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BYU-Idaho offers a variety of activities that can help students choose physical exercise to stay in shape.

Some of these activities include dancing, yoga, spin classes, cross-fit and much more. Information for each activity can be found on the Fitness Activities section of the BYU-I website.

The Wellness Center offers additional resources for students to learn how to create a healthier lifestyle.

Logan Christoffersen, a junior studying exercise physiology, is a personal trainer for the center.

Each semester, there is an opening social called Fit4Life where students can meet coaches and trainers, Christoffersen said. For $25 per semester, students will have access to a personal trainer as well as a wellness coach to help them reach whatever goals they have.

Christoffersen explained that the type of exercise that someone does is not as important as finding something to consistently do.

Some people dont like going to the gym, and thats fine, Christoffersen said. Go play racquetball if thats what you like. The idea is to make small changes in your life that will help you reach your goal.

Isaac Triance, a junior studying public health, considers himself an enthusiast on living a healthy life. He suggested that students should change their mindset if they want to enjoy the process of losing weight.

Change your expectations, because losing weight is a process, Triance said. Some people can lose weight easily, and others have a difficult time. What is most important is that you enjoy the process.

Christoffersen mentioned how the Fit4Life program has helped him.

This is how I found something that works for me and that I enjoy doing, Christoffersen said. We have that opportunity here on campus.

Students can visit the Wellness Center located in Hart 174 or the Wellness Center website to find more information about the programs it offers.

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Finding the healthy lifestyle that works for you - BYU-I Scroll

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