AIA To Host Its First Regional Online Health And Wellness Event To Promote Healthier, Better Lives –

Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 10:39 amPress Release: AIA NZ

AIA, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asianlife insurance group, today announced plans to host itsfirst ever regional online health and wellness event,spanning 13 markets and headlined by AIAs GlobalAmbassador David Beckham.

AIA Live will bebroadcast on Sunday 2nd August and will include more than 30unique sessions, delivering health and wellness content toinspire, motivate and educate people across the region aspart of AIAs commitment to helping them live Healthier,Longer, Better Lives. Key themes will include mentalwellbeing, exercise, activity and rest, nutrition, personalgrowth, as well as light-hearted moments of music andcomedy.

AIA Live has been designed to appealacross all age groups and multiple markets, celebrating thecultural diversity of the region while at the same timebringing people closer together to deepen their knowledge ofhealth and wellness in a fun and engaging way.

DavidBeckham will open and close the event, and also sharepersonal stories on how he and his family have dealt withthe extraordinary events of 2020, together with some of thelessons he has learnt. Celebrity chef Jeremy Pang will cooka series of recipes with different ingredients from acrossAsia, and coaches from AIAs partner Tottenham HotspurFootball Club (Spurs) will challenge participants totry some easy and fun football skills. They will besupported by more than 20 other regional influencers andkeynote guests, bringing together AIAs family ofambassadors for the first time ever.

AIA Livewill be hosted on AIAs Healthy Living YouTube channeland AIA Vitality members will be able to earn AIA VitalityPoints for taking part. By registering for the event,participants will also earn the chance to win significantprizes including trips to London to watch Spurs play andmeet their first team players, as well as signed footballsfrom David Beckham, virtual cooking lessons with JeremyPang, and merchandise from our other ambassadors. AIA alsoplans to host similar days in China and India in earlySeptember, with tailored content for thosemarkets.

Stuart A. Spencer, AIA Group ChiefMarketing Officer, said: In this COVID world welive in, we see mindsets and behaviours changing and we arecommitted to keeping connected with our customers andsupporting them with knowledge and practical tips for healthand wellness. We know our audiences are online now more thanever before and are looking for new ways to stay motivated,active and live a healthy lifestyle - often within theconfines of their own home. We are therefore very excited tobe presenting AIA Live, a first of its kind event,which will be a day of powerful and inspiring content and ameaningful way for us to deliver on our commitment tohelping people live Healthier, Longer, BetterLives.

AIAs Global Ambassador DavidBeckham said: Im very proud to be involved inAIA Live alongside my fellow AIA ambassadors, sharingour thoughts and experiences with people across Asia abouthow we can live healthier, longer, better lives. Weve allfaced unexpected challenges this year and looking afterourselves, mentally and physically, has never been moreimportant.

Ive been lucky enough to seefirst-hand the transformational work that AIA are doing inmarkets all over the region to help their customers andcommunities. I hope people will feel inspired to make thelittle changes in their lives that can make a big differenceand that this unique event will really motivatethem.

AIA Live will be broadcast in NewZealand on Sunday 2nd August from 2PM-10PM. As part of theevent, AIA New Zealand ambassadors Jess Quinn and Ian Joneswill be taking part with Jess running a body image workshopand Ian demonstrating an at-home High Intensity IntervalTraining (HIIT) workout.

To register for AIALive and learn more, please visit AIA New Zealandswebsite.

About JessQuinn

Jess is a health and wellnessadvocate with a passion for helping people overcomeadversity and insecurity. Since losing her right leg tocancer at the age of 9, Jess has refused to let that standin her way of living life to its fullest with a core passionfor helping others overcome their physical and mentalsetbacks along the way. Jess aims to expose the truth andreality of our own unique journeys, to reduce judgement onothers and celebrate our ownpaths.

About IanJones

Ian Jones is one of NewZealands finest rugby players, having played 79 Tests forthe All Blacks (a record at the time of his retirement) andcompeting in three Rugby World Cups. Now a regularcompetitor in Ironman and endurance competitions, managingto balance the demanding requirements of his sport,commitments to family and his role in the media as a SkySports commentator. He is known to be down to earth,personable and entertaining. Ian is of Maori descent (NgaiTahu) and was raised in Northland. Ian is actively involvedin a number of not-for-profit organisations including EddiesMeals, which he founded, a non-profit that brings thecommunity together for a meal.

AboutAIA New Zealand

AIA New Zealand is aleading life insurance specialist with almost 40 yearsexperience in the New Zealand market and is part of the AIAGroup, the worlds largest life insurance company bymarket capitalisation. With a unique customer valueproposition focused on life, health and wellbeing, AIA NewZealands purpose is to make a difference in peopleslives.

In July 2018, the AIA Group completedthe acquisition of Sovereign, transforming AIA NewZealands scale and reach to become the market leader inNew Zealands life insurance sector.

AIA NewZealand offers a range of products that protect and enhancethe lives of more 500,000 New Zealanders. AIA NewZealands vision is to embrace shared value in championingNew Zealand to be the healthiest and best protected nationin the world. With AIA Vitality the worlds leadingscience-based health and wellbeing programme we helpmembers to live healthier, longer, betterlives.

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