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Dr. Jeff Tinsley is a 2017 graduate of Tuskegee University. He is currently a Dermatology Resident at the Animal Dermatology Clinic of Louisville, and has completed a small animal rotating internship at Blue Pearl.

While dermatology isn't a common specialty for most veterinarians, Dr. Jeff chose it for good reason. Skin disorders, ear problems, and other issues related to dermatology are one of the top reasons pets are brought to the vet. Although skin problems aren't usually ife threatening, they can make the lives of animals miserable, and may even make their owners consider euthanasia.

Dr. Jeff discovered that he could help these patients receive much needed relief, and a give them a new lease on life. He realized what a huge difference he could make for pets and owners by just fixing the skin. This small but incredibly important change in the lives of animals is why he became a veterinarian, and has fueled his interest in dermatology.

While he is dedicated to his career and passionate about dermatology, it isn't his only interest. Outside of work, he is a CrossFit guru, and his healthy lifestyle includes lots of running, mostly with this adorable dog named Renly. He is also passionate about food.

It's hard to imagine a world outside of veterinary care, but if he wasn't a vet, Dr. Jeff believes he would be a nutritionist. It would be quite interesting to counsel people through their health journeys and curate each persons diet for their specific needs. We really are what we eat!

Dr. Jeff is passionate about his career, but he's also passionate about the communities that he is a part of daily. His mission in life is to give back to the black community, the vet community, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Dr. Jeff tells us more:

Best career advice I received:

If you really want to do something youll find a way. If you dont youll find an excuse.

Most agonizing career decision I ever made:

Deciding not to enter the match during my rotating internship. After my 2nd year of vet school I shadowed a surgeon and was dead-set on getting a surgical residency. I am a planner. This was the plan. A few months into my first internship I realized that Surgery wasnt going to be for me. I struggled mentally for months deciding my next step. Eventually, I chose to go into General Practice and it was the best thing for me at that time.

Books that left a last impression on me:

Becoming - by Michelle Obama was a very special book for me. It is the memoir of former United States first lady Michelle Obama. The book talks about her roots and how she found her voice, as well as her time in the White House, and her public health campaign.

How I clear my head after a stressful day

Number one for me is definitely exercise. In the before times, I was doing CrossFit 3 times a week. Its not for everyone, but sweating it out for an hour in HIIT-style training puts me in the zone, helps me release endorphins and dissociate from the world.

My number two is having a beer. I have a special love for local craft breweries. My favorite is picking up a six pack or filling up a growler of whatevers on draft and just relaxing on the couch.

Advice for my younger self

Dear, Past Jeff. Take a personality quiz on how you learn best early-on in college. It will definitely say youre an auditory and visual learner. Instead of torturing yourself with endless reading-based study sessions; focus more time on videos and podcast-style lectures. You will still have to read a lot when you get to vet school, but you will retain so much more and enjoy school more if you focus on the way you like to learn.

What everyone should try once in their lifetime

Everyone should travel outside of the US. Specifically to a country where English isnt the primary language. Obviously this is something that requires money, so that is limiting, but if youre in school you may be able to apply for a study abroad scholarship like I did. I once went to Costa Rica for a Maymester. Experiences like this are so helpful for expanding our cultural competence and immersing ourselves in other lifestyles. It was a good reminder that there are rich cultures outside of our own. It was amazing to embrace and celebrate the differences of other groups of people.

My mission in life:

My mission in life is to give back to the black community, give back to the vet community, and give back to the LGBTQ+ community. I want to lead by example and be a mentor to others.

Follow Dr. Jeff on Instagram at DermDogtorJeff

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Dr. Jeff Tinsley on healthy living, enjoying life, and giving back - Jill Lopez

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