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When it comes to living a healthier and more balanced life, there are small changes that all of us can make that really do add up to make a big difference. Jump starting your health for 2020 is the topic of conversation in this latest episode of Your Health, now airing! We had the pleasure of sitting down once again with Dr. Sharon Thompson to talk more through this. She shared why making time for yourself isnt a selfish thing, quite the contrary, its wonderful for your health and well-being! Such great tips and advice, doctor!

As Dr. Thompson mentioned jumpstarting (and most importantly maintaining) a healthy lifestyle doesnt have to be difficult. Heres another quick healthy tipunplug once a week! I know that may sound impossible, but even if you unplug for just a few hours, unplugging will give you some time back to spend doing something for you perhaps relaxing and de-stressing. Give it a try, you owe it to yourself!

Dont Forget to Smile!

While on the topic of investing in yourself, we had a chance to also hear from Sandra as she shared her personal story on choosing to go from dentures to implants, and how her decision not only stirred up a new confidence within her, but also changed her life in ways she never imagined.

Breathing Made Easy

On the last episode of Your Health we shared that there are more than 3 million of cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) per year in the U.S., and why talking about this disease is so important. La Mesa Rehab in California focuses on providing life-saving pulmonary rehab and support groups to patients, and its helping immensely!

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As always, stay healthy friends!

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Tips to Jump start Healthy Change in Your Life -

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