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Everyone wants to be well, however, many dont understand what it takes to be well, said Dr. Rocourt. I spend a lot of time with my patients educating them on the importance of a healthy dietand nutrition, combined with remaining active.

Making healthy choices is often made more difficult, culturally speaking, while so many of our family traditions how we eat and how we prepare meals are heavily influenced by how we were raised. However, the importance of making proper food choices cannot be overstated when treating or living with diabetes, she continued.

Dr. Charles Croft, a Melbourne interventional cardiologist affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, agrees that reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke requires controlling risk factors. This means choosing not to smoke, limiting alcohol consumption, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, working to control high blood pressure and diabetes, decreasing weight if needed, and monitoring cholesterol.

Regular checkups with the dentist and annual checkups with health care providers are another important tool in the fight to stay healthy.

Its encouraging to see that more and more African Americans are taking a proactive approach in their healthcare, while working to understand disease onset and how to manage life after a diagnosis.

While socioeconomic hardships still persist, through education and understanding how lifestyle choices and adjustments can positively influence health outcomes, we are seeing patients take an active role in their health, Croft said.

African Americans are widely insured, both through private and federal programs, and plans like the Affordable Care Act have opened inroads to access that previously did not exist.

Knowledge is strength and patients know this dictum. They are increasingly informed, intelligent and well-balanced with their treatment options and this contributes to better patient outcomes, added Dr. Croft.

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Addressing the Health Concerns of African Americans - SpaceCoast Living

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