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As a part of the government's new obesity strategy to make the United Kingdom fit and healthy, few measures have been revealed. This will also help the people to battle the novel coronavirus. According to reports, approximately 63% of Englands population is overweight, that is, around two third of the entire population. 1 in every 3 children leave primary school overweight, accompanied by an obesity-related illness.

This issue is so much in focus because obesity has been linked to COVID-19. According to reports, people who are obese are more prone to get the novel coronavirus. This risk increased substantially with the increase in the body mass index. As the government continues to battle the novel coronavirus, few ministers have put out a bundle of certain measures that needs to be taken for losing weight, adapting a healthy lifestyle and getting active.

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The strategy focuses on empowering adults to lose weight rather than focusing on childhood obesity. Public Health England is planning to launch a new campaign called Better Health. This campaign is being launched with the ministers strategies.

Accordingto reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it is hard to lose weight but we can all inculcate a few small changes in our lifestyle to feel fit and healthy. He added that it is important for people to do their bit. This will help the NHS to reduce the health risks and itwill also be helpful in fighting the novel coronavirus.

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Few measures of the plan include: banning the unhealthy food adverts, ending buy one get one free promotions, calorie labelling as well as alcohol calorie labelling. The measures also include expanding NHS services and front-of-pack nutritional labelling. According to reports, Matt Hancock, the Secretary of Health and Social Care said that it can be hard to lose weight. The government will be taking measures to help people. It is important to provide right information to people and to stop unhelpful influences like advertisements and false promotions.

According to reports, overconsumption of calories is one of the most significant factors contributing to becoming overweight. Many adults consume more than 200-300 extra calories than recommended. People who are already obses, consume more than 500 extra calories than recommended.

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