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Veteran talk show host Steve Harveys 38-year-old daughter, Brandi Harveyshares an inspiring post on her Instagram to encourage fans to be focused and successful.

Late in June, television show host Steve Harveys daughter, Brandi Harveyshared an inspirational post about her healthy lifestyle on her Instagram. Detailing her exerciseand fitness journey up until the present, Brandiwrote:

Ive been working out since I was 19 years old and working with trainers on and off since I was 23...There is no perfect time, only a perfect WILL to WIN. Go get whats yours.

Brandi confessed that all through her journey, she succeeded in losing weight but also experienced off-the-wagon moments when she gained it all back again.

With those challengesbehind her, Brandi knew for sure that no matter where she was on the journey, she could always start all over again from scratch. People got to choose how long they stayed down and out, and when they wanted more.

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If you havent had a chance, click the link in my bio and listen to my latest Podcast Episode More Space. Here is an excerpt from what I wrote in this weeks newsletter: Back up and give people space to grieve, to breathe, and to believe again. One of the most important aspects of healing ourselves is finding time to rest. You owe it to yourself to step back, step away, and relax your mind. All of our experiences are not the same, but they make our collective experience more vibrant and more in-depth. This week, I want you to know its okay if you dont know what to say or what to do at this moment. All of our protests will not be made on Instagram, nor will they be made in the streets. For many of us, our cries of resistance will be made in educating and equipping, teaching and healing, funding movements, and casting votes. Our self-care will never be self-indulgent; it will always be an act of political warfare. Our WELLNESS IS THE REVOLUTION, so be kind to yourself. You deserve it. BH

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She concluded by cheering her followers on to go ahead and work hard for whatever they desire, assuring them that they are enough and deserving of success.

The inspirational caption accompanied a video and photo of Brandi working hard and focused in the gym, practicing what she preached.

As Brandi said in her motivational post, she is living the driven and purpose-centric life that she willed for herself through hard work and determination.

Brandi, who is a twin and one of seven children of Steve Harvey,hasproven herselfto be a brilliant and goal-driven woman. The 38-year-old founded Beyond Her, an establishment aimed at raising awareness for women of color through healthy food, lifestlye, and fitness.

The lifestyle-enthusiast also added motivational speaking to her ever-growing list of talents. In October 2019, she released her book, Breakthrough Sold Separately. The book chronicled her path to success which she further explained in aRollingstone interview:

I open my book by talking about getting fired. So often we get stuck being in places because of what others expectations are from us.

Although the news of being fired was jarring at first, Brandi told Rolling Stone that she realized that point in her life was the springboard that launched her into success. She described being fired as a release into her destiny.

The 38-year-old did not fail to own up to the many mistakes that she made while working for her father. She admitted that she began to slack off, planning girls trips while at work and using peoples computers for personal purposes.

Brandi knew that it was time to leave her fathers umbrella and step out on her own but did not know how to. Getting fired from her fathers foundation was only the beginning for this tough winner, and truly, she went on to do marvelous things.

Together with her twin sister, Brandi runs the female empowerment organization, YOUNG, FIT, and FLY, which aims to help underprivileged women take control of their lives, careers, bodies, and finances.

As Brandi said in her motivational post, she is living the driven and purpose-centric life that she willed for herself through hard work and determination. Career, health, and happiness are all aspects that this boss has conquered and continues to conquer every day.

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See Steve Harvey's Daughter Brandi's Inspirational Fitness Message Which She Shared with Workout Clips - AmoMama

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