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There are three hormones in your body specifically important for healthy aging and longevity. Although for many it seems we shouldnt focus on healthy aging when we are in our 20s and 30s but before you know it, the daily decisions that you are making matter and have a long-term impact on your health.

Many age-related conditions appear out of nowhere. They silently grow inside you before they are apparent and hard to ignore. Thats why regular check-ups and looking underneath the hood once in a while is important.

Well, all hormones matter for healthy aging but here we are going to focus on the three most important hormones for longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Three Hormones to Focus on for Longevity and Healthy Aging: Which Hormones Matter for Healthy Aging?

Many experts would agree that cortisol is one of the most important ones. Its crucial for your health to keep the level of cortisol low. When your cortisol level is constantly high, it can have many causes namely inflammation, chronic stress, poor sleep, weight gain, and many other reasons. A high level of cortisol is an indicator that you are in a vicious cycle of issues and problems that are accumulating daily.

Cortisol can affect our muscle mass. The important part of healthy aging is keeping your muscles and bones strong. When the level of cortisol is high, it can have an impact on your muscles and bones as well as your overall health.

There are many ways of lowering the level of cortisol. You need to get enough sleep, exercise, learn to relax through methods that suit you from meditation to walking, and learn how to deal with stress. The most important thing is to have more fun in life, less stress. You can also lower the level of cortisol by taking certain supplements such as fish oil but overall healthy lifestyle habits will take you to longevity, healthy aging, and low cortisol levels.

This hormone is crucial for building muscles. When the level of testosterone is low it can be linked to age-related diseases. Older men with a low level of testosterone can have a high risk of death from heart disease. Its important to stress there is a link between testosterone and age since every man loses anywhere between 1% and 2% of testosterone during his life span. If your testosterone level stays higher with age you are in theory younger compared to your peers.

Most of the research on testosterone has been done on men since women naturally have a lower level of testosterone. However, testosterone is important for both genders especially in link with cortisol.

We need to find a way to keep a level of testosterone high as much as possible while keeping the level of cortisol low. In that case, you have better chances to build your muscles and stay healthy.

It seems like a logical question to ask, especially if you are a woman. How to have a higher level of testosterone without growing a mustache? Well, you can start with exercise and lift weights, eat more proteins, carbs, and fats. If you minimize stress and have a low level of cortisol, you will have a higher level of testosterone.

Vitamin D is essential for almost any function from regulating the production of thyroid hormones to helping the immune system and managing inflammation. When we talk about the immune system, some research has been done indicating that vitamin D can help manage the risks of COVID 19. However, we need more research to find a clear connection.

Vitamin D is so easy to take. Sometimes all you need is one supplement a day. Other things that can help include spending more time in the sun or consuming more seafood and fatty fish such as tuna, oysters, sardines, and mackerel. Your diet matters for vitamin D, so eat more eggs, mushrooms, and seafood. The majority of vitamin D supplements come from animal sources so if you are vegan opt for D2 supplements to get enough vitamin D.

There is much that can be done to keep healthy and to optimize your health over the years and keeping track of these hormones is a crucial part of it.

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Three Hormones to Focus on for Longevity and Healthy Aging - Gildshire Magazines

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