooked tortilla, and tortilla chips, among others. Due to its intense crust color, crumb characteristics, increase loaf volume, and extended shelf life, tortilla is gaining popularity among consumers.

Health and Wellness to Drive Organic Tortilla Market

Consumers are adopting a healthy lifestyle, which has led to higher consumption of food and beverages with potential health benefits. In the current scenario, people are becoming more conscious about their eating habits and food, owing to which, they are increasingly spending on health and wellness.

Thus, consumers are preferring natural and organic foods, and consuming health supplements. Consumers inclination toward preventive healthcare is pushing manufacturers to use natural and healthier ingredients in their food products. Organic tortillas are considered healthy snacking option and are being accepted by health conscious people.


Rise in Number of Mexican Restaurants Trigger Demand for Organic Tortillas

Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise in demand for Mexican-based food products such as tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and tamales. Due to this, major hotel and restaurant chains, especially in North America and Europe, are adding Mexican dishes to their menus. Flour-based organic tortillas are gaining traction. The demand for organic tortillas is increasing in the Asia Pacific region, owing to the rising number of food chains focusing mainly on Mexican food and tortilla being one of the main products in the Mexican cuisine.

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Organic Tortilla Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR by 2030 - 3rd Watch News

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