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February is heart health month and throughout the month we will be hearing from Baptist Health on ways to promote healthy living for your heart.

Did you know 350,000 people a year go into cardiac arrest outside of the hospital?

In honor of American heart month, Baptist Health is teaching you how to save one of those lives.

90 percent of cardiac arrests that happen in the home die," said Jeremy Ibison. Sebastian County rescue team supervisor Jeremy Ibison says by learning hands-on Cpr you could increase the heart attack survival rate by 3 times.

Theres always been this fear I think on the community of mouth to mouth and responding and doing CPR is difficult its not difficult but its very simple," said Ibison. Joseph Kennon with Baptist Health tells us hands-on CPR takes only a few simple steps

All you need to do is activate EMS, dial 9-1-1 and then get the patient hands in the center of the chest and push hard and fast at the rate of 100 beats per minute," said Kennon.

Experts with Baptist Health are going out in the community to teach this simple skill in hopes of saving a life.

If people will be unafraid to react and help the better our survival rates will be," said Ibision.

Community members will get a chance to receive hands-only CPR training, during a seminar focused on heart health February 19th at Baptist Health Hospital in Fort Smith.

To register for the event, call 1-888-BAPTIST or visit

The American Heart Association has a video at showing the importance of learning hands-CPR as well as showing a step-by-step on what to do.

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Baptist Has Heart: Baptist Health Teaches Importance on hands-on CPR - KFSM 5Newsonline

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