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Try This ONE Simple Thing Each Morning

One of the most powerful practices to help ease fear, sadness, struggle, self-doubt or worry is to begin an explicit practice of self-kindness.

There are a few simple steps:

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Feel what it is like to offer yourself a gesture of kindness. Welcome whatever feelings you have.

Remember, it is just a practice, its not about perfect.

It may feel awkward, raw, lonely, uncomfortable, and it may feel sweet and warm, and sometimes you may even feel profound love.

Bring your mindful awareness, your kindness and your curiosity. Every day will be different.

So, instead of the avalanche of worry, self-judgment, fear, or anxiety, take 30 seconds to wake up yourself with kindness each morning.

Keep practicing.

We know that what we practice, grows stronger. Continue to create and begin to establish this pathway of kindness to yourself. Grow it every day, no matter what - you are in charge of your well-being.

Small acts lead to big changes.

You are special. You are not like all the rest. If you would like to focus on activities that cater to your needs, please book a session with me on mywebsiteAnnpelinointegrativefitness.comTake this time to transform yourself and renew your commitments that you hold most important. I am here to help you.



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Healthy Living Starts With You -

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