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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaching, many will look for a way to relax their mind or body. Yoga may be the answer.

There are different styles of yoga and Brittany Holtz, founder of Studio B Power Yoga, says there is something for everyone.

We were all beginners at one point, says Holtz. Be compassionate to yourself and open to learning.

At Studio B, Holtz offers power vinyasa and yin yoga. She describes power vinyasa flow as a more athletic style while yin yoga is more of a deep stretch for relaxation.

Youre going to build strength, see increased flexibility and get a cardiovascular workout in a power yoga class but theres also mental health benefits, she explains. It really becomes a moving meditation where we do lots of breath work and the focus is connecting your breath with your movement.

The physical health benefits include increased balance, flexibility and strength but there are mental health benefits, too.

What Ive found is that what keeps people coming back is the mental health benefits. They feel calmer, more connected with themselves, they feel more grounded and thats shocking sometimes to some people, says Holtz.

While all levels of ability are welcome in every class, Holtz offers a beginner series for those new to yoga. The next session starts in January.

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Healthy Living: The benefits of yoga - ABC27

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