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Resonating the hymn Go Corona, Corona Go!, this disinfection chamber does just that disinfects contaminated objects that go in. Say goodbye to bacterias, viruses, and other germs and pathogens, coz once inside for 10 minutes, all objects come out as good as new. The CoronaOven is designed to disperse UV light in all directions for a 360 exposure, so however the object is placed inside, itll come out sterilised. Not only medical equipment (masks, gloves, etc.), it can also be used to decontaminate all household items vegetables, fruits, milk bottles, keys, toys, TV remote, and more within a 10-minute cycle. The CoronaOven is perhaps one of the most fuss-free and maintenance-free items youd be bringing home in the times of Corona. The UVC lamps have a lifespan of 7,000 hours of continuous use and the equipment itself requires minimum cleaning. You can breathe easy, lay back and relax, coz your phones, tablets and keys are germ-free.

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Healthy living in the times of a pandemic - Stuff

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