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I am sure you have heard the usual ways to maintain your health such as not smoking, getting in enough exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding excessive drinking, and eating a healthy diet. However, did you realize that doing these five things can substantially extend the years you live disease-free?

According to Dr. Frank Hu, who is a nutrition and diabetes researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, women who practice all five habits gain over 10 years of disease-free life and men gain almost eight years. With the aging of America and the extended life expectancy, it is imperative to our golden years to be healthy now. The average age of a long term care resident in North Dakota is 85 years old.

Long term care services are provided in a variety of settings including skilled nursing, basic care, assisted living, home health community services, and short term rehab. 1 out of 2 North Dakota residents will need long term care during their lives. Living a healthy lifestyle and performing healthy habits will increase the chance you can stay in your home longer or return to home after a shortened rehab stay.

When you do need long term care services, look to your local community for the comforts of home like living.

Jill Oliphant is the Director of Nursing at Benedictine Health System, 1307 7th St N, Wahpeton, North Dakota.

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Ways to extend the years you live disease-free - Wahpeton Daily News

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