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Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Sayville With 4 Proven Ways to Live a Healthier Life

The key to a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a routine that's realistic to keep up with. Many fad and crashdiets can be successful in the short term, but they are unmanageable when it comes to keeping it upover the long haul. Many times, people end up worse off than they were before they started their newexperiment.

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Sayville has four proven ways to live a healthier life that can be easilyfollowed and managedand where occasionally straying from the plan won't derail your goals.

1. Intermittent FastingFasting and cleanses are popular ways to lose weight, but they can be difficult to see through. Instead,try intermittent fasting. This is where you want to limit your eating to a certain amount of time eachdaythe goal is eight hours, but you can start with 12 hours. This will create a fasting period of 12 to 16hours where your body can recover and even strengthen your immune system. A nice byproduct ofintermittent fasting is that it curbs late-night snacking!

2. Take Breaks at WorkTaking a few-minute break every hour at work can keep you energize both physically andmentallyespecially if you have a job where you're sitting at a computer for most of the day. Steppingaway from your desk gives your brain a break and will be more efficient in the long run. If you're feelingsleepy or having trouble concentrating, stop in the bathroom, run your hands under cold water, thensplash some on your face.

3. Regular ExerciseRegular exercise will decrease the risk of most major health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and heartdisease. Start with 15-30 minutes, three days a week, and work your way up to at least 150 minutes perweek, which can be 20-30 minutes for six or seven days a week.

4. Spend Time With Loved OnesA majority of seniors in the United States report at least some loneliness and isolation, and researchershave found that those feelings can lead to a whole host of general health problems, and may eventrigger Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Feeling connected to others, having fun, loving, andlaughing improve the quality of life and adds a sense of purpose.

To learn more about Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Sayville and all of the services they offer, visithttp://www.sayvilleluxor.com/.

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With 4 Proven Ways to Live a Healthier Life - Long Island, NY Patch - Patch.com

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